Splatoon 3: 10 Things Players Want

There are a lot of features that players want such as a better story, new gamemodes, minigames, weapons and a lot more!

After Splatoon 3’s announcement, players have curated a wish list for Nintendo. With hopeful predictions and greedy eyes, fans hope that Splatoon 3 will surpass its predecessors in terms of gameplay, weapons, modes, maps, and other areas. What exactly are fans demanding? Well, here are 10 things players want for Splatoon 3

Key Highlights

  • Players have expectations from Splatoon 3’s release, and they’ve made this list speculating improvements from previous games.
  • Some of the things that players want are:
    • Boss Rush Mode
    • Improved Weapons
    • Amiibo Challenges
    • More Minigames
    • Be able to skip the news
    • Some new multiplayer gamemode
    • A better storyline
  • Splatoon is a player base-driven franchise, and their opinions matter a lot for a game to be successful and enjoyable.

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Boss Rush Mode

This one is pretty understandable. Most fans would like Nintendo to create a fully-fledged side area where players can take out all the bosses. And while they’re at it, they could also introduce Leaderboard so that gamers could compete with one another. 

We’ve already seen the update happen with Hat in Time, where the developers introduced a Boss Rush Mode in a DLC update, and it was an instant hit with the fandom. So, no reason why it shouldn’t work with Splatoon 3

Allowing people to take part in a boss rush mode and compete for the best time would not only foster some healthy competition but also be something similar to Ninji Speedruns in Super Mario Maker 2.

Improved Weapons

Weapons in Splatoon
Weapons from Splatoon 2

If you’ve played Splatoon 2, you know that after completing the story mode, you’re given an incentive to play back all the levels with a specific weapon. And if you do, you get a weapon for your efforts – one that you’re able to use in lobbies. 

And while unlocking a weapon does seem like a nice reward, it may not be entirely worth your hard work. Since the weapon that you just bought is a simple reskin of a lower-leveled weapon. Of course, no one is really happy with it.

To make matters worse, the weapon that you get after clearing the levels won’t even net you the upgraded version from the upgrade area in the story mode. So, fans want a new weapon as their reward, preferably something with more firepower or range. 

They can bring back the feature as long as the weapons they introduce as prizes are not mere bragging rights but hold some actual value. 

Amiibo Challenges

Honestly speaking, Nintendo should have never removed this feature from Splatoon 2. In the original Splatoon, Amiibos were able to provide you with challenges that you could complete with a specific weapon type. 

Completing these challenges would let you play minigames that you could indulge yourself in when waiting for lobbies, along with some gear, music, weapons, and other interesting rewards. 

But for some reason, Nintendo decided to remove the Amiibo functionality in Splatoon 2, and they now do nothing except give players an exclusive piece of clothing. They also allow you to take pictures and save certain outfits, but that doesn’t really make up for it, now does it?

So, for Splatoon 3, players want to see the Amiibos as one of the things that make a comeback with different challenges and a timer to give them that rush. If you’re looking for some challenging games, consider reading: Best Soulsborne Games: All Games Ranked.


splatoon 3 things that players want in the game
Splatoon 1 – Minigames

Speaking of minigames, players want to see more of that in Splatoon 3. Waiting in Splatoon lobbies is easily the worst part of the game, and the only thing that made it bearable was the minigames. 

These were available in Splatoon 1 but not in Splatoon 2. You could shrink the lobby screen and pull up a minigame by pressing a button on your control pad. So, it would definitely be a good idea to bring those back. 

Hopefully, we’ll get to see some new ones along with someone our old favorites. Splatoon 2 did bring something new with Squid Beats that you could play. So, maybe the developers could include Squid Beats as one of the minigames. 

Skip The News

News section
Splatoon – News

We think everyone can agree that we need the news to be skippable. Like, we love Squid Sisters and Off the Hook, but do they absolutely have to read the same information every time the game is done loading, and do we have to listen to it every time?

These new briefings are made mandatory by the developers, but there’s hardly anything important to listen to unless there’s an update or a Splatfest. Most players just button-mash their way through the news. 

Many thought that we’d be saying goodbye to the news with Splatoon 2. But we didn’t. In fact, Nintendo managed to make it even longer. So, with that said, it’d be a good idea to make the news skippable. Not like we’re gonna lose anything?

