Soul Hackers 2: How To Eat Food & Consume Buffs

In our guide you will find out how to eat food in Soul Hackers 2, the best food to consume and where to get it from!

A guide on how to eat in Soul Hackers 2 is curated for you to figure out ways in which you can consume food to spark up your energy. Your members in the game can interact with other people, thanks to the feature of socializing chipped into Soul Hackers 2. Consequently, this would increase the attacking abilities of both you and your partners. As a result, you must consume the right food to become stronger and strike smoothly.

Key Takeaways
  • Unlock food in Soul Hackers 2 by beating the tutorial boss.
  • Select the item liked by all party members to receive buff effects.
  • Different food items offer various buff effects.
  • Food can be purchased and consumed in various locations.
  • Characters have their own level of fondness towards certain edible items.

Unlocking Food In Soul Hackers 2

How To Eat Food In Soul Hackers 2
Purchase And Consume Food

To know how to eat food in Soul Hackers 2, you would need to unlock it, as it is not accessible at the beginning of the game. However, they can get unlocked once you start playing. What you need to do is wipe out all the sections for tutorials, and beat the boss of tutorials called RS.

Later on, you can return to the safe house to consume food in Soul Hackers 2. To have access to the food items available, you may look at the menu of the safe houses. You will be able to know how to eat whatever is available to satisfy your cravings for food.

 Furthermore, you need to make sure the members of your party like the food you bring to the table. A happy icon will appear next to the food liked by your characters. Hence, you need to select the food all the characters of your party would like, and the fondue is also suitable.  

Moreover, you stepping into the battle will activate the buffs. However, if you leave the battlefield, they will get deactivated. Consequently, if your partners are in a dungeon and you leave them and step into the world, you will end up losing all the buffs. 

How To Eat The Best Food And Consume Buffs

You can try out a lot of foods and food cravings in Soul Hackers 2. Moreover, you would need to buy these out when you are out on your adventures in the world. However, categorizing one food as the best one in Soul Hackers 2 is rather tricky as it is entirely dependent on what your body needs and your cravings. 

In case you are going for the monsters to fight with them, you may consume Negotie-Alle. Consume the mushroom humble rice porridge if you want your HP to be increased. Hence, it is on you and your choice to choose food to help you move swiftly with your attacks. 

We have constructed a list of all the best kinds of foods in Soul Hackers for you to eat, so make sure you keep them on your list. Moreover, in the list, the place to get food from is also mentioned along with your character’s likeness or dislikeness. 

How To Eat Food
Food In The Town Of Karaku

Humble Mushroom Rice Porridge

  • Buff: As your partners explore the dungeons, humble mushroom rice porridge helps recover their HP. 
  • Location: Shinsado has a Heidrun Bar; get humble mushroom porridge from there. 
  • Picture: Loves it
  • Saizo: Normally likes it
  • Milady: Very Normal
  • Arrow: Accepts With Love
  • Ringo: Has Love For it.

So On Food

  • Buff: As your allies explore the dungeons, so on, helps them recover their MP.
  • Location: The food can be found in Karakucho’s convenience store.
  • Picture: Loves it
  • Saizo: Very Normal Towards it
  • Milady: Likes It Normally
  • Arrow: Loves it very much
  • Ringo: Has A Great Love For it


  • BuffFor interacting with the monsters, this buff will reduce the level of requirements needed for that to happen. 
  • Location: In Caracucho, there is a vending machine. You can find Negotie-Ale there.
  • Image: Very normal towards it.
  • Saizo: Normally likes it
  • Milady: Does not love it
  • Arrow: Likes it normally
  • Ringo: Very normal towards it

Philanthropist Shoyu Ramena

  • Buff: During battles, the buff helps improve your allies’ abilities to heal. 
  • Location: A station for Ramen in Karakucho, Philanthropist Shoyu Ramena can be found.
  • Picture: Has eminent love for it
  • Saizo: Normal towards it
  • Milady: Is saree
  • Arrow: Loves it
  • Ringo: Very normally likes it

Critical Boscaiola

  • Buff: The critically striking rate of your allies is increased.
  • Location: There is a pizza shop in Caracucho; Critical Boscaiola can be found. 
  • Picture: Loves it
  • Saizo: Has Saree
  • Milady: Normal Towards It
  • Arrow: Likes it Normally
  • Ringo: Loves it a lot.

Placebo Drink

  • Buff: Helps in increasing the loot of your dungeons, making your allies heal you more than before.
  • Location: It can be found in Caracucho’s Vending Machine.
  • Image: Likes it Normally
  • Saizo: Very Normal Towards It
  • Milady: Likes It Normally
  • Arrow: Very normal Towards it
  • Ringo: Just Normally likes to consume it.

Soul Hackers 2 Lore

The game Soul Hackers 2 starts in a world of cyberpunk where a hell lot of demons reside. There is an ongoing war in that place, a war between the Summoners of the Devil and the forthcoming doomsday. As the game begins, the main player, a living Artificial Intelligence who stays in the data of the world, creates two of his allies, called Ringo and Figue. 

Furthermore, Ringo and Figue two help save the world and get humans to live. Ringo helps in the recruitment of some of the rather doubtful allies. However, it is important to do it as you need to get past the world-ending threat. After you have stepped into the city, three summoners of the devil will come by your side, named Arrow, Saizo, and Milady.

In Soul Hackers 2, the Soul Level is the main kind of mechanic in which all the characters intertwine. This also includes the Matrix of Soul. In Soul Hackers 2, all the devils are blessed with different and unique types of powerful elements, such as fire, ice, and even electricity.

As you make your way through the, you will meet with many devils. Fuse them up to create an even more powerful demon to get control. Without any further delays, let’s get to the main topic of our guide, How to eat food in Soul Hackers 2.

We can summarize our guide on how you can eat food in Soul Hackers 2 by saying there are several ways of getting food in the game. Getting food and consuming it in your best interest can help your strike at the enemies stronger than before and make defeating them easier. 

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