10 BEST Slime Rancher 2 Upgrades

This Slime Rancher 2 Best Upgrades guide will uncover the best upgrades that you can come across in-game!

Slime Rancher 2  offers players an interactive world where they can capture and keep slimes, fight off dangerous slimes, and sell items in markets to make money for themselves, alongside also being able to get upgrades added to themselves so that they can become all the stronger. In our Slime Rancher 2 Best Upgrades guide, we will uncover the best upgrades that you should invest in so you can get all the stronger! 

Key Takeaways
  • Here are the best upgrades to invest in to become stronger in Slime Rancher 2:
  • Heart Module upgrade: If you are looking for ways to increase your chance of survival you can, upgrading your Heart Module can be a good idea as it increases your base health to 150.
  • Power Core upgrade: You can increase your overall energy level by just upgrading your power core.
  • Dash Boots upgrade: This upgrade is a great investment for players who frequently sprint, as it reduces energy consumption when sprinting.
  • Jetpack upgrade: This upgrade can be helpful as it allows players to travel through the sky fast and easily.
  • Booster upgrade: This upgrade can be helpful as it allows you to increase your inventory space by 30 units.
  • Water Tank upgrade: If you yourself running low on water upgrading your water tank can be a good decision as it allows you to carry extra water.
  • Pulse Wave upgrade: This is a useful tool for players looking to clear space while roaming, as it shoots away slimes.
  • Resource Harvester upgrade: This is a must-have for players looking to access difficult-to-obtain materials.
  • Extra Tank upgrade: This could be a good upgrade as it will allow you to have an extra slot for inventory items.
  • Tank Guard upgrade: This is a lifesaver for players who often find themselves running out of inventory space, as it salvages items when the inventory is full.

First and foremost, here are all the upgrades along with their requirements:

Heart Module upgrade10 Pink plort
Power Core upgrade10 Cotton plorts
450 newbucks
Dash Boots upgrade10 Boom plorts
450 newbucks
Jetpack upgrade10 Phosphor plorts
Phosphor slimes
Booster upgrade10 Tabby plorts
450 newbucks
Water Tank upgrade10 Angler plorts
10 Deep brines
10 Puddle plorts
450 newbucks
Pulse Wave upgrade10 Flutter plorts
5 Wild honey
10 Jellystone
450 newbucks
Resource Harvester upgrade10 Cotton plort
450 newbucks
Extra Tank upgrade10 Silky Sand
10 Rock Plorts
450 newbucks
Tank Guard upgradeTank Liner

Heart Module 

Starting things off, the first upgrade players will require will be a Heart Module. When traversing the open lands, you will need to consistently ensure your survivability, and with a base health of 100, there is no guarantee that you will survive for longer periods. 

To solve that issue, you can get your hands on the Heart Module, which will boost your base health to 150 so that you can survive for a long. You will require 10 pink plorts to craft the heart module, which can be done by feeding food to pink slimes

Power Core 

Slime Rancher 2 Power Core
Power Core

As for the next upgrade, you can go for the Power Core, and its main aim will be increasing your overall energy so that you can progress through the game even further. The power core guarantees an upgrade to your Vacpack in a way that allows you to have your energy increased. 

You will require 10 cotton plorts to craft the power core, and you will need to first gain access to a few cotton slimes, and after feeding it food, you will be able to use 450 newbucks to craft the upgrade. 

Dash Boots 

Slime Rancher 2 Dash Boots
Dash Boots

Moving on, another solid upgrade that you can go for will be known as the Dash Boots. Whenever you’re extremely busy farming slimes, you will need to sprint from one area to another, continuously expanding the total amount of energy you have. 

To ensure that you do not run out of energy, you can go for the dash boots, as its entire aim lies in reducing the total amount of energy consumption that it needs to allow you to sprint. The upgrade itself will require 10 boom plorts and will cost 450 newbucks. 


Slime Rancher 2 Jetpack

As for the jetpack, it is self-explanatory, as it will provide you with a simpler way to soar through the sky and allow you to get from one place to another with ultimate ease. There isn’t a further upgrade that can be done to the jetpack, as it is a simple purchase. 

To craft it, you will need 10 phosphor plorts, and of course, you will need to find the phosphor slimes too. Apart from that, you will also need to gain hold of 450 newbucks and 10 radiant ores. 

Tank Booster 

Slime Rancher 2 Tank Booster
Tank Booster

The tank booster upgrade will come in handy when you want to add more items to your inventory, but can’t find the correct upgrades to do so. This is where the tank booster comes into play since it will increase your space by 30 units to store whatever you need. 

You need 10 tabby plorts and 450 newbucks to craft the Tank Booster upgrade. 

Water Tank 

Slime Rancher 2 Water Tank
Water Tank

Yet another simple upgrade that will not require a lot of items will be known as the water tank. Simply put, it will grant you the ability to fit in a special tank unit so that you can store extra water. You will need 10 angler plorts, 10 deep brines, 10 puddle plorts, and 450 newbucks to get the water tank. 

Pulse Wave 

Slime Rancher 2 Pulse Wave
Pulse Wave

Next up, the pulse wave will allow you to roam around freely without being annoyed by the slimes since it will basically shoot away the slimes whenever you roam on the ground. It blows away the slimes so that they give you ample space. 

You can use 10 flutter plorts, 5 wild honey, 10 Jellystone, and 450 newbucks. Our Slime Rancher 2 Store Plorts is a must-read!

Resource Harvester 

Slime Rancher 2 Resource Harvester
Resource Harvester

When it comes to the resource harvester, it will allow players to essentially gain materials that would otherwise be extremely difficult to gain access to. Items such as different ores will also be necessary if you want to craft other upgrades such as the Water Tank or the jetpack. 

You will need 10 cotton plort as well as 450 newbucks and you can simply buy the upgrade directly from the Fabricator

Extra Tank 

The extra tank is another upgrade that you can go for, which will simply provide the players with an extra slot to fill their items in. Usually, players will face difficulties with their inventories since it fills up quite fast, especially when you’re farming slimes to create a farm or to upgrade them, therefore the Extra Tank comes in really handy.

Tank Guard 

Last but not least, another useful upgrade that you should really invest in will be the Tank Guard. Basically, it will be able to salvage a certain amount of the items that are present, and it can be upgraded a total of 3 times, and it will prevent a 60% total item loss reduction, allowing you to protect your items for longer. 

With that all done, we will wrap up our Slime Rancher 2 Best Upgrades guide! While you’re at it, read our Inventory Slots guide, as it might be a worthwhile read for you!

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