Sonic Frontiers: How To Obtain Chaos Emeralds

Learn How You Can Get Your Hands On The Powerful Chaos Emeralds In Sonic Frontiers.

With the release of Sonic Frontiers, we got the news that the latest Sonic game kept up with the tradition as they have also introduced Chaos Emeralds in the new game, which has become a trademark of the Sonic games. Furthermore, the chaos emeralds are essential keys to supreme power, which are shaped like a gem. These gems are used to power Sonic up. And also to defeat the Titans, which are almost impossible to defeat without the Chaos Emeralds. That is why we are providing you with the best way to obtain these emeralds in our Sonic Frontiers Chaos Emeralds guide.

Key Highlights
  • Chaos Emeralds are ancient pieces of powerful gems that are part of Sonics history in every game and series.
  • To get your hands on one, you are to find a vault and open it with portal keys.
  • The gems grant great power to the wielder, such as warping time and space.
  • In Sonic’s favor, the 7 chaos emeralds combined together grant him a super transformation where he turns shiny yellow.

Chaos Emeralds Locations in Sonic Frontiers

If you’re out there on the map looking for a chaos emerald in specific, it would not be a tough task as they will have a very specific glow. This glow can be viewed from afar and can help you pinpoint the exact location of the chaos emerald that you’re searching for. However, there is the need for you to have the resources which are required to unlock them in the first place beforehand, or else you would just know where the chaos emerald is and have no way to actually obtain it.

In the game, 4 islands all have 6 chaos emeralds spread out in each of them. This would make a total of 24 chaos emeralds. The islands which are present are Kronos Island, Ares Island, Ouranos Island, and finally Chaos Island. All of the aforementioned islands have 6 chaos emeralds in them as we have discussed earlier. \

One should also note that the seventh and final chaos island in each individual island is part of the storyline and hence can be obtained when one is playing through the game. Specifically, one receives a chaos emerald every time they defeat a titan in the game. The seventh chaos emerald is then found at the top of the titan. Obtaining the residual 6 emeralds is your task which you would have to do in your lonesome. This can be done by exploring the areas and having enough vault keys to unlock that chaos emerald.

How To Obtain Chaos Emeralds In Sonic Frontiers

The Chaos Emeralds
The Chaos Emeralds [Image Credit: eXputer]
Now, we are sure that you are here to find out how you can achieve these ancient pieces of power in your own game. Well, now let us explain to you how you can achieve these Chaos Emeralds.

Firstly, you must know that these gems of power can be found inside vaults that are hidden all over the map. And yes, they are available on each of the maps. However, it is not that simple to get a chaos emerald as these gems of ultimate power are locked away in vaults that require a certain amount of portal keys to be unlocked, so you will have to grind for the keys.

Also, to acquire these portal keys, there are a few ways. And one of the best ways is to complete stage challenges which will award you with portal keys depending on how efficiently you complete the challenge. Furthermore, you can not earn more than 4 portal keys from a portal.

And this is not the only method of obtaining portal keys, as we mentioned before but the other ones are very rare. The other way to acquire portal keys is for it to drop from an enemy when he has been defeated. Furthermore, you might also be able to stumble upon the portal keys in a hidden treasure location when you are roaming around. This is marked by a blue diamond beacon.

But chances of finding the keys through these ways are very low, so the only good option you have is to grind for them through the portals. However, once you have acquired the required amount of keys, you will see a cutscene where the vault will be opening. And after that, the vault will be marked on your map if you have already found it.

Finally, all you have to do is run to the vault and press the button that is prompted in order to obtain the legendary chaos emerald. And after that, you will have one of the colored chaos emeralds. Just keep on grinding and obtain the 7 emeralds to find out about the power that they can bestow upon Sonic.

About The Chaos Emeralds

Super Sonic Transformation
The Super Sonic Transformation [Image By eXputer]
Chaos Emeralds are also known as gems of miracle/miracle gems, and these gems can be seen in the previous Sonic games and even in the Sonic The Hedgehog Series. Now,  according to our research, there are a total of 7 chaos emeralds that have the same shape but different colors. The seven colored chaos emeralds are as the following:

  • Peridot (green)
  • Aquamarine (cyan)
  • Sapphire (blue)
  • Ruby (red)
  • Amethyst (purple)
  • Topaz (yellow)
  • Diamond (grey/silver)

These emeralds possess immense power when they have combined them all together. Furthermore, the chaos emeralds can warp time and space. And also initiate super transformations like Sonic’s super transformation, where he turns yellow and can fly. Furthermore, his power, strength, speed, and other aspects are increased to unnatural levels.

