Soul Hackers 2: Best Ways To Get Money Fast

Learn how you can make money in Soul Hackers 2, which will help you in recruiting the best Demons!

In RPGs, it’s very important to get a good supply of money one way or another. In Soul Hackers 2, you can make certain upgrades or buy items only by spending money in the game. Without these, the whole playthrough will be difficult for the player. Apart from that, money can get you to recruit demons for your team

Key Highlights
  • Making Money in Soul Hackers 2 is important to make upgrades and buy items, recruit demons and progress through the game. 
  • Exploring Dungeons is a great way to make money. There are two ways to make money in dungeons. The first is Summoning demons to recon the area, which can lead to finding items or money.
  • The second way of making money is by Fighting rare and risky enemies, which can drop valuable items or money upon defeat. 
  • In addition to exploring dungeons, players can also make money by selling items they find in the game, and completing requests given by NPCs.
  • Players can also complete side quests to earn money. These quests involve finding specific demons or enemies, finding missing or stolen items, and interacting with specific people. They offer guaranteed rewards, such as money and valuable items, upon completion. 
  • Money can be spent on buying accessories, expendables, meals, upgrades, and recruiting demons.
  • Shops in the game include Zafiro for accessories, COMP Smith for upgrades, De La Mancha for discount items, and Yang Yang Palace for rare items.

How To Make Money In Soul Hackers 2?

soul hackers 2 gain money
Making Money in Soul Hackers 2

Recruiting Demons is by far one of the biggest game mechanics in Soul Hackers 2. By getting Demons in your team, you can utilize them in battles and unleash their special abilities by using Magic Points. These ungodly creatures will be the turning point in many battles during your Soul Hackers 2 playthrough. 

So putting it in a nutshell, you can’t miss out on the money-making methods in Soul Hackers 2. If you want to truly beat the game by dominating your enemies, your first step would be to accumulate money in your playthrough. 

Exploring Dungeons

dungeon money soul hackers 2
Dungeon Exploration in Soul Hackers 2

In Soul Hackers 2, players will repeatedly visit Dungeons in order to recruit Demons, complete requests, or continue the main storyline. Therefore, Dungeons will be your go-to place for many different reasons. Inside these dark, eerie places, the player can practice the turn-based battling system and find items belonging to various rarities. 

One way or another, you will make money in Soul Hackers 2 when you visit Dungeons. While unlocking the areas in the dungeon, you will need to solve various puzzles to advance. Even though there are a lot of things to look forward to when you’re in the Soul Hackers 2 Dungeons, for now, we will only focus on how you can make money in these places. 

There are two ways to make money in Soul Hackers 2 Dungeons; first up, you can either make your Demon Recon the area, or you can encounter Rare Enemies and beat them in battle.

Getting The Demons To Recon The Area

The first way and rather easier method to make money in dungeons are by allowing your Demons to recon the area. You can only do this if you have any Demons under contract. Once you have your own Demon, then you can summon it outside of battles as well. 

Whenever you enter a dungeon, you can summon a Demon that will then scout the whole area for you. While exploring the dungeon, you will eventually come across your scouting Demons. Upon interacting with them, they will either introduce you to other Demons (who you might be able to recruit with Money), or they will hand items or money to you. 

The items they hand you over can be sold later on to earn some in-game currency. Making your Demons survey the area is a great way to gain money and items quickly in Soul Hackers 2. Therefore, make sure you talk to them whenever you see them in a dungeon. 

Beating Rare And Risky Enemies

Other than getting your Demons to recon the dungeon, you can also face other aggro Demons to earn some money in Soul Hackers 2. The dungeons in the game are not for the weak-hearted; there’s a high chance of an encounter against Rare and Risky Enemies. 

These enemies are unidentified and usually spawn as a wavy figure in the game. Whenever you see a yellow figure, it means that they are Rare enemies. Whereas, Purple figures are Risky Enemies. Once you make contact with them, the battle will ensue. Of course, your aim would be to beat these Demons, and once you do, so they will usually drop valuable items or money for you. 

