Soul Hackers 2 Soul Matrix: Types, Upgrades & More

In our guide we will look into the most vital things you should know about the Soul Matrix in the game.

One of the most confusing elements of the new Soul Hackers 2 game is the Soul Matrix area. While it is very important for the progression of the game, one can not help but feel frustrated. So if you, too, are in this boat, do not fret! In our guide, we will look into all the nitty gritty of the Soul Matrix.

Key Highlights
  • The Soul Matrix area in Soul Hackers 2 is a bonus sub-dungeon that players can explore to progress in the game.
  • It is a unique set of dungeons located in the secret digital base Axis.
  • The Soul Matrix plays a significant role in the game as players form a team of Devil Summoners to navigate the dungeons and protect the world.
  • The Soul Matrix is similar to other dungeons in games like Persona or Shin Megami Tensei.
  • Upgrading a character’s Soul Level is crucial and can be done by choosing the right dialogue choices and participating in hangout events.
  • Every time the player upgrades their soul through discussion, the system lets you know how and whom this upgrade benefits.
  • Players will also face a boss battle at the end of each Soul Matrix dungeon before moving onto the following level.

What Exactly Is Soul Matrix?

Of course, you just are curious about what the area is exactly. Well, the thing is that When they are not making headway within Soul Hackers 2’s main narrative, gamers can choose to explore the bonus Soul Matrix sub-dungeon. In Soul Hackers 2, gamers actually form a team of Devil Summoners and attempt to safeguard the planet by navigating a succession of dungeons.

Axis is a secret digital base located beneath the metropolis where Soul Hackers 2 is set. A unique set of dungeons designed specifically for the group members are contained there. Hence, which is why it is referred to as the Soul Matrix and plays a significant role in the game for a number of reasons.

If you are still confused about what the Soul Matrix is in the Soul Hacker 2 universe, do not worry. An easy way to understand them is to think of them as similar to Tartarus or the Labyrinth of Amala. In fact, these two are perhaps more likened to this dungeon if you have played Persona or Shin Megami Tensei. The resemblance is uncanny!

In the game, there are three different dungeons, each designed for a particular character of Ringo’s group. Hence, as you progress through the floors, you must have each of your teammates reach a sufficient Soul Level, all while also finishing the plot in order to unlock additional levels.

Your squad member will be able to choose from a variety of skills at each door you unlock in the dungeon. It is definitely worthwhile boosting your team up so you can easily fight your foes in the future.

How To Upgrade A Character’s Soul Level 

character's in game upgrade
upgrading a character in the game

We just talked about soul level a few seconds ago. So how does one exactly do that? Although, it might seem a tad bit intimidating at first. It is, in fact, far more simple than you may think! There is only one way to upgrade your Soul Level, so the chances of messing up are less than none.

Firstly, you need to be well aware of what type of conversation will actually help your character grow. In fact, choosing dialogue choices that will help that character during the main narrative is pivotal for an upgrade. Hence, it is important you know your character inside and out.

Secondly, after you do all of that, it is important that you take your character to different hangout events. Keep these two things in mind, and you will be all set!

Almost every time you have the option to raise a Soul Level through discussion, the system will let you know precisely whom it will benefit and to what extent. Furthermore, by accomplishing side missions, venturing into dungeons, conversing with demons, and advancing the plot, you can open up new hangout options.

Different Types Of Upgrades  

You can harness the natural talents of many characters as you unlock the various Soul Link gates. These won’t be damage-dealing skills like Demon powers. However, they might improve their probability of recovering, speed up your addition of items to the pile, or alter the difficulty of navigating dungeons with mapping abilities.


  • VIT Hack 
  • Carmilla’s Echo
  • Coercive Glare
  • Fire Stack
  • Assassin’s Eye
  • Physical Stack
  • Meditative Breath
  • Sublime Massacre
  • Ailment Stack
  • Critical Stack
  • STR Hack+ 


Upgrade NameWhat it does
TraestoIt will lead the player to escape a dungeon and return to the City Map instantly
LUK HackLuk will end up improving by 3.
Optimize ProcessIf skills are used in battle the chance of using MP will reduce.
Electricity StackWhen the player is striking a weakness to Electricity, 1 demon joins the Stack.
Physical StackThe physical skills cause 1 demon to the Stack when striking an enemy’s weakness.
EstomaEnemies 3 levels beneath Ringo will not show up for a specific distance.
Demon Skill Unlock 1 It raises the skill slots for demonic allies by 1.
Recursive ProcessingLow likelihood of starting the turn with one more action.
Initiator Stack If an ally’s Bonus Attack is successful, 1-2 demons are added to the stack.
Demon Skill Unlock 2Increases the skill slots for demonic allies by 1 more.
Critical StackOne demon joins the stack when you land a critical hit. 
VIT Hack+Your VIT goes up by four.
Shortcut CommandShortcut Command reduces the turn cost of commander skills by one.
Weakness Stack+ It increases the likelihood of one demon joining the stack while attacking a weakness


Upgrade NameWhat it does
Adept Healer Strengthens the restorative effect of demons on recon
Int Hack Improves INT by 2
Vengeful OpportunistWhen defending, recover HP a little.
Gunfire StackWhen using gunfire skills to damage an enemy’s weakness,
Wild Uproar Higher EXP bonus 
Ice Stack If there is a weakness to ice one demon is added to the stack.
Treasure HunterDemons on recon may pick up more unique items when they strike an Ice weakness, adding one demon to the stack.
Brotherly Guidance Increases the amount of EXP gained from demonic friends.
Deathblow Stack When an opponent is killed, a new demon is added to the stack.
RiberamaDemons show up more in certain areas.
Critical Stack 1 demon joins the stack when you land a critical hit
LUK Hack+LUK rises by 4.


Upgrade NameWhat it does
STR HackSTR goes up by 2
Thrifty Habits There is a small chance that an object you use in combat won’t be used.
SlowmaSlows the enemy’s mobility over a certain distance,
Force StackOne demon joins the stack when a force vulnerability is struck.
Decadent FeastHP recovery items used in combat have effects that are 1.5 times stronger.
Gunfire Stack Accurate gunfire ass When attacking an enemy’s weakness, deal 1 demon to the stack.
Slick Negotiator Raises the likelihood of obtaining potent Mistiques as gifts.
Recovery StackChance of 1 demon entering the Stack while regaining HP
Critical StackOne demon enters the Stack whenever you land a critical hit.
Freelancer’s WitImproves the chance of a demon recon.

Soul Hackers Soul Matrix Guardians 

soul Matrix's guardians
Soul Guardians in the game.

You will face a boss battle at the conclusion of each protagonist’s Soul Matrix dungeon before you may move on to the following level.


  • Lv 10 Take-Minakata
  • Lv 26 Divine Archangel
  • Lv 40 Herald Sandalphon
  • Lv 56 Kaburagi

Milady’s Soul Matrix Guardians

  • Lv 15 Herald Melchizedek
  • Lv 26 Kurama-Tengu and a Lv 26 Koppa Tengu
  • Lv 40 Fury Asura
  • Lv 56 Summoner Kubaragi

Sazio’s Guardian in Soul Hackers 2

  • Lv 15 Fury Dionysus
  • Lv 26 Fairy Jack-o’-Lantern and Lv 26 Fairy Jack Frost
  • Lv 40 Reaper Chernobog

We hope our guide was able to give you all the details about Soul Matrix in Soul Hackers 2.

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