Chaos emeralds on Kronos island

Sonic would have to clear levels inside of this island to obtain an in-game currency known as the “vault keys”. After he has obtained them, he can simply approach the specific chaos emeralds and unlock them using a specific amount of the vault keys. This will then remove that specific amount of vault keys that are required for unlocking that specific chaos emerald. We shall now be taking a quick look at how we can obtain all of the chaos emeralds in Kronos island

Blue emerald on Kronos Island

This emerald is fairly easy to detect. After one has defeated the tower and cleared stages 2-2, this would be the first-ever chaos emerald vault that the player witnesses in sonic frontiers. The tip is to complete set objectives as well as clear them in a specific rank, and have enough rings.

These all will collectively grant you a number of vault keys which will then be used to open the vaults of chaos emeralds if you have enough of the vault keys.

One benefit that the game provides is that you will enter a random cutscene every time you have enough vault keys to open an emerald vault. This is a benefit because you would not have to go to this emerald vault every time and check whether you have enough keys since the game will tell you.

Red emerald on Kronos Island

The red chaos emerald can be found around the center of Kronos island, specifically northwest of where you found the blue emerald.

Whenever the game notifies you regarding your having enough vault keys, you can simply approach the place and unlock the emerald for yourself.

Gold emerald on Kronos island

It costs seven vault keys to get the gold emerald. Once you have enough of these vault keys, you can simply go to where the gold emerald’s location and unlock it for yourself.

The location of the gold emerald is northwest of where the players obtained the red emerald. It too is almost at the center of Kronos island.

Silver emerald on Kronos island

To unlock the silver emerald, you would require 8 vault keys. The silver emerald is located on top of a large floating spire in the absolute northwest corner of the map. The player would have to ascend all the way to unlock it.

The location itself requires a lot of maneuvering and a lot of work to get to the main location. When you reach the location available on the map above, you would have to find a large stone structure having a spring in the middle of it.

Hop on the spring and then you’ll reach a series of rails in the sky. Ride the rails and use the springs which are on the platform ahead of sonic and it will catapult you to a series of balloons.

You would have to then reach a pulley by using a homing attack onto the balloons. The player would have to use it to ascend to the track above. Continue to use a jump panel that is ahead of you to give yourself a boost. There will be a glowing green wall ahead, but you will have to jump to the grind rail on the left and ride to those glowing green walls.

Players will then have to attach themselves to this wall and run on it to climb on top of it. You shall then have to use a spring once again to catapult yourself into another series of tracks. You will have to follow these tracks and climb and move up another glowing wall of the same type.

At the top of these walls, there will be a spring that will launch you into some dash rings and then into the center of the spire. There will be some enemies waiting for you here which will spawn as soon as you arrive. You must defeat them and a picture of this is attached below.

After successfully defeating the robot enemies that spawned, there will be a series of dash loops opposite the side of the spire where you came from. These dash loops will lead you to the top of the spire. You will now arrive at a section that has a floating platform, grind rails as well as jump panels.

You will have to ride the rails and this will have you jump between them in a clockwise manner around the spire. After this, you will automatically hit a zipline which will lead you to one final floating platform.

When you land on this floating platform, you must ascend it and race to a series of pulleys. These pulleys will lift you to a high vantage point, use the rails over here and use the dash rings above. These dash rings will spit sonic right in front of the place where the silver emerald point is.

Now, as mentioned above, this vault will be where you will be entering vault keys in order to unlock the silver emerald for yourself. Players will need a total of 8 keys to make the silver chaos emerald their own.

Green emerald on Kronos island

The green emerald in Kronos island is one of the chaos emeralds where you need to find and track Amy and receive a small quest from her before you can unlock this chaos emerald.

The location where she gives you this mini-game which is required to be completed for getting the green emerald can be found south of stages 1-5. The map below will pinpoint the location better.

After you reach where Amy is, you must offer her memory tokens and in exchange, she will give you a new task. The task will be regarding a Koco mother who had lost her children. Your task involves rounding up her children and returning them to her. As soon as you are done talking to Amy, the mini-game will open by itself.