Or, if the developers don’t want to do that, they could make the news more interesting. Like they could have Off The Hook and Squid Sisters read out impressive players’ achievements. Maybe even advertise upcoming Splatoon 3 tournaments. There are so many options to work with, and we really wish no scratch that; we want the developers to improve on this part of the game. 

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A New Multiplayer Mode

Splatoon 2 did rather well with Salmon Run. The horde survival mode was a new addition to the sequel and an absolute hit among players. Not only was Salmon Run a total joy to play, but it also introduced some new variety to the multiplayer experience, something we didn’t see before. 

Weren’t killing it in ranked? Or feeling the map rotation for some reason? Well, no problem, you could hop on Salmon Run and take on the raving Salmonid hordes. Still, despite receiving considerable admiration from the fandom, Salmon Run might not be making a return. 

Something about the changing attitude towards Salmonids in the game’s lore. So, if Nintendo is not planning to make a comeback with their star mode, they should most definitely look into introducing brand new multiplayer modes.

Another game that will have a great multiplayer is Skate 4! It’ll let you skate around with your friends and pull off various stunts, and you can find out more about it here: Skate 4: Everything We Know So Far.

Remove The Time Limit On Salmon Runs

Salmon Run is easily one of the best modes in Splatoon 2. Gathering a group of four people to take down some nasty salmonoid bosses is nothing but chaotic fun. Apparently, Nintendo was worried that people wouldn’t be able to find matches and so they decided to put a time limit on Salmon Runs, which the entire fandom would agree is plenty annoying. 

Players find it rather easy to find matches in this mode. In fact, we’d be looking at a lot more gamers if Nintendo would make the mode available 24/7. Making someone wait to avail of a service they’re already paying for sounds counterintuitive. 

And so, the biggest thing that players want Nintendo to incorporate in Splatoon 3 is Salmon Runs without the time limit. Hopefully, we’ll see the game mode make a comeback with bigger maps and better bosses. 

A Better Online Experience

things players want from Splatoon 3
Splatoon – Terrible Online Experience

More than the story, it’s the online experience of a game like Splatoon that makes or breaks it. And as we’ve seen with Splatoon 2 and almost every first-party Nintendo game, the company’s online service is complete trash. 

From Smash Bros to Mario Kart, we’ve seen the issue too many times. Having your teammate disconnect in the middle of a match really takes the fun out of it. Not to mention how annoying it gets. 

And so, players want Nintendo to introduce dedicated servers for Splatoon 3. Now, we know it’s a big ask, but it’ll make the whole experience of the game so much better. And it’s really what we’re going for here. 

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New Idols

Of course, with a new game, stuff like new movement mechanics and new weapons are a given. Splatoon 3 is promising us a new pair of musically-inclined cephalopods. Every player wants to know what these music idols will look like or act like. What will the backstory be? And will they even be cephalopods?

Or are we getting some new idols from a different species this time? In Splatoon 2, Callie and Marie took center stage in the single-player adventure, while Marina and Pearl were given the spotlight in Octo Expansion. 

So, will we see these idols again? Or does Nintendo have something else planned? Of course, most fans want it to be the latter. We love the old guys, but with new idols, things would be even more exciting. 

Give Us A Better Story

Splatoon 2 was a vast improvement over the original game. However, regarding the story mode, we’d say it wasn’t all that great. Most fans would agree that the story of the game felt a little like a tutorial. 

Octo Expansion kind of made up for it, but it was a paid DLC that was released way after the game came out. And considering how short it was, players weren’t really satisfied in that department. And so, we want a better story mode. Hopefully, one that makes up for the game’s inadequacies.

We did see the Mammalians make a comeback in the Splatoon 3 trailer. The jury’s still out on how to pronounce that name. And so, it does seem like the developers are going in this direction. We got to see a barren world, and this species seems to be at the center of it all. 

From that vast desert, we can safely assume that the story is set to be very open and explorative. So, maybe we do get what we want? Or maybe we shouldn’t get our hopes up considering what Nintendo did with Breath of the Wild. 

With that, we wrap up with the things that players want from Splatoon 3! Hopefully, the developers will listen to the fans and come up with something amazing! 

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