Soul Hackers 2: How To Level Up Fast

Our guide will tell you how to level up and increase Soul Level in Soul Hackers 2 in the best and fastest way possible.

If you are a Persona fan, then you will understand how soul level works in Soul Hackers 2. The mechanism is very similar to the Social Link we see in the Persona games. However, there are some differences and the main one being that Soul Level actually lacks as compared to the Social Link rank system we see in Persona games.

Key Highlights
  • Soul Level is important to access new floors in Soul Matrix, a dungeon with challenging quests and rewards
  • To level up fast in Soul Hackers 2, players should stick to the main campaign and progress through the main narrative. Completing story missions and taking out monsters can provide high XP.
  • Players can access social options in the game to level up all party members equally and choose characters essential to the main story.
  • Unlocking and participating in Hangout Events can increase Soul Level and help build relationships with other party members.
  • Completing all additional quests and side quests can also provide small boosts in XP and help progress faster.
  • Encountering and defeating several enemies can provide XP and help level up fast. Risky demons are stronger and provide more XP if defeated. 
  • Boss fights also provide a good opportunity to gain XP and require preparation and strategy. Levelling up also unlocks new allies, skills, abilities and items.
  • Demon negotiation can also be a way to increase the level of party members, but it is recommended to be at a higher level before negotiating.

What Is Soul Level?

soul level to level up in Soul Hackers 2
Soul Level in Soul Hackers 2

Social link is much more streamlined than the Soul Level however since it is a main aspect of the game you cannot ignore it when it comes to leveling up in Soul Hackers 2.  

Soul Level is important if you want to access the new floors in Soul Matrix. Soul matrix is a dungeon just like the Tartarus or Labyrinth Of Amala. for each of Ringo’s party members, there are three separate dungeons. In case you are not progressing with the main campaign of Soul Hackers 2, you will get an option to visit the Soul Matrix sub dungeon, which is optional.

There are many quests packed in the dungeon that is highly rewarding, and that is why we suggest that you take on the challenges instead of skipping them. 

Furthermore, you will also get some of the most useful abilities and skills when you complete these dungeons, and they will help you in the end game. Up to the 4th floor, you will get character stories and flashbacks, and when you are over a Soul Level of 100, you will also get to explore the 5th floor. 

How To Increase Soul Level And Level Up In Soul Hackers 2 

There are a lot of challenges that you will have to face when you are going through the main story, and Soul Matrix is undoubtedly the hardest one.

The Soul Matrix will change its difficulty level with progression. It will depend directly upon the types of demons and members in your party. Also, their difficulty will determine how challenging or how easy the Soul Matrix is. 

It is no doubt that Soul Matrix cannot be completed easily. However, using some ways you can make the exploration more convenient for you so that you could level up and increase your party’s levels as well. Make sure that your Stat Level is high. In this way, you will have better chances of conquering the Soul Floors in the late game. 

Following are all the ways by which you can increase the Soul Level of your party and level up in Soul Hackers 2. 

Grind And Progress Through The Main Campaign 

One of the simplest and easiest ways to level up fast in Soul Hackers 2 is by sticking to the main campaign and progressing through the main narrative. It is no doubt that all the story missions that you will take in the game will provide you with the highest XP.

following the main story to level up in Soul Hackers 2
Progressing through the Main Narrative

You can also take out the monsters in the game. Many players prefer completing the story missions in order to farm the most XP out of the game. It is a good strategy if you are stuck and cannot seem to progress through Soul Matrix due to it being locked. You just need to complete some story missions, and you will gain access to the soul floors. Furthermore, there will be some intervals during the main narrative.

When it happens, Ringo will have the option to start a conversation with the party members around her. She can also pick some dialogue options available in the game. Also, if you navigate to the conversation choices, you will be able to see the user’s portrait. It will be located at the top right corner of the screen.

The option will show you the amount of Soul Level that a specific character can earn when you go through that several dialogue options.

It is undoubtedly a great system that is introduced in the game. The Social Option will allow you to level up all your party members equally, and you can also choose the characters you find essential to the main story to level up fast. 

Accessing The Hangout Events 

Another great way of getting more Soul Levels and leveling up fast in Soul Hackers 2 is to unlock Hangout Events. The game offers several Hangout Events for you to unlock. We recommend that you try to unlock as much as possible. 

accessing the events to level up in Soul Hackers 2
Accessing the Hangout Events

The Hang Out Event will not be available to you as soon as you start the game. Also, you will have to gain some progress to unlock the events. The event will take place at the Bar Heidrun. 

attending the hangout events to level up in Soul Hackers 2
Hangout Events in Soul Hackers 2

The feature will only unlock about after you have successfully activated the Demon Recon in Soul Hackers 2. It is a mechanic where Ringo will send several demons into a massive open area. These demons will explore the whole zone for Ringo. You will encounter these demons while making your way through the floor.

Also, completing it will provide you with a lot of valuable gear and items. You will get HP boosts, MP boosts, heals, and, most importantly, the Hangout Events. 

Hang Out Events will help you build relationships with other party members. Furthermore, the items you will get can be used with specific characters in the game to help build Rapport. As soon as you get one of these, you can cash it. In order to do so, you just need to go to the Bar Heidrun and interact with a certain NPC to trigger a special episode. 

