Soul Hackers 2 Fusion: How To Fuse & Level Demons

This Soul Hackers 2 Fusion Guide guide will uncover a complete overview guide on fusion for players!

Soul Hackers 2 offers players the ability to enjoy an immersive JRPG experience. Players can interact with demons, participate in soul matrix and other dungeons, experiment with comps, mistiques, and much more. Our Soul Hackers 2 Fusion Guide will uncover an overview of how the fusion process works.

Key Highlights
  • Fusion in Soul Hackers 2 allows players to combine 2 or more demons to create a new demon with different traits, skills and stats.
  • Players can use the fusion process to create new demons of different levels and races with increased stats.
  • Fusion can be done in the Roppo Realm’s Cirque Du Goumaden area.
  • Normal Fusions creates basic typical demons, Special Fusions creates special demons with inherited skills and Search Fusions allows players to select specific builds and skills for the resulting demon.
  • Recommended Fusions provide in-game suggestions for fusions based on player’s preferences.
  • Players can fuse demons at all levels, starting from level one and up to level 90+.
  • Players can fuse and enhance demons to increase their stats and performance, and upon reaching max ascension, demons can grant the player gifts such as mistiques to further enhance the player’s performance.

What Is Fusion In Soul Hackers 2? 

Soul Hackers 2 What Is Fusion
What Is Fusion

In essence, fusion will be the cumulative process during which players in Soul Hackers 2 can combine a total of 2 demons, or players can combine even more demons to get their hands on a new demon altogether. 

Players can combine higher and lower-level demons to gain a new demon that can be a different level altogether, and the demon that is produced will be able t have certain traits, skills, and stats that can make them stronger or weaker altogether. 

Players can use the “races” of their pre-existing demons to create new demons that can be of a resultant race and will feature increased stats and better overall performance than the demons they started with.

How To Fuse Demons In Soul Hackers 2

Moving on, let’s discuss a bit about how to carry out the process of demon fusion and growth. Once players finish off with the first dungeon featured in their story’s soul matrix, they will be able to get their hands on the Roppo Realm. 

From here on out, players can head over to the Cirque Du Goumaden, an area in the Roppo Realm, and here players will be granted the ability to combine different demons through the process, which is known as “Demon Fusions.” 

Normal Fusions 

Soul Hackers 2 Normal Fusions
Normal Fusions

The first option of fusion that will be presented to players will be known as Normal Fusions in Soul Hackers 2 Fusion Guide. Here, players can essentially take any two pre-existing demons that they already have and fuse them through normal fusion. 

The normal fusions will result in basic typical demons that are not specific to their stats or levels and will be pretty okay in performance; however, they aren’t; anything special.

Special Fusions 

Soul Hackers 2 Special Fusions
Special Fusions

Another option for players who don’t want to get basic demons will be to use Special Fusions. Here, players can take their already existing demons, whether higher or lower and gamble on a potential option to receive a special demon. 

Here, players will also be able to “inherit” certain skills, which will be a combination of the skills they already hone. Players get to choose the skills they inherit, and after you have done so, a “fusion animation” will take place, whereby players will get their special demons and use them as they please.

Search Fusion 

Soul Hackers 2 Search Fusion
Search Fusion

The next option that is presented to players will be known as “Search Fusion.” This process might be the most suitable for players who want extremely specific builds and intend to only go by their standard for demons. 

Players can select the stats, skills, and overall appearance of the demons that they want to select and adapt to their demons. Once you have done so, you will be asked whether or not you want to “commence fusion,” and you can select the option of yes or no. If you select yes, then the fusion takes place; if not, then well.

Recommended Fusions 

Soul Hackers 2 Recommended Fusions
Recommended Fusions

Moving on, players can also get recommendations for certain fusions, which will essentially include in-game generators that can allow newer players to figure out what demons they should focus on and what demons they should ignore. 

However, the recommended fusions can only work for the demons you already have in your arsenal, which is why it’s recommended to mess around and experiment with different demon fusions as much as possible so that the game can recommend options for you further. 

Preferred Playstyle 

Soul Hackers 2 Preferred Playstyle
Preferred Playstyle

No matter what, each player will have a playstyle that will be particular to them, and the demons will also represent it pretty well. It will also decide whether you want intricate demons with immense amounts of skills, high stats, or a classy appearance. 

