Splatoon 3 BEST Weapons [Top 10]

Can't decide which weapon to choose before you take part in the ink wars? Read our guide about the Best Guns in Splatoon 3 to clear up your mind!

Splatoon 3’s gameplay is entirely focused on its ink weaponry. Using these guns you will be able to splat your enemies and spread the ink around the area. The game features more weapons than it ever did in its previous installments. Even if you’re someone who only plays online multiplayer mode, you will need to progress your story to unlock some of the guns. By the end of the article, you will have immense knowledge about Splatoon 3 weapons and their details.

Key Takeaways
  • Splatoon 3 is a third-person shooter game involving ink instead of bullets; and just like any shooter game, it has many varieties of weapons.
  • Splatoon 3 is mostly based around multiplayer against other players which is very competitive and for that, good weapons are crucial.
  • Some of the best weapons in Splatoon 3 are Splattershot Pro, Splatana Wiper, Aerospray MG, Splat Dualies, and Tri Slosher.
  • Adding these weapons to your arsenal next match will bring some sort of improvement in your gameplay.

The Multiplayer mode is by far the most populated mode of Splatoon 3. It is best to step onto the field with the Best Weapons at hand to assist your team in winning the battle. In addition to the numerous weapons that are making a comeback in Splatoon 3, Nintendo has also included a few brand-new weapons.

For you to spread ink over the battlefield and win battles, we will discuss every single aspect of the guns in Splatoon 3 in great detail. Following our tutorial, you can splat your enemies, swim over your ink, and become the best ink blaster in Splatoon 3!

Before diving head first into our guide, make sure you learn How To Unlock Weapons in Splatoon 3.

To kick things off, we will first cover the categories of weapons you can choose from in the game. After that, you can also review our list of some of the Best Weapons along with their special abilities. 

Here’s a detailed table on 10 best weapons in Spaltoon 3:

WeaponRequired LevelBase/Splash DamageRangeDamageFire rate / Mobility / HandlingCost
Splattershot Pro1042. License
Splatana Wiper515-12058.030.075.0-
Aerospray MG524.532.020.0100.04500.0
Splat Dualies330. Sheldon Licenses
Tri Slosher9-
Carbon Roller1025-12523.070.060.06600.0
N-ZAP ‘85528.
Octobrush437. Sheldon Licenses
Heavy Splatling430.080.0-50.07800.0

Weapon Classes & Types In Splatoon 3

weapons types and classes
Weapons in Splatoon 3

Weapons in Splatoon 3 can either be acquired by leveling up or by completing tasks in the story mode. Other than that, you can also buy weapons from the Ammo Knight by using the in-game currency. 

Regardless of that, it’s important to learn bout the classes and types of weapons in Splatoon 3. If you understand the whole system, picking the best gun according to your playstyle will become a lot easier. First up, let’s learn about the weapon types in Splatoon 3.


You would expect a game like Splatoon 3 to go easy on the diversification of weapons in the game. However, that is not true at all! There are many variations to choose from which fortify different styles of gameplay. 

Although, you do not need to worry about that. This guide will make every single bit about Splatoon weapons clear to you. First and foremost, we will learn about the Weapon Types in Splatoon 3. In total, the game features Three Types of Weapons

First up we have the “Main Weapon“, as the name suggests it’s the primary gun you will use either to spread ink or splat your foes on the battlefield. The Main Guns are further divided into separate Classes which we will go through in a bit. Some of the iconic main weapons from the Splatoon Series include; Splattershot, Sploosh-o-Matic, and Aerospray. From the huge range of primary guns, you can either choose a fully automatic, semi-automatic, or burst weapon.

