10 BEST Splatoon 3 Sub Weapons

Our Splatoon 3 best Sub Weapons guide breaks down the top 10 sub weapons players should start using to dominate PvP mode in the game.

In the Splatoon series of video games, secondary weapons are referred to as sub-weapons. They use more ink than a primary weapon, and as a result, they are typically reserved for unique reasons that are restricted to certain battle circumstances. Because of this, they are not typically utilized as the primary way of coloring the environment. That is why we have listed 10 Splatoon 3 best sub weapons players should start using in the battle.

Key Takeaways
  • Splatoon 3 also has a function where you can use your secondary weapon if your primary weapon runs out of ammo.
  • When ink remains in the sub-weapon, it will be indicated with a red light and a sound effect.
  • The sub-weapon can either be deployed, thrown, or even be used by holding down R and aiming if it is throwable.
  • Some of the best sub-weapons are Ink Mine, Suction Bomb, Splash wall, Sprinkler, and Burst Bomb.
  • All of these sub-weapons depend on what suits your playstyle best and in what scenario it can be used.
  • You can check the rest of the guide below for more information about these weapons and even more sub-weapons.

You can deploy sub-weapons by pressing the R button. If the secondary weapon can be thrown, holding down the R button will cause a trajectory to be shown to assist the player in aiming the weapon. In the event that the secondary weapon cannot be thrown, it will be positioned on the ground.

Because sub-weapons use a significant amount of ink, it is possible that it will be essential to check the supply of ink before and after a sub-weapons deployment. A sound effect will run, and a red light will illuminate the ink tank when there is an adequate ink supply to use a sub-weapon. When this occurs, the user can use the sub-weapon.

Let us have a look at the stats comparison between the Best Sub Weapons in Splatoon 3:

WeaponDirect Hit DamageBase DurationSplash DamageInk Consumption Required Level
Burst Bomb
Ink Mine
45.0Bomb: Infinite
Tracking: 5 seconds
Suction Bomb180.02 seconds interaction with the surface leads to explosion30.070%3.0
Autobomb180.02.2 seconds30.055%N/A
Splash Wall30 every half second7 secondsN/A60%5.0
Toxic MistN/A5 secondsN/A60%N/A
Angle Shooter35.0Tracking: 6 seconds
AOE: 2 seconds
Sprinkler20.0Low Power: Infinite
Mid Power: 15 seconds
High Power: 5 seconds
Fizzy Bomb50.0N/A35.060%N/A

Burst Bomb

burst bomb Splatoon 3 sub weapon
TypeDirect Hit DamageMin. Explosive DamageSplash DamageInk consumption
Sub weapon 60253540%

The user’s ink will alter the color of their Burst Bombs, which are sphere-shaped balloons, to alter. They are black with white stripes running horizontally across them, and the tops are knotted in a way that leaves the ends jutting out.

The Burst Bombs that Agent 3 used in Octo Valley feature an ink color that is a much darker variant of Agent 3’s ink color. Additionally, these Burst Bombs have horizontal lights running across them rather than white lines, and they are attached with a clip instead of a knot. The level of an upgrade causes a change in the hue of the lights.

Burst Bombs are sphere-shaped balloons that are loaded with ink and are designed to burst on impact with any surface, such as a wall or floor. They produce less damage than Splat Bombs and Suction Bombs due to the lower amount of ink that is used by each.

Players have access to an explosion that is quite small and does not pack a significant punch; nonetheless, these bombs may be fired several times without using up an excessive amount of ink.

Ink Mine

ink mine Splatoon 3 sub weapon
TypeDirect Hit DamageBase DurationSplash DamageInk consumption
Sub weapon 45Tracking: 5 sec3560%

Ink Mines explode when an enemy goes too near, the mine is scribbled over, or if the player who put it sets two additional mines. Ink Mine is very useful, and that is why we have entailed it in our Splatoon 3 Best Sub Weapons list.

After it has been installed, the Ink Mine is completely hidden from the other players. To the user and the user’s teammates, the Ink Mine seems to be a collection of spherical black dots placed in a circular pattern.

Additionally, some dots carrying the team’s ink color float in the air around it, giving the illusion that it is surrounded by more dots. The region surrounding the Ink Mine emits a brilliant light once it is triggered, and this continues until the mine detonates.

The Ink Mine will detonate into a cloud of ink if any player from the opposing team steps on it or approaches it while it is active. The Ink Mine will detonate after a certain amount of time, even if no foes have approached it during that time. In addition to that, it detonates if it is coated in the ink of the adversary.

