Soul Hackers 2 Beginner’s Guide [11 Best Tips] 

This Soul Hackers 2 Beginner’s Guide guide will showcase an overall beginner guide for players who are just starting out!

Soul Hackers 2 was released on August 24th, 2022, and as a JPRG developed by Atlus, it is a sequel to the original game Devil Summoner and follows through with the storyline. Being available to PC, Xbox, and Playstation players alike, our Soul Hackers 2 Beginner’s Guide will showcase the best tips players should follow!

Key Takeaways
  • Some of the Best Tips that beginners need to be aware of while playing Soul Hackers 2 include:
    • Killing golden enemies can drop items that can be sold for high prices and help players further down in the game.
    • Talking to demons is an important way to recruit them and obtain items that can carry players through the game.
    • The Soul Matrix is an area that can be explored for each character to help players get to know their character better and get used to their play style.
    • Ringo’s Aion Directives in the Soul Matrix are vital for progress and can reward players with certain items, and character EXP, and allow for certain demon fusions.
    • Summoner skill is an important aspect of the game that players should focus on improving to increase their chances of winning battles.

Easy Game Mode 

Soul Hackers 2 Easy Mode
Easy Mode

If you are someone who has just arrived at the scene and are experiencing JRPGS like Soul Hackers 2 for the first time, then you are in for a long ride. If there’s one thing that newer players should know before they want to dip their toes in the JRPG genre, it’s that these kinds of games can be gruesome. 

They are tough and harsh, and the enemies can practically one-shot you if you do not know what you are doing. You are stuck if you’re not familiar with the combat movements, the correct loadouts, or the correct team compositions. 

The good thing is, however, that Soul Hacker’s 2 has an easy mode for beginner players. In general, while with the normal and hard mode, players will face many more difficult enemies, exploration will be tedious, grinding will be tough, and switching the game mode to easy tones everything down a notch. 

It will allow players to slowly get introduced to the gameplay aspect without feeling too under-leveled while also being able to experiment with the correct skills, comps, and mistique that you should put together. 

Golden Enemies 

Soul Hackers 2 Golden Enemies
Golden Enemies

Whenever players are exploring around or simply getting used to the gameplay, players in Soul Hackers 2 will be able to encounter a golden aura from the far end. Once getting close to it, they will instantly start attacking you, trying to break you down. 

Instead of trying to run away from the enemies, the biggest tip we can give you is to kill these enemies. The main reason you want to do this is that once you defeat them, they will drop items that can be sold for insanely high prices in shops. 

These items can also help you further down in the game; however, if you are full-on enemy drops and somehow low on cash, then selling the items will allow you to earn a quick buck, considering how important having gold is since everything is pretty costly in the game.

Talking To Demons 

Soul Hackers 2 Talking To All Demons
Talking To All Demons

One of the most important beginner tips for Soul Hackers 2 that players should not miss out on is talking to demons. Whenever you are running around the dungeons and generally exploring, tons of Demons will be present. 

Apart from the usual dungeons, Soul Hackers 2 players can also head into the Soul Matrix, where they can also encounter the demons. Once you encounter a demon, all you need to do is simply head over to them and trigger the dialogue, upon which they will instantly start to talk to you. 

Upon exhausting their dialogue, there will be a small chance that they can drop or hand over items that will come in handy for players just starting. These items can carry players through the early, mid as well as end-game; therefore, getting your hands on these is extremely crucial. 

Interacting with the demons will also be one of the biggest ways to recruit them. Having these demons in your arsenal is also an important step that a new player needs to make, and recruitment is impossible without actually interacting with them. 

Soul Matrix 

Soul Hackers 2 Soul Matrix
Soul Matrix

The next important tip for new players is to not sleep on Soul Matrix and never to ignore it. Once you start with the game as a completely new beginner, the game will introduce you to something that is known as a “Soul Matrix.” 

Essentially, the Soul matrix is an area that can be explored, and the soul matrix is specially catered for the characters at your party. Each character will typically have a soul matrix that the player can explore, which will help them get to know their character better and get used to the playstyle of the character in their team. 

The main reason that players will be encouraged to explore this soul matrix is simply that it is a lot of fun. As a new player, you are already confused and getting used to the new aspects that the game ash to offer, and the Soul Matrix offers an escape, allowing players to interact with their characters in depth. 

Upon ending the soul matrix for any certain character, you will get a specific cutscene that will further expand on the backstory and lore of your character, making you grow even more attached to them.

Ringo’s Aion Directives 

Soul Hackers 2 Aion Directives
Aion Directives

Apart from the Soul Matrix being insanely interactive, it will also give you items you otherwise can’t farm and is insanely vital for progress; the Soul Matrix will also give huge amounts of money. Apart from that, it will also allow you to recruit demons that would otherwise not become part of your team at all. 

With that, another important part of the Soul matrix will include that of Ringo’s Aion Directives. While you’re present in the Matrix, while you are exploring around, there will be a specific area where you can come across an NPC named “Ringo’s Illusion.” Upon interacting with them, the NPC will give you something known as an “Aion Directive.” 

These Aion DIrectives are mixed in with a summoner skill task and another task, and typically the Directive themselves are pretty simple to do. 

Once players fully complete these directives, they will be rewarded with certain items they can’t access otherwise, as well as character EXP that can help them further progress and level up in the game. Apart from that, the directives will also allow for certain demon fusions.

