Sonic Frontiers Secret Ending [Explained]

Learn how to unlock the Secret Ending and The Secret Boss in Sonic Frontiers.

The plot of Sonic Frontiers does a fantastic job of connecting most of its cliffhangers and answering the early riddles that propel it ahead. But gamers who received the standard ending will have noticed it closes on something of a somber note for a particular character. In our Sonic Frontiers Secret Guide, we’ll tell you everything about the Secret ending and the Secret Boss.

Key Highlights
  • To get the secret ending in Sonic Frontiers, players must play in hard mode.
  • The final boss, known as “The End” can only be encountered on hard difficulty.
  • After defeating the boss “Supreme” players enter a top-down shooter mode and must defeat “The End.”
  • To beat Supreme, players should focus on its face and dodge their mines and 360-degree slicing assault.
  • When Supreme’s health is reduced to half, the battle becomes more difficult with mines and monsters moving.
  • The final boss of game is named as THE END, a horrific space creature that engulfs worlds.
  • To complete the game on easy or normal modes, players only need to complete a Quick-time event, while in hard mode an additional challenge must be completed.
  • Players control Supreme in space during the final boss battle.

How To Get The Secret Ending in Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Frontiers How To Get Secret Ending
How To Get The Secret Ending in Sonic Frontiers (Image Credit: eXputer)

Players must play in hard mode to acquire the authentic ending. The real final boss can’t be encountered on Normal difficulty or below. And getting the secret or “true” ending is impossible. Don’t worry if you’re having trouble finishing the game on Hard. All you need to do is change the difficulty just before the second boss battle starts.

Even by the time Super Sonic blasts out into space, as long as you have it set on Hard, you should be okay. Players must first battle the Titan “Supreme” whose variety of ranged assaults and attack patterns reminiscent of bullet hell make for a challenging confrontation.

However, this is all routine for completing the game normally. The real challenge of the secret ending is found after defeating Supreme. After defeating Supreme, Sonic and Sage travel into space to battle the actual manifestation of the ancient evil being who the Ancients once battled and meet the evil moon-like creature known as “The End.”

At this point, the game’s gameplay mode changes to a top-down shooter. This form of gameplay is similar to earlier hacking sequences, but the challenge is way greater, and The End will fire potent laser beams which no bullet can stop.

Sonic and Sage will defeat The End where Sage appears to sacrifice herself while giving the final blow if players manage to get over the brutally challenging battle with The End and afterward succeed in the Quick-Time Events thereafter.

How To Beat Supreme And The End

Supreme and The End How to Beat
How To Beat Supreme And The End (Image Credit: eXputer)

The Eggman will now give Sonic the last Chaos Emerald that he needs to activate his Super Sonic powers. And Sonic will then sprint out to battle this massive, antiquated foe.

Many players may find it to be a terrifying battle, yet there is a reliable strategy for defeating this titan. Here is a strategy for defeating Supreme and the last secret boss beyond.

Beating Supreme

Fighting Supreme
Beating Supreme (Image Credit: eXputer)

By the time the player reaches Supreme, facing titans should be nothing new to them. But the last enemy has a few more surprises in store. Players will want to get into the action as soon as it starts, being careful to dodge the mines. They ought to focus on Supreme’s face and deliver their most potent combinations there.

A light flash will appear immediately as the display shifts, warning you that Supreme is ready to launch a 360-degree slicing assault. Players must be prepared to block this strike before charging in to strike Supreme for further damage. The giant will also strike Sonic multiple times with minor blows in between these powerful ones.

Take caution since each of these assaults delivers a lot of damage and has the potential to send gamers back to the mines. When Supreme’s health is reduced to half, a cinematic that depicts the titan developing large pink energy wings and flying will play.

The battle will now become extremely difficult as the mines and monsters will start to move. To reach near enough to harm Supreme, the player must carve a way across the mines.

Supreme will take out the rifle and try to shoot Sonic once he has no more health. To avoid the shot, get closer, and end the combat, the player must complete a QTE.

“The End” Boss

Sonic will take off into space after the fight with Supreme. The evil being called The End, who has been the cause of all the disturbance up to this point, will be destroyed here by the two of them as they battle together.

For players playing on easy or normal modes, all that is required to complete the game is a Quick-time event. While for those playing in hard mode, an additional challenge must be completed. Since players will now have control over Supreme across space, this fight will be substantially different from other boss fights in this game.

The left thumbstick is used to move Supreme. The White-Light Shot will be controlled by the left bumper, whereas the Red-Dark Shot will be controlled by the right bumper. IToblock opponent strikes, players must match the colors of the shots to the colors of The End.

This will not only shield Sonic from attacks but also fill up the laser attack meter. Players may press the right trigger on their controllers to direct a potent homing laser strike at The End after this is fully charged. But learning this specific maneuver is just the start.

Fighting The End
Beating the End (Image Credit: eXputer)

Throughout their battle with The End, players would want to keep firing. The enigmatic space being will first launch rounds of Light Shot before switching to rounds of Dark Shot. But this won’t persist for long. The End will swiftly transition to combination attacks that combine the two.

The player should start by using one color for this and swiftly transition to the other while attempting to avoid any residues they may have missed. The player’s mobility will be limited when red lasers eventually begin appearing on the battlefield as The End keeps firing Light and Dark Shots at them.

Until the lasers go away and The End continues its usual assault patterns. Players must shift back and forth to fend off these strikes. The End emits a powerful laser blast from its center, which is the most deadly aspect of combating it.

A sound is heard as the beam begins to function, and a luminous core can be seen at its center. To evade this strike, quickly run to either side. These assaults will continue to evolve in increasingly intricate ways. Players must keep dodging the lasers, shoot in sync, and use the homing laser as frequently as they can to win.

The End will shoot one more mega laser when it is just about at 10% health, but Sonic will block it. The last QTE will then begin, the same as it does in all difficulty settings. It terminates the conflict if it is accomplished.

Secret Ending Unlocked

After the end credits have finished, players may see an additional sequence that reveals Doctor Eggman has successfully restored Sage inside the computer systems and has rescued her. This scene can only be seen by completing the True Ending.

The End is a horrific space creature that engulfs worlds. And Sage presumably dies, striking the final blow in the Secret Ending. Sage’s progress during the span of the storyline finally leads to her teaming up with Sonic to battle against it. The fight’s outcome leaves her condition unclear, but the expected conclusion strongly suggests that she died.

Nothing throughout the game alerts you that your choice of difficulty will alter the final boss battle. Instead, The Secret Ending has been found by Sonic Frontiers players who began playing the game shortly after it launched and have rapidly finished the 20-hour campaign.

Fans soon recognized that they were discussing different final boss encounters, which suggested that they had engaged in completely distinct conflicts.

The End is the real last boss, and defeating him requires much more firepower and fast thinking. The End strikes you hard throughout the encounter, making it more difficult than the previous earlier-game bullet hell sequences.

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