Or you want a demon that you can just play the game by, and you don’t intend to look too much into how your demon performs, and you are simply in it for fun.

Leveling and Enhancing Demons

Once you’ve got the demon you desire, you can start focusing on enhancing the demon’s stats. Players will be required to use several materials they’ll need to farm, and after the materials have been acquired, the leveling up can begin. 

Demons can learn new skills that the player provides for them, and upon learning the new skills, they can increase their stats, which in turn increases the overall performance of the demons. 

Upon reaching complete progression and learning all the skills required for max ascension, the demons will grant the player a gift that can be kept in your inventory as a token of appreciation. It is a demon’s way of “tanking the player” for creating them and “giving them life,” and then further enhancing and putting effort into building them. 

The gifts that demons can hand out include that of mistiques, which, as we mentioned before, can be several examples. Some examples of mistiques can be fire enhancements and elemental increases in stats, which will, in turn, make the player all the more powerful. 

Mistiques might be the best gift option since it enables the player to take on enemies such as golden, red, or blue, whether they are being fought for practice or in soul matrix to get enhancement materials. The mistiques can be equipped for your comp and further enhance your overall performance.

All Level Demon Fusions 

Soul Hackers 2 All Level Demon Fusions
All Level Demon Fusions

Moving on, players in Soul Hackers 2 can experience demon fusions and start from as under-leveled as level one and even fuse demons that are level 90+.

Level 10 And Below 

For players that want to fuse demons below level 10 in Soul Hackers 2, below listed will be the fusions available. 

  • Fuse Melon Frost and Koropokkur to get a Jirae Tsuchigumo at level 4. 
  • Fuse Pixie and Tsuchigumo to get a Beast Hare of Inabi at level 5. 
  • Fuse Poltergeise and Dormarth to get a Night Mokoi at level 7. 
  • Fue Poltergeist and Onmoraki to get Wilder Bicorn at level 9. 
  • Fuse Dormarth and Hare of Inaba to get an Elemental Melon Frost at level 9. You can also fuse Mad Gasser and Poltergeist to get the same result at level 9. 
  • Fuse Dormarth and Mokoi to get Jirae Koropokkur at level 10 and fuse Onmoraki and Cironnup to get the same result at level 10. The third option will be to fuse Hare of Inaba and Mokoi to get the same option at level 10.
  • To get Femme Mermaid at level 10, you can fuse 8 demons, either Pixie and Poltergeist, Tsuchigumo and Mokoi, Mokoi and Bicorn or Koropokkur and Mokoi. 

Level 20 And Below 

To get demons at level 20 and below, you can fuse the following demons: 

  • To get Drake Zhu Tun She at level 11, fuse either Dormarth and Tsuchigumo or Hare of Inaba and Tsuchigumo. 
  • To get Rumor Mad Gasser at level 12, fuse Pixie and Dormarth or Mokoi and Gremlin. 
  • To get Divine Angel at level 13, you can fuse Onmoraki and Hare of Inaba. 
  • To get a Fairy Jack Frost at level 13, you have four options: Tsuchigumo and Cironnup, Koropokkur and Gremlin, Jack Frost and Koropokkur, or Koropokkur and Zhu Tun She. 
  • To get Fallen Halphas at level 14, fuse Pixie and Gremlin, Angel and Mokoi, or Quetzalcoatl and Lemon Frost. 
  • Fuse Jack Frost and Zhu Tun She to get a Dragon Qing Long at level 14. 
  • To get a Kishin Take Minakata at level 14, fusing Koropokkur and Hare of Inaba and Onmoraki can be a good option. 
  • Fuse the following three options, Tsuchigumo and Bicorn, Cironnup and Mokoi, Koropokkur and Bicorn, to get Avatar Makami at level 15. 
  • To get a Raptor Zhen at level 16, you can fuse a Poltergeist and Bicorn, Dormarth and Gremlin, Hare of Inaba and Gremlin, Bicorn and Mad Gasser and Koropokkur and Mermaid. 
  • To get Night Sandman at level 16, fuse Dormarth and Mad Gasser, Hare of Inaba and Mad Gasser, Cironnup and Gremlin, Gremlin and Bicorn, Angel and Koppa Tengu. 
  • To get an Avian Feng Huang at level 17, you can use 6 options, Poltergeist and Tsuchigumo, Onmoraki and Mokoi, Tsuchigumo and Mad Gasser, Cironnup and Bicorn, Koropokkur and Mad Gasser and Bicorn and Zhu Tun She. 
  • Jaki Loa Level 18 will require a Mad Gasser and Zhu Tun She, Makami and Jack Frost, and Take Minakata and Bugs. 
  • To get a level 19 Vile Mishaguji, fuse Pixie and Onmoraki, Mokoi and Zhu Tun She, and Makami and Zhu Tun She. 
  • To get a Snake Nozuchi at level 19, players in Soul Hackers 2 can fuse Poltergeist and Cironnup, Dormarth and Bicorn, Hare of Inaba and Bicorn, Cironnup and Mad Gasser, Angel and Mad Gasser and Feng Huang and Bugs. 
  • To get a Fairy Jack O Lantern at level 20, fuse Jack Frost and Melon Frost, Feng Huang and Mishaguji and Koppa Tengu and Nozuchi. 