The second type of weapon you will come across is the “Sub Weapon“. These are secondary weapons in Splatoon 3, used as a backup to the primary gun. Although they won’t be utilized as frequently as the main weapons, they can be very helpful in the arena. It is a well-known fact that they consume more ink but are only used in specific situations, considering what their function is. Some known sub-weapons are; Suction Bomb, Burst Bomb, and Ink Mine

The final type is called the “Special Weapon“. They are not really separate weapons, they work more as a special ability with the main weapon. Nonetheless, they offer great attacks in the game which can change the tide of the battle. To use the special weapon you first need to wait for its gauge to fill up. Once it does you can unleash the ability in the battleground. Some of the best special weapons in Splatoon 3 are; Tenta Missiles, Ink Jet, and Booyah Bomb

It is worth pointing out that the sub weapons and special weapons are linked with the Main gun. For example, if you pick the Splattershot as your main weapon, you will automatically get Suction Bomb and Trizooka as your Sub and Special Weapon. 


Earlier we mentioned that the Main Weapons in Splatoon 3 are further divided into classes. It’s important to get a basic understanding of these classes since each class focuses on a specific attack type. Their ink coverages, fire rate, and ink consumption are different from each other. There is no outright answer as to which Weapon Class is the best in Splatoon 3, it primarily depends on your playstyle and strategy. 

So before we find out what the best guns are, here are the 11 Weapon Classes in Splatoon 3, assembled alphabetically.

  • Blaster: As the name suggests, you can use these guns to fire huge ink globs which then get blasted up, causing damage and chaos. Great to hit enemies hidden behind covers.
  • Brella: These weapons may look like simple umbrellas. However, hidden within what may seem like a basic object is a lethal shotgun. And when the player opens up the Brella it works as a shield. 
  • Brush: A passive kind of weapon which is great for spreading ink across the floor. They are quick ink spreaders but have narrow coverage and are not that good at inflicting damage either.
  • Charger: Gamers who frequently play shooting games will be aware of the charge weapons. These weapons load up before releasing the shot, the longer the charge up is the more damage and range the ink shot will have.
  • Dualie: Similar to dual pistols, the Dualies offer a quick fire rate along with a boost in agility for the player. With these equipped, you will be able to perform dodge rolls as well. Although, this weapon class doesn’t have that much range.
  • Roller: One of the most popular choices among the weapon classes. The roller can be rolled across the floor leaving a wide trail of ink. They can also flatten an enemy if it makes contact with them.
  • Shooter: Another popular weapon class is the Shooter weapons. These are basic guns that shoot small ink balls at a high fire rate. Some shooter weapons also have a semi-automatic trigger. 
  • Slosher: Sloshers are basically buckets in Splatoon 3. The ink from these can be thrown in an arc, you can also use them to throw ink over covers to damage your enemies. However, the Sloshers are quite slow.
  • Splatana: Inspired by Katanas, the Splatanas are blade-like brushes that can be swung around by holding down the relevant button. Upon release, the shot will spread ink in the air for a few seconds.
  • Splatling: These are the miniguns in Splatoon 3. If you’re someone who loves running a tanky character with a heavy weapon, then you can use the Splatling which has a high fire rate and a decent range. 
  • Stringer: Stringer is a bow-inspired weapon class in the game. You can use them to charge up your shot or fire in three different directions simultaneously. Their functionality is similar to Rollers and Chargers.

There you have it! The complete list of all Weapon Classes in Splatoon 3. With that out of the way, let’s dive into the list of Best Weapons in Splatoon 3 that you can use in either the story or online multiplayer mode.

Splatoon 3 Best Weapons 

Now that you’re all caught up with the Types and Classes of Guns in Splatoon 3, picking the best weapons will now be a lot easier. Their specifications along with their pairing with the Special and Sub-weapons will make more sense. Of course, you can also choose any weapon of your choice depending on your style of play.

However, for us, the following are the Top 5 Weapons in Splatoon 3, in no particular order. Despite 11 different classes, in our eyes, these are the Ink Guns that take the spotlight with ease. It is worth noting, that our list only includes the Main Weapons in the game. 

Splattershot Pro

splatoon 3 Splattershot Pro
Splattershot Pro
Required LevelCostBase DamageRangeDamageFire Rate
10Sheldon License42706040

First and foremost, we have the most iconic weapon on our list ‘Splattershot Pro‘, which is a Shooter class weapon. However, don’t confuse the weapon with the basic Splattershot or Splattershot Jr, even though these two are also great options. The Splattershot Pro has a decent range and power to it without any major setbacks. 