You can get a lot of XP and level up fast when you complete the relationship quests in Soul Hackers 2. 

Complete All Additional Quests And Sidequests 

It is important that you take on all the side quests and additional costs that the game has to offer. It is to be noted that you will not get a lot of XP points, but it can help you progress faster. Since increasing your Soul Level is not easy so, even this small amount matters a lot.

completing side quests
Side Quests in Soul Hackers 2

You can train your characters to be more powerful when you complete these additional quests while you are progressing through the main narrative. Also, the sidequests are not that hard to complete, and most of them can be done in a matter of minutes.

Most of the sidequests include simple fetch quests, so you will just have to get an item for someone, and you will be rewarded with a boost in XP. However, you will also have to complete certain missions of the party members, and they will also give you a significant boost in Soul Levels. If you are booting the game on higher difficulties, it will help you out a lot as the Social System is an important part of your progression. 

Encountering Several Enemies 

When you make it through the Soul Matrix or the dungeons of Soul Hackers 2, you will have to face a lot of new enemies. With each new battle in Soul Hackers 2, you can farm some XP to increase your Soul Level and level up fast. 

fighting enemies to level up in Soul Hackers 2
Enemies in Soul Hackers 2

Furthermore, whenever the enemies spawn in the battle, they will start fighting your soon as they come in contact. They will also chase you around the battle arena. You can knock these enemies down using your swords. Doing so will trigger an ambush and you can also deal with some offensive attacks on your enemies and the beginning of the fight.

Furthermore, all the enemies will appear in groups of two or four, and these demons can also sometimes be in a group of five. Every time you win, you will get some XP points. Depending upon how strong the enemy or demon you are facing, your XP points will increase. We recommend that you take on every demon you face so that you can increase their difficulty as well as the amount of XP you will get. 

Moreover, sometimes you will face demons called the Risky Demons. They are not like regular demons, and you cannot avoid them. They are very unpredictable and are 3 or 4 levels high above you. 

Most of the party members will tell you to escape these demons, but if you have the right strategy and are prepared for it, then you can fight them and gain a lot of XP as they are extremely strong. The Risky Demons will have a purple appearance and will be quite large in size. They are very unique and will not spawn much in the battles. 

Boss Fights 

With each arc, Demons won’t be the only enemies you will face. In order to unlock the new areas, you will have to face some other threats as well. They can be Demon Summoners which are extremely dangerous and powerful. The Demon Summoners you face will have some powerful and unique demons alongside them so you can expect brutal combat coming your way.

boss fight
Boss Fight in Soul Hackers 2

During the battle, they can also summon more demons, and even if you take down all the demons, they will keep spawning until you defeat the Summoner. Therefore it is important to focus more on the Summoner instead of the demons that are continuously spawning. It is important that you are well prepared for the fight as these battles are hectic and need a lot of training beforehand.

A good strategy is to increase your level as well as the party members’ level before the battles. Make sure that you’re  MP and HP our maximum and that you have a lot of Expendable items in your inventory that you can use. 

Rank Perks And Level Of Rewards

Leveling up not only let’s see explore new areas and enemies that you can engage with in extensive combats, but it also has other advantages. When you level up and strengthen your character, you will get access to new allies and unlock a lot of fighting strategies that will help you in the late game. 

New Skills And Abilities 

When demons engage in combat and level up, they will be able to learn new skills and abilities. The standard skills in the game do not require a lot of MP. However, they will not deal much damage and are quite weak in comparison to other damaging attacks.

As the demons progress and increase in their levels, they will have access to a variety of powerful skills. Therefore, the players will be able to explore different battle tactics and strategies and have a consistent playstyle when fighting. Furthermore, when any of the demons learns and gains the maximum amount of his skills, you will get a very valuable item. The item can boost your attacks and their damage or it could have healing abilities. 

Demon Negotiation 

By now, you will know that the demons are scouting the new areas. Sometimes they will come across other demons, and they will be willing to negotiate a contract between them and can also be willing to join your party. However, we suggest that you only make negotiations when you are at a higher level.

It is because any negotiation made at a higher level of Ringo will have more chances to be successful. Furthermore, any damage that will have a level equal to or greater than her will refuse to travel with her and will not help her out. 

Demon Fusion 

Another ability that will unlock as soon as you level up and Soul Hackers 2 is the Demon Fusion Ability. As you progress in the game, you will eventually unlock an ability that will allow you to fuse two of your contracted demons. Their fusions will create an entirely new powerful demon.

demon fusion ability
Demon Fusion Ability

However, keep in mind that you can only perform certain fusions by combining certain compatible demons. Also, if Ringo has a level lower than the demons, then you will not be able to fuse them together. 


With this, our extensive guide on how to level up fast and increase your Soul Levels to gain perks and abilities in Soul Hackers 2 comes to an end. The most important takeaway from our whole guide will be that the players should not miss out on the opportunity to explore the Soul Matrix.

Not only will it allow you to unlock character skills and memories of your party members, but it will also help you gain a large amount of XP. You will also get a chance to train by defeating the enemies and mini-bosses that you face in the matrix. 

Nevertheless, our guide has listed several ways by which you can increase your level, so take your time and go for the one you feel is best for you, however in order to enjoy the real essence of the game, we recommend that you try out every method since you will need a lot of XP in the late-game battles of Soul Hackers 2. 


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