Soul Hackers 2 Sabbath: How To Use & Strike

In our guide on the Sabbath in Soul Hackers 2, you will get all the information regarding the newly launched mechanic in the game. Moreoever, you will get to know what benefits it provides you with and how to make use of it to strike at your enemies.

Striking on the weakness of an enemy sparks up the Sabbath. After that happens, all the demons that you have stocked will come out for an attack all-out. Furthermore, you will be able to edit the kind of demons you want on the Sabbath. The reason behind this new feature in Sabbath in Soul Hackers 2, is the developer’s wish to combine the Press Turn System and Persona’s Once More System attributes. 

Key Highlights
  • Sabbath is a key mechanic in Soul Hackers 2, which allows the player to perform an All-Out Attack.
  • It can change the outcome of battles by striking enemies who have outnumbered the party. It can also be used to flee from dangerous situations. 
  • The player can increase the number of stacks in the Sabbath meter by targeting enemies’ weaknesses, which can lead to more powerful attacks. 
  • Stack meter increases when hitting enemies’ weaknesses and can be converted into Sabbath attack by Ringo.
  • Jack Frost, Arrow, and Milady can be used to increase stacks or add special effects to Sabbath.
  • Using Tandem Skill can increase stacks and add bonuses such as healing or status effects.
  • The amount of damage inflicted by Sabbath depends on the number of stacks gathered.
  • The player can strike a maximum of 16 times with the Sabbath attack. Ringo can also use her Commander Skill to improve Sabbath and target specific enemies or increase stack bonuses
  • Mixing up demon matchups and using commander skills can increase damage dealt to stronger enemies.

Uses Of Sabbath In Soul Hackers 2

The game is improvised with the use of the mechanics of Sabbath. What happens in the mechanic is that, Ringue makes all of her members of the party use their summoned demons. 

These demons help in striking at the opponent; however, a few conditions are to be followed before that can happen. Furthermore, using Sabbath is Soul Hackers 2 is extremely accessible. It is also very beneficial as you can attack all the enemies and get on top.

Sabbath is rather old, but the important mechanic in all of the Persona Games. However, it is a very fresh and the latest feature in Soul Hackers 2. Sabbath is known as an All-Out Attack in all the games. Players are taught the mechanic of Sabbath in Soul Hackers 2 as soon as the game begins.

Moreover, it can change the entire outlook of your place in the game as it helps in striking enemies who recently got the party outnumbered. Sabbath can also turn out to be extremely useful if you want to run away from a dangerous situation.

What is even more fun and interesting is the fact that when the player goes for some weakness of the enemy, a Stack is added to the meter. Ringo strikes the enemies with a lot of damage. However, that only happens when enough Stacks of Sabbath are produced.

Uses of Sabbath in Soul Hackers 2
Sabbath Uses.

To get their remaining turn of striking the enemy, a demon keeps hovering over the enemy in Soul Hackers 2 Sabbath. It should be kept in mind that no extra Stacks are produced during AOE attacks. This is mainly because, during such attacks, more than one weakness of the enemy is targeted.

Ringo will get a cutscene triggered to get Sabbath Stacks before the enemy gets a chance to strike back. Furthermore, Ringo will deal damage to the enemies by asking all the demons to attack all the members of the opponent party. If the enemies are less present for a strike, the damage will be more powerful. Moreover, it will be targeted everywhere. Also, if the Stack is also more, more damage will be inflicted through Sabbath.

How To Strike Sabbath With The Character/Demon Skill

Certain ways can be used to get the number of stacks increased, or some of the most special qualities can be used while using Sabbath in Soul Hackers 2. A Sabbath Healer called Jack Frost can be used when needed. Doing so will reward the party with healing for the Area of Effect.

However, it is entirely dependent on how much damage Sabbath has struck in Soul Hackers 2. Gunfire Stack can be unlocked by Arrow, as it is extremely useful during the fight. Moreover, a new demon is added to the Stack as the Gunfire skills hit the weakness of some enemy. 

Milady can make use of the Fire Stack. As a result, when she hits the enemies who are vulnerable to the fire, two stacks are given to the party, and not one.

Soul Hackers 2 Sabbath
Striking The Enemy

For players to get more input in the game, using Sabbath in Soul Hackers 2 in such a way can be perfect. Furthermore, the crew can get more than four Stacks of Sabbath produced by a little hard work. By using Sabbath in Soul Hackers 2, the players are rewarded for keeping their focus on the enemy’s weaknesses. The mechanic makes battles end quicker.

Using Sabbath will provide the enemies with damage. Moreover, as they make their way through the game, the players will discover several ways to get benefit from Sabbath’s mechanics. Shin Megami Tensei franchise games mostly use some kind of true Press Turn System.

You are given a free bonus each time you ruin an enemy’s weakness. However, in some of the other games, the mechanic works differently. Soul Hackers 2 comes under the category of those games where Sabbath is the main incentive. 

Soul Hackers 2 Sabbath
Damage To Enemies

How Are Sabbath And Stack Linked

Sabbath in Soul Hackers 2 means that two members of your crew go against the enemies, both of them having weaknesses and resistances of several elements. You will strike a shot at the enemy that would result in dealing with the damage of bonus as you hit at the weakness of your demon with the help of your gang members.

At the top right of your screen, there is a meter. As you strike damage to the enemies, your stacks will also keep increasing on that bar. Moreover, a new stack will be given to you as you keep striking at the enemy’s weakness.

However, you can strike the attack 16 times maximum. Some of the demons that you have summoned can also learn the Tandem Skill, which will keep adding Stacks as a bonus to the meter as you keep striking at the enemy’s weakness. Furthermore, you will also be given a bonus of Stack as you deal in huge damages to several enemies.

When the battle ends and your party has taken its turn, Ringo will come forward to turn all the Stacks that you have collected into Sabbath. Sabbath, being the most dangerous attack, will allow Ringo to call out all the demon members of the party. After doing so, those demons will strike at the party will all the Sabbath in Soul Hackers 2.

The amount of damage inflicted by the Sabbath will depend on how many Stacks you have gathered. Hence, you should ruin as many weaknesses of the enemy as you can when you get the chance.

Furthermore, as discussed before, if you have learned the Tandem Skill, it will only increase your chances of adding damage and inflicting Sabbath. It can also help in healing the party or affecting the status. 

Commander Skill 

Ringo will make use of her Commander Skill as the story moves forward. The skill will include all the things you will be expecting, such as healing the party or the ability to escape. Moreover, you can hype up Sabbath by using the Commander’s Skill.

Damage Condenser in Commander Skill focuses on Sabbath. During this, one enemy is targeted instead of the whole gang. Moreover, the skill can help your partners to deal with the damage of HP.

However, the Skill Stack of the Commander’s Optimization can get the bonus of the Stacks to be increased. If you want to deal with the damage on stronger enemies, the best way is to mix up matchups of the demons with the commander skills of Ringo. 

As we conclude our guide on Sabbath in Soul Hackers 2, we can say it is one of the most effective, beneficial, and powerful mechanics the game has come up with. It can kill your enemies and make them weak and vulnerable. So, make sure you know the right way to use it and do not waste the opportunity.

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