The gun is similar to an assault rifle in size, however, the shape resembles a crayon with red tubes attached to it. For players who are familiar with the Splatoon fighting mechanics, this is a no-brainer pick. It works perfectly well for experienced players and is one of the Best PVP Weapons

The Splattershot Pro requires 200 points to activate the special weapon ‘Crab Tank‘. The Crab Tank special ability will deploy a crab-like machine that will curl into a ball and use its turret limbs to spread paint around the arena. Splattershot Pro has a base damage of 42, which is quite impressive and you can unlock it by reaching Level 9. 

Players who equip the Splattershot Pro will also get to use the newly added Sub weapon called ‘Angle Shooter‘. It will allow you to mark enemies and provide you with better-ranged sight in the battle arena. The Splattershot Pro may not be as cool as some of the other weapons but it is a great choice if you’re aiming for efficiency.

Splatana Wiper

splatoon 3 splatana wiper
Splatana Wiper
Required LevelCostBase DamageRangeDamageHandling

Next up, from the Splatana class, we have the ‘Splatana Wiper‘. The Splatana Wiper ranks quite high when it comes to MVP statistics. Apart from that, there is always a badass feeling attached while using katana-like weapons in games. Despite having a humbled range, the Splatana Wiper can offer quick slash attacks in each direction while spreading ink on the field.

As for its appearance, it is clear to say that it is a makeshift weapon made by attaching a windshield wiper with a handle. Which ultimately makes it looks like a katana and works almost like a brush. We won’t recommend the Splatana Wiper to newbies, it’s a weapon that you should give a try once you get used to the game mechanics. 

Regardless of that, the Splatana Wiper packs pretty impressive stats as compared to the other Splatanas in the game. It comes with the ‘Ultra Stamp‘ Special weapon which can be activated by accumulating 180 points on the battlefield.

The Ultra Stamp is one of our favorite special weapons, once activated the player will conjure up a giant hammer which can then be used to stamp the ground to either spread paint or flatten enemies. 

As for the Sub-weapon, you will get to use the ‘Torpedo‘ bomb, which can be thrown toward the enemies. Upon exploding the Torpedo will splatter ink around the area. Here is a quick rundown of the base damages of Splatana Wiper; 30 (Horizontal Slash), 15 (Direct Damage), and 60 (Charged Slash). The Splatana Wiper can be obtained after reaching Level 5.

Aerospray MG

splatoon 3 aerospray mg
Aerospray MG
Required LevelCostBase DamageRangeDamageFire Rate

Another entry from the Shooter class makes it onto the list of the Best Guns in Splatoon 3. The ‘Aerospray MG‘ is an OP gun in the game. On top of that, it’s the Best Weapon for Beginners in Splatoon 3, thanks to the high fire rate and easy aiming. Even though the spray doesn’t pack that much damage in it, it’s still worth using during ink wars.

The Aerospray MG is probably the most normal-looking weapon out of the whole lot. It’s a short silver gun with a tank attached on top of it with the Ammo Knights logo printed in black. The shape eerily resembles a real-life paintball gun. Despite having considerably low max damage of 24, the high fire rate makes up for its overall performance. 

Aerospray MG comes with one of the sickest Special Weapons in the game. You can activate ‘Reefslider‘ after collecting 200 Special Points. Once you initiate the ability, the player will bring out an inflatable shark toy that can be ridden around the map.

The shark will spread paint along its path and splat enemies that come in contact with it. Apart from that it also explodes ink after running down its timer.

You can also use the ‘Fizzy Bomb‘ Sub-weapon in Splatoon 3 with your Aerospray MG. The bomb has the ability to explode more than once, depending on how long you charge it up for. The Aerospray MG has amazing ink coverage as well, hence, you’ll be able to accumulate special points fairly quickly during battles. You can unlock this weapon once you reach Level 5.

