Slime Rancher 2 Extra Tank: How To Unlock & Craft

There are many upgrades in Slime Rancher 2, one of them is the extra tank. Get the equipment upgraded with the right items to ease the fun.

Slime Rancher 2 extra tank is equipment in the game that players build and use for their benefit. The game is played by a character named Beatrix LeBeau, who moves to an island called Rainbow Island. Players will upgrade and create new items to facilitate themselves in the game. One of those items is called an Extra Tank. In our guide, we have discussed all the information regarding it in detail.

Key Takeaways
  • While exploring Slime Rancher 2, players might come to the problem of having low inventory space, to solve this problem they can simply craft an extra tank
  • To unlock an extra tank, players are required to gather all the necessary supplies including plorts of rock, Newbucks, and Sands of Silk.
  • Once you have collected these items you can then head to The Lab, and then locate the fabricator
  • Once the Extra Tank is crafted, players can upgrade it in the lab to enable their tank to grab more items.
  • If the player manages to get a Tank booster, it adds even more space.
  • Players can collect and store more items by upgrading the Extra Tank through the Fabricator in the lab. 

Unlocking Extra Tank

As players are out in their world and exploring it, they will come across the storage of the tank of their VAC being short. As well as that, the gamers should make the extra tank at the very beginning of the game so the slots of the vac that are opened can be extended more.  

Upgrades Purpose Where To Get Items Needed
Extra Tank Allows players to carry more items. Towards the start of the conservatory, go towards Plort market, go left from the stairs, and into the lab. 
Tank Booster  Increases the slots of a few items that players carry. At the Fabricator 
  • 450 newbucks 
  • 10 tabby plorts
Slime Rancher 2 Extra Tank
Extra Tank, Slime Rancher 2.

Furthermore, if the players want to get their gear improved, they should gather all the needed supplies. This includes plorts of slime, newbucks, and all the necessary items found on Rainbow Island.

Hence, to start the upgrading of the extra tank, players should head inside their lab, which is in the basement of their house, called the Conservatory. 

Getting To The Lab

To upgrade the equipment in Slime Rancher 2, players need to find the lab. Finding it is not much of hectic. At the start of the conservatory, players will spot a market of Plort. Moreover, start moving towards it and head to the left side of the stairs, and get into the lab.

Improving Gear

Construct and upgrade items in Slime Rancher 2 in a very unique and fun way. However, you should first get beefing up your gears. To do that, locate the Fabricator first, which is present in the lab.

Doing so is the first and main key to getting the crafting done. Moreover, players will also come across the parts which are needed for the upgrade of materials in Slime Rancher 2, including the Extra Tank.

Crafting Extra Tank

Extra Tank is a very useful item that can help players when they venture far away from the Conservatory. Also, it would allow them to grab more objects than they can bare-handed.

Moreover, getting the crafting of Extra Tank players does not require a lot many things. Following is the list of things needed for the crafting of Extra Tank:

  1. Players would need around four hundred and fifty Newbucks.
  2. Moreover, they would also need to have plorts of rock around ten. ‘
  3. Lastly, make sure you have around 10 sands of silk in your hands. 

Once the players are done with the construction of Extra Tank, they can move back to their lab and get the equipment improved so that it can grab more items than ever, 

Tank Booster

If the players manage to get the Tank Booster upgraded, more space will be added to the slot of their inventory. Moreover, this way, players will be able to get around units of thirty for each slot.

However, if the players want to get more items than they are in the tank, get the upgrade of the Tank Booster. As an example, players will be able to get thirty plorts of Tabby stored in a single slot and thirty plorts of cotton in the other. 

Extra Tank In Slime Rancher 2

Furthermore, players would then have the liberty of moving things around more easily and conveniently and even selling them. Once it is done, get back to the Fabricator and get these things spent to get the upgrade of the Extra Tank.

Increasing Vac Tank’s Capacity

Tank Booster is an upgrade that lets you increase the slots of certain times that you can carry in your Tank. You start with a limit of 20 items but as you fully upgrade you can hold up to 50 items. You can get this upgrade at the Fabricator.

You can acquire these upgrades after collecting 450 Newbucks and 10 Tabby plots. Newbucks can be obtained by firing ports into the Plort Marketplace Depository. Tabby plots can be obtained from Tabby Slimes which are found in Rainbow Fields, specifically on the west side.


The upgrades in Slime Rancher 2 can be very useful for the players, however, getting the Extra Tank upgraded tops the list. Getting this item upgraded can turn out to be a little more difficult than others.

Due to this, the players will have a hard time grabbing it at the very start of the battle. Nevertheless, trying to get the item would not entirely go in vain. So, make sure to get the right items for the upgrade and get the fun started in no time.

Furthermore, that island is full of mysterious things and slimes. Have a look at how to craft Power Core. Slime Rancher 2 was created and released by Monomi Park on the 22nd of September, 2022.

The players can even buy newbucks, which is an in-game currency to upgrade the equipment used for different purposes in the game. Moreover, you can also have a look at how to get a heart module and more inventory slots.

Moreover, the game is made even more fun by you creating new items and expanding the conservatory. Slime Rancher 2 is a sequel to the first game, Slime Rancher, which was released in 201. We have also curated a guide on how to get a jetpack and pulse wave.

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