Soul Hackers 2: How to Defeat Kaburagi

This guide contains the strategy you can use to gain advantage over Kaburagi and his demons so you can get the 'A Long Farewell' trophy

Soul Hacker 2 is the sequel of Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers. The game contains a lot of Demons, and you will come across bosses such as Zenon & Iron Mask, R.S. Boss, and Ash. In this guide to Soul Hackers 2, you will get to know how you can defeat Kaburagi.

Key Highlights
  • Soul Hackers 2 players need to learn different techniques in order to defeat the character Kaburagi.
  • Kaburagi is an old friend of Arrow, who was brought back to life by Ringo with two other demons.
  • To defeat Kaburagi, players need to make a strategy for the three of them and remember the elements they are weak to.
  • Kaburagi is weak to Ice and resistant to Electric, while Femme Leanan Sidhe is weak to Fire and Genma Kurama Tengu is weak to Force.
  • Players should also take note of the enemies’ movements and abilities to predict their actions.
  • Once players are well aware of the abilities and movements of these bosses, players can easily defeat them by learning ways to shield these abilities.

Kaburagi in Soul Hackers 2

Soul Hackers 2 How to defeat Kaburagi
Details of Kaburagi

Once you find yourself tracking Mangetsu while making your way to the end of the area in Central Line, you will come across an old friend of Arrow. The old friend will be Kaburagi, and he is the one who killed Arrow. However, his backstory is not that simple. He was dead too, but Ringo brought him back to life by soul-hacking him.

Moreover, Ringo did not only resurrect him for evil. He was resurrected with two more demons who would be staying on Kaburagi’s side. Therefore, if you are thinking of how to defeat Kaburagi in Soul Hackers 2, you have to make a strategy for the three of them and not him alone.

Strengths And Weaknesses Of Kaburagi

You need to make sure that you remember the elements that Kaburagi, Femme Leanan Sidhe, and Genma Kurama Tengu are weak to and have no effect at all. If you use an element against them that they resist easily, then you will be wasting your resources and energy.

Kaburagi has the ability to block Ruin, he is resistant to Electric, and he is weak against Ice. Force, Fire, Physical, and Gunfire have the normal effect on him. Try to use as much Ice as you can against him and avoid Electric as it will be of no use. 

For Femme Leanan Sidhe, you need to use Fire as she is weak towards it. She can block the Ruin, and she can block the Ice easily. Electric, Force, Physical, and Gunfire have a normal effect on her. It is important for you to use the Ice attack carefully if she is near Kaburagi. Kaburagi will get more damage, and however, if you use it on her, she will receive no damage at all.

Lastly, for Genma Kurama Tengu, you can use Force which will drain him. He is resistant to Gunfire, and he can block the Ruin like Kaburagi and Femme Leanan Sidhe. However, you can use Electric which will make him weaker and deal more damage. Ice, Fire, and Physical have a normal effect on him.

Movements Of Enemies

Soul Hackers 2 How to defeat Kaburagi: Movements
Movements of Kaburagi, Femme Leanan Sidhe, and Genma Kurama Tengu

Each of your enemies has different skill sets, and we recommend you check them out. These skill sets will help you predict their movements in Soul Hackers 2 if you are wondering how you will defeat Kaburagi. Moreover, if you want the fight to be more effective, you will need to know Soul Hackers 2: Best Ways To Get Money Fast in order to recruit the best demons in your team.


He has the ability to Accelerate, which makes his action count increase. It will allow him to perform two actions in each move. His second ability is called the Unfair Game. Here he can do a gunfire attack on any one of the party members, and it will cause the defense to go down.

His third ability is the Fatal Roulette, in which he can do a gunfire attack on either one or two members of the party. The Electric Shot is his fourth ability in which Kaburagi can gunfire an electric shot at any one of the party members.

In Overdrive mode, which is his fifth ability, he is able to build power that will unleash execution on the next turn. His sixth ability is Execution, in which he will do severe gunfire damage to everyone in the party. Lastly, his ability Summon will summon a demon that will start to fight alongside him.

Femme Leanan Sidhe

She has a total of three abilities that she will be used against you in the battle. First is Lullaby, in which she can inflict sleep on the party members and inflict damage to the entire team. Her next ability is Abyssal Veil, in which the weaknesses will become guarded by one enemy. Lastly, Media is her healing ability which will recover a part of HP for all the enemies.

Genma Kurama Tengu

His first ability is Mazan, in which he can force damage to everyone in the party. With the Arm Chopper, he deals physical damage to only one of the party members. Lastly, Tarukaja allows him to grant attack up to one enemy.

How To Defeat Kaburagi

Before you begin your quest to defeat Kaburagi in Soul Hackers 2, we recommend you stock up on consumables. Moreover, make sure your team is also equipped with appropriate demons and decent equipment, depending on the weaknesses we mentioned earlier. If it is possible, equip at least one of the party members with a demon that can use Dia.

When the battle will start, Genma Kurama Tengu and Femme Leanan Sidhe will be fighting alongside Kaburagi. In your first turn, use the Ice move on Kaburagi and make sure you hit the most towards him. Once you do that, Femme Leanan Sidhe will remove the weakness from Kaburagi by casting Abyssal Veil.

Although it is good to use most of the attacks to which the enemy team is weak. However, you also need to get rid of Femme Leanan Sidhe’s abilities which block off the weakness and can also heal. Therefore, you should first try to take her down so she can stop healing the enemy team.

If you are successful in taking down Femme Leanan Sidhe, concentrate on Kaburagi. If you take down Kaburagi as well, the battle is finished even if his demons are still alive. However, if you take down both of his demons and not Kaburagi, he will simply revive them one at a time.

In case Femme Leanan Sidhe uses her ability Lullaby to inflict sleep on one of your team members, then try to keep them awake as soon as possible. If they stay inflicted, they will be vulnerable to Kaburagi’s special move. When Kaburagi is at seventy-five percent of his health, he will say that he is not going to hold back anymore. That is when he will use his Overdrive Mode, which will charge up his attack and then use Execution after that.

Remember that the Execution ability deals a good amount of damage. Therefore, when you see Kaburagi get into overdrive mode, make sure that everyone on the team uses Guard in order to minimize the incoming damage.

Once Kaburagi uses his Execution ability, he will take some time to recover from the recoil. During that time, he will not make use of any ability. Therefore, as soon as he uses it, heal your team members quickly and focus on taking out Femme Leanan Sidhe so your fight can get easier. Once you defeat Kaburagi, you will unlock an achievement or trophy called A Long Farewell.


This concludes our guide on how to defeat Kaburagi. Make sure your team members equip abilities that are Kaburagi and his team’s weaknesses. Do not use any ability that they can block or resist. Moreover, remember to take out Femme Leanan Sidhe as soon as possible so you can focus on defeating Kaburagi.

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