Armored Core 6: How To Beat Smart Cleaner [Full Strategy]

Discover strategies to conquer the Smart Cleaner boss in Armored Core 6, a challenge that tests both aerial and ground combat skills.

In Armored Core 6, players encounter the Smart Cleaner, a daunting boss in chapter 2. This mechanical titan, known for spewing fire from its smokestack and executing devastating arm attacks, poses a grave threat to less-armored Armored Cores. Despite its terrestrial dominance, its true vulnerability emerges against aerial strategies, making skyward combat an essential tactic.

Key Takeaways
  • Smart Cleaner is a formidable boss in Armored Core 6, that is encountered in chapter 2.
  • The boss is distinguished by its ability to shoot fire from its smokestack and lethal arm attacks.
  • Extremely potent when grounded, the Smart Cleaner is able to crush less-armored Armored Cores with one hit in AC6.
  • The boss has a significant weakness against aerial tactics; opponents in the sky have a strategic advantage.
  • Recognizing and exploiting Smart Cleaner’s vulnerabilities in Armored Core 6 is essential for players to navigate and achieve victory in this boss fight.

What Is Smart Cleaner In Armored Core 6

Smart Cleaner Aerial view
Smart Cleaner Aerial [Image Captured by eXputer]
In Armored Core 6, the Smart Cleaner is a formidable boss encountered in chapter 2. This mechanical behemoth is characterized by its ability to shoot fire from its smokestack and its lethal, mulch-producing arm attacks.

Primarily grounded, its menacing power can crush less-armored Armored Cores with a single hit. However, it exhibits a significant vulnerability when opponents take to the skies, making aerial tactics essential for a successful combat strategy.

Smart Cleaner Boss Attack Patterns

Here’s a breakdown of the Smart Cleaner’s attack strategies in AC6, guiding players on what to expect, foresee, and effectively counter the boss’s maneuvers.

Attack Pattern Effect (5-10 words)
Lava-spewing from smokestack Shoots damaging fireballs at the player.
Arm clapping attack Crushes AC if caught between arms.
Uppercut with arms Potentially a one-hit kill.
Charging head-on Fast, straight-line attack towards player.
Sweeping with arms Catches AC, leading to a combo attack.
Wider magma attacks (mid-fight) Increased magma range, more dangerous.
Magma spouting (mid-fight) Consistent magma ejections, avoid from above.
Raising saw-like arms Warning of a powerful downswing or other attack.
Spewing lava from back Dangerous if attacking from above, best to avoid.

Best Strategy To Defeat Smart Cleaner Boss In Armored Core 6

Smart Cleaner ground view
Smart Cleaner ground view [Image Captured by eXputer]
Given its distinct attack patterns and vulnerabilities, the Smart Cleaner boss in Armored Core 6 requires a multi-faceted approach for successful engagement. Let’s dissect the optimal strategies to tackle this industrial juggernaut:

1. Maintaining Aerial Dominance

From the onset, it’s crucial to understand that the Smart Cleaner is most dangerous when you’re grounded. Its powerful arm attacks, clapping motion, and potentially fatal uppercuts underscore the risk of staying on terra firma. The safest strategy involves maintaining altitude. Hovering capabilities, like those offered by the tetrapod, should be exploited, keeping you safely out of the Cleaner’s reach for the majority of the engagement.

2. Targeting the Smokestack

 Once in the air, the Cleaner’s smokestack becomes your primary focal point. This is not just because it’s where the fireballs emanate from but also due to the fact that it’s a vulnerable point. Attacks, especially vertically launched missiles, should be directed here. Not only do these attacks deal significant damage, but they also help stagger the Cleaner, creating openings for further assaults. Ensure your loadout includes weapons that can be effective from an aerial vantage, like vertical missiles and laser shotguns.

3. Weak Point Assault During Stagger

When the Cleaner is successfully staggered, that’s your cue to move in for the kill. Drop down and target the small, red vent on its chest. This fleeting moment is the best chance to inflict substantial damage. A combination of bazookas and laser shotguns will be particularly effective, ensuring you maximize your damage output during this short window.

4. Adapting to Loadouts and Weapon Choices

The beauty of Armored Core 6 is the diversity of builds and strategies players can adopt. For those who prefer the plasma blade over the bazooka or a single vertical missile launcher, it’s crucial to understand the trade-offs. While it might take longer to stagger the Cleaner, the damage during its vulnerable state can be substantially higher. It’s all about finding the balance and adapting to the Cleaner’s patterns with the tools at your disposal.

5. Endgame and Positional Awareness

As the battle rages on and the Cleaner becomes more aggressive, players need to be acutely aware of their surroundings and the Cleaner’s position. With its enhanced magma attacks and heightened aggression, maintaining distance becomes vital. Constantly dodge and use the arena to your advantage, retreating when necessary and moving in only when the Cleaner exposes its vulnerabilities.

In conclusion, the Smart Cleaner boss in Armored Core 6 stands as a testament to the game’s intricate design and challenging gameplay dynamics. Emphasizing both ground and aerial combat strategies, this mechanical monstrosity pushes players to adapt, think critically, and exploit vulnerabilities. Truly, facing the Smart Cleaner is an unforgettable experience for any Armored Core enthusiast.

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