THE 10 BEST Splatoon 3 Sub Weapons

Our Splatoon 3 best Sub Weapons guide breaks down the top 10 sub weapons players should start using to dominate PvP mode in the game.

In the Splatoon series of video games, secondary weapons are referred to as sub-weapons. They use more ink than a primary weapon, so they are typically reserved for unique reasons that are restricted to certain battle circumstances. Because of this, they are not typically utilized as the primary way of coloring the environment. That is why we have listed 10 Splatoon 3 best sub weapons players should use in the battle.

Key Takeaways
  • Splatoon 3 has a function where you can use your secondary “Sub weapon” if your primary weapon runs out of ammo.
  • When ink remains in the sub-weapon, it will be indicated with a red light and a sound effect.
  • The sub-weapon can be deployed, thrown, or even used by holding down R and aiming if it is throwable.
  • Some of the best sub-weapons are Ink Mine, Suction Bomb, Splash Wall, Sprinkler, and Burst Bomb.
  • These sub-weapons depend on what suits your playstyle best and in what scenario it can be used.

Splatoon 3 Best Sub Weapons And Comparison

WeaponDirect Hit DamageBase DurationSplash DamageInk Consumption Required Level
Burst Bomb
Ink Mine
45.0Bomb: Infinite
Tracking: 5 seconds
Suction Bomb180.02 seconds interaction with the surface leads to explosion30.070%3.0
Autobomb180.02.2 seconds30.055%N/A
Splash Wall30 every half second7 secondsN/A60%5.0
Toxic MistN/A5 secondsN/A60%N/A
Angle Shooter35.0Tracking: 6 seconds
AOE: 2 seconds
Sprinkler20.0Low Power: Infinite
Mid Power: 15 seconds
High Power: 5 seconds
Fizzy Bomb50.0N/A35.060%N/A

Burst Bomb

burst bomb Splatoon 3 sub weapon
TypeDirect Hit DamageMin. Explosive DamageSplash DamageInk consumption
Sub weapon 60253540%
  • User ink alters Burst Bomb color – black with white stripes, knotted tops.
  • Agent 3’s Octo Valley Burst Bombs: darker ink, horizontal lights (upgradeable hue), attached with clips.
  • Sphere-shaped ink-filled bombs burst on impact with less damage than Splat/Suction Bombs.
  • Small explosions, low ink consumption, fired repeatedly.

Ink Mine

ink mine Splatoon 3 sub weapon
TypeDirect Hit DamageBase DurationSplash DamageInk consumption
Sub weapon 45Tracking: 5 sec3560%

Ink Mines explode near enemies when scribbled over or with two more mines. Hidden from foes, they appear as spherical black dots in a circular pattern with team-colored dots floating around. The surrounding area emits light when triggered, exploding upon enemy contact, timer, or enemy ink coverage.

Suction Bomb

suction bomb splatoon 3
TypeDirect Hit DamageBase DurationSplash DamageInk consumption
Sub weapon 180Explodes after 2 seconds it3070%

The Splatoon series includes a secondary weapon known as the Suction Bomb. Suction Bombs may be launched and attach themselves to almost any surface, including the ceiling and the walls. After two seconds, they blow up in a cloud of ink with a loud bang.

There are a few dots on the suction cup and the color of those dots changes based on the color of the player’s ink. Given standard conditions, the cost of using a Suction Bomb is identical to that of using a Splat Bomb; it consumes 70% of the player’s ink supply. In addition, it will instantly detonate if it comes into touch with the protection of the Rainmaker or a Splash Wall.


autobomb splatoon 3
TypeDirect Hit DamageBase DurationSplash DamageInk consumption
Sub weapon1802.5 seconds3055%

When the bomb is set to detonate, the sensor emits a bright light. The pen’s back features a propeller that matches the user’s ink color, and the “toes” change to match the user’s tattoo. The legs are dark gray and connected to the torso.

Agent 4’s black and white Autobombs in Octo Canyon have a blue sensor part and golden “toes.” Autobombs, like Seekers, seek out opposing players after being thrown, indicated by a displayed circle. Unlike Seekers, Autobombs can change direction, and they don’t leave an ink trail.

Splash Wall

splash wall splatoon 3
TypeBase DamageBase DurationSplash DamageInk consumption
Sub weapon30 per half sec7 secondsNone60%

The primary component of the Splash Wall is a slim, tall pole that has an ink tank in the midsection. At the very bottom of the pole is a little circular base, and at the very top of the pole is a bar that projects forth from each of the pole’s sides.

