Soul Hackers 2 Jack Frost: Skills, Stats & Fusions

Our guide will show you how to recruit Jack Frost in Soul Hackers 2, and use his skills, abilities and fusions.

Jack Frost is a demon who is sometimes referred to as simply Jack. He is one of the most beloved characters in the Shin Megami Tensei series that has made his comeback in Soul Hackers 2 as well. He also appears in Persona and Devil Children series. Today we will go through some of the details regarding Jack Frost in Soul Hackers 2.

Key Highlights
  • Jack Frost is a demon in the Shin Megami Tensei series, including Soul Hackers 2 who has frost-based abilities. 
  • He can be recruited as an ally or fought as an enemy in the game, but requires progress in the main narrative to be able to summon him. Players can fight Jack Frost by taking on the dungeon in Soul Matrix.
  • Jack Frost is inclined towards the ice and frost element. He is resistant to ice attacks but weak towards fire attacks
  • He is a fairy demon who is not inclined towards good or evil and is mischief-loving. 
  • He has skills such as Bufu, which deals weak Ice Damage to one enemy; Lourdes, which cures Poison and Paralysis for allies.
  • Some more skills include Mabufu, which deals with Ice Damage to all enemies; and Sabbath Healer Passive, which restores a party member’s HP depending on the damage dealt.
  • Jack Frost can be leveled up by using him in battle and gaining experience points.

Jack Frost In Soul Hackers 2

Jack Frost in Soul Hackers 2 
Jack Frost in Soul Hackers 2

In each of these titles, his background and race somewhat change however they all stand a common ground of him being a demon.

Jack Frost is, in essence, a spirit whose origins lie in England. Furthermore, he is a Snow Elf; however, his race changes in different Shin Megami Tensei titles. He is responsible for bringing out the cold weather during the winter season. Also, the frost and snow that forms outside the windows of buildings and homes are said to be the work of Jack Frost. So you can say that he is all about Ice and Snow, and his attacks and skills will be pretty much based on that. 

His first appearance was in Megami Tensei 2. He is also one of the demons that hold the most cameos and appearances in the franchise. Jack Frost is basically the mascot of Atlus and the Shin Megami Tensei franchise. So any title will be incomplete without his cameo.

Initially, he made his debut in the over World Map right outside Bael’s Castle. 


You won’t see much of his family during the titles. However, they are indeed an important part of the franchise and appear in Soul Hackers 2 as well. His family is also inclined towards the frost element, and the other frosts in his family are powerful demons as well. His family includes Pyro Jack, Black Frost, and King Frost.  

Also, not only do their appearances align with each other drastically, but they also speak in the same way. For instance, you will see them always using phrases like Hee, Ho, and Hee Ho in their conversations. He might be very beneficial to players in case you recruit him since the demon is capable of powerful attacks.

Interacting with Jack Frost in Soul Hackers 2

In previous SMT titles, you will come across him as both an enemy and an ally. He also goes by Jack o Frost, Santa Frost, JF, Mocking Snowman, Jack Frost Junior, and Jack Frost Senior in the several titles of SMT.  


His race has kept changing with the various titles of SMT, and the same go for his arcana. However, the only important aspect here is his race. In the previous Shin Megami Tensei titles, he appears as Yoma. It is a race of demons in Shin Megami Tensei, and they are known to be the messengers of God. Ganesha is one common example. 

Since most of the storyline revolves around mythology, the race of the demons plays an important part in it. He was also a part of the nether and Genma races in different titles of the game. However, when it comes to Soul Hackers 2, we see Jack Frost as a Fairy in the game. 

Fairies appear as a common playing race, and they belong to the Magica Species of Shin Megami Tensei franchise. Being one of the fairies, Jack Frost does not have particularly powerful attacks. He is a mage like most of them, and most of his abilities are magic oriented.

You will face the fairy demons first in the game. All of the fairies, including Jack Frost, are not particularly inclined towards good or evil in general. They are mischief loving and do as they please while remaining neutral. 

Appearance In The Game 

Jack Frost will appear early on in the game, and he will offer you some side quests, and you can also fight him as an enemy. However, when it comes to summoning, it will take a lot of time, and you need to progress a lot in the main narrative until you unlock the ability to summon him. 

