Sonic Frontiers Purple Coins: How To Get & Use

Learn more about purple coins in Sonic Frontiers and how to collect and use them.

Players often come across different collectibles, such as purple coins, when playing Sonic Frontier and wonder about the purpose of the coins. Players can find purple coins randomly scattered throughout the Island. Just like other collectible items, purple coins also serve a specific purpose. Here is a Sonic Frontiers Purple Coins complete guide, including how to find them and how to spend them.

Key Highlights
  • Purple coins are purple collectible tokens that can be found randomly throughout the game’s open world.
  • Purple coins are used to open purple portals that lead to fishing spots.
  • Fishing is an important mini-game in Sonic Frontiers that can provide players with rewards such as vault keys, portal gears, and rings.
  • Players can also earn a golden fishing card that can be used to buy any item in the shop.
  • Purple coins are randomly scattered throughout the game world and can be collected by exploring more of the island.
  • Players can also collect purple coins from the star fall event by redeeming fallen star fragments in a slot machine, but this is a game of luck.
  • Players can hold a maximum of 999 purple coins.

What Are Purple Coins?

Purple coins are purple collectible tokens that can be found randomly lying on the island. Players can differentiate them by the icons on their faces resembling the fish hooks. A bright blue light with some cubic effects is seen when players collect these coins.

Used In Fishing 

Many players just ignore these coins because they play no role in leveling up or upgrading Sonic’s abilities. Purple Coins are used to open purple portals that are located in different locations of the open zone. Players can travel to fishing spots by using these Purple Portals.

At fishing spots, there is Big The Cat with a fishing rod. Players need to pay this purple cat coins to borrow its fishing rod that can be used for Fishing. Fishing is an important minigame in Sonic Frontiers that may not seem important at the start, but it can help players save a lot of grind when playing the game. 

Sonic at the fishing port
Fishing with Big The Cat [image credits: eXputer]

This mini-game helps players to earn different rewards that can help players in different stages of the game. These rewards can include vault keys, portal gears, and rings. These rewards help players in powering ups and availing different benefits in the game. Players also have a chance of getting a golden fishing card that can be used to buy almost any item in the shop, irrespective of how much it costs.

There is a fishing spot in all five worlds. The cost of fishing depends upon the world in which players are playing. However, players just need purple coins for fishing. So next time you go fishing make sure you have enough purple coins so that you do not miss out on these benefits.

How To Collect Purple Coins

Purple coins are randomly scattered throughout the world in which players are playing, so you do not need to follow a specific procedure to collect more purple coins. So, the best way to get more coins is to explore more. Players will find 3 to 4 coins together wherever they find some. Also, you can hold a maximum of 999 coins with you, no more than that.

Players can also get purple coins from the star fall event. When redeeming the fallen star fragments in the slot machine, players can hope that the reward is purple coins. But this is a game of luck, so to ensure maximum purple coins, players need to explore more of the island.

Sonic Collecting Purple Coins
Sonic Collecting Purple Coins [image credits: eXputer]


Sonic Frontiers is a game based on Sonic the hedgehog’s adventures. There are many collectible items in the game that help users power up or get different materials that help the players in their future gameplays. Purple coins are also collectible items that may not seem relevant when they are collected, but the players can get great benefits if they know how to use these coins. This guide explains the uses of purple coins and how to use them in sonic frontiers.

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