Splatoon 3 Bosses: Strategy & How To Defeat

The Splatoon 3 Bosses Guide will make the Bosses simpler to tackle and assist players to comprehend everything about the bosses.

The bosses in Splatoon 3 have intricate combat techniques and may do insane amounts of damage. Without the correct information and preparation, going up against them may be devastating. For this reason, we are here, and in this guide, we will provide you with all the information you want regarding each of the Splatoon 3 bosses.

Key Highlights

  • In total, there are 5 bosses that you will be fighting: Big Man, Frye, Mr.Grizz, Shiver, and Dj Octavio.
  • There are 5 attack patterns of Dj Octavio:
    • Projectile fists
    • occasionally fly around
    • Trajectory Drill attacks.
    • He will jump out of his Mech twice.
    • He will whistle, and you have to throw small fry in there.
  • The Big Man boss is the hardest, its attack patterns being:
    • He will be in underground form to be shot at.
    • Avoid the Ink Bombs it throws at you.
    • Beware of Ink Bombs at phase 2. They are lethal.
    • In phase 3, he will throw missiles at you, which are tricky to avoid.
  • The attack patterns of Shiver are:
    • Firstly you have to shoot the shark around you.
    • Watch out for the shark’s slice attack.
    • In phase 2, the shark gets a tornado to form. It will attack in a big AOE line. 
    • In phase 3, the stage gets smaller, and you have to be more attentive as attacks are much more frequent.
  • These are the attack patterns of Frye:
    • Shoot the eels in the first phase, then spray the box, climb it and shoot Frye.
    • In phase 2, shoot the eels below the box, then again climb the box and shoot Frye.
    • In phase 3, many eels will charge at you, so your special abilities will kill the rest.
  • Mr. Grizz is the final boss, and its attack patterns are quite complicated, but the main gist is to attack the holes in the chest of Mr.Grizz after he is exhausted.

We advise concentrating on ink-slinging weapons that deal primarily with quick damage. Fast, damaging, and striking weapons are required to immediately escape after splattering Ink at the adversary.

The most crucial thing is to move constantly, so you don’t get hit and take damage. Tips on easily surviving all of the bosses listed below are also included in the Splatoon 3 Bosses Guide. There are five bosses in Splatoon 3.

  • Big Man
  • Frye
  • Mr.Grizz
  • Shiver
  • Dj Octavio

Let’s start with our Splatoon 3 Bosses Guide without any further ado.

Big Man

Splatoon 3 Bosses Big Man

Big Man, a manta ray, is usually dark gray but has a grayish-white covering on its face, stomach, wings, and tail. His wings are likewise splat-shaped. His look is human-like because he seems to be standing on the cephalic fins, which are a set of legs and feet.

Big Man’s cat-like lips are similar to Judd’s, and he has large eyes with crescent-like pupils, although he appears to be grinning. During a splatfest, Big Man excels.

In addition, between his lips and eyes, in which a manta ray’s eyeballs would normally be, it appears that he is wearing what appears to be a red-painted bone attached to thread. He is the fourth boss in the storyline.

Big Man and, Shiver, Frye all make an appearance in the solo mode when they first try to battle Agent 3 and the team for loot. Big Man, who seems to be the group’s rapper, introduces himself in a lighthearted way while employing slang, puns involving fish, and boasting about being rich.

He is the happiest and nearly always grinning member of the gang. He is also the friendliest as he cheerfully holds up the tv for Frye and Shiver during the news.

Especially when he seeks loot to donate to those who are poor and feels he must battle for that too, he doesn’t wish to fight and does it reluctantly. He seems ecstatic about his friends’ accomplishments, frequently agrees with them, and appears to allow them to take center stage.

How Can You Defeat Big Man?

This huge manta ray is doing damage under the ring. Players will need to splat the ink at Big Man as he slides and slides lower. Players must keep doing the same action since shooting Big Man will cause him to split into several little duplicates.

Whenever Big Man ascends above the ring, players will have to utilize all of their strength to defeat him. Make use of his flaws. The following stage involves raising platforms and missiles.

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You may defeat this difficult Splatoon 3 Boss when Big Man eventually rises from the dirt for the last time after evading these rockets and continuing to blast him.


Splatoon 3 Bosses Frye

Frye is an Inkling with dark brown skin. Her eyes are dazzling gold and have orange pupils that resemble a cross. Additionally, she has eyelashes. Her finger and toe tips have a bright purple color. Her hair is two golden tentacles with a lock down the left side, near her left eye.

She has an orange hat on. Frye has golden, trapezoidal eyebrows. She has eel teeth earrings on the left side of her long, pointed ears that are pierced three times. Frye loves to dance and is often vivacious and expressive. When fighting her employer, she compares her actions to dances.

She is also quite energetic and speaks with very exaggerated body language. She admits that she likes banditry more than her everyday job as a news anchor, though, and when she tells Agent 3’s team this, she becomes irritated when they don’t act afraid.

Frye jokes that she wants to take the attention of Marie and Callie while they are in hero mode because she appears to like being in the spotlight as well.

How Can You Defeat Frye?

If you learn what to do, this battle shouldn’t be too challenging, although dodging Frye’s eels’ assaults might be challenging. They may attack you in a variety of ways, so practice evading their approaches and hiding in the ink when they come close.

Frye will deploy all of her eels during the initial phase, and they will primarily float around and stare at you before striking. A handful of the eels have black masks covering their eyes if you look closely. Send these eels falling back into Frye by smacking them.

Frye will be stunned, so swim toward the highest point of the block with your ink and splat ink toward her until the second phase starts. Be careful to avoid Frye’s block in phase two since it will rotate in your direction. She’ll send her eels out again, but this time, when they get close to you, they’ll circle quickly around her barrier.

