Slime Rancher 2 Garden Upgrades: Cost & Requirements 

This Slime Rancher 2 Garden Upgrades guide will uncover the best upgrades that you should invest in!

Slime Rancher 2 has recently been released as a first-person point-of-view adventure-based videogame that is rendered off of a life simulation aspect. Players can grow their farms, plant crops, harvest materials, and even have to maintain and protect them from unwanted creatures. In our Slime Rancher 2 Garden Upgrades guide, we’ll go in-depth about how gardens operate, how you can plant fruits, and how the upgrades work!

Key Takeaways
  • In Slime Rancher 2, players have various locations to plant crops, including the Ranch, Ogden’s Retreat, Mochi’s Manor, and Viktor’s Workshop
  • Each location has expansions that can be bought to unlock more areas for planting. 
  • The Best Upgrades for the garden include:
    • Nutrient Soil: Taken from compost and minerals in The Moss Blanket and Indigo Quarry, provides maximum harvest and healthy crops.
    • Scareslime: Made from a stuffed tarr model, scares away unwanted slimes to protect crops.
    • Sprinkler: Automatically waters crops so you don’t have to.
    • Miracle Mix: Enhances the time it takes for crops to rot, keeping them healthy for longer.
    • Deluxe Upgrade: Boosts replicator for larger crop output.
    • Basic Garden: Adds extra garden slot for more planting space, costs 250 gold.
  • Players can grow crops such as Pogofruit, Mint Mango, Cuberry, Prickle Pear, Phase Lemon, Heart Beet, Odd Onion, Oca Oca, and Silver Parsnip
  • Players will need to protect their crops from slimes and ensure that they do not rot.

Gardens And Locations 

Slime Rancher 2 Garden

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Starting things off, let’s figure out the best optimal places that gardens might be located. Gardens, in general, will operate as a facility for players in Slime Ranch 2 and will be the main ground upon which they can freely plant certain crops and vegetables. 

There will be different locations where you can plant crops, and they are listed below!

The Ranch 

One of the first places you will be available to plant crops is the Ranch. It is essentially going to be the main base that will be controlling the overall operations that happen for Beatrix LeBeau. 

The different expansions for the area include Ogden’s Retreat, Mochi’s Manor, and Viktor’s Workshop, which will already be unlocked areas in the Ranch for the players. The expansion that can be bought will include that of the Grotto, The Overgrowth, The Docks, and The Lab. 

While it is an excellent place for farming crops, one thing that players should keep in mind is that there are going to be tons of slimes that will be inhabiting the general vicinity of The Ranch. As it is already widely known, slimes tend to feed on certain types of fruits and vegetables, so keeping them safe is crucial. 

Ogden’s Retreat 

With Ogden’s Retreat being one of the main expansions for The Ranch, it automatically makes it an excellent candidate for planting any kind of fruit and vegetables. While players won’t be able to make much of us it when they are in the early game, they can feel free to do it once they’ve made it to the mid-game content. 

There will be a main teleporter that will directly lead the player into the Retreat, and it will be present near The Overgrowth. 

If there are areas that you want to use, then you should know that they will first be closed off by a large barrier that you will have to break off. Players will need to invest in a bit of Kookadoba trading to gain access to the full Retreat, which can take a bit of time and grinding

Mochi’s Manor 

Another expansion to the main Ranch will be known as the Mochi’s Manor. The main teleport waypoint to get to the Mochi’sManor will be in the area leading to the main entrance, whereby players can make their way to The Grotto. 

It will take a bit to activate the teleporter to the area, which can be done once you open up the Ancient Runes or the Slime Gate area. A part of The Grotto must be originally bought to activate the teleporter. 

The same goes for the manor like the Retreat; there will be a massive barrier that will close off several areas that will be available only after you open it. The open area that is originally present for use will be a hub that will be accessible after taking part in Range Exchanges in the manor area. 

Viktor’s Workshop 

The last location you can plant crops in will be known as Viktor’s Workshop. It will further be another expansion to the Ranch, and the main teleport that will lead you directly to Viktor’s Workshop can be accessed while activating the teleport, which will be located in the general area where The Lab is located. 

