Soul Hackers 2: BEST Commander Skills For Ringo

Here is a complete guide about the Commander Skills in Soul Hackers 2. Which will give you a huge advantage over your opponents in the game!

As Ringo, you are tasked to save the world by Aion from a cataclysmic event in Soul Hackers 2. Having some of the Best Skills for Ringo will allow her to perform better during your playthrough. Upgrading your characters and weapons will be one of the most effective methods to get better at the game. Hence, we have compiled the Soul Hackers 2 Best Commander Skills for you. 

Key Highlights
  • In Soul Hackers 2, players take on the role of Ringo, a character tasked with saving the world by Aion from a cataclysmic event. 
  • Upgrading characters and weapons is crucial to success in the game, and one way to do this is by unlocking and utilising the best Commander Skills for Ringo, the game’s protagonist. 
  • Commander Skills in Soul Hackers 2 are unique to Ringo and have an impact on the entire squad by giving them special skills that wouldn’t be available without them.
  • Commander Skills can be activated even if it isn’t Ringo’s turn and utilising the ability will not interfere with an ally’s turn.
  • Commander Skills come in two varieties: Active-based and Passive-based, the Active ones are more powerful than the passive ones.
  • Commander Skills have limitations on them, some can be used once in a battle while some go through a cool down after being used to balance the game.
  • The four Commander Skills in Soul Hackers 2 are Reboot, Damage Condenser, Conversion, and Master Conversion.
  • The game also features Summoner Skills for other characters and food mechanics that offer various buffs and debuffs.
  • Commander skills are not available right after you start the game. Players need to progress to a certain extent to access these unique skills.

Who Is Ringo In Soul Hackers 2?

Soul Hacker 2 Ringo
Ringo: Overview

Ringo is the protagonist in Soul Hackers 2, and she is the one the player takes control of during their playthrough. She is a humanoid created by a digital hivemind ‘Aion’, who gained consciousness by frequently adapting to the system. Ringo and her partner Figue are sent into the world to prevent an extinction disaster. 

Ringo uses a COMP called Antikythera, by which she can deal melee damage, hack souls, and summon demons. Through her Soul Hacking skills, she manages to recruit a team of Devil Summoners; Arrow, Milady, and Saizo, that accompany her through the journey.

Apart from the Summoner Skills, Ringo also has access to Commander Skills, which are only exclusive to her since she’s the leader of her team. Unlocking these skills will benefit the whole team, not just Ringo.

Now that we know the basic stuff about Ringo. Let’s now review all the Commander Skills available in Soul Hackers 2 that you can utilize during battles.

All Commander Skills In Soul Hackers 2

soul hackers 2 all commander skills
Commander Skills

We already mentioned that Commander Skills in Soul Hackers 2 are unique to Ringo. That means that you cant access these skills with any of the other characters in your team. With them, you’ll only be able to unlock Summoner Skills. For now, our focus remains on the Commander Skills for Ringo. 

Commander Skills typically have an impact on the entire squad by giving them special skills that wouldn’t be available without them.

Commander skills can be activated even if it isn’t Ringo’s turn and utilizing the ability will not interfere with an ally’s turn. These skills take turns to be activated but don’t use MP. Additionally, commander skills cannot be used simultaneously during a battle.

Commander skills come in two varieties: Active-based, which may only be chosen manually, and Passive-based, which begins to function automatically at the start of the player’s turn. The Active Commander Skills are by far more powerful than the passive ones. They allow game-changing abilities to the whole team. 

Commander Skills have limitations on them, some can be used once in a battle while some go through a cool down after being used. The limitations were implemented because without these blockades the skills would’ve been too overpowered in Soul Hackers 2. 

Despite having limitations, they are worth getting and can totally change the course of your battle. But of course, you’ll need to keep this in mind when you enter a battle; make sure you use the Skills at the perfect moment.

Here are the 4 Commander Skills in Soul Hackers 2. We have also mentioned their limitations alongside their effect in the battle. 

  • Reboot (1 Use Per Battle): If two or more teammates are knocked out during an ally’s turn, they will be revived with full health.
  • Damage Condenser (4 Turns Cooldown): Enhances the power of Sabbath and focuses it on a single target.
  • Conversion (Costs 1 Turn): The Conversion Skill allows one of the allies to switch their equipped Demon.
  • Master Conversion (4 Turns Cooldown): This Skill allows every teammate to switch their Demons during battle.

These were the four Commander Skills for Ringo in Soul Hackers 2. Some can be used frequently, while some go through a cooldown once used. Whereas, the Reboot skill can only be activated once during the battle under dire situations. 

While Master Conversion and Damage Condenser can only be used once after every four turns, therefore, think wisely before you choose to activate them. Now that we’ve covered the Commander Skills in Soul Hackers 2 let’s now narrow down the best ones for you.

Best Commander Skills For Ringo

ringo commander skills
The Best Commander Skills

By now you’re well aware of the Commander Skills in Soul Hackers 2. However, you still might be a bit confused about their effectiveness during battles, especially if you’re just starting the game. Worry not, and we have handpicked the Two Best Commander Skills in Soul Hackers 2 for you. So that you can keep a close eye on these abilities during battles. 

Although, all four skills are useful in their own means but two of them stand out the most. Our first pick for the best commander skill is the Reboot ability. As you progress through the game time and time you will face tough enemies. During these battles, some of your teammates will occasionally get knocked out. Luckily, the reboot ability will help you out immensely to revive them once in a battle.

Apart from Reboot, the Master Conversion Skill is another great Commander ability to use. When you begin getting into battles you will make wrong choices when it comes to picking the Demons. After picking the demons, you will be stuck with them throughout the battle which ultimately puts you at a disadvantage. 

In case you end up picking up the wrong Demons for a battle, you can use the Master Conversion skill to switch out the demons of each party member. There’s also a junior version of this skill called the “Conversion“, which applies to a single player. 

These two are the Soul Hackers 2 Best Commander Skills in our eyes. If you use them wisely you will possibly turn the whole tide of a battle in your favor. And in no time, Ringo and her allies will be saving the world!

How To Unlock Commander Skills

soul hackers 2 unlock commander skills
Comp Smith: Tatara

Commander Skills won’t be available to you right off the bat in Soul Hackers 2. You will first need to progress the game to a certain extent before you get access to Ringo’s unique skills. After that, you’ll need to get in touch with a COMP Smith. 

You can find a COMP Smith in Amami City within the Mansei Realm. Tatara will be running the shop and will look after your COMP upgrades. She can supply some amazing buffs and COMP upgrades for Ringo and her allies but most importantly she can also give you access to the Commander Skills. 

However, you will need to gather a few things to unlock these skills. Among these things is an item called “Totem Memory“, which is a required object for every Commander Skill. Other than that, you may also need a few more items along with money to get these skills. 

‘Totem Memory’ can be found in dungeons; the best way to get a hold of them is by making your Demons recon the area. If you do that, you will have a slight chance that they may give you a Totem Memory item after scouting the Dungeon. So if you’re planning to unlock Commander Skills in Soul Hackers 2, you should begin grinding and collecting the relevant items/money.

With that, we reach the end of our detailed guide about Soul Hackers 2 Best Commander Skills. Remember these are exclusive to Ringo and will only unlock once you’ve played through the story for a while. Despite that, you should definitely pursue them since they can grant some amazing abilities in the battles. 

We hope you enjoyed reading through our guide on Ringo’s Commander Skills. Keep visiting eXputer to learn a lot more about Soul Hackers 2!

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