Sonic Frontiers: How To Get Infinite Boost

Learn all you need to know about the Infinite Boost and God mode in Sonic Frontiers.

Before we begin, the infinite boost is not a hack, mod, or the players abusing a glitch. It was purposefully added to the game because of the high maps in Sonic Frontiers. You can not use the infinite Boost in CyberSpace maps. That means you can cover more land in less amount of time and keeps the game exciting. 

Key Takeaways

  • Sonic is an open-world game, so you need to travel vast distances, and that is time-consuming.
  • You can activate an infinity boost which allows you to run around the map without losing any stamina for serval minutes.
  • Once you run out you can use the Cyloop ability to Draw a Figure 8 or the infinity symbol again to reactive the speed boost. 
  • You can also enter God mode, which will allow you to reach maximum speed in the game. Just collect 400 rings by drawing a circle with the Cyloop ability. 
  • You can Pair God Mode with Infinite Boost to become unstoppable and zoom around to your heart’s content.

Cyloop Ability 

Sonic Frontier Cyloop Ability To Get Infinite Boost
Ability Cyloop In Sonic Frontiers- [Image credit: eXputer]
So the first thing you need to know to unlock the Infinite Boost in Sonic Frontiers is the Cyloop ability. Cyloop Ability in sonic is one of the most useful abilities while you travel the open world maps. Sonic the Hedgehog uses a maneuver called a “loop” in which he circles a target to produce an updraft in the previous Sonic games but the Cyloop is even more interesting in Sonic Frontiers. 

The Cyloop is the first ability you unlock and is essential to progressing faster in the game. When you activate the Cyloop it leaves a trail of light behind you which you can use to draw shapes on the ground. The Cyloop has multiple purposes in the game and can be used for a number of different tasks.

You can use the loop to expose any weak spots a heavily guarded enemy might have, and makes it easier to take him down. You can also use the Cyloop for certain puzzles, which you can not complete without it. Furthermore, the Cyloop ability even has the power to spawn rings out of thin air, giving you an infinite supply of rings.

Infinite Boost 

Activating Infinite Boost
Sonic Frontiers Infinite Boost – [Image credit: eXputer]
The Cyloop has a final ability which is the most powerful and most useful, The Infinite Boost. You can use the Cyloop ability and activate the Infinite Boost in Sonic Frontiers easily. All you have to do is Draw the infinite symbol with the Cyloop or figure 8, and you are good to go. 

You can boost around the map as much as you like without the Stamina bar going down at all. Now you might think that it’s infinite, but after using it for several minutes, you might notice you have run out of stamina. However, there is no need to worry since you can reactivate it by simply drawing another infinity symbol. The Infinite Boost in Sonic Frontiers sounds like it can’t get any better, but it can. 

God Mode Infinite Boost

Sonic Frontiers God Mode Infinite Boost
Power Boosting In Sonic Frontiers – [Image credit: eXputer]
The developers of Sonic Frontiers really thought about the players and fulfilled their simple request of maximum speed. Sonic Frontiers has a way to go into God Mode as Sonic and get a Power Boost, Making you zoom around the map with blue electricity being released from your body. 

As previously mentioned, you can use your Cyloop ability to spawn rings that you can collect. However, there is a max number of rings that you can hold at a time. The max number is going to be 400, and once you are holding 400 rings, you enter God Mode. 

The fastest way to collect these rings is to use your Cyloop ability to draw circles on the Ground. Drawing circles that trigger the ability and spawn a circle of rings. You can collect these rings and can draw more circles to gain more rings. An efficient way to do this task is just to keep running in circles in the same spot. 

Running in Circles allows you to spawn and collect rings at the same time and is the fastest way. By spawning and collecting rings, it should only take you about 20 seconds to get the required number of rings. You can then Combine God Mode with Infinite Boost by drawing an Infinite Symbol on the Ground. You enjoy zooming across the map. 

The God Mode or Power Boosting is completely monetary in Sonic Frontiers but is free. Power boosting directly depends on the number of rings you have. Once you reach the max number of rings that you can carry, you achieve God Mode.

Collecting the Max amounts of rings will trigger an animation or cutscene, which indicates you had unlocked Max Speed. Now you can Sprint across the vast terrains in true Sonic Fashion but be careful not to lose any of your rings. If you lose your rings, you lose God mode and return to the normal speed.

However, you can just regain your rings with the Cyloop ability. Just draw mode circles in the ground in a loop until you reach the max number of rings again. 

Final Words

Sonic Frontiers is an open-world game, so you need the Infinite Speed Boost to travel the immense landscape. You will enjoy the game more with this trick, and it will keep you invested in the game. If you want to run around in the Iconic OG Sonic Look, read our How To Get Soap Shoes guide to learn how to get them. While playing the game, you can’t use the infinite boost in the fights so that you will need a few tricks up your sleeve.

Learn all about how you can use the most powerful defensive move in Sonic Frontiers to Defeat your enemies easily in our How To Parry guide. If you are looking for something more aggressive which will help you deal more damage, consider having a look at the Light Speed Dash guide. 

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