If you allow it to come too close, this might be quite harmful. Shoot the eels around the block with ink to get rid of them all, then repeat the process by swimming up to the top to shoot Frye. The third and final stage is the most difficult. The eels gather in a swarm and circle the platform.

Due to their vast number, they might be challenging to avoid, so take care to avoid them. If you haven’t previously utilized your special attack, now is the moment to do so; when the swarm of eels is about to rush directly into you, press L3 to kill a large number of them.


Splatoon 3 Bosses Mr.Grizz

Mr. Grizz is the owner of Grizzco. He is responsible for managing, directing, and training his employees. Before allowing them to play the game online, he greets them upon their arrival in the Salmon Run Questline and gives them two lessons on how to defeat each Boss Salmonid.

If the player arrives before Level 4, Mr. Grizz will discover that they are a beginner and prevent them from entering Salmon Run since they will be a “burden.”

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Mr. Grizz periodically shows the player how to use his unusual weapons, the Grizzco Weapons, as well as advice on how to deal with every circumstance that comes in the game. After each round, he also congratulates the player and evaluates how the player did.

The major antagonist in Splatoon 3’s “Return of the Mammalians” campaign is Mr. Grizz, who builds a giant rocket to spread Fuzzy Ooze throughout the planet. He doesn’t come up until the conclusion of the story when he is depicted as a huge bear with gleaming white eyes and an expressionless face.

In Splatoon 3, it is revealed that Mr. Grizz is the main enemy in the single-player campaign Return of the Mammalians. In this game, he kidnaps Cuttlefish and takes the Great Zapfish while also dispersing the Fuzzy Ooze to bring the planet back into balance.

He dehydrates Cuttlefish to do this before entering the Fuzzy Ooze-filled rocket, claiming that he needs “the vessel, the spirit, and the wisdom of centuries.”

How Can You Defeat Mr.Grizz?

Although this large fluffy ball might seem charming, he is rather hazardous. Players will follow and encircle Mr. Grizz as he soars through space. Getting all the eggs will allow you to come up close to Mr. Grizz as you grow closer.

The whole rocket will be covered by pointed missiles launched by Mr. Grizz. Get prepared to sneak between them as they charge toward you in a leaping motion. Pay attention to the parts of his tummy that are weak. When you are firing certain regions, a popup will appear telling players to throw a small number of fries at the area.

This won’t kill him yet, but it will cause some damage. Players must continue the procedure as the bear grows more and more enraged. Mr. Grizz will roam all about the missile a few more times, so players will need to navigate dangerous areas to catch him.

The Octobot King must be controlled by players in the next stage of this boss battle. We suggest that you focus on his weak spots! Do this repeatedly until Mr. Grizz is defeated.



Shiver is a pale Octoling featuring thin, red lips, red eyes with light-red eyes styled like an infinity symbol, two lashes without the mask-like black mark most people of her kind have, red eye makeup below her lids, and red-tinted fingers.

Her triangular eyebrows and blue-purple tentacles with darker ends which flip at the ends to conceal the left eye, have the same shape as other Octolings’ triangular fangs and ears. With shark tooth earrings, she has three piercings in each ear.

Shiver is secretive and is said to be “cold-blooded,” mostly coming off as laid-back and unconcerned, yet a merciless combatant who frequently breaks out an evil chuckle. She is a master at using a fan, and she changed from a shark mask to a fan extremely rapidly.

Shiver may be snobbish and likes making fun of her other newscasters, notably Big Man. While attacking Agent 3, she loses her cool-headed exterior and becomes irritated with both Agent 3 and her companion shark, Master Mega. She also teases Agent 3 by sticking her tongue out.

How Can You Defeat Shiver?

Shiver and her shark companion swim around the outside of the ring, launching missiles at the players. Ignore them, but also use caution since after springing out of the water, she will fly all around the arena. Also, be on the lookout for her underhanded attacks.

If you’ve done enough damage, Shiver will get stuck inside the ring. Players need to take advantage of her unfortunate situation by firing continuously.

Her tornado will be her next move, sending the pet shark flying around the arena in all directions. They will get ready for their next attack as they go from tornado to tornado. Shiver will launch a massive water blast at the players, doing lethal damage.

After receiving enough hits from players, she will move back to the middle of the ring. Follow these instructions until she is defeated.

Dj Octavio

Dj Octavio

In contrast to the majority of Octarians, DJ Octavio resembles an entire octopus rather than its dismembered tentacles. His tentacles have a dull red-violet hue, and there are darker spots surrounding his eyes. He always seems to be in a rage. When he is unhappy, his eyes seem to be even more downcast and angered.

He wears a huge, gold kabuto-style helmet with an octopus-shaped insignia on the front, while one of his tentacles has a gigantic, green wound in the shape of an X that is typically crossed on each side of him.

First met boss DJ Octavio is engaged in combat with Agent 3 over just confusion over who took the Great Zapfish. Before the earth gives way under his mech, Cuttlefish, and Agent 3, Octavio claims that he did not steal the Great Zapfish throughout this event and that someone took his Octarian army after being destroyed.

How Can You Defeat Octavio?

This metal menace will need to be blasted away as it moves in your direction. Aim your ink toward DJ’s fists while being mindful of dodging his drill punch. The drill punch will have enough of time for players to splatter it up and return it before it sinks into the ground.

After suffering a few blows, Octavio will emerge from his turntable, allowing players to land a few blows on the monster. Then he’ll start utilizing an “ink vac” while returning in his metallic armor. Players must take care to prevent him from absorbing all of the ink.

That was all for our Splatoon 3 Bosses Guide. Which Splatoon 3 boss did you find to be the hardest in this Guide? Let us know about them in the comments box below.

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