Level 30 And Under 

To get demons that will be below level 30 and of level 30, try out the following fusions: 

  • A Genmna Kurama Tengu at level 21 can be created with 6 options, pixie and Mokoi, Poltergeist and Mokoi, Dormarth and Cironnup, Hare of Inaba and Cironnup, Mokoi and Mad Gasser and Jack Frost and Mokoi. 
  • To get a Beast Inugami at level 21, try fusing Onmoraki and Gremlin, Jack Frost and Koropokkur, Makami and Mad Gasser, Feng Huang and Makami, or Xuanwu and Mad Gasser. 
  • To get an elemental lemon frost at level 21, try fusing Koropokkur and Tsuchigumo or Feng Huang and Yatagarasu. 
  • To get a Holy Shiisaa at level 22, try Mermaid and Mad Gasser, Makami and Mermaid, Makami and Mokoi, or Feng Huang and Take Minakata. 
  • To achieve a Femme Leanan Sidhe at level 22, try a Melon Frost and Mermaid, Jack Frost and Mad Gasser, or Makami and Koppa Tengu. 
  • You can achieve a Kishin Sukuna Hikona at level 22 by combining Mermaid and Zhu Tun She, Zhen and Nozuchi, or Futsunushi and Lemon Frost. 
  • To get a Fallen Andras at Level 23, fusing Angel and Loa, Jack Frost and Koppa Tengu, Mishaguji and Jack o Lantern, and Archangel and Sandman are recommended. 
  • Players can get a Rumor Turbo Granny at level 24 by fusing a Melon Frost and Mad Gasser, Take Minakata and Makami, Take Minakata and Mishaguji and Shiisa and Jack o Lantern.
  • Divine Archangel can be achieved at level 24 by fusing Zhen and Bugs, Zhen and Feng Guang, Melchizedek, and Jack o Lantern. 
  • Jirae Kodama at level 25 can be achieved by fusing Shiisa and Kurama Tengu, Shiisa and Zhen and Andras, and Leanan Sidhe. 
  • Night Lilim at level 26 can be fused by Makami and Inugami and Xuanwu and Inugami. 
  • Lady Hariti at level 27 can be achieved by using 6 options: Zhen and Mishaguji, Zhen and Take Minakata, Feng Huang and Nozuchi, Andras and Jack o Lantern, Muu Shuwuu and Andras, Strawberry Frost and Cybele. 
  • Avian Yatagarasu at level 27 will be achieved using Feng Huang and B Hawaii Frost, Bugs and Shiisaa, and Lilim and Zhen. 
  • The Drake Basilisk at level 28 can be created by using Melchizedek and Sandman, Melchizedek and Lilim, Melchizedek and Inugami and Mothman and Leanan Sidhe. 
  • Raptor Muu Shuwuu at level 28 can be created using Zhen and Melon Frost, Kodama and Leanan Sidhe, Drake Basilisk and Inugami, Asparas and Andras, and Mothman and Mad Gasser. 
  • Six options can create fairy Setanta at level 30: Jack o Lantern and Melon Frost, Lilim and Leanan Sidhe, Melon Frost and Jack o Lantern, Kodama and Shiisaa, Drake Basilisk and Kodama, and Chimera and Kodama. 
  • Femme Lamia at level 30 will be achieved using Lilim and Bugs, Melon Frost and Leanan Sidhe, Kodama and Lilim, Futsunushi and Mad Gasser and Hell Biker, and Jack o Lantern. 