Suction Bomb

suction bomb splatoon 3
TypeDirect Hit DamageBase DurationSplash DamageInk consumption
Sub weapon 180Explodes after 2 seconds it3070%

The Splatoon series includes a secondary weapon known as the Suction Bomb. Suction Bombs may be launched and will attach themselves to almost any surface, including the ceiling and the walls. After two seconds, they blow up in a cloud of ink with a loud bang.

Suction Bombs are devices that strongly resemble spray paint cans but have a suction cup attached to the end of the can’s nozzle instead of a paintbrush. The color of the bomb adjusts itself to match the color of the player’s ink.

There are a few dots on the suction cup and the color of those dots changes based on the color of the player’s ink. On the side of the can are two dots that are white on the outside and black on the interior. These dots resemble eyes. There is some Inkling writing written on the body of the explosive.

Given standard conditions, the cost of using a Suction Bomb is identical to that of using a Splat Bomb; it consumes 70% of the player’s ink supply. In addition, it will instantly detonate if it comes into touch with the protection of the Rainmaker or a Splash Wall.


autobomb splatoon 3
TypeDirect Hit DamageBase DurationSplash DamageInk consumption
Sub weapon1802.5 seconds3055%

When the bomb is poised to detonate, the sensor gives up a bright light. The back of the pen has a propeller that adapts its hue to match the ink being used by the user. The “toes” change color to match the user’s tattoo, while the legs are a dark gray hue and are linked to the sides of the torso.

The black and white Autobombs employed by Agent 4 in Octo Canyon each have a raised blue part that is colored blue for the sensor. The “toes” have a golden hue to them. Autobomb should always be used with planning as its effectiveness is amazing. Considering all of it, we think this sub has an excellent addition to Splatoon 3 Best Sub Weapons category. 

Seekers from Splatoon are similar to Autobombs in this regard. In contrast to Seekers, however, they are tossed rather than rolled, do not leave a trail of ink behind them, and are able to modify the direction in which they travel freely.

After being tossed, Autobombs will seek out and automatically proceed towards any opposing players that are nearby, as shown by the circle that will display after the Autobomb has landed. This pursuit will continue for a considerable amount of time.

Splash Wall

splash wall splatoon 3
TypeBase DamageBase DurationSplash DamageInk consumption
Sub weapon30 per half sec7 secondsNone60%

The primary component of the Splash Wall is a slim, tall pole that has an ink tank in the midsection. At the very bottom of the pole is a little circular base, and at the very top of the pole is a bar that projects forth from each of the pole’s sides.

After the Splash Wall has been activated in any of the games, the ink will start to leak out of the bars, and the ink tank in the center will start to empty. The color of the ink that is contained inside the ink tank, as well as the ink that is expelled from the bars, will vary depending on the user.

It is still possible for it to splat, but only if the amount of damage caused is sufficient for it to do so. Additionally, it is possible to toss it when a wall is already operational, which will result in the destruction of the wall that was erected earlier.

When you use a Splash Wall, there is a 2.67-second cooldown period before you may replenish your ink supply again. Because of this refill penalty and the fact that the wall uses up 60% of the ink supply, it is vital to employ skills that deal with ink management.

Toxic Mist

toxic mist splatoon 3
TypeBase DurationMin. Explosive DamageSplash DamageInk consumption
Sub weapon5 secondsNoneNone60%

The container that makes up the Toxic Mist sub weapon may be used to spray the liquid of a certain creature as a mist. The opponents that are trapped in the mist go more slowly and have somewhat less ink available to them. The greater the amount of time an adversary spends in the mist, the more powerful the impact.

When hurled, Toxic Mist creates a cloud of fog that encircles a certain region. A foggy environment causes opponents to move more slowly and suffer a gradual loss of ink. The overall usage of Toxic Mist makes it a top-tier contender in Splatoon 3 Best Sub Weapons list, and you should master it.

Players who remain in the fog for an extended period of time suffer more severe consequences. Even with the high-capacity ink tank that is included with the Splattershot Jr., it takes the Toxic Mist around 8.33 seconds to empty a full ink tank after it has been loaded. Before it completely clears off of the stage, the fog hangs around for roughly 5.13 seconds.

Angle Shooter

angle shooter splatoon 3 sub weapon
TypeBase DurationBase DamageSplash DamageInk consumption
Sub weapon35
  • Tracking: 6 sec
  • AOE: 2 sec

A highlighter comes to mind when I look at the Angle Shooter. The Nouveau logo, as well as some additional Inkling content, are printed on the label that is draped around the Angle Shooter. As is the case with the Point Sensor, adversaries who are identified by the Angle Shooter are surrounded by a transparent black arrow and connected to the user through a line of the user’s ink color; nevertheless, the user is the only one who can see the line.

The Angle Shooter fires a fast-moving projectile that moves in a straight line and looks to be able to bounce off any barrier until it achieves its maximum travel distance and then vanishes, momentarily setting behind a line of ink that does damage to adversaries who come into contact with it.