Splat Dualies

splatoon 3 Splat Dualies
Splat Dualies
Required LevelCostBase DamageRangeDamageMobility
31 Sheldon Licenses30502970

The list won’t be completed without adding any Dualies here. No other class offers mobility as much as dualies do. Hence, the ‘Splat Dualies‘ is by far one of the Best Guns for Mobility in Splatoon 3. The Mobility, however, comes at the cost of low damage (Max 24) and a moderate range.

The Splat Dualies look exactly what you would expect two paintball dual pistols to look like. They have a green nozzle with a white tank attached at the brim of the rear grip. You can obtain the Splat Dualies after reaching level 3, which automatically makes it a great option for beginners.

The Splat Dualies are notable for allowing the player to dodge roll on the battlefield. The dodge roll ability increases movement significantly, making it much simpler to avoid enemy attacks and spread ink over the arena swiftly.

Just like the Splattershot Pro, the Splat Dualies also have the ‘Crab Tank‘ as its Special Weapon. Having the crab tank allows the Splat Dualies kit to have an additional fire rate and a longer range on its ink bullets. To activate the Special Weapon, you will need to first collect up to 200 points in the game.

As for the Sub-weapon, you will get to use the ‘Suction Bomb‘ while having the Splat Dualies equipped. Suction bombs are one of the best PVP bombs in the game, they function as a sticky explosives. Once you throw them they will stick to all kinds of walls, floors, and ceilings. After a countdown of 2 seconds, the suction bomb explodes and spreads ink around a specified area. 

Tri Slosher

Splatoon 3 Tri Slosher
Tri Slosher
Required LevelCostBase DamageRangeDamageHandling

Next up we have the Tri Slosher’. It is the only Slosher-class weapon that made it onto our list. Despite having one of the shortest throw distances in the game, the Tri Slosher is one of the Best Weapons in Splatoon 3 due to its high spread and damage. You can therefore entirely rely on the Tri Slosher’s sheer prowess to splat anyone who gets too close to you.

It resembles a Japanese brush washer bucket in appearance.  As suggested by its appearance, it has three different throwing options. It includes two blotches to the side and one straight ahead of you. The Tri Slosher has a Max Damage of 62, which is one of the highest on this list. You can unlock the weapon after reaching level 10.

The ‘Inkjet‘ is another one of our favorite Special Weapons. You can use it once you get 200 Special Points in the game. As the name suggests, the player will hop on an ink jetpack and start hovering around the field. While using the inkjet, you will continuously spread ink across the floor, on top of that, you can also fire endless ink shots (with increased damage) on the enemies that are below you.

Other than having a great Special Weapon, the Tri Slosher has an amazing Sub-weapon too! When you use the ‘Toxic Mist‘, the player will surround the area with fog. All the enemies within the fog will lose ink from their tanks and will also move a lot slower. Hence, the ability is not only great for you but your teammates as well. 

Carbon Roller

Carbon Roller
Carbon Roller
Required LevelCostSplash DamageRangeDamageHandling

Our list of the Best Weapons in Splatoon 3 wouldn’t have been completed without including any Rollers. If you are playing a game that involves spreading ink and splatting enemies then it’s a must to use a ‘Carbon Roller’. Compared to the other rollers, this one is easier to carry and offers more mobility too, thus making it the better choice.

Unlike most weapons in Splatoon 3, the Carbon Roller comes in a fairly standard design. It appears as a basic roller with a handle attached to the back. Right on top of the handle, the roller’s ink tank is installed with red tubes sticking out of it. With the Carbon Roller, you can inflict 25 Minimum damage and 120 Max damage.

Other than being one of the Best Melee Weapons in Splatoon 3, the Carbon Roller also features a great Special Weapon called ‘Zipcaster’. The Zipcaster works as a grapple in the ink battle arena, it will allow you elite agility on the map by stretching your limbs and quickly launching towards the desired spot. Upon landing, the player also emits an ink explosion. To initiate the ability, you will first need to accumulate 180 Special Points.

As for the Sub-weapon, you will have access to the ‘Autobomb’ while using the Carbon Roller. The Autobomb is a small bomb with legs attached to it.