Summoner’s Skill 

Soul Hackers 2 Summoner's Skill
Summoner’s Skill

Another important tip we would like to cover for our Soul Hackers 2 Beginner’s Guide for players is summoner skills. This is once again tied directly to the Soul Matrix and exploring the dungeons and interacting with the different demons, which further causes the player to believe just how important taking part in the Soul Matrix is. 

Upon completing each floor in the Matrix, the players can unlock one Summoner’s Skill for each character present in your party member. Let’s say you have four members in your party; you will be able to gain access to four starter skills. These skills are something that you cannot look over. 

The summoner skill essentially makes the player all the more powerful. If there’s one thing that players need to be in Soul Hackers 2, it’s to be powerful simply because of how tough the game can start to become once you start to cross the lines and enter into the mid-end game era. 

A few of these summoner skills can be leveled up as you progress through the game. 

Upgrading Comp 

Soul Hackers 2 Comps

The next thing that we would like to discuss will be upgrading your comps. After you interact with the demons, you will have certain items that will be exclusive, and they cannot be used to upgrade your skills and cannot be sold to the shops to get your hands on some quick bucks. 

These items will be used to upgrade your comps, which is essentially what you use if you want to summon a demon. Apart from being used to summon demons, keeping your comps up to date is crucial no matter what, whether you are a new player or a veteran.

Comps that are attack, extra mistique slots, fire affinity, ice unlock, healing affinity, support infinity, gunfire arcana, gunfire boost, duplicate, pick me up, and attack +3 are simply a few examples of the comps that you should be upgrading at all times. 

Keeping your comps up to date is one of the main ways that players in Soul Hackers 2 will become powerful and can take on enemies that are the same level as them or higher in difficulty. These comp upgrades will require materials that need to be farmed and, after obtaining them, can be used to make the player all the stronger.


Soul Hackers 2 Mistiques

With Soul Hackers 2, a new feature was added, which was named “Mistique,” which are essential “skills or abilities” that can be equipped to your characters. These mistakes are a pretty new addition to the game. Therefore, players are still experimenting with them and getting to know more about them. 

The main tip players should know about mistiques is to simply not ignore them and focus on them as much as possible. These mistiques will include examples like Fire augment, fire arcana, fire boost, ice augment, ice arcana, ice boost, elec augment, and several different variations of mistiques of each element. 

You cannot only equip them, but you can mix them around and equip the same mistiques on other characters, and it can provide 10%, 20%, or even as high as 25% boosts that can make your character all the more powerful. 

Each elemental mistique will work best with the character assigned the certain element, and it will further boost the character’s performance while in the middle of a tough battle. 

Some mistiques go as far as to lower the mana of certain skills such as fire spells, ice spells, and much more; therefore, players should prioritize mistiques.

Buffs And Debuffs

Soul Hackers 2 Buffs and Debuffs
Buffs and Debuffs

Another tip that might sound super obvious but can be overlooked by several new players is focusing on buffs and debuffs. Buffs and debuffs can practically make or break the way you fight enemies and whether you will come out victorious from your battles or not. 

Players will typically be able to access skills that can grant them the ability to equip buffs onto themselves. These can include anything from attack buffs, attack speed boosts, health regenerations, and defense increases, as well as buffs that enhance the performance of party members. 

As for the enemies, you should render enemies useless with your buffs and apply debuffs on enemies that will obliterate their defense, making them as vulnerable as possible so that you can take them down easily.

If at any point in the battle you feel like you are about to get one shot or if you feel like the enemy is too strong, a little debuff can go a long way. Decreasing the opponent’s accuracy, defense, and attack are all simple ways to ensure an efficient victory. 

Fusing Demons 

Soul Hackers 2 Fusing Demons
Fusing Demons

The next major tip players can’t ignore is fusing demons in Soul Hackers 2. There is an NPC by the name of Victor who is present at a place known as the “Cirque du Goumaden,” with which players can interact. 

Upon interacting with him, there will be five options that will be displayed in front of you, them being “fusion,” “compendium,” “tips,” “talk,” and “leave.” You want to click on fusion, which will further showcase three more options: normal fusion, search fusion, and special fusion. 

Over here, players will be able to fuse their demons and make even stronger demons if players feel like they are not nearly as powerful as the opponents that they are fighting, even if they are on the same level; the reason for that can be that the demons that you have may be outdated. 

This is where players can experiment with different combinations, try fusing other demons to see what kind of result it shows, look at the demon’s stats, get new demons and ensure that they are powerful enough. 

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Exploit The Enemy’s Weakness 

The next tip might seem insanely basic, but it will be really important, especially for beginner players in Soul Hackers 2. When you are first starting to get used to exploring the dungeons and coming across the enemies, take note of a few things. 

One of the first things that players should note is the attack patterns of enemies and what kind of attacks each opponent has that they will target against you. More often than not, the more you fight enemies, the more you will get familiar with their overall attack patterns. 

Apart from that, players should also note exploiting the enemy’s weakness. There is a system whereby players can gain a stack whenever they trigger a weak point of enemies. These stacks can be increased by unlocking certain summoner skills, as well as being able to take down the enemy a lot faster. We will wrap up our Soul Hackers 2 Beginner’s Guide guide! 

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