Soul Hackers 2: How To Defeat Zenon & Iron Mask

Soul Hackers 2 has many boss fights and most of them are hard with complex movesets. Our guide focuses on one of these boss fights. We will teach you the most effective way to deal with Zenon and Iron Mask in Soul Hackers 2.

Soul Hackers 2 is the latest game developed by JRPG giant Atlus. They are mostly known for creating the unforgettable and timeless Persona series. Today we will focus on their latest game; we will teach you how to overcome one of the strongest boss fights in our Soul Hackers 2 and how to defeat Zenon and Iron Mask guide. 

Key Highlights
  • Soul Hackers 2 is the sequel to Devil Summoner. The game features the best demons, and players will come across bosses such as Zenon & Iron Mask, R.S. Boss, and Ash.
  • Zenon and Iron Mask are a duo of bosses that players will encounter twice in the game. 
  • First encounter with these bosses will be short. Whereas the second encounter is a proper Shin Megami Tensei battle.
  • It is important to know the bosses’ affinities, resistances and weaknesses in order to defeat them. The affinities and weaknesses of the bosses change in both fights.
  • Zenon is the main hurdle in the first fight, activating a shield to protect Iron Mask and using Contract’s Ward which renders all attacks against him useless.
  • The second fight is at Ozaki Hope Towers, Zenon will change his affinities regularly during the fight, and players must adapt accordingly.
  • Iron Mask will summon backup demons Snake Vouire and Fairy Silky, which are weak to Ruin and Fire respectively.
  • Zenon should be dealt with first as ignoring him can prove fatal.

What Are Zenon & Iron Mask In Soul Hackers 2?

Zenon and Iron Mask bosses Subway
Zenon(left) and Iron Mask(right) as they appear in the game

Iron Mask is a summoner who has already become a fan favorite due to his cool and striking design. He is accompanied by Zenon whenever the player encounters him in the game. The pair has caused a lot of trouble for the party, and fighting them becomes a necessity. 

It is wise to keep in mind that you will encounter these guys twice. One will be a basic introductory battle, and the other will be the real deal. We will cover how to win both of these fights easily.

In Soul Hackers 2, even the easiest boss can kill you if they catch you off-guard. We are here with our Soul Hackers 2 how-to defeat Zenon and Iron Mask guide to help you win against both of these dudes with ease and style.

Moreover, the first battle is fairly short and doesn’t last long. Where things really kick off is the second fight. It is a proper Shin Megami Tensei battle and requires proper thinking and a great strategy to win. 

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How To Defeat Zenon & Iron Mask

To defeat these guys, you will need a proper plan. Using the right demons to your advantage is also necessary, but you need to know their affinities/resistances and weaknesses. If you don’t know which attacks hurt them the most, the fight will be harder and longer.

Their affinities and weaknesses change in both fights, and we will list them accordingly. Utilizing the elements the bosses are weak against can quickly turn the battle tide. Also, be careful if you use something that the boss can repel/reflect on, then you can instantly die from that.

We will go over the affinities and weaknesses of both fights and then will tell you the best possible strategy to overcome both of these challenges. 

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First Fight Resistances & Weaknesses

  • Physical: Neutral
  • Gunfire: Neutral
  • Ice: Resist
  • Fire: Weak
  • Electric: Weak
  • Force: Neutral
  • Ruin: Block/No Effect

Second Fight Resistances & Weaknesses

  • Physical: Dependant 
  • Gunfire: Weak
  • Ice: Neutral
  • Fire: Weak
  • Electric: Dependant
  • Force: Dependant
  • Ruin: Weak

First Fight Strategy

The Two Boss Duo of Soul Hackers 2
The first encounter with the two

The first encounter with the pair will happen when the player reaches Subway Line 14. It is a fairly short battle and just takes place to show off the powers of the deadly master and his creation.

Zenon is the main hurdle during this fight. He has literally no weaknesses. All the affinities and weaknesses that we stated are of his master Iron Mask. He never leaves his master’s side and is always doing his best to protect him.

Furthermore, so during this fight, he activates a shield to protect Iron Mask. The shield blocks all of your attacks and keeps the enemy secure and scratchless. 

Zenon becomes even more of a problem once you deplete 90 percent of his health. He now uses Contract’s Ward, which renders all your attacks against him useless. Now due to Zenon, you can’t beat Iron Mask. He is one great sidekick, that’s for sure.

Moreover, this is just a scripted fight, and our Soul Hackers 2 how to defeat Zenon and Iron Mask guide can’t help you with it. You will just have to wait and get defeated actually to progress further. 

Second Fight Strategy

Iron Mask and Zenon duo pair bosses Soul Hackers 2
The second and final fight with Zenon and Iron Mask

Before you go into the fight, we recommend that you use a diverse range of strong demons. It is mainly because Zenon changes up his affinities regularly during the fight, and you can’t be sure when he turns into something that you might not damage much.

Next up, you will obviously need a great healer. That is compulsory for every tough JRPG fight. We also advise that you stock up on a lot of useful healing items and MP recovering ones. 

When the battle begins at Ozaki Hope Towers, Zenon will be weak to almost every attack. It is now when you hit him with your strongest attacks as much as you can. He will use the Contract’s Ward again, but now it will just change his affinities. 

Moreover, once the affinities are changed, you will, of course, need to adapt accordingly; otherwise, you will be doing minimal or no damage. Zenon switches up his affinities regularly, and that is what makes him an annoying boss to encounter for some gamers. 

While you are busy with Zenon, Iron Mask will be out there just using Divine Power which is weak to gunfire. Once you have reached a certain point in the fight, he will summon his backup demons, Snake Vouire and Fairy Silky. 

You can easily take out both of these. Snake Vouire is weak to Ruin, and Fairy Silky is weak to Fire. Keep hitting them with these attacks, and they will be done very soon. These enemies aren’t anything special. The only one which you should be concerned with is Zenon.

Furthermore, to win the fight, you need to get used to Zenon’s affinity swapping. We highly recommend that you defeat him first and then focus on the others, as ignoring him can prove to be fatal. When you have dealt with him, the rest of the fight becomes far easier. 

Now you can choose to kill the other enemies if they start to annoy you. We would advise against it, but if you want to, then it isn’t going to make that much of a difference. In our Soul Hackers 2 how to defeat Zenon and Iron Mask guide, we are focusing on the most efficient method, and that requires prioritizing Zenon and Iron Mask.

Defeating both Zenon and Iron Mask is compulsory if you want to win the fight. It doesn’t matter if the other demons are alive or dead; once the two main ones go down, the fight ends.

Finishing It Up

And that concludes our Soul Hackers 2 how to defeat Zenon and Iron Mask guide. They are one of the more unique and fun fights in the game. We had a real blast trying to figure out the best possible way to beat them, and we hope you have fun utilizing our method. 

We are enjoying Soul Hackers 2 for what it is. Atlus will obviously keep the justified criticism the game received in mind, which means that they likely won’t mess up the dungeons in the future. Soul Hackers 2 is a hit among JRPG fans as most fans of the genre only want engaging characters in an engaging setting.

Soul Hackers 2 is available on all the mainstream platforms aside from the Nintendo Switch. Most of us at eXputer played Soul Hackers 2 on PC through Steam. The game has been ported well, and it looks gorgeous.

Now we want to know what you think about the game. Did you hate the new dungeons? Who is your favorite character? What are your thoughts on the story? What did you dislike the most? How is the combat? Let us know all about it in the comments section below.

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