Slime Rancher 2 Store Plorts: Types, Storing & More 

This Slime Rancher 2 Store Plorts guide will uncover the best way to store plorts for players in-game!

Slime Rancher 2 has a collection of one of the most adorable plorts that have a lot of variety and players can raise them, store them and use them for a stream of revenue to become rich in the game. In our Slime Rancher 2 Store Plorts guide, we will uncover the most efficient ways to store plorts, as well as all types of plorts that you can come across! 

Key Takeaways
  • Plorts are the result of feeding slimes in the game Slime Rancher 2.
  • They serve as a source of revenue, by being sold for the main currency called Newbucks at the Plort Market.
  • Plorts can be stored in two ways: the Refinery and in Silo boxes.
  • Different types of plorts have different values in the market and some are rarer to obtain than others.
    • Gold Plort: This plort is Produced by gold slimes and is known for its shine and value in the plort market.
    • Hunter Plort: This plort is produced by hunter slimes and is used to make a serum for invisibility.
    • Crystal Plort: Produced by crystal slimes and used in manufacturing transparent metals.
    • Fire Plort: This plort is Produced by the fire slimes and can be used as fuel for cooking.
    • Puddle Plort: Produced by puddle slimes and used to create drinking water.
    • Boom Plort: Produced by boom slimes and used in rocket launchers and military purposes.
    • Honey Plort: Produced from honey slimes and used in sweets and desserts.
    • Rad Plort: Produced by rad slimes and used for creating batteries.
    • Tabby Plort: Produced by tabby slimes and used in products that induce curiosity.
    • Phosphor Plort: Bio-luminescent, used for creating lightbulbs, electricity, and lighting up buildings.
    • Ringtail Plort: Resilient, can be bent into various shapes, used for constructing decor.
    • Angler Plort: Mainly used to create gear for deep-sea diving, provides comfort in an unsettling area.
    • Batty Plort: Used to create navigation and directional items. Found in dimly lit or dark areas.
    • Flutter Plort: Extremely weightless, endless possibilities for creation.
    • Cotton Plort: Hides in grassy areas, jumps to high heights, difficult to catch.

Purpose of Plorts 

Slime Rancher 2 Plorts

Let’s start by introducing what exactly a plort is, and what their main purpose might be whenever you are using them in-game. Whether you encounter slimes in the open-world area or slimes that you are keeping for yourself, you will notice that there are certain times of the day when you need to schedule a time to feed them. 

For slimes to remain healthy and not become aggressive, they need to be fed at proper intervals and need to be full at all times. Whenever slimes are given food, they tend to convert into a being that is described as being a “plort” in Slime Rancher 2

When it comes to the general purpose of using and growing plorts, it will be to use them as a source of revenue for yourself. The main currency that is used in the game is known as Newbucks, and it can be earned whenever you take your valuable plorts over to the Plort Market, and exchange them for a couple of Newbucks so that you can become richer. 

One thing that players will need to keep in mind is that plorts will never all sell for the same price and that the overall value of the plorts will continue to fluctuate. There are going to be some plorts that will be more desirable than the others. Do not miss out on our Slime Rancher 2 Corral Upgrades guide if you want to know more about corrals in-game!

How To Store Plorts

Slime Rancher 2 Storing Plorts
Storing Plorts

When it comes to storing plorts, players will be able to store them in two main ways. One of the main ways that you can store plorts is by reserving a place for them in an area that is known as the Refinery. Using the refinery as a way to showcase and store your plorts will allow you to enhance the equipment that you might have on hand. 

Another way that players will be able to store plorts is in small storage boxes that can be used to temporarily hold them until you are ready to take them over to the plort market and sell them off. The storage boxes, or “Silos” will not be a permanent solution for storing your plorts, since your end goal will always be to sell them off so that you can earn a solid amount of money for your plorts. 

The silo boxes can be placed down on any kind of land by spending a total of 450 gold, and you can feel free to store any kind of plorts so that you can go and harvest even more plorts. 

All Plorts 

Slime Rancher 2 Types of Plorts
Types of Plorts

Moving on, now that we’re done with knowing how to Slime Rancher 2 Store Plorts, let’s move on to the different types of plorts you might encounter and sell to the plort market. 


The first type of plort species that we would like to cover will be the gold plorts that are created by the gold slimes. Gold slimes are known to be extremely agile and quick on their feet, which makes them all the more difficult to capture. Apart from being difficult to capture, they are extremely difficult to harvest into plorts as well. 

This is one of the biggest reasons why gold plorts might not be handy in day-to-day life, however, they are going to be of excellent use in the plort market. They usually sell for an excellent price simply for the reason that they give off so much shine that you will be able to get a lot of newbucks for it.


The next type of plort will be created from a slime that is known as to be a hunter slime. The hunter-slimes are extremely intelligent, and their stalking skills can not be overridden, as they are going to be hunting down your food no matter what. 

When it comes to hunter plorts, they are pretty useful as they can be used to make a serum. The main aim of the serum will be to make a person invisible and can be soothing for the person that is using it. The overall effects of using the serum that is made by the hunter plorts will last a total of 24 hours. 