This task will trigger a mini-game of sorts, where sonic will be spawning into a long field opposite of where you were original. The mini game’s task would be to guide the flock of Koco’s to their mother.

The tough part is that these children will drop bombs every few seconds and you must dodge these bombs because if sonic gets hit by these bombs he will lose a life and he will have 3 lives in total. You must keep advancing onwards by carefully dodging these bombs till you reach the place where the mother Koco is.

One tip regarding this mini-game is that once you see that a bomb is spawned, circle around in the opposite direction until it detonates, then return back to the original place where the bomb detonated. If you get used to this tip enough, it will be easier for you to advance onwards without issues and you will reach your destination with ease.

The explosion of each bomb does linger for a short while but the dust settles quite soon enough hence you would not have many issues.

As soon as the Kocos get reunited with their mother, the task will be fulfilled and Sonic will receive the green emerald as a reward for this task. The picture is shown below.

Cyan emerald on Kronos island

Much like the green emerald, the cyan emerald requires us to have a chat with Amy too. This time we shall find Amy near the gold emerald location, specifically speaking she will be on the west side of the gold emerald.

Head to the location where Amy is, offer her some memory tokens once again, and then speak to her. This time, she will be giving Sonic the task of finding the lost lover of her Koco ally, who is supposedly on the other side of the field but they cannot find this lover. This task will be given to sonic, to find the lost lover.

This task will once again trigger a mini-game for sonic. The objective of this mini-game would be for sonic to clear weeds off of the long field. In order to clear wood, sonic would have to use his “cycloop”. The cycloops will cut the weeds in a circular manner around the field.

Now, after the completion of Cycloop, all the weeds would be cut, and sonic would be receiving a score based on how many weeds he successfully cut using Cycloop. The players have to gain a total of 7000 points to succeed in this mini-game.

Sonic will not be alone in the weed-cutting field. There will be bees present alongside him in this field who will constantly try to sting him while he is cutting weeds. The bees will cause a hindrance as Sonic is trying to complete the game.


Dodging the bees is also a part of this mini-game because if sonic get stung by the bees thrice, the game will be over. A tip in this regard is that when the player is being chased by the bees, they should use Cycloop on the flower buds that are surrounding the field. This will distract the bees and sonic can continue the actual task that has been granted to him. One can escape the bees in this manner, the flower buds are shown in the picture below.

The total amount of time that is allocated to sonic in this mini-game is 100 seconds. During this time he will have to accumulate as many scores as possible. This time is more than sufficient to get to the goal of 7000 points in total.

The main tip one needs to remember is to stay clear of the paths of bees and not to let them get after Sonic. If too many gather at a singular place, one should opt to run away from that place. One should also choose to make small circles and keep track of their score and the time at all times.

Once you have completed the game and you are victorious, you will be awarded the cyan emerald as a prize for winning this mini-game. 

This would thereby conclude all the chaos emeralds which can be gained in Kronos island. The only missing chaos emerald would be the amethyst(purple) one and that is attainable on Kronos island as a part of the main storyline.

Chaos emeralds on Ares Island

All of the four islands thus far mentioned have the potential to offer the player seven total chaos emeralds. These are the colors green, cyan, blue, red, purple, yellow, and silver. The purple (amethyst) chaos emerald in Ares island can be obtained through advancing in the main storyline of sonic frontiers and defeating a Titan.


The other six chaos emeralds can be unlocked after the player has defeated giganto and unlocked stage portals. Players can use these stage portals to clear levels and complete objectives inside of them to gain vault keys.


Vault keys are the in-game currency that one requires to unlock the chaos emeralds vaults and therefore, one can unlock these chaos emeralds for themselves. One would require a specific set of vault keys to unlock different chaos emerald vaults. Below is a breakdown of how to unlock all of the remaining six chaos emeralds on Ares Island.

Blue chaos emerald in Ares island

The blue chaos emerald in Ares island is quite close to stages 2-1. Specifically speaking, it will be northeast of stages 2-1 in a small clearing of sorts between rocks. Players should note that chaos emeralds give a very prominent shiny glow to let players know of their locations

One should look out for this glow when they find themselves lost.

Note that the cost of unlocking the blue chaos emerald is 7 vault keys, one should have a sufficient amount of these which they must have attained through clearing levels and completing the objectives. 