Once you deploy it in the arena, it will then scan for enemies nearby and explode once walking over to them. It is a mediocre sub-weapon, yet the whole Carbon Roller kit is quite decent to run in Splatoon 3. You can unlock the roller by reaching Level 6.

N-ZAP ‘85

N-ZAP ‘85
N-ZAP ‘85
Required LevelCostBase DamageRangeDamageFire Rate

The N-ZAP ‘85 is by far one of the most balanced guns in Splatoon 3. Belonging to the Shooter class, it perfectly fits the need of all kinds of players. Even though the damage is quite low on the weapon but the high fire rate covers it up seamlessly. On top of that, it also has pretty decent ink coverage which allows the player to greatly assist their teammates.

The look of N-ZAP ‘85 is highly inspired by the accessory Nintendo released in 1985 called the “North American NES Zapper”. The gun features shades of gray and resembles a pistol with a long barrel. It also has a tiny red trigger, which is the key component for its high fire rate. N-ZAP ‘85 can inflict max damage of 28.

‘Tacticooler’ is the Special Weapon that comes with the N-ZAP ‘85 kit. It’s a brand new special weapon in the Splatoon series. It can be activated after collecting 200 Special points. The Tacticooler offers speed buffs for not only the player but also for its teammates.

You can place it during battles, after a few seconds the players can get drinks from it and upon drinking them they will receive a speed boost for a short while.

On the other hand, the N-ZAP ‘85 also has the ‘Suction Bomb’ as its Sub-weapon. As we mentioned earlier, while discussing the Splat Dualies, the suction bombs work as sticky bombs in Splatoon 3. You can simply throw them towards any surface, where they will get stuck and explode after 2 seconds. You can unlock this balanced gun in Splatoon 3 by reaching Level 6.


Required LevelCostSplash DamageRangeDamageHandling
41 Sheldon Licenses37253780

The Octobrush is the only Brush class weapon that made it onto our list of the Best Guns in Splatoon 3. The only downside with these weapons is their short range, however, the Octobrush is a viable option and has good ink coverage. However, in order to use the brush’s melee damage to deal damage to foes, you must get close to them.

As for its appearance, the Octobrush looks like any other paint brush you come across. However, if you get into its details, you will notice a thin ink tube that matches the player’s team color. Other than that, the brush is held up by a dark brown body with a small octopus’ logo on it. Octobrush deals a base damage of 37. 

When it comes to the other parts of the Octobrush weapons kits, we come face to face with a familiar Special and Sub weapon. First up, you will get access to the ‘Zipcaster’, which will make your character’s limbs extendable, allowing them to quickly grapple to different spots. The Zipcaster is quite useful since the Octobrush itself doesn’t have much range.

You will also get to use the ‘Suction Bomb’ which is probably one of the Best Sub Weapons in Splatoon 3. Since it has the ability to stick to certain places, you can easily cause damage to players who are hidden behind obstacles. Octobrush can be unlocked fairly quickly by reaching Level 4, which automatically makes it a great option for beginners.

Heavy Splatling

Heavy Splatting
Heavy Splatting
Required LevelCostBase DamageRangeDamageMobility

Of course, a Splatling was going to make it onto the list! The Heavy Splatling has one of the highest fire rates among the Splatoon 3 weapons. Obviously, since it is inspired by a minigun it greatly deteriorates the player’s mobility but the high thumping shots can splat even the greatest players in seconds. Also, it’s one of the most fun weapons to use in the game.

The Heavy Splatling looks almost like an actual minigun. It has 6 black barrels with pink detailing around the weapon. On its side, it has chunky ink storage attached, which allows the Splatling to shoot multiple shots within seconds.

Heavy Splatling can deal max damage of 30, which is highly impressive considering how fast you can shoot with the ink minigun. You can charge up the weapon to unleash a higher fire rate.

Heavy Splatling comes along with a brand new Special Weapon called the ‘Wave Breaker’. The Wave Breaker is a device that the player can place on the floor after getting 200 Special points. When it gets placed, the device will begin sending shockwaves in its vicinity.