The crystal slime is known to be closely similar to the rock slime, and its overall appearance includes it being purple, alongside it having spikes that are extremely sharp and blue which sets it apart from the other types of plorts, both in uniqueness and beauty as well. 

Whenever you feed a crystal slime and it produces a crystal plort, it may come in handy a lot of the time. Its main use will be to come in handy for the slime scientists that will be able to use it to manufacture various metals that will be transparent and see-through and can be handy for different uses. 


When we talk about the term “fire”, we mean it quite literally, as these slimes will be ones that will thrive on ash and fire. Whenever they decide to set their sights on any kind of food, you should keep in mind that it will be soon turned to nothing but dust and ash, and nothing will be left behind. 

When it comes to the plorts that fire slimes can produce, the fire plorts will be used as fuel to fire up stoves and help cook food as fast as possible. 


If you’ve been looking for slimes that are on the cooler end and reside on water, then the puddle slimes will be the way to go for you. Whenever you traverse the open lands, you will be able to come across a few ranges where you might find these puddle slimes living freely. 

The puddle plorts will come in handy to create a compound that is made of H20hhhhh and it will be used to create water that can be sent back to earth and can come in handy to create drinking water for humans. 


Moving on, the next type of plort will be created by the boom slimes in Slime Rancher 2, and the main thing that players will experience when they’re searching for boom slimes is that their voices and sounds can be heard as the first thing compared to seeing them first. 

Whenever boom plorts are made, they come in extremely useful to make volatile creations that can be used to power up and launch out rockets, as well as be used for military purposes, therefore players need to be wary of boom plorts as they can be quite dangerous.


If you’ve been craving something sweet, then honey slimes are the way to go, since they are known to be made of an extremely delicious and sweet compound that is highly desirable. The main way that these honey slimes exist in the first place is simply because them reacting with sugar that is present on the land. 

Whenever honey plorts are manufactured from regular honey slimes, players can use them to create sweets as well as food manufacturers can use them for various desserts. However, the sweetness can be deadly if not controlled and maintained at a proper level. 


Rad slimes aren’t all that rad, since they are created from radiation and can be pretty deadly, and players need to stay clear from the dangerous radioactive aura that they give out. 

As for the main use of rad plorts, they will come in handy mostly for creating batteries simply due to their energy-fueled compounds. 


Moving on from the scary slimes and plorts, we have a comfort plort that will be excellent curious, and lovable and can be compared to kittens. They can extremely cuddly and showcase cat-like similarities. 

As for tabby plorts, they will typically be used to make products that can make use of the tabby slime’s natural energy and curiosity and make anyone who uses the product curious as well.


With a purple appearance, an adorable antenna, as well as translucent wings, the phosphor slimes will be typically seen at nighttime only, and players can make the sight of them quite easily since they can glow as well. 

As you can already guess since these phosphor plorts are going to be bio-luminescent, they can be used to create lightbulbs and they can generate electricity and can be used to light up various buildings including homes. The only caveat of creating a phosphor plort is that they are difficult to manage. 


Moving onto the territory for a few troublesome slimes, we will be taking a look at ringtail slimes, which can cause immense amounts of trouble by stealing, and hiding things from plain sight and making you feel irritated no matter what. 

Any plorts that are created from ringtails will be able to stand any kind of difficulties since it is made of materials that make them resilient as hell. Alongside being strong, they can be bent into various shapes, allowing for the construction of daily household items as well as attractive decor. 


As for the Angler slimes, they are going to be hiding in the deepest end of the Slime sea in Slime Rancher 2, and up until a while ago, they weren’t able to be discovered. They can provide immense amounts of comfort to people and are pretty lit up. 

Whenever any kind of plorts is created from the angler slimes, they will be mainly used to create gear for people that want to go deep-sea diving. One of the main reasons for that is simply because it can provide comfort in an insanely unsettling area. Our Slime Rancher 2 Pogofruits guide is an excellent read!


Another type of slime will be known as the Batty Slimes, which can typically be found hiding in areas that are dimly lit or completely pitch black such as caves. Their appearance will be dark and light purple, and they will have orange eyes and mouths that will continue to glow no matter what. 

Whenever plorts are created from batty slimes, they will be used to create navigate products that can help people navigate the area better and get even more familiar with unfamiliar settings In general, they will typically be used to create directional items. 


Another adorable slime that we would like to feature will be known as the flutter slime. Their overall appearance will be that of an orange butterfly, with orange and dark blue wings, and black antennae. They will also hone an adorable slime on their face that will make them look incredibly approachable. 

Plorts being made from the flutter slimes will be not necessarily used for much, but rather they appear to be extremely weightless, so it allows for an endless amount of possibilities surging forth with the number of creations that people can make from these flutter slimes. 


Lastly, the cotton slimes will be present in the grassy area, therefore will have an impeccable ability to hide from people whenever they feel the need to. They are also able to jump to insane heights, which makes them all the tougher to get caught by anyone. 

For the plorts that will be made from the cotton slimes, they can be an alternative to regular cotton being used by people and can be used in order to make soft products. With that done, we will wrap up our Slime Rancher 2 Store Plorts guide!

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