Red chaos emerald in Ares island

The closest chaos emerald to the blue chaos emerald you would have just unlocked would be the red chaos emerald. To reach this, you must head north of where you found the blue chaos emerald. The red chaos emerald will be through a small chasm-like area.

The location is pinpointed below and it will cost players 7 vault keys to unlock the red chaos emerald.

Gold chaos emerald on Ares Island

Next up is the gold chaos emerald. The cost of this chaos emerald is only 3 vault keys but players should not rejoice so quickly as reaching this chaos emerald is actually the real pain. To reach and unlock this chaos emerald, players must move to the northernmost island of the map.

To get to this small island, players must cross a series of obstacles and puzzles of sorts, the obstacles are located on the east side of Ares island. The starting point of this obstacle course is given on the map below.

The sign of the fact that you have arrived at the right location is that you will see prominent Eggman technology nearby.

Players must use the jumping pad here in order to cross all the way to the floating path that is ahead. Now, they will have to use the grinding rail in order to reach yet another floating platform.

players must keep progressing till they reach a section that has a jump pad and three grind rails. In this area, the players have to go from the central rail to the left one and then back to the central rail in order to cross to the other side.

After entering the other side where the player is inside the building, one must jump over the hole that is in the floor. Afterward, run up a glowing wall and move onwards to the path you see. You will see another glowing wall after this, where there will be some balloons which you will have to cross using an attack of yours.


These balloons will lead you to a floating island where there will be another series of balloons. Cross these to enter the final island.

You will now have reached your destination. Just exchange 3 vault keys to attain the golden chaos emerald.

There will be a grind rail that can help you descend back to the map behind the emerald vault.

Silver chaos emerald in Ares island

The final chaos emerald which can be attained through a vault is the silver chaos emerald. This chaos emerald is located on the north side of Ares island. To be specific, it would be southeast of where you found the gold chaos emerald.

As was the case with the gold emerald, the silver chaos emerald will also make you go through puzzles and gimmicks which will be tedious enough to make you rethink whether the journey is worth it or not. Worry not, we will be traveling alongside the players and guiding them throughout the adventure.

The start of the obstacle course is on the mound south of the silver chaos emerald.

After you have reached the start of the obstacles, you will have to look out for a spring opposite of giant purple rings. The purple rings would be spinning around a circle, these have to be crossed by the player. The players will have to hit the spring and then use a homing attack on a zipline ahead to reach a series of floating islands.

You must travel across the island and reach a series of springs. Once the player has done this, they must use the spring and then do a homing attack on a zipline. The zipline will launch the players through a dashed ring onto a grind rail. This all will collectively lead you through a tunnel and onto a floating island.

Players must now cross to the floating island opposite to the one they were on and homing attack once again on the pulley ahead. This will in turn lead you to another tunnel with a grind rail. Ride this and you will launch off, making sonic enter skydiving mode as a response to this. Now players must dive to the platform below and hit the jump panel making you use a set of springs.

Sonic must now launch into the air and do a homing attack on a pulley. This will lift him up to a platform, sonic must dash forward and use a jump panel to launch himself through a series of dash rings and onto a glowing wall. Sonic has to run up the glowing wall and see a long zipline leading downwards.

Sonic has to use a homing attack on the zipline, and when this ends he has to do a homing attack on another zipline which will be on the opposite side. Continue this process of moving from zipline to zipline till sonic enters skydiving mode once again.

Launch down once again and land on the floating platform which will be below. Now sonic has to run to the jump pad and use a homing attack on balloons in front of him until the player reaches a glowing wall.

Run up this final glowing wall and through the tunnels ahead. For one last time, sonic will enter skydiving mode and at the end of this chain of obstacles, you will now be taken down to the area of silver chaos emerald.

The cost of unlocking this chaos vault will be 7 vault keys and then your entire journey will be worth it once this chaos emerald becomes a part of your collection.

Green chaos emerald in Ares island

You not only have to travel to the center of Ares island for the attainment of this chaos emerald, but you also have to find knuckles and do a quest for him. To do this, you first have to go outside where a pond was drained as part of the main story.

The objective that knuckles will give to sonic will be to help a group of armored Kocos cross a battlefield. This objective’s fulfillment will reward you with the green chaos emerald.