When an enemy is struck by the Angle Shooter or its trail, they are marked in a manner very similar to that of the Point Sensor. This enables the user to notice those enemies even when there are obstacles in the way. It is not apparent whether or not the user’s colleagues will also be able to view this tag.


sprinkler splatoon 3
TypeBase DamageBase DurationSplash DamageInk consumption
Sub weapon20
  • High-power: 5 sec
  • Mid-power: 15 sec

In the Splatoon series, a sub weapon known as the Sprinkler may be used. It makes a staggering motion as it pours ink around itself in the form of a circular ring. It is possible to hurl it onto almost any surface, including ones that are turned completely sideways.

Sprinklers are most powerful when used in areas that are obscured from view or are difficult to access. A few examples of these consist on top of crates, leaning against walls, or hanging from things above the stage. Without the time constraints of a fight, it is much simpler to discover useful spots on a stage to place Sprinklers while you are exploring it in Recon mode.

In the event that an adversary attempts to sneak up on you and strike, placing a Sprinkler right at your feet may buy you some time to respond. Sprinklers that are positioned on or near the Tower in Tower Control may provide the user and their allies some degree of shelter from enemy fire.

Sprinklers, much like Squid Beakons, have the ability to be improvised into light shields in a hurry, absorbing part of the user’s damage in their stead. Sprinklers, much like Beakons, serve the purpose of luring in other players so that the player may ambush them while they are attempting to destroy the Sprinkler.


torpedo splatoon 3
TypeDirect Hit DamageDroplets DamageSplash DamageInk consumption
Sub weapon60123565%

The Torpedo is an ink container made of transparent plastic and has a nozzle that can be sealed back up. The new and improved Torpedo takes its inspiration from the one-time-use soy sauce packages in the form of fish that Kikkoman made famous. The front of the device is fashioned like the nozzle that may be used to reseal these packets, while the body of the weapon contains fish scales, fins, and eyeballs.

The pre-expansion projectile features a black circle at the bottom that, after the weapon is activated, changes into a propeller and spins the projectile forward. Torpedo is by far the Best Sub Weapon in Splatoon 3, and players should learn how to use it best in various situations.

It is a weapon in the form of a bomb that, when thrown in the vicinity of a rival, changes shape and directs its explosion towards the adversary before exploding on contact and spewing ink in the area surrounding the explosion. Attacks may be used to destroy torpedoes that opponents have hurled at you by delivering twenty points of damage to them.

Following the player’s toss, the ink will spread out under their feet. While still in the air, if an adversary is near the Torpedo, it will halt in midair and change forms. After it has reached its maximum size, it will begin to move forward at a sluggish pace until bursting on contact with an adversary, a wall, or the ground.

An explosion caused by the torpedo will deliver 60 damage if it hits you directly, and each of the droplets will do an extra 12 damage to you individually. The droplets have the potential to strike up to three times, with a maximum damage of 96. The explosion has an inking range that is somewhat greater than that of a Suction Bomb, and the droplets that are produced will also ink the ground.

Fizzy Bomb

fizzy bomb splatoon 3
TypeDirect Hit DamageMin. Explosive DamageSplash DamageInk consumption
Sub weapon50None3560%

It would seem that the Fizzy Bomb is a soda can that has some metal wrapped around it. The can itself has the Fizzy logo in addition to a straightforward bubble design, and its color changes to correspond with the color of the user’s ink. The metal is fastened to the can’s top and bottom and is also secured to a belt that goes around the circumference of the can.

When the can is shaken, it causes the can to inflate, and a clicking sound may be heard at the same time. This is likely the belt expanding along with the can. When the Fizzy Bomb has been charged to its full potential, the can will begin to glow.

A bomb known as the Fizzy Bomb is one that contains unique carbonated ink. Keep holding R to build up your strength, and then let go with up to three separate explosions. You may build your power up more quickly by shaking the controller, moving the Stick, or mashing the buttons.

The Fizzy Bomb is a sub weapon of the Bomb kind that is capable of detonating several times in rapid succession. By depressing and holding the R button, the user is able to charge it up and increase the number of times it detonates. Each explosion causes the bomb to move forward a fraction of an inch.


A special weapon, the main weapon, and a sub weapon are the three essential types that Inklings bring into splat fights with them. Since we were already aware that Splatoon 3 would be reintroducing all of the previously used weaponry in the series, we can clearly see many famous subs returning to the game.

Players need to make intelligent use of all three in order to dominate player vs player situations since each one serves a unique purpose and has a unique strategy.

This brings our Splatoon 3 best sub weapons guide to an end. Which is your sub weapon so far in the game? Share your opinion with us in the comments box below.

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