4 BEST Splatoon 3 Emotes & How To Unlock

This guide covers what Splatoon 3 Emotes

Splatoon 3 features funky graphics and has also featured some New Splatoon 3 Maps and fun emotes. Emotes are important for communication among the players, so we have discussed Splatoon 3 Best Emotes in this guide.

Key Takeaways
  • Emotes in Splatoon 3 are a convenient way to be able to communicate with other players by showing your emotions through emotes.
  • Although the game gives you some emotes initially, you can get more by leveling up and buying from the store.
  • Some of the best emote in Splatoon 3 are The Flip Out Emote, The Lowdown Emote, and Macarena Emote.

What Are Emotes In Splatoon 3

Emotes in Splatoon 3
What Are Emotes In Splatoon 3

Splatoon 3, like many other multiplayer games, allows players to express themselves using emoticons. The feature of the new franchise now enables players to make the most of these emoticons. 

Splatoon 3 allows players to get their hands on many emoticons to make the gameplay more interesting. These emoticons become the source of user communication and interaction. If you want to make your gaming experience worthwhile, you must get your hands on these emoticons. 

Summary of the best 4 emotes: 

Emote name Discription How to unlock
Flip Out Your character does a backflip and lands on their feet.Level up to 10.
LowdownYour character does a cool slide move.Level up to 20.
MacarenaYour character performs the famous Macarena dance.Purchase from the store for 10,000 coins.
DabYour character does the popular dab dance move.Purchase from the store for 10,000 coins

How To Get Emotes 

You need to remember that all these emoticons will not be available from the start. Although players will have access to one emote as soon as they enter the game, getting hands on all the emoticons is a bit unclear process.

We have covered this guide to help you know how to get Splatoon 3 emotes. Follow the steps mentioned below to get your hands on these emotes and enjoy smooth gameplay.

Reach Level 4

The first step to getting emotes in Splatoon 3 is to reach level 4, which requires extensive playtime. There are two ways that you can follow to level up faster in order to reach level 4.

  • Grab XP Boosting items in the “Crab n Go” shop.
  • Play a fair amount of online matches, especially Anarchy Battles.

Your main focus should be your player’s rank, as the higher the player rank, the more XP they will earn for the next level. You can consider this step a pre-requisite for getting emotes, so you should try your best to reach level 4 without any further delay. 

Reach The Store

How to get emotes
Reach The Store

Once you have reached level 4, you will press X when you are in Splatsville. This step will give you access to the map, which will have an option of a general store for fast traveling. The store is known as Hotlantis, where you will be introduced to a character named Harmony. 

Harmony will provide you with your first catalog, which will serve as a free battle pass. This catalog will help you earn various rewards, including emotes. These catalogs are the latest franchise entry and are supposed to reward players with various in-game items. 

Earn Catalog Points

The catalog will give you access to the emotes. However, you need to earn catalog points to make your way up in the tier. The only way you will be able to earn these catalog points is by queuing up for the online matches.

No matter if the match is normal or ranked, it will grant you catalog points. A good thing about catalog points is that you do not need to win the match every time to earn these points. 

It does not matter if you win or lose; you will be rewarded with three catalog points at the end of every match. A tip here is to win one match per day. Continuously losing the matches will reduce the number of points you get at the end of the matches.

Best Emotes In Splatoon 3

Now that you have understood how to unlock all the emotes in the game, it is time to have a look at the Splatoon 3 Best Emotes.

Dab Emote 

Dab Emote in Splatoon 3
Dab Emote In Splatoon 3

The dab emotes are an excellent emote to show off at the end of the victory. You can also use this emote at the end of the Salmon Run session. You need to know that it is not easy to get the dab to emote in Splatoon 3, as it is one of the last rewards you will get from a battle pass. 

The emote itself is free and costs you nothing but the amount of time and effort it requires to make it a tough call. However, having this emote will make you express your victory differently than other players.

How To Get The Dab Emote 

The dab emote is one of the new emote features that are introduced in Splatoon 3. Many players are already trying to get their hands on it and the best part about this is that you can unlock it quite easily. If you level up your catalog to level 98 you will automatically unlock the Dab mode for your character in the game. 

Macarena Emote

Macarena Emote has a lot of importance in the game, as Macarena and Dab Emote is considered to be the stand-out emotes of Splatoon 3. The Macarena dance is the same dance from the 90s that was famous all over the world.

Splatoon 3 already offers a fair share of customization options to the players, and adding these dance moves is surely a hilarious addition to the customization. Macarena is a great emoticon that you can use during interactions.

There have been various things that players like to believe regarding Macarena, including its survival after the extinction of humanity, its absurdity to endure through the years, or its discovery by examination of human relics.

All these comments were based on Splatoon 3’s story, where humans have gone extinct in the post-apocalyptic era. You must not be too old to recognize Macarena’s dance move, but this is all you need to know about it. 

How  To Get The Macarena Emote 

The macarena emote is available for octolings and inklings to use.  

Macarena Emote
Macarena Emote In Splatoon 3

The Lowdown Emote 

The Lowdown is one of the best emotes in Splatoon 3, and the great thing about it is you get it for free. The move in this emoticon is a spin that is followed by hitting a pose. You will show off this move at the end of the match to express your victory.

How To Get The Lowdown Emote 

The lowdown emote is fairly easy to unlock as you won’t require a high level for it. By reaching Level 3 in your catalog you will be able to unlock the lowdown emote easily. 

Flip Out Emote

Another great emote in Splatoon 3 is Flip Out Emote. You will get this emote for free, and it involves jumping and then spinning your guns. You can customize these emoticons by clicking on the emotes tab. Moreover, you need to upgrade your catalog to get more emoticons like these. 

New Emotes 

You will be able to access new emotes when new catalogs are available to Harmony at Hotlantis. These will be available in the game after every 3 months, so you can try accessing the different ones to customize your gaming experience. 

How To Get The Flip Out Emote 

You don’t need to complete any missions or reach a certain level in order to unlock the flip-out emote. The mode will be available from the start of the game. It is one of the first default emotes in the game and any end pose you do by using the mode will be different depending upon the weapon you are using at that time. 


Splatoon 3 offers various customized features to the players so that they can have an amazing in-game experience. Emotes are an essential part of the game’s communication that you can use during your interactions with other players. You will be getting only one to emote at the start of the game, and you will be required to unlock the rest by following the steps mentioned in the guide above. 

If you are a beginner in the game, our Splatoon 3 Beginners guide will give you a head start in the game. The game features the Best Character Of Splatoon 3, and you can also Change The Appearance or Hair Color of these characters. 

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