The objective itself will trigger a mini-game called “SOS backup mini-game”. The main task of this mini-game would be to grab hold of each individual armored Koco and move them onto the other side of the battlefield.

Sonic has to be careful as there will be spikes in the way to hinder our objective and they will be blocking our pathway. You’ll carefully have to move below the spikes in order to move the Kocos all the way to where Knuckles is.

The issue at hand is that sonic will only have three lives and hitting a spike directly will cost it. Hence the main bit is to be careful and take note of the time limit that the challenge has.

To grab an armored Koco, simply homing attack on one. Note that you can grab hold of multiple Kocos at once but the more Kocos you hold, the faster the spikes will ascend and descend. You have to therefore take close note of how many or how less Kocos you carry at all times.

The maximum number of Kocos you can hold at one time is six because the spikes will become too fast to manage after this point. The number of Kocos you have to deliver to Knuckles is 12. If you’re careful with your time management and careful about picking up as many Kocos as you can manage.

After you have successfully delivered 12 Kocos to Knuckles, you will attain the green chaos emerald.

Cyan chaos emerald in Ares island

The Cyan chaos emerald will once again make you find and talk to Knuckles. He will be giving you another objective, the completion of which will grant you the Cyan chaos emerald.

The location of Knuckles for the Cyan chaos emerald will be southwest of where you found the silver chaos emerald. To be more specific, this will be the north section of Ares island.

The chat between Knuckles and Sonic this time would be related to the armored Kocos being too afraid to save their own men. Hence this time, sonic has to step up and do their job for them to complete the objective and win the Cyan chaos emerald.

The mini-game that gets triggered in response to this objective is much like the mini-game that Amy gave to us in Kronos Island. This mini-game will ask you to gather the armored Kocos in a herd and return them back to Knuckles, while you’re time-barred.

While herding, The armored Kocos will be dropping bombs that take one life of Sonic if they hit him. Sonic has three of these in total hence he should be careful.

Much like the game with Amy, this too will be of similar nature. Players just have to maneuver away from the bombs and return to that place once the bomb has blasted. Continue with this until one master it and the players can easily complete the objective within the time limit.

One should be careful though because there will be rocks as obstacles in this mini-game as well and the players are fighting against time, the same as in the other mini-games. The bombs will cause a mini sandstorm in this challenge which will blur the vision of sonic, hence one should time this to move past it.

When one has rounded all the Kocos up and they are safe, the first part of the mission will be over but the main objective to attain the cyan chaos emerald will be far from over as there will be another stage to this mini-game.

After the first stage is done, Sonic will enter a cutscene and it will instantly start a second stage. This stage is known as tower defense. Sonic will have to face off against a set of towers that are moving toward the bunker of Knuckles.

The objective of this stage is to make sonic beat all the towers within a time limit. The trick to this stage is to make the towers attack Sonic. The towers become weak when they are in attack mode hence this is the best chance to strike them.

When the towers are attacking, they lock onto Sonic’s position and throw spikes into the surrounding area. During this time, they become solid metal and during this time sonic can just climb on top of them and attack their top to defeat the towers. The basic summarized ideology is to bait an attack and then make the towers become metal to defeat them.

One last thing the players should remember as a hint is that if they are quick enough, they can attack all four towers in one go and basically win the game in record time.

The completion of this objective will grant the players with the Cyan chaos emerald.

Chaos emeralds on Ouranos Island

Chaos Island is the third world in Sonic: frontiers. After sonic has defeated the wyvern in chaos island, he will have the option to go through stage portals. The completion of these stages will grant him vault keys which can be used to unlock emerald vaults and gain certain chaos emeralds.

As was the case with the previous two islands, chaos island has seven total chaos emeralds inside of it. The first one that is the amethyst (purple) emerald will be available to the players as part of the main story.

The other six emeralds alongside where they are and their exact location will be shown below as a walkthrough to the players. We will also be showing step-by-step how to get them.

Blue chaos emerald in Chaos island

The blue chaos emerald is located on the west side of Chaos island. The players require 7 vault keys to unlock the blue chaos emerald vault and make it part of their collection.

Whenever a player is ready and has sufficient vault keys for the blue chaos emerald, they can simply head to where the blue chaos emerald is. Players must use the rail system which is on the west side of the southern volcano.

