Splatoon 3 Locker Room: Unlocking & Customizing 

This Splatoon 3 Locker Room guide wil uncover the ways to unlock the rooms and access your lockers for players!

A major aspect of the games is lockers, and our Splatoon 3 Locker Room guide will tell you all that you need to know about unlocking, upgrading, and customizing the lockers, all the while also showcasing some of the best inspirations that you can use for your own lockers! Make sure to read up on our Splatoon 3 Sheldon License guide!

Key Takeaways
  • Locker rooms are a crucial part of Splatoon 3. They allow players to personalize and decorate their space and collect items, figurines, and stickers.
  • To unlock a locker room, players must reach level 4 in multiplayer. Once they have unlocked a locker room, they can upgrade it to level 15 by reaching level 15 in multiplayer.
  • Locker rooms can be found in the Battle Lobby, to the right of the battle kettle, and under the second story.
  • Players can decorate their locker rooms with various items, including furniture, clothing, and accessories.
  • Locker rooms are a great way to show off your personality and style in Splatoon 3.

Personalizing Lockers

Splatoon 3 Personalising Lockers
Personalizing Lockers

In this highly competitive game, perhaps lockers are one of the most comforting and unique belongings of a player. Players can place and customize their lockers as per they require. The lockers are entirely unique to the player and allow creative players to go crazy with their imaginations and design them the way that they want. 

Not only are they able to decorate the inside with insane amounts of decorations, shirts, skateboards, and other small it-bits, but they can also decorate and customize the outside. Typically, players will be allowed to use different stickers that can add personalization to the player!

Apart from stickers, pieces of furniture and items like shirts can also be hung in the locker to showcase your wardrobe to other players who are browsing for inspiration or simply viewing other players’ lockers. 

Unlocking and Upgrading 

Splatoon 3 Unlocking Lockers
Unlocking Lockers

To unlock and access your locker in Splatoon 3, reach level 4 in multiplayer mode by winning battles or using EXP tickets.

Gaining Experience

  • To level up, battle opponents in multiplayer or use EXP tickets.
  • EXP tickets are obtainable through Alterna Hub or Salmon Run game mode.

Upgrading Your Locker

  • Once at level 4, visit the main lobby for your locker.
  • Customize your locker.
  • To increase locker size, reach level 15.

Using Controls

  • A button: Interact with your locker.
    • icon: Enter editing mode.
  • ZR: Decorate inside and outside.
  • X button: Access the menu.
  • R and L buttons: Select items.
  • A button: Move, place, or remove items.
  • Y button: Put items away.
  • L button: Tilt items clockwise.
  • R button: Tilt items anti-clockwise.

Use these controls to personalize your locker and enjoy the game.

Getting Decorations 

Splatoon 3 Getting Decorations
Getting Decorations

Now, if you want to get unlimited decorations and deck out your locker properly, then the best way will be to know exactly where and how to buy farm decorations. Let’s check out a couple of ways that you can do so! 

Shellout Gacha Machine 

The first way you can get a few decorations will be through the machine located just outside your locker room. Once you head out of the locker room, take a right turn, and you can interact with it. For a total of 5500 coins, you’ll be able to get a discounted first play, while the next play will use up a total of 30000 coins in exchange for decorations. 

Hero Mode 

The next way that you can get decorations to deck out your locker will be the Hero Mode, which is considered to be an excellent single-player mode. Use your Salmonid against the small ooze that will be scattered all across the Alterna. In exchange for clearing a small area, you’ll be able to get decorations. Read our Splatoon 3 How and Why To Transfer Data Guide!

Harmony’s Store 

Another way that you can get customizable items will be by simply visiting Harmony, who will have her very own store now. She will be able to use a small number of coins from your end and will give items like shirts, stickers, posters, footballs, and several other items that you can put both inside and outside of your locker. 

Harmony’s Catalog 

There will also be a catalog that will consequently give out items. These will be given out to the players once after renewing up after a few months. You need to ensure that you don’t miss out on the resets if you want the items. 

Locker Inspirations

Moving on, we’d like to talk about a few solid locker examples that might give you the small push you might need to want to level up faster and aim to unlock lockers and decorate them. If you want to change your hair color, then make sure to read our Splatoon 3 How To Change Hair Color Guide!