Any enemy caught within the shockwaves will get damaged, on top of that, they will also get marked (similar to Angle Shooter). In a nutshell, it is similar to a UAV from Call of Duty titles but it also causes damage to the enemies other than revealing their location. 

Finally, you will also have the ‘Sprinkler’ in your arsenal when you equip the Heavy Splatling. The Sprinkler is a passive sub-weapon. It does not deal damage to the enemy, instead, it can be thrown on the ground and it will continue to sprinkle ink in its surrounding area as long as it doesn’t get broken by the enemy.

If you get splatted, then the Sprinkler is automatically removed from the arena as well. Therefore, the ideal tactic for using this sub-weapon is to hide it someplace the other players can’t easily get to.


Splatoon 3 Guns
Required LevelCostBase DamageRangeDamageMobility

The Tri-Stringer is the only Stringer in our eyes that is worth including on the list of Best Weapons in Splatoon 3. Stringers are the bow and arrow-inspired class in the game, the ink bow has three heads which allows it to have good ink coverage. Once you pair that with its special weapon it automatically becomes a great weapon option to pick.

It looks exactly like a normal bow the only difference is that it has three different shooting points. Apart from that, the bow is actually made out of a fishing rod and a string.

As we mentioned before, you can shoot ink from three slots. That allows the player to spread ink on a wider range. Also, you can arc your shots and pull the arrow for longer periods to add more range to the weapon.

The Tri-Stringer is paired with a newly released Special Weapon known as the ‘Killer Wail 5.1’. First up, you will need 200 points to activate the weapon, once you do that the player will deploy 6 floating weapons that will follow them around the map.

The speakers can shoot laser beams toward an enemy that the player is facing. If you’re not facing anyone the speakers will randomly shoot lasers in the direction the camera is pointing towards. 

Our favorite Sub-weapon, Toxic Mist, makes a return with the Tri-Stringer. The Toxic Mist will cover its radius with a deadly mist which will inflict damage to the opponents and make them slower as well.

It will last for up to 5 seconds in the arena before disappearing. Tri-Stringer can be unlocked at Level 4, however, it’s not a suitable weapon for beginners.

About Splatoon 3

overview of Splatoon 3
Splatoon 3: Overview

Splatoon 3 is the third addition to the well-known Splatoon series. The game features two main ink colors; Yellow and Purple. Even though the multiplayer mode takes the limelight in Splatoon games the campaign modes are worth exploring too. The story mode will make the player get familiarized with the new changes in the game, it will also polish your ink battling skills.

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Hence, the guide about the Guns in Splatoon 3 fits both kinds of players; the ones who are planning to play the story mode and the ones who are more attracted to the multiplayer mode. Before we get into the gist of it all, let’s shine some light upon Splatoon 3 story. 

Since the last Splatfest in the Splatlands, a new city has been born 5 years after the story of Splatoon 2. The city features a chaotic environment which is why the 3rd installment in the Splatoon series revolves around chaos so much. The story is titled “Return of the Mammalians“, which means that the player will get to see other mammals too (apart from Judd and Li’l Judd). 

Alterna is the main setting of the storyline with the Octarians solidifying their spot as the protagonist’s main enemy. 

Final Words

So there you have it! We have finally reached the end of our detailed guide about Splatoon 3 Weapons. To dominate matches, you’ll need to learn about Splatoon 3 Best Weapons! For that exact reason, we have formulated our unique guide which will cover everything there is to know about the Best Guns in Splatoon 3. Even if you’re a returning player or a fresh one, your needs will be catered to in our guide

While choosing our picks, we also assessed the different Special and Sub-weapons that come alongside the Main Guns. While keeping everything in mind the Splattershot Pro, Splatana Wiper, Aerospray MG, Splat Dualies, and Tri Slosher are the Best Guns you can find in Splatoon 3 in our opinion. 

We hope you enjoyed reading our article. In addition to the fact that you can now choose any of the weapons we put on our list, you should at this point be well-informed about the Weapon Types & Classes in Splatoon 3. Once you do that you’re all good to start playing Splatoon 3 to spread ink and splat some enemies! Stick around at eXputer to read a lot more informative guides on Splatoon 3.

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