Meeting Jack Frost for the first time in Soul Hackers 2

How To Get Jack Frost In Soul Hackers 2 

When Jack first appears early on in the game, you cannot fight him or summon him right away. Instead, he will offer some side quests for you to take on that will reward you in one way or another. 


Also, just battling and defeating Jack Frost in combat will also not do the trick. If you are interested in fighting Jack Frost, you can do so by taking on the dungeon in Soul Matrix. Jack Frost will be located on the 1st floor of the Saizo sector in the Soul Matrix. Also, there is no demon negotiation available for Jack Frost in Soul Hackers 2 as of now.

Recruiting Method

So the only way left in order for you to recruit Jack Frost is simply by finding them in the world while exploring the City Map or by using the method called Demon Fusion. Also, there is no set location for Jack Frost on the city map, and he can spawn randomly anywhere. To recruit Jack Frost as a summonable demon, you will need to Cirque De Goumaden early in the game. 

intro of Jack Frost in Soul Hackers 2 
Jack Frost as a Summonable demon in Soul Hackers 2

Furthermore, you can fuse him into existence by using several ways. However, we recommend that the players should always pick the one that will fit their skills of the players most and will help them out in the late game. After you’ve selected a set of skills for the adorable mascot, you will be able to make use of his abilities to help you out in combat. 

Base Stats And Skills Of Jack Frost 

Being inclined towards the ice and frost element, Jack Frost is fairly resistant to any ice attacks by his enemies in Soul Hackers 2. Furthermore, Jack Frost is very weak towards fire attacks, and they can deal incredible damage to him.

skills of Jack Frost in Soul Hackers 2 
Skills and Stats of Jack Frost in Soul Hackers 2

However, when it comes to his resistance to charm, like his previous iterations, it is not that relevant in the game. Jack Frost will not be with you all the time in battle. Instead, you will have to summon him to perform individual attacks. 

Base Stats 

When you first start out with Jack Frost, you will get some base stats that can be upgraded with time. The most notable start of Jack Frost is, without a doubt, Intelligence and Strength. Due to his high level of intelligence, he will be able to perform some great damage-dealing attacks on his enemies that revolve around his eyes, powers, and skills.

Make sure that you analyze each of his stats properly so that you can come out with a perfect strategy when incorporating Jack Frost into your battles. Following are all the base starts Jack Frost possesses. Also, note that this start can vary from his previous iterations in different Shin Megami Tensei titles. 

  • Starting Base Level: 13 
  • Int: 9 
  • Str: 7 
  • Vit: 4 
  • Luk: 4 
  • Agi: 7 

Skills Of Jack Frost  

Like any other demon in Soul Hackers 2, Jack Frost also has a particular set of skills that they learn over time. As soon as they are able to unlock all of them, your party will get a Mistique as a reward for the skills you’ve gained. Also, there are many equippable items for Jack Frost that can enhance a lot of the abilities of your party. 

Furthermore, Jack Frost will also grant you an Ice Augment Mistique. Following are all the skills that come with Jack Frost in Soul Hackers 2. 


  • Cost: 3 MP 
  • Rank: 2 
  • Level: Innate  

When the attack is active, Jack Frost will be able to deal weak Ice Damage to any one of the enemies that you choose. 


  • Cost: 3 MP 
  • Rank: 2 
  • Level: Innate 

It is one of the unique skills of Jack Frost as it unlocks his Healer and Support potential. When the ability is active, Jack Frost will be able to cure Poison and Paralysis for anyone of his allies. Furthermore, with the ability, you will also be able to cure Bomb and Dread.

The ability is one of the most potential skills of Jack Frost and will help you out a lot in tough combat situations, especially in the late game where you will be facing a lot of hard bosses who will use Debuffs on you and your allies. The healing power of Jack Frost makes him a good recruitable unit. 


  • Cost: 7 MP 
  • Rank: 2 
  • Level: level 14 

Since fairies are not that capable of dealing a high amount of damage and they focus mainly on Healing and lifting up the Debuffs, you should not expect Jack Frost to deal heavy attacks with a lot of damage.

When the ability is active, you can deal with Ice Damage to all of the enemies. Therefore you will be able to take out a good chunk of HP from all of your opponents without dealing much damage yourself. 

Sabbath Healer Passive  

Whenever the skill is used, you will be able to restore the HP of your party members, and it will depend directly upon the damage dealt. However, you will only be able to use the ability when you’re on Sabbath.