When you use a Splash Wall, there is a 2.67-second cooldown period before you may replenish your ink supply again. Because of this refill penalty and the fact that the wall uses up 60% of the ink supply, it is vital to employ skills that deal with ink management.

Toxic Mist

toxic mist splatoon 3
TypeBase DurationMin. Explosive DamageSplash DamageInk consumption
Sub weapon5 secondsNoneNone60%

The Toxic Mist sub-weapon may be used to spray the liquid of a certain creature as a mist. The opponents that are trapped in the mist go more slowly and have somewhat less ink available to them. The greater the amount of time an adversary spends in the mist, the more powerful the impact.

When hurled, Toxic Mist creates a cloud of fog that encircles a certain region. A foggy environment causes opponents to move more slowly and suffer a gradual loss of ink.

Even with the high-capacity ink tank included with the Splattershot Jr., it takes the Toxic Mist around 8.33 seconds to empty a full ink tank after loading it. Before it completely clears off the stage, the fog hangs around for roughly 5.13 seconds.

Angle Shooter

angle shooter splatoon 3 sub weapon
TypeBase DurationBase DamageSplash DamageInk consumption
Sub weapon35
  • Tracking: 6 sec
  • AOE: 2 sec

The Angle Shooter resembles a highlighter, displaying the Nouveau logo and additional Inkling content on its label. When it identifies adversaries, a transparent black arrow surrounds them, connecting them to the user with a line of the user’s ink color, which only the user can see.

This weapon shoots fast-moving projectiles in a straight line that can bounce off barriers until they reach their maximum distance, damaging any foes they touch. Enemies hit by the Angle Shooter or its trail get marked like with a Point Sensor, making them visible even behind obstacles.


sprinkler splatoon 3
TypeBase DamageBase DurationSplash DamageInk consumption
Sub weapon20
  • High-power: 5 sec
  • Mid-power: 15 sec

In Splatoon, the Sprinkler is a sub-weapon that emits ink in a circular ring when thrown onto various surfaces, including sideways. It’s most effective in concealed or hard-to-reach areas, such as on crates, against walls, or above the stage, making identifying prime spots in Recon mode easier.

Placing a Sprinkler at your feet can provide a defensive buffer when facing sneaky opponents. When strategically positioned on or near the Tower in Tower Control, it provides cover from enemy fire.

Sprinklers can act as makeshift shields, absorbing some of the user’s damage in a pinch, akin to Squid Beakons. They also attract other players, creating opportunities for ambushes while they try to destroy the Sprinkler.


torpedo splatoon 3
TypeDirect Hit DamageDroplets DamageSplash DamageInk consumption
Sub weapon60123565%

When the Torpedo is activated, the projectile changes from a black circle to a spinning propeller, making it the best Sub Weapon in Splatoon 3. Players should master its usage in various situations. The Torpedo is a bomb-like weapon that changes shape and targets rivals, exploding on contact and spreading ink. It can also destroy opponent-thrown torpedoes with a 20-point damage attack.

After being thrown, the ink spreads below, and if an enemy is nearby, it stops mid-air, expands, and moves slowly until contact with an adversary, wall, or ground. A direct hit from a Torpedo causes 60 damage, with individual droplets adding 12 damage each, potentially totaling 96. It has a longer inking range than a Suction Bomb, and the droplets ink the ground.

Fizzy Bomb

fizzy bomb splatoon 3
TypeDirect Hit DamageMin. Explosive DamageSplash DamageInk consumption
Sub weapon50None3560%

The Fizzy Bomb is a soda can wrapped in color-changing metal with a logo. Shaking it inflates the can, and when fully charged, it glows. Hold R for strength, releasing for up to three explosions. Shaking the controller or using buttons speeds up charging. It’s a Bomb sub-weapon that can detonate multiple times; charge with the R button, and each detonation moves it slightly forward.


A special weapon, the main weapon, and a sub weapon are the three essential types that Inklings bring into splat fights with them. Since we were already aware that Splatoon 3 would be reintroducing all of the previously used weaponry in the series, we can clearly see many famous subs returning to the game.

This brings our Splatoon 3 best sub weapons guide to an end. Which is your sub weapon so far in the game? Share your opinion with us in the comments box below.

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