Level 40 And Below 

To get demons below level 40, our Soul Hackers 2 Fusion Guide recommends the following: 

  • For a level 31 Yoma Apsaras, fuse Hawaii Frost and Koppa Tengu, Zhen and Kurama Tengu, Lilim and Kurama Tengu, Muu Shuwuu and Kurama Tengu and Muu Shuwuu and Kodama. 
  • For a Divine Principality at level 32, you can combine Kodama and Andras, Muu Shuwuu, Quetzalcoatl and Jack o Lantern, Mothman and Muu Shuwuu.
  • If players in Soul Hackers 2 want a Holy Chimera at level 32, then combining Xuanwu and Leanan and Sidhe, Xuanwu and Muu Shuwuu, Hell Biker, and Leanan Sidhe will be recommended. 
  • Combine B Hawaii Frost and Bugs, Muu Shuwuu and Mad Gasser, Asparas and Muu Shuwuu, Futsunushi and Kodama, Hell Biker and Muu Shuwuu. 
  • To get a Megami Kinmamon at level 34, combine Angel and Mermaid, Angel and Jack Frost, Archangel and Leanan Sidhe, Archangel and Jack o Lantern, and Muu Shuwuu and Archangel. 
  • You can get a Dragon Quetzalcoatl at level 34 by combining Feng Huang and Inugami, Bugs and Kurama Tengu, Drake Basilisk and Kurama Tengu, Drake Basilisk and Jack o Lantern, Chimera and Leanan Sidhe, Chimera and Lamia. 
  • A Kishin Futsunushi at level 35 will be created using Archangel and Andras, Basilisk and Leanan Sidhe, Xuanwu and Andras, Quetzalcoatl and Futsunushi, and Vasuki with Leanan Sidhe. 
  • Players can get their hands on a Night Incubus at level 35 by combining Lilim and Hawaii Frost, Kodama and Malchizedekw, Asparas and Archangel, Futsunushi and Inugami, Mothman and Ippon Datara, Mothman and Quetzalcoatl. 
  • A Fallen Orobas at level 36 can be achieved using Archangel and Lilim, Kodama and Kurama Tengu, Asparas and Melchizedek, Asparas and Jack o Lantern, Quetzalcoatl and Asparas. 
  • Beast Nekomata can be created using a Shiisa and Andras, Archangel and Kurama Tengu, Kurama Tengu and Andras, Kurama Tengu and Shiisa and Kodama and Jack o Lantern. 
  • Players can get a Rumor Hell Biker at level 37 using a Chimera and Jacko Lantern, Quetzalcoatl and Leamam Sodhe, Incubus and Ippon Datara, and Dionysus and Ippon Datara. 
  • To make a Genma Nezha Taizi at level 38, players have the option to use fusions like B Hawaii Frost and Kurama Tengu, Bugs and Andras, Shiisa and Inugami, Lilim and Jack o Lantern, Melon Frost and Kurama Tengu, Asparas and Mad Gasser, Chimera and Inugami. 
  • A Vile Baphomet at level 38 can be achieved using Lilim and Andras, Andras and Sandman, Drake Basilisk and Lilim, Muu Shuwuu and Jack o Lantern, Xuanwu and Basilisk, Quetzalcoatl and Muu Shuwuu. 
  • A Snake Vouivre at level 39 can be achieved using B Hawaii Frost and Snake Nozuchi, Bugs and Inugami, Muu Shuwuu and Leanan Sidhe, Asparas and Leanan Sidhe, Futsunushi and Basilisk, Chimera and Mad Gasser, Hell Biker and Chimera. 

Level 60 And Below 

Let’s cover all demons that players can get below level 90. 