The Sabbath Healer skill is a fairly new mechanism in Soul Hackers 2. Many demons will be able to gain this useful power. The skill is particularly useful when you are targeting your enemies while focusing on their weaknesses. 

level up Jack Frost in Soul Hackers 2 
Leveling up the adorable demon

Furthermore, you will get a stack of Sabbath when the ability is active. As soon as your turn ends, Ringo will be able to hit all the enemies depending upon the Sabbath stacks that are accrued by the party members. 

On certain occasions, when Jack Frost is equipped, you will be able to trigger Sabbath Healer. Also, in order to trigger the effect, the players will have to press a specific button in time. Depending upon how much damage you have dealt, you will be able to heal the entire party and restore their HP. Thus Jack Frost first will be a great option to recruit in a party rotation. 

Best Fusion Combinations For Jack Frost

Like other Shin Megami Tensei games, Soul Hackers 2 also have a mechanism called Demon Fusion. With this mechanism, you will be able to combine compatible demons together to form a whole another one. The resulting demon will undoubtedly have better attacks and skills and will be a very powerful recruit for your party. You might have to fight him first as well.

enemy Jack Frost in Soul Hackers 2 
Fighting Jack Frost in Soul Hackers 2

How To Fuse

However, before you go out and fuse Jack Frost with other demons, it is important that you unlock the fusion ability in Soul Hackers 2. First of all, make sure that you have a high enough level to recruit demons. After that, you need to travel to the Cirque de Goumaden.

You can access it via City Map and meet a specific character in the game. When you reach the location, you need to meet Victor, as he will show you how to fuse demons together. Also, it is to be noted that you cannot fuse Jack Frost with every single demon available in the game. 

In order to fuse Jack Frost with other demons, first, go to the city map and enter the building. Click on Fusion from the Menu Selection button. Now you need to select the first demon, which in our case would be Jack Frost. After that, you will need to select another demon and then choose the skills you want for the new demon that will come from the original ones. Now you just need to fuse them together and generate a new demon. 

Fusion Reccomendations

Jack Frost will have a lot of options available for fusion in Soul Hackers 2. There will be about ten different demons available for fusion, and a lot of combinations can be done with them. We suggest that you prioritize fusing Loa Jaki, which has a level of 20, with Jack Frost.

Jirae Tsuchigomo is another viable option, and you can form Rakunda with them. She belongs to Level 4. Some potential base skills that you will be able to get from these fusions are Needle Shot and Life Drain. 

Another great fusion option is Holy Cironnup from Level 6 and Jirae Koropukkur of Level 10. Therefore, along with the powerful Lourdes and Bufu skills, you will also be able to incorporate Needle Shot and Zio with these amazing fusion combinations.

Furthermore, you can also start with Trafuri. It will allow the party members to escape immediately from any tough combat situation for 2mp. 

Other Tips

The supernatural turn-based RPG with a cyberpunk setting, Soul Hackers 2, is a great way to enter the Shin Megami Tensei franchise. Soul Hackers 2 definitely has a lot of things in common with its parent franchise; however, there are also a lot of new features and mechanisms that set Soul Hackers 2 apart and make it better in one way or another. You will see a lot of characters making a comeback in Soul Hackers 2, and one of them includes Jack Frost as well. 

The sequel to Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers 2 is already being loved by fans all over the world thanks to its amazing story and gameplay. The vibrant combat and amazing side quests make the game extremely engaging. Don’t forget to check out our detailed review on Soul Hackers 2 to see our experience with the combat and social system the game has to offer. 

We have also formulated a detailed guide on how to eat food in Soul Hackers 2, as it is a vital source of getting different buffs and improving your skills and strategies. While you are at it, do not forget to check out our detailed guide on the best foods in Soul Hackers 2 to gain plenty of buffs and debuffs for your battle. 

There are many bosses in Soul Hackers 2, and each one poses a different threat to the world you’re in. Make sure to check out our guide on how to defeat the R.S boss in Soul Hackers 2, along with its move sets, attacks, and weaknesses. 

With this, our extensive guide on Jack Frost comes to an end. We hope that after reading our guide, you will be able to recruit the mischievous demon in no time and use his skills and abilities to your advantage. We definitely recommend you get Jack Frost as a Summonable Demon, as he can be a potential ally to you in the early stages of Soul Hackers 2.  

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