The open area for usage for players will be a hub with a total of 4 storage depots, and as usual, the sealed areas cannot be accessed without bypassing the barrier. 

Garden Upgrades 

Moving on, let’s take into consideration the best upgrades for your garden in Slime Rancher 2 and the amount that they will cost you to buy them and implement them further in your garden. 

Nutrient Soil 

Slime Rancher 2 Nutrient Soil
Nutrient Soil

Regular nutrient soil is one of the first upgrades you will typically come across when you want to enhance your personal farm. The nutrient soil is known to be taken from compost that comes from The Moss Blanket, and its minerals that are present in the soil will be taken from The Indigo Quarry and can be extremely useful for players using the soil, 

Whenever plants are planted into the soil, players can expect their crops to have the maximum amount of harvest and be in their healthiest form no matter what. 


Slime Rancher 2 Scareslime

Another upgrade you can decide to add to your farm will offer you a bit of personal protection. When you’re planting fruits and vegetables, you might notice a few unwanted slimes that might wander over to your farming spot and try to eat your crops to fuel and curb their everlasting hunger. 

When that happens, the best thing to counteract will be known as a scareslime, which will be essentially made from a tarr model that has been stuffed and formed to make it into a slime shape so that it can scare away actual slimes. 


Slime Rancher 2 Sprinkler

When you are planting crops, you should know that you will need to be extremely vigilant and consistently schedule a time to water them if you want them to grow strong and yield better. 

However, there can be times when you just might not have the time to do so, and neither can you care enough. Therefore the best upgrade for this issue will be known as a sprinkler, which will do your job for you. If you don’t feel like watering the plants, the sprinkler will do it for you and keep your plants healthy. 

Miracle Mix 

Slime Rancher 2 Miracle Mix
Miracle Mix

The next upgrade we would like to feature will be a miracle mix. There can be another main issue that players might end up skipping over, and they only find out about their mistake once they find their plants suddenly starting to rot. 

To stop that from happening, why not indulge in a Miracle Mix upgrade, which will enhance the overall time it would take for your plants to rot normally and keep them healthy for longer periods. It will allow you to use your plants for longer. The only thing you need to be cautious about is that the crops will refrain from rotting as long as they continue touching the fertile soil. 

Deluxe Upgrade 

Slime Rancher 2 Deluxe Upgrade
Deluxe Upgrade

Another important upgrade you can go for is a Deluxe Upgrade, which will essentially be the top package for Slime Rancher 2 Garden Upgrades. Whenever you buy a deluxe upgrade, one of the first things you will notice is that your garden will start to produce many more crops than usual. 

The main reason for that is simply because the upgrade will boost your garden’s replicator in a way that will increase your overall harvest for your crops and make you receive a larger output. 

Basic Garden 

Now that we have discussed the existing garden upgrades, why not consider whether or not you might want an extra garden slot in your area to enhance the total amount of space so that you can plant even more crops. 

Whenever you use a basic garden upgrade, it will add up a garden next to your existing area so that you can take advantage of it and grow more plants, and the Slime Rancher 2 Garden Cost will be 250 gold. 

Types Of Compatible Crops 

Slime Rancher 2 Compatible Crops
Compatible Crops

Moving on, let’s consider the different crops you will be able to plant in-game, their overall appearance, and how long their decay time will be! 


The first type of fruit that you will be able to grow will be known as a pogofruit. They are described as appearing in the general area in the “Far, Far Range.” They are known to be tasting like peach; they are bright orange with a brown stem uprooting from the top. 

The pogofruit is a type of crop that you can get your hands on extremely easily. There will be a total decay time of 36 hours; however, if you use miracle mix, you might be able to increase the rot time to 48 hours and be able to use it for longer. 

Mint Mango 

The next item that you can plant in-game will be a mint mango. It will be colored mint-green, and there will be a brown stem uprooting again. It will be found in an area that will be one of the deepest areas of the Moss Blanket. 