Sticker Galore

Splatoon 3 Sticker Galore
Sticker Galore

The first option we would like to show you will be focused on decorating the outside more than the inside so players can see your sticker collections in explicit detail. On the outside of the locker, the color will be teal-green. 

Apart from that, the stickers will range from a collection of an animal sticker, a sticker of a crane, a fragile post sticker, and another fragile sticker but in a different language. With that, two different types of sign plates will be placed at the top of the locker. An arrow poster and a small (animal?) sticker will be on the bottom. 

You’re met with a full locker when you open up the locker. While the locker isn’t really organized, it still provides a unique outlook, with it containing a pink plushie, several different crates, a teal Polaroid camera, more boxes on top, and another camera placed right on top. Why not check out our Splatoon 3 Bosses Tier List Ranked All Bosses guide?

Pink-Themed Locker

Splatoon 3 Pink Themed Locker
Pink Themed Locker

The next featured locker is all about pink. The locker itself is baby pink and adorned with eye-catching stickers. A vibrant hot pink and baby blue jellyfish sticker takes the spotlight. In the center, a mirrored “593” sticker with a purple and lime-green outline stands out. Above it is another funky hot pink and blue sticker and a holographic circular sticker on top. To the left, another “593” in gold with a purple outline.

The locker reveals a neatly organized wardrobe with two grey shirts, a mug, a cell phone, books, a beanie, toad shoes, and snacks.

Grey-Themed Locker 

Now, let’s talk about the grey-themed locker. It’s impeccably tidy both outside and inside. At the bottom, there’s an angry-bird-inspired sticker. Moving up, a black poster with an orange triangular design and text. Above that, a small grey squid with its brain exposed.

Open the locker, and you’ll find a main shelf about 2/3 up. It holds a black hat, two books on the left, and a tin can.

On the bottom area, there will be a green t-shirt neatly hung, a keychain of the same grey squid, a skateboard, and some shoes. You might find our Splatoon 3 How To Make Art guide extremely useful!

Comic Book Galore 

Splatoon 3 Comic Book Galore
Comic Book Galore

Now, the next locker we’ll feature isn’t all that special on the outside. While the locker itself is a grey-colored sleek design, only one sticker is placed in the middle of it, and it is just eyes and nothing else. At first glance, the locker will seem extremely bland, but you just wait once you open it. 

The first time you open it, you’ll be met with an entire collection of comic books, several video games, and other items. There will be a total of 4 shelves that will neatly divide the internal locker into five equal sections, and there will be two stacked boxes and one vertical box placed at the bottom of the locker. 

With that, the shelf right on top of it will have a front-facing cover with a bus and a few books that will be toppling over. On top of that, there will be even more, either books or games, with several pink-colored items on them. The top of the shelf will have smaller books to top it all off. 

Figurine Themed Locker 

Splatoon 3 Figurine Themed Locker
Figurine Themed Locker

This one is perfect if you prefer a locker to showcase your figurines and collectibles. It’s predominantly red-pink and adorned with various stickers:

  • Top: A yellow smiley-face sticker, a running person, and a green and yellow star with eyes.
  • Below: Yellow and dark blue squids, hot pink and teal stickers, a rectangular animal sticker, and a red and pink sticker at the bottom.

Inside, you’ll find an intriguing collection of dolls. The shelf is divided into five compartments, with three figurines at the bottom. Above, three identical figurines are white, baby blue, and a yellow-red-purple gradient.

There are even more figures, including one open and one boxed. The top two shelves feature three random figurines, while the top shelf showcases two complementing red and yellow figures.

Fisherman’s Dream Locker 

Splatoon 3 Fisherman's Dream Locker
Fisherman’s Dream Locker

The next locker looks fishy (pardon the pun). On the outside, a grey fish sticker matches the grey locker.

Inside, there’s a baby-blue crate with two grey, dark blue, and blackfish. A fishing rod with a red base and off-white line stands to the side.

A shelf divides the locker; a blue bucket with two fish faces is left. On the right, a white cooler holds a food container with a gold lid.

Players have numerous decoration options, both inside and out, for unique themes or random items. That’s the Splatoon 3 Locker Room guide! For more, check out our Splatoon 3 How To Join Turf War guide.

Guide and Photo Credit: SplatChannel on Youtube

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