Sonic Frontiers Wild Rush: How To Unlock Faster

Wild Rush in Sonic Frontier is one of Sonic's skills that can be unlocked through skill points.

Sonic has a total of 15 skills, and Wild Rush is one of its skills of the Sonic and can need to be unlocked. Sonic can use skills against his enemies in the open world of Sonic Frontiers. Each skill has its own significance and can deal a great impact if used correctly. This guide explains how you can unlock and make the best use of the Wild Rush skill in Sonic Frontiers.

Key Highlights
  • Wild Rush is a skill in the game Sonic Frontiers in which the player’s character, Sonic, charges toward an enemy in a zig-zag pattern and launches an attack at the end.
  • The Wild Rush skill can be unlocked by earning 10 skill points through various activities in the game.
  • One way to earn skill points is by playing the mini-game “Blessing” in specific spots on the map, which rewards players with tokens that can be used to acquire skill points.
  • Green canisters in the game can also be a source of skill points, as well as other resources.
  • To execute the Wild Rush skill in the game, players need to press LB/L1 +RB/R1 + X/Square.
  • There are a total of 15 skills in Sonic Frontiers, 12 of which must be unlocked by the player using skill points.
  • Some of the other skills in the game include Grand Slam, Cyclone Kick, Cross Slash, Cyloop, Phantom Rush, Sonic Boom, Air Trick, Stomp Attack, Auto Combo, Quick Cyloop, Homing Shot, Loop Kick, Spin Slash and Recovery Smash.

What Is Wild Rush Skill

Wild Rush ability
Wild Rush Skill

Wild Rush is a skill in which the Sonic draws back and charges on the enemy by rushing towards the enemy in a Zig Zag manner and launching the attack at the end. The attack is pretty devastating and has the ability to take off a chunk of the opponent’s power.

It can be unlocked by 10 skill points that players can earn through different activities in Sonic Frontiers. Earning Skill points in Sonic Frontiers is simple, and here’s how you can earn them.

How To Get Skill Points 

When taking into account the fact that there is a total of 12 skills that need to be unlocked, and some of them require skill points in numbers like 35 and above, it becomes a hustle actually to collect this much of skill points. But if you know the right way to collect these skill points, you are all good to unlock the skills early in the game.

The best method so far to get maximum skill points is Fishing. Fishing is a mini-game in Sonic Frontiers that players can play in specific spots on the map. Fishing rewards you with tokens, and these tokens can be used to get skill points. Besides fishing, green canisters are a good source of getting resources of every type in Sonic Frontiers, along with skill points.

How To Unlock Wild Rush In Sonic Frontiers

Like all other skills, Wild Rush can be unlocked by getting to the menu and then getting into the skills section. You can then buy the skill simply with 10 skill points. 

Wild Rush Execution

To execute the Wild Rush in Sonic Frontier, you need to press LB/L1 +RB/R1 + X/Square. Executing Wild Rush can sometimes get irritating, and the best way to execute it is by waiting for a moment while Sonic dodges and then pressing the button after the short delay. 

Sonic Frontier Skill Tree

There are a total of 15 skills in Sonic Frontiers, and three of them are unlocked by setting Sonic’s friends free during the Open Zone Gameplay. The rest 12 are to be unlocked by the players, and this requires skill points. Here are all the skills that Sonic has in Sonic Frontiers.

  • Grand Slam
  • Cyclone Kick
  • Cross Slash
  • Cyloop
  • Phantom Rush
  • Sonic Boom
  • Air Trick
  • Wild Rush
  • Stomp Attack
  • Auto Combo
  • Quick Cyloop
  • Homing Shot
  • Loop Kick
  • Spin Slash
  • Recovery Smash

The first three of these are unlocked by setting friends of Sonic free. While all of the others are unlocked through skill points that the players need to earn.

In the vast lands of Sonic Frontiers, players will come across a lot of enemies and a handful of bosses. Players will need to take down the enemies and bosses to progress through the story, and this requires complete knowledge of your character “Sonic the Hedgehog”. 

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