Soul Hackers 2 Gate Guardian: Attacks & Strategies

Our guide will show you the best way to defeat the Gate Guardian otherwise known as Kishin Take Minakata in Soul Hackers 2.

Soul Hackers 2 is a turn-based RPG and the extreme boss fights it has are the essence of the game. The story is rooted in dark themes and the cyberpunk style makes it extremely engaging. As you progress through the main narrative you come across many bosses and one such boss is the Gate Guardian called Kishin Take Minakata in Soul Hackers 2. 

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The boss has a very similar move set to the R.S boss in Soul Hackers 2. Therefore it is important that you consume the best foods in Soul Hackers 2 in order to defeat the boss more efficiently. 

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In today’s guide, we will show you the best way to defeat the Gate Guardian otherwise known as Kishin Take Minakata in Soul Hackers 2. After reading our guide you will be able to defeat the terrifying soul matrix boss in no time. 

Who Is Gate Guardian 

After you have successfully defeated the Bicron and R.S boss in Soul Hackers 2, the next fight was to be with Kishin Take Minakata. Many players have faced a lot of trouble while fighting the boss. You will first encounter him when you visit the Soul Matrix and you are tasked with navigating the first sector of the level.

Gate Guardian in Soul Hackers 2 
Gate Guardian

The level would be dedicated to Arrow. According to the story, the boss has taken a core memory of the arrow and you need to get it back by defeating him. Another important was that is just as tough as the gate guardian is Ash in Soul Hackers 2.

Gate Guardian in Soul Hackers 2 
Gate Guardian in Soul Hackers 2

Now you just need to continue the main story and find a way to cure Ringo’s condition. You will eventually come across Kishin Take Minakata, who is a Gate Guardian blocking them from the source in Soul Hackers 2.  

However, he will not be the only boss you will face here as he will be accompanied by two Holy Cironnups as well. Therefore, the player will be facing three enemies in total and each of them has different move sets that make them incredibly hard to take on.

source of ringo's ailment
Gate Guardian blocking the source of Ringo’s Ailment

Also, keep in mind that you will need a soul level of 10 or above in order to pass through some gates before you actually get to the boss arena. If you have a lower level than level 10, then before you take on the gate guardian, we recommend that you check out our detailed guide on how to level up fast in Soul Hackers 2. 

Affinity And Weaknesses Of The Bosses

It is important that you know all the abilities and weaknesses of the two bosses you will face so you can dodge and counter their attacks in an efficient way. A great strategy is to use Sabbath in Soul Hackers 2 against the boss. 

Weakness and Affinities

Kishin Take Minakata 

Following are the damage types that have a weak effect on Kishin Take Minakata and it can be blocked by him. 

Fire Weak 
Ruin Block 
Force Weak 
Electric Block 

Holy Cironnups 

The following damage types are the ones that do little to no damage to him and the ones he can resist. 

Fire Weak 
Ice Resist 
Electric Weak  

Attacks And Move Sets 

Make sure that you understand each of his attacks and move sets so that you will be able to counter each one and draw less damage from them. Following are the attacks and moves used by both of the enemies you face in Soul Matrix.

attacks of Gate Guardian in Soul Hackers 2 
Attacks of the Gate Guardian in Soul Hackers 2

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Kishin Take Minakata 

Following are the move sets of Kishin Take Minakata. 

Defense Kuzushi 

When the skill is activated, the Gate Guardian will be able to deal heavy physical damage to any one of your party members.

Furthermore, he can also inflict a debuff called Defense Down. When this debuff is activated, you will immediately get a decrease in your defense. 


When performing the attack, the ATK will be increased for all of the enemies. So you will get increased damage and a huge decline in your HP. 


During the attack, the boss will be able to deal heavy Electric Damage to any one of the party members. It is by far one of the most damaging attacks of Kishin Take Minakata and being the only target of his attack, the party member will get a lot of damage in Soul Hackers 2. 


When the attack is active, the boss will be able to deal heavy electric damage to all of the party members and drown their HP. 

Holy Cironnups 

Following are the attacks and move sets common to both the enemies you will face alongside Kishin Take Minakata in Soul Hackers 2. 


This is more of the healing ability of the enemies and they can restore the HP of any of their teammates. 

Needle Shot 

When it is active, they would deal gunfire damage to any one of the party members. 

