Sonic Frontiers 1-2 S Rank [Explained]

Learn all the tips & tricks to complete the stage 1-2 in Sonic Frontiers with S rank

Want to ace Sonic Frontiers 1-2 with S rank? Not all the stages in Sonic Frontiers are hard but stages 1-2 are. But all you need is some practice and guidance on how you can clear this stage with S Rank. Let us move forward and discuss how to unlock stages 1-2, all the missions that the game requires you to complete in order to clear this stage, and also the time required to get the S rank.

Key Highlights

  • Unlike other stages, Sonic Frontiers stage 1-2 are very challenging to complete with S rank.
  • To unlock stages 1-2, players need to defeat 2 enemies Ninja and Tower, and then open the portal gate.
  • To complete this stage with an S rank, players need to complete it under 55 seconds.
  • There are different routes to complete this stage, but not all of them are shortcuts.
  • Red Star Rings make it difficult to complete the level with an S rank. So, players need to complete both missions separately.

Unlocking 1-2 Stage

Stage 1 Kronos Island Sonic Frontiers
Kronos Island Sonic Frontiers [image credits – eXputer]
Stage 1-2 is the second stage of the first Island, Krono’s Island. To unlock stages 1-2 there are some open-world missions that players are required to complete in order to unlock stages 1-2. Without completing this stage, players can not access this stage. Here are some of the steps required to unlock Sonic Frontiers stage 1-2:

Step 1

Early in the games, players come across a villain called Ninja. Ninja is a boss, and players need to defeat him in order to gain access to stages 1-2. Once you take down Ninja, you will get a ring-shaped portal gear. Collect this gear as it will later be required to open the portal to stages 1-2.

Step 2

Now move towards the eastern side of Krono’s Island. The portal to stages 1-2 is on the eastern side of the map. After reaching the east of the map, you now need to move towards the south of the map. In the overworld, you might be able to detect the portal as its icon appears there.

Step 3

On reaching the portal gear, you now need to place the portal gear that you had collected by defeating Ninja. The portal to stage 1-2 will not open right now because another portal gear is required to open it. At this time, another boss will appear named Tower. Defeat this boss in order to get the second portal gear. After collecting the second portal gear, you now have all the things required to open the portal.  

Unlocking stage 1-2 Sonic Frontiers
Portal unlocking stage 1-2 [image credits – eXputer]

Step 4

Now go to the portal again and place the second portal gear collected by defeating Tower. Place it in the portal. The Portal will open, and now you can teleport to stage 1-2.

Sonic Frontiers 1-2 S Rank

To get S rank in stage 1-2, players need to complete this stage in under 55 seconds. It might seem easy at first, but completing stage 1-2 in under 55 seconds time is one of the hardest jobs. Even if you are very good at Sonic Frontiers, this task will surely take a lot of time.

And on top of that, to increase the difficulty, 5-6 seconds of the intro is also included in this time. Surely players cannot control this 5-6 seconds wastage, and it might seem almost impossible. But you can get s rank in stage 1-2 by planning strategically. If you decide your route according to the one given below, you can reduce the time spent to complete this level.

Starting Route

To get a great head start for the stage, choosing the starting route wisely is extremely important. Right, when the game starts, you will see 2 routes, a straight path with a slope ahead and another jumping through the three-dash rings. We suggest you take the straight path and use all the Boost Pads in order to get a great starting route to minimize time consumption.

Rail Grinding

Now moving forward in stage 1-2, there will appear two paths. One is narrower, located on the left, and the other is on the right. We suggest you use a narrower left path while using all the boost pads. The grind rail also speeds up Sonic, which reduces the time required.

Dash Rings

After the grinding rails, three dah rings will appear. After jumping through these rings, boost jump to reach the Red Handles that will take you to your next platform. Using other handles surrounded by egg robot, speed boost and start homing attack chains across the balloons so that you do not fall down.

Final Grinding Rails

Now final grinding rail parts have arrived. Here, you have to pass through the rails while avoiding all the springs. Now you can take a shortcut to a big loop next to the rail by jumping and skipping to the big loop from the rails. You cannot switch to the loop easily, so make sure to practice enough. If you manage to skip to the loop, it will give you a 2 to 3-second advantage, which surely will make a huge difference.

Rails with Obstacles

After that, you will land on a platform for a short time. Soon, you will come across another rail, but this time with obstacles. All you need to do here is to switch the rails at the perfect time with the speed boost running to avoid the obstacles. Now again, a huge loop appears, which will lead you to another platform. Now, with the speed boost on, you need to pass through the three-dash rings that will be on your way.

Last Step

Now is the last step. Keep the speed boost on while avoiding the obstacles in the middle. Use the homing attack skill on the springs that come your way and move upwards smoothly. There you will find the Finishing line, also known as the portal gate. Make sure your speed boost is on to end stage 1-2 in time. 

Final Gate of Stage 1-2 Sonic Frontiers
Final Gate [image credits – eXputer]
There are a hundred other ways to get in time, but the method we have mentioned above seems to provide the greatest S Rank rate in stage 1-2. If you follow this method, you will be able to complete the level in 53 to 54 seconds at most.

Stage 1-2 cleared with S Rank Sonic Frontiers
S Rank [image credits – eXputer]

Missions In Portal 1-2 

To collect the 4 vault keys, there are certain requirements that you need to fulfill before entering the portal. Here are the missions you are required to complete in stage 1-2 for all 4 vault keys that will help you open vaults for chaos emeralds.

  • Complete the Goal
  • Complete stage 1-2 with S Rank
  • You need at least 80 rings while clearing the level
  • Find all the red star rings


Sonic Frontiers is a platform game developed by Sonic Team and published by Saga. Players emulate sonic frontiers on PC and explore mysterious star fall islands in this game while collecting chaos emeralds. There are different islands where players explore. Kronos Island is the first island, and it has 7 different stages. In this guide, we have discussed how you can complete stage 1-2 of this game with the S rank, which requires extreme skills and practice.

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