Red chaos emerald in chaos island

To get the red chaos emerald, players will have to do requisite things before they can get their hands on this chaos emerald and make it a part of their collection. First, players must revive the death egg with tails, this will open a subterranean tunnel to the northwest island. This will unlock the island where the red chaos emerald is, which was previously inaccessible.

One must note that there are enemies and obstacles in their path hence they should enter the area fully prepared and have all this information in their mind.

When you are in the area as shown in the pic above, players should head through the passageway and continue to descend until they enter a huge hall.

One simply has to exit this room opposite from where you entered and ascend a tower which they will find themselves in front of.

When the players have reached the top of the tower, they will exit into the island where the red chaos emerald is.

The island that is housing the red chaos emerald will be quite small. Players simply have to approach the emerald vault and insert 7 vault keys to make the red chaos emerald a part of their collection.

Gold chaos emerald in Chaos island

The next objective of the players that is easily accessible would be to attain the gold chaos emerald. This can be found on the northmost side of chaos island. To get to where the gold chaos emerald is, players must use the grind rail system which is on the south of chaos island.

Players then simply have to move right in front of the gold chaos emerald vault and insert 7 vault keys to make it their own. After this has been done, players will enter a cut scene.

Silver chaos emerald in chaos island

The silver chaos emerald is the last one which can be attained through a vault. As we have chosen to tell about this in the last, it is because this chaos emerald is the toughest to get out of all. It will require a lot of obstacles and maneuvering and tactics to get to this chaotic emerald.

The silver chaos emerald can be found around the center of chaos island. It is near the east side of stages 3-2.

Reaching this location will not be easy as we stated before because there will be too many obstacles that one must cross before one can reach it. The players will have to start right below where the silver chaos emerald is and make their way upward.

There will be a spring that will take the players upwards, the spring in question will lead you to the series of obstacles leading to the silver chaos emeralds.

The obstacle course consists of a long series of wall runs, dash pads, homing attacks, and many other obstacles. When you reach the top of this structure, you will have to push toward the right. Afterward, you will reach a stone tower south of where the emerald is. This is where you will have to use a grind rail so that you can reach the other side of the path.

Once the players have switched sides, you simply have to continue to move right. Eventually, you will reach the silver chaos emerald’s vault. Players will need 4 vault keys to make the silver chaos emerald their own from this point onwards.

Green chaos emerald in Chaos island

For the attainment of green chaos emerald, sonic will have to find and talk to tails. The location of the tails for the green chaos emerald is the north section of chaos island. This will be east of the death egg crash site.

When you find and talk to tails, he will tell you that he is trying to fix a cannon nearby but he’s missing all of the parts he requires. The task for sonic will be to find and give the materials to tails.

As soon as the chat between sonic and tails ends, a mini-game will be triggered. This game will transport you to a room filled with boxes. The task here for players will be to smash as many boxes within the time limit as possible. The goal here is to smash at least 600 or above boxes, otherwise, the task will fail.

There are three types of boxes in total, those being yellow, blue, and purple. The yellow boxes yield the lowest amount of materials inside of them but are the easiest to break, the blue ones are a bit tougher to break but carry more materials and the purple ones carry the highest amount of materials and are the toughest to break as well.

The players have to choose and prioritize which boxes they break. A picture of these boxes is below.

The tough bit is that the platform on which sonic is will continuously break. When these platforms break, the lava below will hit sonic and he will lose a life, he has three lives in total. Players must methodically break the boxes, collect the material at a pace that is optimal enough and then move to another area. Players should continue to use this tactic until the timer runs out and they can complete the game.

If the players are running out of platforms to run to, they can look out for buttons in the surrounding area. Pressing this button will lower a pulley which will then take sonic to a new area.

Once the players have successfully completed this mini-game, they will get the green chaos emerald as a reward.

Cyan chaos emerald in Chaos island

Same as the green chaos emerald, the cyan chaos emerald too will require players to track down tails and talk to him. This time, tails will be in the northeastern section of chaos island, specifically northeast of where the silver chaos emerald was.

Simply go to where the tails are, exchange a few memory tokens with him, and then initiate a conversation with him. After the chat with tails has ended, a new mini-game will begin.

This mini-game gives Sonic the task of closing up the gap of the bridge. The way the game will be designed would make Sonic run upwards to the raised bridge and skydive to the control panel on the other side. This mini-game is time-barred as well, sonic has to reach the ground before the time runs out.

