13 BEST Soul Hackers 2 Combat Tips

Our guide covers the combat tips that will help you perform better in the Soul Hackers 2 battle.

Soul Hackers 2 features the world in an apocalypse, and it is up to Ringo and an agent of Aion to save it. You will get a chance to explore the supernatural RPG by avoiding a butterfly effect that will lead to the end of the world. Soul Hackers 2 Combat Tips discussed in this guide will help you perform better during the fights. While you are at it, consider reading our guide on Soul Hackers 2 Beginner’s Tips.

Soul Hackers 2 Combat Tips

When it comes to the combat of Soul Hackers 2, players familiar with other RPG games will be aware of various affinities and weaknesses. However, for people who are new to the series, it will be a different experience. We have covered the basic combat tips to top-level tips in this guide.

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Soul Hackers 2 Combat Tips

Elemental Affinities And Icons

Soul Hackers 2 battles have an important part for affinities. The set of affinities and weaknesses vary among the party members and enemies. You need to find specific elemental attacks depending on the enemy’s affinities. The following table shows a few elemental attacks.

DrainsEnemy recovers the HP
RepelledYour own attack comes back at you
ResistedThe enemy takes less damage
BlockedIt has no effect
Neutral EffectDeals the normal amount of damage
WeaknessThe enemy will take greater damage

Balancing The Party

In order to combat all different types of elemental affinities in Soul Hackers 2, it is important to have a diverse range of strengths among your team members. It will be an ineffective way to strengthen your team with the same skill, as they will not be able to cope with different attacks of the enemy. 

Have Every Strength

Having every strength on your team will give you a reasonably higher chance of winning the battle. In this case, you will be able to hit the enemy’s weakness with the respective strength on your team. Make sure to equip the team members with accessories needed for the battle so you go in it in full swing.

Have A Demon Equipped Member

Having a demon-equipped party member acts as the cherry on top, but try to have consumables for this character’s support. You will also be able to replace the healing skills of the character if they fall in the battle somehow. 

Get To Know Your Party Members

It is an extremely important tip to know your part members and get an insight into their personal lives. Knowing your party members will also help you in balancing your party. It is possible by grabbing a drink with one of your party members. It will also help to boost the soul level, which you will need to progress through the Soul Matrixes. 

Sabbath, A Special Move

soul hackers 2 combat tips
Sabbath, A Special Move

If you successfully strike an enemy’s weakness, you will add a demon to the stack. Before your turn ends, the demon will perform a move called Sabbath. The Sabbath move attacks all the enemies, but you need to make sure that you hit the enemy’s weakness.

Manage Demons

It is extremely important to manage the number of stacked demons, as more demons will be capable of striking the greater damage. However, if you have fewer demons left, every enemy will cause more damage than usual.

Unlocking Skills

You can also unlock skills that will affect Sabbaths. These skills are mentioned below.

  • You will be able to add more than one stack per successful weak attack.
  • Demons can unlock Tandem skills. You need to have a button to activate it, and there will be limited time to click that button.

Using Guard At The Right Time

During the battles, there is an option to guard each party member’s turn. If your character is performing the guard duties, it will take only half damage if attacked. Moreover, it is highly unlikely that they will inflict status ailments.

Your enemy always has the option to power up their skills or attacks. However, you can prevent the attack by using your whole part as a guard to this attack. A smart move here is to prefer members with lower HP to be chosen as guards. These members can serve as guards until you are able to heal them.

Feed Your Party Members

Feed Members in Soul Hacker 2
Feed Your Party Members

During the combat, you and your party members will get to relax in the safe house, which also has a kitchen. You need to feed all your party members because this will help them increase various battle skills. Getting fed the meal that satisfies them will also help the party members fight with higher-level enemies.

Another thing to take care of is your party members’ likes and dislikes. Everyone prefers different kinds of food and gets satisfied with a different variety of meals. You can purchase food throughout the world as well as receive recipes from party members.

The key is to test new dishes to find the perfect meal that satisfies all party members. You may also find BEST Soul Hackers 2 Foods an interesting guide.

Equipping The Best Demons And Gear

You can ensure the best performance of your party members by giving them the best weapons and the best possible demons. Getting equipped with demons and gear will enable your members to wipe away the enemy faster than usual.