  • Drake Fafnir at level 51 by combing Succubus and Arahabaki, Orthrus and Dakini, Silky and Zhuque, Cybele and Nekomata, Cybele and Orthrus, Sudama and Orthrus, Valkyrie and Surt. 
  • Gemma Cu Chulainn at level 52 can be achieved by Succubus and Hell iker, Orthrus and Unicorn, Unicorn and Nekomata, Silky and Succibus, Surt and Sudama, Valkyrie and Hell Biker. 
  • A Divine Dominion can be created using Unicorn and Zhuque, Cybele and Succubus, Baihu and Zhuque, Baihu and Vasuki, Nue and Dominon. 
  • A Vile Pazuzu can be achieved using Vasuki and Vouivre, Zhuque and Orobas, Succubus and orobas, Succubus and Vasuki, Cybele and Vasuki. 
  • Fallen Decarabia at level 54 can be created using Power and Succubus, Rakshasa and Power, Rakshasa and Silky, Surt and Cybele, Pazuzu, and Jack o Lantern. 
  • Fairy Titania at level 54 can be created with the help of Zhuque and Baphomet, Cybele and Rakshasa, Sudama and Rakshasa, Pazuzu and Zhuque, Oyamatsumi and Succubus. 
  • Snake Yamata No Orochi at level 55 can be created using the options like Power and Hell Biker, Orthrus and Orobas, Orthrus and Arahabaki, Unicorn and Hell Biker, Sudama and Zhuque, Baihu and Hell Biker, Gurulu and Dakini, Decarabia and Nekomata. 
  • A Megami Ishtar at level 56 can be achieved by Cybele and Zhuque, Cybele and Power, Surt and Zhuque, Oyamatsumi and Cybele. 
  • An Avatar Anubis can be achieved using Scathach and Hell Biker, Scathach and Vasuki, Zhuque and Scathach, Kinmamon and Hell Biker, Kinmamon and Zhuque, Succubus and Chimera, Rakshasa and Arahabaki, Sudama and Arahabaki. 
  • The Deity Baal can be achieved at level 59 using Scathach and Dionysus, Zhuque and Quatzalcoatl, Decarabia and Vasuki, Pazuzu and Dakini, Dominion and Vasuki. 
  • Night Kudlak at level 59 can be created using Valkyrie and Power, Oyamatsumi and Orthrus, Doppelganger and Kudlak, Decarabia, and Doppelganger. 
  • Jaki Girimekhala at level 60 can be created using Valkyrie and Cybele, Pazuzu and Orthrus, Nue and Oyamatsumi, Yamata No Orochi and Doppelganer, Sandalphon, and Dakini. 
  • The Raptor Anzu can be made using Nue and Doppelganger, Thunderbird and Dakini, Dominion and Oyamatsumi. 

Level 90 And Below 

Last but not least, for demons below level 90, players can try out the fusions here: 

  • For a Fury Asura at level 61, a Rakshasa, Hariti, and Dakini can be used. 
  • To make a Femme Rangda at level 62 can be achieved using Sudama and Succubus, Valkyrie and Arahabaki, Oyamatsumi and Hell Biker, Strawberry Frost and Dakini, Pazuzu and Succubus. 
  • A Yoma Ganesha at level 62 can be achieved using Strawberry Frost and Valkyrie, Pazuzu and Baihu, Yamata No Orochi, and Titania. 
  • A Tyrant Mara at level 62 can be made using Ananta, Girimekhala and Mishaguji. 
  • Wilder Fenrir can be made using Satan and Dakini, and Gurulu and Doppelganger. 
  • Players can get the Divine Throne at level 63 using Sandalphon and Titania. 
  • Dragon Ananta at level 64 can be made using Thunderbird and Orthrus, Yamata No Orochi and Orthrus, Satan and Titania, and Satan and Vouivre. 
  • Lady Skadi can be achieved using Gurulu and Oyamatsumi, Decarabia and Gurulu, Pazuzu and Gurulu, Dominion and Orthrus, Sandalphon and Yamata No Orochi. 
  • Megami Parvati at level 74 can be achieved using Satan and Sandalphon. 
  • Snake Turlunger and level 85 can be made using Cerberus and Decarabia. 
  • Dragon Huang Long can be made with the help of combining Xuanwu, Zhuque, Baihu, and Qing Long. 
  • Tyrant Amona at level 89 can be made using Milk-kin Frost and Satan. 

With that, we will wrap up our Soul Hackers 2 Fusion Guide

Guide and Photo Credits: BuffMaister on Youtube

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