It is worth noting that the player and the demon have the option to flee a battle. Therefore, it’s best that you deal with the Rare and Risky enemies quickly. Although, be wary because they won’t be that easy to beat.

Selling Items

soul hackers 2 selling
Shops in Soul Hackers 2

Once you complete your runs at a Dungeon, you’d probably be packing a lot of valuable items in your inventory. Even though some may be usable down the path, the rest can be sold to get money in Soul Hackers 2. The selling method is the easiest and most straightforward money-making method in games. 

Especially if you’re a grinder, you’ll have loads of things to sell quite often. It is worth mentioning that these selling points will only unlock after you’ve played through the game for a while. These shops are usually hidden from common citizens and are exclusively meant for Demon Summoners. 

You can sell various items in shops that are scattered around Soul Hackers 2 world. These items may include Accessories, Expendables, Meals, and Health Items. Although the last two can be used in dire situations, if you can, try holding on to them. These items can be sold at Yang Yang Palace, Zafiro, COMP Smith, and De La Mancha.

Don’t forget to sell anything that isn’t necessary for your playthrough. At times you may get valuable items by beating Demons which can be used later on. So make sure you’re aware of the items you plan to sell in Soul Hackers 2.

Completing Side Quests

soul hackers 2 requests
Requests in Soul Hackers 2

Since Soul Hackers 2 is an RPG, there are plenty of requests (side quests) that you can complete. Fulfilling requests won’t progress your main story. However, it will surely allow your character to get their hands on some valuable items or money. Thus, this is another great method to Gain Money Fast in Soul Hackers 2. 

During your gameplay, you will unlock a hub called ‘Club Cretaceous’. Here you can get to interact with a bunch of requests posted up by the people. These quests will mostly take you back to the Dungeon, but once you complete them, you will get a guaranteed reward alongside some XP. 

Most of the requests will ask you to seek out a specific Demon or Enemy. You will also get requests where you will need to find and interact with a specific person. Apart from these two, finding missing and stolen items is also a recurring request in Soul Hackers 2. 

The good thing is that when you’re reviewing the requests, you can check the rewards for completing them. This way, you can easily choose the ones that are giving out money for completing the quest. Besides that, you can also aim for the ones that will get you a valuable item upon completion. 

These were the three best ways of Getting Money Fast in Soul Hackers 2. You can get to work on some of these methods even if you’ve just started the game. It’s best to accumulate as much money as you can right from the beginning since you’ll need to spend them as your story progresses. 

Where To Spend Money In Soul Hackers 2?

Where to spend money in soul hackers 2
Demon Recruiting

In RPGs, there are tons of different ways that you can enhance the skills and abilities of your character. One of these ways includes money spending, which is a relevant method in Soul Hackers 2. You can spend money to buy Accessories, Expendables, Meals, and Upgrades, and you can also use the money to recruit Demons. 

Some Demons can be recruited once they are found in Dungeons. Usually, once you send one of your demons to recon the area, they will introduce you to another Demon. You can then recruit that demon by using some of your money. Apart from that, there are many shops in Soul Hackers 2 where you can buy and sell stuff. We have already mentioned some of these shops earlier, however, here are some details about them.

  • Zafiro: You can buy Accessories from this shop.
  • COMP Smith: Upgrades can be bought from here.
  • De La Mancha: A discount items shop
  • Yang Yang Palace: Rare item shop

These are some of the places where you can spend money in Soul Hackers 2. Accessories can provide certain defensive buffs to the players if they choose to wear them, whereas Upgrades help enhance the weapon’s ability. Hence, spending money on these two items can help you out a lot during your gameplay. 

Finally, we have reached the end of our guide. By now, we hope you are well aware of Soul Hackers 2 Fast Money Earning methods. These methods will surely fill up your pockets in no time, and then you can recruit your favorite Demons and buy the rarest items from the shops. 

We hope you enjoyed and learned something by reading our Soul Hackers 2 Money guide. Stay tuned to eXputer to grasp many more Soul Hackers 2 tips and tricks. 

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