Honey slimes are extremely fond of the fruit and are known to feed exclusively off it. Therefore, you should focus as much on growing them in areas that will be free from any kind of honey slimes. There will be a36 hours decay time that you can work with. 


Moving on, the cuberry is another solid item that you can grow and harvest loads of. In its natural appearance, it will be a red fruit with dark red and brown circular spots all over it and a few pink spots too. 

The phosphor slime will be particularly fond of the cuberry, so ensure that you harvest it in a place where there are no phosphor slimes. Ensure that you use them before the 36 hours are over, so they don’t rot. 

Prickle Pear 

Next up, the prickle pear is another fruit option that you can go for and grow on crop farms. It will be light brown in its appearance and have green protruding sharp ends that will make the pear seem extremely prickly. Hence the name that is given to it. 

As for its overall location, the prickly pear will be apparent in the general region of the glass desert, and there is a plot that can grow prickle pears that will be present in the area that we mentioned before, The Ranch. 

Phase Lemon 

The next item that we would like to mention will be a phase lemon. When it comes to its appearance, players in Slime Rancher 2 will be able to take a look at recognizing that the lemon is pretty normal, except that there will be a total of 4 green colored squares present on it, and the leaf will be instead blue. 

For its location, you’ll be able to encounter it in the general area of the ancient ruins and the Viktor’s Workshop. Regarding slimes that consume the phase, lemons will be known as quantum slimes. 

Heart Beet 

Moving on to the vegetables that you can grow, one of them that can be grown will be known as a heart beet. As the name suggests, the beet will be made in the shape of a heart, and there will be dark red shading adorning the beet. 

When it comes to the types of slimes that are like the beets, they will be the rock slime, and the vegetable itself will once again have a decay time of 36 hours, so make sure that you do not let it rot no matter what. 

Odd Onion 

Another vegetable that you can grow in the fields is the odd onion. Regarding its appearance for players, you might be surprised to know its overall outlook. It will have a very pale pink color while also having orange swirls, green swirls, and a purple leaflet. 

The vegetable will be found in an area that is known as the Indigo Quarry and nowhere else; therefore, if you want to farm and grow it, that area is the best to do so. The odd onions themselves will be a favorite amongst slimes like the crystal slimes, so make sure to keep the area safe from them. 

Oca Oca 

Perhaps the most unique looking and most unique named vegetable will be the Oca Oca in the Slime Rancher 2. The oca oca can be a wide range of dark green, light green, mustard, and lemon yellow colored, with red stems and leaves to cover the entire thing from the bottom up. 

As for its general location, you will be able to encounter it if you make your way over to the Indigo Quarry, but don’t let Rad Slimes venture close to your Oca Ocas. 

Silver Parsnip 

If you are venturing forth into the Glass Desert, then you might be able to encounter a light grey-brown colored parsnip, and it will essentially be the silver parsnip. One of the main things players will experience while trying to find these parsnips is that they are particularly rare; therefore, harvesting and growing them can get pretty tough. 

Another thing that you will need to be wary of will be to keep your parsnips away from creatures like the Mosaic Slimes, who love to devour and destroy any kind of farm that you might have set up with the silver parsnips growing. 

Gilded Ginger 

Another veggie that you might want to invest in will be known as a Gilded Ginger, which will be golden in color and will be extremely shiny whenever you take a first glance at it. You might find it in the glass desert, and players will only be able to get a total of 2 gingers in one day. Therefore it is extremely important to strategize your farming to get the highest numbers of gingers. 

Gold slimes will love to eat gilded gingers, so guard your farm against them as much as possible. When it comes to the decay time, players will need to be efficient since the decay time for gilded gingers is extremely short as compared to other fruits and vegetables, which have a 36 hours regular decay time and 48 with the miracle mix. 

Less than 20 hours after harvesting it, the gilded gingers will start to rot, and you might have 42 hours if you’re lucky and end up getting your hands on the miracle mix upgrades for your garden. With that, we will wrap up our Slime Rancher 2 Garden Upgrades guide! 

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