Attack Phases Of Kishin Take Minakata 

Make sure that you have a level 10 or above of Arrow when you take on the battle. To initiate the battle you just need to approach the gate and open it.

approaching Gate Guardian in Soul Hackers 2 
Level Requirement

During the fight, you will have to protect Arrow as much as you can because they both will deal most of his attacks on him and Arrow is prone to critical damage dealt by the boss. A good strategy is to have demons like Jack Frost and Moth Man in Soul Hackers 2 along your side as it will help you a lot in the battle. 

The boss has two phases and each phase is just as deadly. When phase two occurs, he will call on as many Reinforcements as he can and they will heal him. They are also capable of dealing damage to your team so make sure to avoid as many attacks as possible.

You can also check out our guide on combat tips for Soul Hackers 2 to see all the possible strategies you can use to beat the boss. 

We recommend that you fight Reinforcements first and defeat them before you fight the boss as it will affect his Turn Count.  As soon as you defeat him there will be a cutscene and you will see a Lost Memory indicating that the battle has ended. 

Tips For Fighting Gate Guardian

It is important that you use the right strategies when fighting the boss as one wrong move can take away a huge chunk of your HP and you will ultimately have to go through the battle again. 

Following are some of the best strategies and tips and tricks to get you through the fight with Kishin Take Minakata. 

Keep As Many Supportive Items As Possible 

The first and most important strategy while fighting the Gate Guardian is to get as many items and Comp Upgrades as possible. Make sure that you have the access to the item shops for the purpose. It is important to be prepared for any battle and fight because you will be facing many other difficult bosses in the game as well.

items to battle Gate Guardian in Soul Hackers 2 
Important items to fight the Gate Guardian in Soul Hackers 2

Furthermore, stocking up on key items is an important factor so you can get as many buffs and perks as possible. Important items that you can stack up on are the Healing Beads and Mana Restoring key items. They will help you a lot in your battle. 

Recruit Demons Along The Main Narrative 

By now you will know that you will be able to make contact with many demons as you progress through the story. You can recruit them so they will be available to summon during your battles.

summon a demon to take on Gate Guardian in Soul Hackers 2 
Summon a demon to help

Therefore, it is important that you make use of this important mechanism and recruit as many demons as possible. However, it is important that you choose the ones with the right skills and abilities as well. 

When it comes to fighting Kishin Take Minakata, it is important that you choose the best demons in Soul Hackers 2 to fight the Gate Guardian. Before you actually reach the boss you will be able to recruit some demons in the Soul Matrix.

The best kind of demons for the job are the ones that specialize in Force and Fire attacks. They will be able to make use of the weakness of the boss and stack up as many Sabbath attacks as possible. Furthermore, it is important that you also have a demon with Dia. They can be very beneficial for the battle and you won’t have to use the Healing Beads as much when you have these demons on your side.

Also, make sure that your party does not have any teammates with a weakness towards Lightning Damage. Because they will get critical damage from attacks like Zio or Mazio. 

Deal With The Holy Cironnups First 

When fighting with Kishin Take Minakata, you will also have to defeat two Holy Cironnups. Therefore, we recommend that you take them down first before you actually fight the main boss. They will only spawn when Kishin Take Minakata reaches 60% HP.

fighting Gate Guardian in Soul Hackers 2 
Fighting the guardian and his reinforcements

You don’t need to worry about them as much as they will not be dealing a lot of damage to you. They will only be a nuisance when they heal the boss using their skills. If this happens, your fight will get extended, and killing the boss becomes difficult.

The constantly healing HP makes Kishin Take Minakata very difficult to take down and you will start running out of resources and items soon. However, if you manage to take the two Holy Cironnups down first, you will be able to avoid the situation. 

We recommend that you start attacking the Holy Cironnups as soon as they spawn so you can reduce the battle time. Make sure that you use the right spells and the right combinations so that you can take them down with a few hits. Once you have defeated them both, you can then focus on the main boss and target his weaknesses. 

Reward For Defeating Gate Guardian

When you have successfully defeated the boss you will be able to unlock The Long Farewell achievement in the game. Furthermore, you will also unlock the special fusion of the boss to use in your future battles. 

Wrapping It Up

With this, we wrap up our detailed guide on how to take down Kishin Take Minakata and all the battle strategies that you can use in Soul Hackers 2 to defeat the Gate Guardian.

We hope that after reading our guide not only will you be able to take the Boss down but also unlock his Fusion and the rewards that come with him. Feel free to leave down any queries you have in the comment section down below. 

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