How To Get Tank Booster In Slime Rancher 2

Our guide will help you get the upgrade that will boost the capacity of the number of items you can collect in your tank. Be sure to read the entire thing.

Slime Rancher 2 is the long-awaited sequel to the original wholesome farming game. The game has a bunch of the same stuff significantly improved and adds a lot to make the entire journey extra fun. Today we are going to find out how to acquire the Slime Rancher 2 Tank Booster. 

It has just recently launched as an early access title. This means even if you don’t like the stuff that is present as of now, know that they are going to add a lot more as the development goes on.

Moreover, early Access allows developers to take their time and make an awesome game. We are hoping that Slime Rancher 2 will keep getting better and better, just like its predecessor, which also launched as an early access title. 

During exploration, the player can discover many Slimes; some of the early game slimes are referred to as Gordo Slimes. The Fabricator also makes a comeback. You can use it to get the Jetpack alongside many other useful things like Dash Boots.

To get most of the stuff in the game, you will need to acquire Newbucks; it is the main currency of the game. The player can also unlock more inventory slots which help a lot during exploration.


  • The Tank Booster is one of the essential upgrades that the player should acquire in the game. 
  • The game offers a plethora of upgrades for almost every tool in the game, and the Tank Booster in Slime Rancher 2 helps the player carry extra items in their inventory.
  • It doesn’t add an extra slot to the inventory; instead, it increases the amount you can carry in the slots that you currently have. 

Now let us discuss it in a bit more detail and tell you exactly how you can acquire it. Before you proceed further, consider reading our Slime Rancher 2 Beginner Tips guide, as it will help you get a gist of things before you head out to explore. 

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What Is Tank Booster?

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The Tank Booster, as we briefly explained earlier, boosts the player’s inventory limit. It is an essential upgrade to get that will help you more than you think. Carrying ten extra slimes back to your farm is a game changer and can help you farm Plorts extra fast. 

Plorts are the material that you sell in the game. In most farming games, you sell the regular stuff, milk, meat, crops, etc. In Slime Rancher 2, the thing that the player sells, for the most part, are the Plorts which come from slimes.

Moreover, there are many different kinds of slimes that you can fuze to gain rare Plorts. All of this sounds like a time-consuming process because it is but having the upgrades makes it all go by significantly faster. 

The default carrying space is good, but upgrading it as soon as you can is highly recommended as it can prove to be extra useful early on. 

Once you acquire the Tank Booster, it increases the player’s limit and makes it so that you can now carry 30 items. Now let us find out exactly how we can acquire this awesome upgrade.

How To Get the Tank Booster?

The Tank Booster can be obtained by purchasing it with 450 Newbucks and 10 Tabby Plorts. We explained Plorts earlier, and Tabby Plorts are just that, but they come from a specific slime type called Tabby slime. 

We advise you to collect and keep a bunch of these Tabby slimes. Once you have them, just feed them, and soon after they are fed, they will drop Tabby Plorts. 

Furthermore, next, you will need money that you can earn by selling Plorts to the market. Just sell any Plorts that are easily obtained and won’t come in use in the near future. 

When you have acquired the Tank Booster, you can upgrade it by using the Fabricator in the lab. The Fabricator is located near the Plort market; just use the stairs beside the market to reach the area.


And with that, our guide comes to an end. That is all you need to know about how to get the Slime Rancher 2 Tank Booster. We highly recommend that you also upgrade it whenever you get the chance.

Slime Rancher 2 has proven to be an excellent and improved game. We honestly can’t ask for more from a sequel as it already is doing what any good sequel should. If you loved the original, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t play the game.

Moreover, the best thing about all this is that the game is still in early access. That means we will be getting a lot of massive updates. These updates will add a lot of new Slimes and items to the game. The original game had a similar development cycle, and they added a lot to it. 

There is a lot to enjoy here. Even if you don’t find the Slimes cute, the farming and exploration aspects of the game are just stellar and very addictive. 

What do you think about the game? Did you like all the new additions? What is your favorite upgrade? Which Slime do you think is the cutest? Let us know all about it in the comments section below.

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