Exploring dungeons to find demons is a great endeavor as they will give you a roster of demons to fight with. During the combat, Ringo will also send out her demons to explore, pick up items, and recruit other demons to join the cause. 

Upgrade Demons

The higher your level is in the game, the higher level of demons you will be able to fuse. It is recommended to keep upgrading your demons after a little time, as the higher-level demons will have the powerful skills to be able to fight enemies.

Fuse New Demons

Completing requests successfully or defeating the enemies by attacking their weaknesses during the battle will unlock various skills. Moreover, it will unlock the ability to fuse new demons that are stronger than ever.

These stronger demons will help you fight every kind of enemy. If you ever face a tough enemy in the battle or do not feel like fighting the enemy, talk to a friendly demon because it will make the enemies disappear. This will also give you a chance to take your breath and prepare yourself for the fight ahead.

Make The Battle Easier

soul hackers 2 battle
Make The Battle Easier

There are a few things that you can follow to make your battle a lot easier. All these options are mentioned below.

Use The Assist Option

Suppose you are lost and do not know what to do during a battle; there is an assist option. The assist option will pick the best attacks for you. The option will know what your enemy’s weakness is, so it picks the attack based on the enemy’s weaknesses.

Use Auto-Attack

You can easily mop the floor with your enemy, especially if they are weak. Every member of your team has standard physical and gunfire attacks. Choosing to use Auto-Attack will automatically trigger these attacks in the party members, depending on the enemy’s weakness.

Access To Continues

You also get an option to choose your difficulty level in the game. Depending on this difficulty level, you will get access to Continues which are unlimited on easy, via items on normal, and none on hard. These continues will allow you to continue the battle even if the party falls during the battle. 

Exploit Opponent’s Weakness

Taking advantage of your enemy’s weakness is one of the best Soul Hackers 2 Combat Tips. If you know your enemy’s weakness, you will be able to exploit it with the respective attacks of your team members. It will also help you not to get stuck in the battle. You need to do your homework on the enemy’s weakness properly.

Suppose you are in a battle and your enemy is able to deal the damage and resist every attack you throw at them will lead to you losing the battle. It is never too late to learn about the opponents’ weaknesses and use them for your benefit. Besides that, consider reading Soul Hackers 2 R.S Boss.

Do The Soul Searching

soul searching
Do The Soul Searching

It is not important to explore every dungeon in Soul Hackers 2, but exploring Soul Matrices is worth it. The reason for Soul Matrices to be an important dungeon is its ability to represent the party members’ minds. The soul level of your party member will determine the progress through a soul Matric. 

All Soul Matrices have five floors, and Ringo will learn more about her party members. It will help Ringo to equip the party members with passive upgrades. However, exploring the same dungeon over and over again will become boring at one point, but you can make it interesting by unraveling the stories of Arrow, Milady, and Saizo.

Visit Tatara

COMP is a devil tool that helps Ringo and the team defeat demons and do combat. Upgrading COMP is an extremely important step to play a successful battle. To upgrade COMPf, you can simply visit Tatara from the world map.

There are various upgrades that you can get for a COMP, but the most useful upgrade that Tatara offers is commander skills. These are special actions that help you refresh after a number of turns. Following are the two essential Commander skills.

  • Stack Optimization adds a stack to every action during a turn. It is an overpowered tool that can make the hardest encounters in the game last a few turns.
  • Conversion allows you to swap out a party member’s demon to switch combat.

No Need To Rush

You should not come with a mindset of 100+ game hours in Soul Hackers 2, as the game has a short runtime. If you decide to rush through the battles and game, you will reach the end before you know it. You should explore the game thoroughly and experience every battle to its fullest.

Not rushing through the game will keep you from wrapping up the game too quickly and burning out. A simple tip here is not to spend a lot of time on the main quests, as they can get tiring and boring. 


You need to know the Soul Hackers 2 combat tips to perform better in battles. We have covered all the tips in this guide that will help you perform in a better way. You need to use these skills and attacks efficiently to win the battles. The tips mentioned above will be enough for you to defeat your enemy while trying to survive in this apocalypse.

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