The obstacles in this mini-game are quite tricky, as they are springs and dash rings which will knock you back up from where you are coming down.  The goal for the players will be to dodge as many of these obstacles as possible so that the challenge can be completed within the time limit.

A certain tip is to watch out for gaps where there are no dash rings or springs and make your way there. Using your boost here will make you go downwards quite quicker and since there are no obstacles, you will reach your objective quicker.

Another issue is that the mini-game will try to bait the players with rings placed between springs, players must remember the main objective at hand and not get too tempted by the rings so that they can complete the objective.

When sonic reaches the ground, he will connect the bridge. This will make you end the mini-game and get the cyan chaos emerald as a reward.

Chaos emeralds on Ouranos Island

Ouranos Island is the fourth world in sonic frontiers. Sonic will have access to the stage portals on this island after defeating the knight. These stages carry challenges that reward you with vault keys, a currency that can be used to unlock chaos emerald vaults.

Once a player has enough vault keys, they can simply go to the chaos emerald vault of whichever chaos emerald they want to unlock and make it a part of their collection. We will be guiding you regarding where all of the chaos emeralds in Ouranos island are below.

As was the case with the other islands, one of the chaos emeralds is purple (amethyst) one can be obtained from the top of the titan of the area. Hence the players will attain one chaos emerald as a part of the main story and will not have to do any specific thing for that chaos emerald.

The location as well as how to get to the locations of the residual 6 chaos emeralds is shown below in the guide.

Blue chaos emerald on Ouranos Island

This is the first most chaos emerald we shall be covering. The blue chaos emerald costs 3 vault keys. When players have gotten that many, they can simply head to the east side of Ouranos island. Specifically, this will be the south of where stage 4-1 is. The location is marked below.

Red chaos emerald on Ouranos island

The second chaos emerald which can be found as easily as the blue one is the red chaos emerald. For the purpose of get this one, players have to go to the center of Ouranos island. It would be southwest of where the gold chaos emerald is.

The red chaos emerald in Ouranos Island will cost the players 6 vault keys, one should have that many in their inventory beforehand to make this chaos emerald a part of their collection

Green chaos emerald on Ouranos island

To get the green chaos emerald, players will have to construct a bridge with sage leading to the northeast island within Ouranos island. Once players have done so, they simply have to go to the northeast corner, specifically northeast of stages 4-4.

Once a player has made their way to where the green chaos emerald is, they will see a large tower, players should note that the green chaos emerald is on top of this tower. Use the glowing walls which are on the right side of the tower to climb upwards, where there is no place or option to go upwards, players must use springs nearby.

Once players are on the top of the tower, they can simply use 6 vault keys to unlock and make the green chaos emerald their own.

Gold chaos emerald on Ouranos island

The gold chaos emerald can be found northwest of where players found the red chaos emerald. This is specifically the northern section of Ouranos island.

When you reach the location of the gold chaos emerald, simply insert 7 vault keys to make this emerald a part of your collection as well.

Cyan chaos emerald on Ouranos island

The cyan chaos emerald will cost the players 7 vault keys, the same as the gold chaos emerald, The cyan chaos emerald is found in the south section of Ouranos island. This will also be south of where stage 4-8 is..

Silver chaos emerald on Ouranos island

If you’re going through our guide and following it exactly step by step, this will be the final chaos emerald you can attain. The cost of unlocking the silver chaos emerald is quite cheap, with only 3 vault keys but the attainment is somewhat different from the other chaos emeralds. We shall be telling the location and how to get it ahead.

First, players would have to have opened the temple with the sage in the story. This temple will be on the south side of Ouranos island. You will be able to grab the silver chaos emerald only after the temple is unlocked. The location of the silver chaos emerald could also be noted to be southwest of where the red chaos emerald was.

Players can simply return to where they talked to the sage and head through the tunnel which was opened with the sage. Players can use the dash pad in order to boost their way at the entrance of the tunnel. Once they have reached the place of the emerald, they simply have to invest 3 vault keys and make this final emerald a part of their collection.

Wrap Up

If you are new to the game, then we recommend that you go through the following guide to get a better idea about the mechanics of the game:

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And with this, we bring our Sonic Frontiers Chaos Emeralds guide to an end where we thoroughly discussed how to obtain these special powerful gems. However, if you believe we left something out, then please do let us know through the comment section down below.

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