Sonic Frontiers Blue Seeds Farming [Tips]

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Sonic Frontiers features various kinds of collectibles and currencies that offer different perks in the game. You can farm these collectibles and use them to upgrade your abilities or purchase in-game items. One of the important collectibles in Sonic Frontiers is the Blue Seeds. There are various ways to collect these seeds and use them to enhance your abilities. So, today we will discuss about Blue Seed farming in Sonic Frontiers and different ways to get them. 

Key Highlights

  • Blue Seeds, also known as Defense Seeds, are an in-game resource in Sonic Frontiers that can be used to enhance defense stats by giving them to Hermit Koco.
  • Blue Seeds are found throughout the Starfall Islands and can be collected and exchanged with Koco for stat increases until reaching a maximum of 99 Defense Level.
  • Ways to acquire Blue Seeds include completing challenges and quests, defeating enemies and bosses, exploring the map for hidden treasures, finding Steel Containers, and trading Treasure Tokens at the store.

What Are Blue Seeds In Sonic Frontier?

Blue Seeds, also known as Defense Seeds are an in-game resource in Sonic Frontiers that you can give Hermit Koco to enhance your defense stats. The defense points play an important role during crucial battles and serious boss fights as it determines your stance and survivability against heavy attacks.  

Sonic Frontiers Blue Seeds Farming
Blue Seeds Image Credit: eXputer

Like the Red Seeds or the Power Seeds are used to increase the offensive abilities of Sonic, the Blue Seeds work on Defense and Stamina. The Blue Seeds are spread all across different Islands of Sonic Frontiers. You can collect as much as you can and exchange it with Koco for Stats increment until you reach 99 Defense Level, which is the maximum you can attain. 

How To Get Blue Seeds

As Sonic Frontiers is an Open World Game with Multiple Islands, it often gets hectic to explore the seeds and farm them. These collectibles are rare and you can get them through specific activities only. So, without further ado let’s get to know about some best ways to get the Blue Seeds in Sonic Frontier. 

Complete Challenges

One easy way to get the Blue Seeds is by completing special challenges and quests in the biomes of Starfall Islands. The drop rate of blue seeds from a specific challenge is random, so it depends on your luck, whether you’ll be able to get your hands on it or not. So, you can increase your chances by participating more in the challenges and going for the side quests as well. 

As you complete more and more challenges, you’ll unlock new areas of the map with new quests and better rewards. So, make sure to explore the new lands and try out your luck there as well. 

Defeat Enemies And Bosses

As you progress through the game, you will encounter different enemies and monsters. When you defeat your enemies, you get some drop loot as a reward. The loot contains different types of collectibles, including Blue Seeds as well.

Get Blue Seeds as Loot Drop
Defeat Enemies Image Credit: eXputer

The chances of obtaining Blue Seed from a common enemy are low. However, if you defeat advanced bosses, which are marked with the red crossed swords icons, the odds of getting the seeds significantly increase. When you’re farming the seeds, try to fight and take down all kinds of enemies you find in your way to draw all the Seeds from them.

Explore The Map

Sonic Frontiers Blue Seeds Farming
Explore New Areas Image Credit: eXputer

The Sonic Frontier Map is full of mysteries and hidden treasures. All the zones contain different chests and boxes that pack random loot inside them. Whenever you unlock a new area, make sure to explore it well and look around for the nooks and crannies as there might be Blue Seeds hidden inside them.

Treasure Tokens And Steel Containers

The Loot and Treasure Boxes grant you Blue Seeds too but the Steel Containers have relatively higher chances of dropping a Blue Seed. You can find these containers in the random Spots of Open Zones. So Make sure you are exploring well and actively looking for all the sources of Blue Seeds. 

Explore Steel Containers
Blue Seeds From Chests

If you’re still struggling to find the seeds, you have always the option to get them with the help of Treasure Tokens. If you have Treasure Tokens in your inventory, go to the store and trade them in exchange for the type of seed you want. 


That sums up our guide on Sonic Frontiers Blue Seed Farming. Although the seeds are a bit rare collectible, if you invest some time looking for them, you’ll not have much trouble in finding them, unless you are really unlucky. Once you have collected enough Blue Seeds, make sure to use its perks by enhancing your abilities. 

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