Splatoon 3: New & Returning Maps [Explained]

In This Guide We Entail A List Of All The New Maps That Are Being Included In The New Splatoon 3.

Splatoon 3 features 12 maps with room for more. These are just the maps that have been confirmed for the game until now. Among these maps, There are brand new maps alongside a few returning from the previous installments.

Key Takeaways
  • There are a total of 12 confirmed maps in Splatoon 3, with more to come.
  • The developers have also allowed players the ability to be able to tour a map for better knowledge about rotations.
  • Some returning maps are Hammerhead Bridge, Museum d’Alfonsino, Mahi-Mahi Resort, Inkblot Art Academy, Sturgeon Shipyard, MakoMart, and Wahoo World.
  • Keep in mind that some of these maps may not exactly be the same and have some redesign done on them.

New Maps

Now, we will be mentioning the new maps that have been added to the game. Also, the new game will partially be taking place in Splatland.

Furthermore, the game has received five new maps up until now, which are:

  • Scorch Gorge 
  • Eeltail Alley 
  • Hagglefish Market 
  • Undertow Spillway 
  • Mincemeat Metalworks

1. Scorch Gorge

Scorch Gorge
The Scorch Gorge Map In Splatoon 3

Now, the first map that is new to Splatoon 3 is the Scorch Gorge which is set in the new Splatlands area. The map looks like a classic Splatoon map with a variety of high points that players can use to throw down ink on their opponents.

Also, the map has plenty of alleyways and back routes that can be used to sneak up on a player who is camping at a specific spot.

2. Eeltail Alley

Eeltail Alley
The New Eeltail Alley Map In Splatoon 3

First, I would like to point out the map’s similarity to some of the maps from Splatoon 2. However, rest assured that it is a brand-new, exhilarating map that has a tremendous variety of pathways and maze-like walkways that go under and above each other. Due to these features of the map, it will support the vertical encounters a lot.

3. Hagglefish Market

Hagglefish MArket
The Hagglefish Market Map In Splatooon 3

The Hagglefish Market is a very colorful new map for Splatoon 3, and one of the big additions to the map is that you can see some of the locals of the area carrying out their usual tasks. This can also be observed during your fierce battles. Also, remember not to dip in the water running on the sides and through the map, as it will send you straight to the start menu.

4. Undertown Spillway

Undertown Spillway
The Undertown Spillway Map In Splatoon 3

Now, one of the new, more industrial-looking maps for the Splatoon 3 is the Undertown Spillway. The map features bright colors with gated walls that are mostly used to ink the foes and dive through them to either escape an enemy or sneak up on another foe. Furthermore, due to the bright colors, players forget that the map has an undertone of an industrial building.

5. Mincemeat Metalworks

Mincemeat Metalworks
The Mincemeat Metalworks Map

Now, the Mincemeat Metalworks is a very unique and interesting map that is essentially based on a scrapyard with all sorts of scraps and equipment that ranges from cranes, discarded vehicles, scrap metal cubes, and a massive rusted ship that is in the background.

Returning Maps

Now, we will list the various maps that are returning in the latest Splatoon 3 from the various Splatoon titles.

In total, seven maps are making a return. The maps that fall under this category are as follows:

  • Hammerhead Bridge 
  • Museum d’Alfonsino 
  • Mahi-Mahi Resort 
  • Inkblot Art Academy 
  • Sturgeon Shipyard 
  • MakoMart 
  • Wahoo World 

1. Hammerhead Bridge

Hammerhead Bridge
The Hammerhead Bridge Map

Now, one of the oldest maps in the Splatoon franchise is making a return in the new game. The Hammerhead Bridge map was first introduced in the first Splatoon game, which was available on the Wii U.

Also, if the map is similar to the original one, then we can expect close-quarter flights along the walkways and in between the cars. Furthermore, a worthy tip is not to fall off through any grated pathways when you are in your ink form.

2. Museum d’Alfonsino

Musem D Alfonsi
The Museum D Alfonsino Map

Another iconic map that is making a comeback is the Museum d’Alfonsino which is a lot fancier than the other maps. Also, according to the pre-launch footage, we can confirm that the map will be inheriting much of its traits from the original map meaning that we could experience a similar fighting strategy.

3. Mahi Mahi Resort

Mahi Mahi Resort
The Mahi Mahi Resort Map In Splatoon

Next up is the Mahi Mahi Resort, which has some challenging pathways and areas that change according to the set timer. Also, every 90 seconds, the map moves up and down, making the map that much more enjoyable. According to us, the map is an astounding piece of art and has a lot of replay value as the map keeps changing.

4. Inkblot Art Academy

Inkblot Art Acadmey
Inkblot Art Academy Map

Another one of the maps that are coming back from Splatoon 2 is the Inkblot Art Academy. Also, the battle area is actually located right in between two campus buildings. As you might have suspected, it does feature a tarmac road, a bunch of cars, and a pond that belongs to the campus.

5. Sturgeon Shipyard

The Sturgeon Shipyard is similar to the Mahi Mahi Resort, which has changing pathways and much more. Also, this map is set on a ship under construction, which has many cranes that can be utilized freely. However, these cranes move up and down whenever they like.

6. Makomart

The Makomart Map

Furthermore, the next map is the Makomart, designed after a supermarket. However, in the game, the supermarket is not used for grocery shopping but rather for battle. The map features various shelves and grocery items in the background.

7. Wahoo World

Wahoo World
The Wahoo World Map

Finally, the last map on our returning maps list is the Wahoo World, another type of map with areas that keep changing in the middle of the battle. The map is based on a fun theme park with a rotating platform in the center while also having to retract and extend bridges on the side.

Lastly, we would like to mention that these maps can change over time. Also, the maps that return will not exactly be the same as they will have some changes in styling and maybe some structures, so do not be surprised. 

With this, we brought our guide to an end where we thoroughly discussed each of the Splatoon 3 maps that will be featured in the game until now. However, if you believe that we left something out, then please do let us know through the comment section down below.

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