Splatoon 3 Sheldon Licenses: How To Get & Use

Splatoon 3 brings a new method to Unlock weapons in the game. Learn more about them here.

Unlike the previous installments of the Splatoon series, where players used cash to buy weapons from Sheldon, this time again, weapons are still sold by Sheldon, but instead of money, he has made special currency for his weapons. This currency is called the Sheldon License.

Armor Knight, weapon shop.
Sheldon’s Weapon shop is known as Armor Knight.

Key Highlights

  • Splatoon 3 has made the procedure for buying weapons a little different than from their previous Splatoon games.
  • Instead of buying weapons straight with in-game cash, you now need a Sheldon License to be able to buy weapons.
  • You can get Sheldon’s License by playing the game daily and leveling up at a decent pace.
  • You can also get a Sheldon License by increasing your “Weapon’s Freshness” level, and this increases more as you play with the certain weapon.
  • If you have played Splatoon 2, you can get another kind of Sheldon License called the “Golden Sheldon License”.
  • For more details about Sheldon’s License, you can see the rest of the guide below

Basically, Sheldon License is a license that lets you buy a weapon in Splatoon 3. Using this license, you can head to Sheldon’s game shop and buy the weapon. In every game, he relocates his shop to different areas. And in Splatoon 3, this shop is in Splitsville.

Sheldon Licenses to buy weapon in Splatoon 3.
Players use Sheldon Licenses to buy Weapons.

Apart from the Sheldon License, Sheldon has added a few new weapons to his shop. These weapons are Stinger and Splatana. You can learn more about these and other weapons in our Splatoon 3 Weapons Tier List. We’ve ranked each of the weapons in the game to make it easier for you to select one.

Methods To Get Sheldon License

You might be wondering how to get these Sheldon Licenses in Splatoon 3. Well, getting these Licenses is really easy. You will automatically get these as you progress through the game. Here’s what you need to do to get Sheldon’s License. You can get these Licenses by two methods.

Leveling Up

The first method is to level up in Splatoon 3. As you progress in the game, you’ll level up. A quicker way would be to take part in multiplayer matches. You’ll be rewarded with one Sheldon License when you gradually level up.

You’ll need to grind to get these licenses if you are a new player or even an old player. Get in both the regular and the online ranked battles. And in no time, you’ll have all the weapons unlocked.

How To Level Up Quickly

You’ll need to know a few things when you’re trying to get access to newer weapons. Well, the first one, obviously, is to level up. Not only will it unlock newer and better weapons, but it unlocks more perks and equipment that help you in ink battles. So if you’re looking forward to leveling up quickly, then it isn’t as hard as you’d expect.

Play Daily

The first method that we have to level up quickly is well, playing daily. If you play every day and win, then you can get up to 7500 points on your first win. The only condition is that it should be the mode that has a special purpler icon.

If you play daily, the game will become easier as you’ll become a better player. It will contribute to your base level and catalog. Not only will you be getting newer weapons, but you’ll also get a more competitive game as you rank up.

Leveling up.
Leveling up in Splatoon 3 gives you Sheldon Licenses.

We suggest trying out the Turf War as they are one of the best competitive modes in Splatoon 3. Each match lasts for 4 minutes, and every second is filled with fun. Here’s How to Join Turf Wars. And if you’re there to win, you can check out these Turf War Tips and Tricks.

Here is what you’ll get for playing a game in Splatoon 3.

  • 7,500 Points – You will get a total of 7,500 points as a First Clear Bonus. This is a great motivation to win a game.
  • 600 Points – It is the bonus that you’ll get for winning a game.
  • 300 Points – Whether you win or lose, you’ll get 300 points. It isn’t affected by the battle’s outcome.
  • 500 Points – Then we have the Ink Bonus. You’ll get it when you spread 500p worth of ink.
Eat Food

For the next method, we’ll get away from battles and to the cafeteria. The cafeteria in Splatoon 3 can be found in the lobby. It is to the right of the Locker room. You can buy different food and drinks here to boost your experience, money, and gear abilities.

At the Cafeteria, certain food items will increase your experience gains. A few food items increase it to 50%, whereas others can even double it. You’ll find some items that even increase your whole team’s experience gains. This is perfect if you’re playing with your friends.

Once you eat food in Splatoon 3, its effect lasts for up to 20 matches. You can check it out next to your money numbers or the Super Sea Snail count when you finish a game. 

Raising Weapon’s Freshness Level

The other method is more of a Splatoon thing. This is called ‘Raising the Weapon’s Freshness. Each time the weapon’s freshness increases by 1 star, you’ll get a Sheldon Licenses in Splatoon 3. The weapon’s Freshness level increases as you take it to the battle with you.

Each of the weapon’s Freshness increases independently. What it means is if one weapon’s freshness is full, you can hop onto the next weapon and start with it. Like leveling up, there are a few ways to increase the Freshness of a Weapon to get a Sheldon License. These aren’t some specific tasks, and they are just to play the game as it is.

So, if you’re looking forward to raising your weapon’s freshness quickly, then you’d like to play lots and lots of matches. This is a win-win situation. As you get Exp to level up, your weapon’s freshness will level up too. Not only will getting higher Freshness to reward you with Sheldon Ticket, but it will also make your weapon better in Splatoon 3.

When you get a new weapon, stick to it for a few matches. That way, as you try to increase its Freshness to make it better, you’ll get Sheldon Tickets too. But it doesn’t mean that you should just focus on that one weapon. We advise you to check out different weapons available in the arsenal in Splatoon 3.

Playing with different weapons won’t only help you get Freshness for the weapons, and eventually Sheldon’s License. It will also make you a flexible teammate who can play all the roles.

The Golden Sheldon License

The above-mentioned Licenses aren’t the only Sheldon Licenses that you can get in Splatoon 3. There is another special Golden License. It is called the Gold Sheldon License. It can be called a bonus to the players who have played Splatoon 2. They get the Gold License by importing their Splatoon 2 data into Splatoon 3.

With these Gold Sheldon licenses, the players can get their hands on any of the weapons in the Weapons shop. With the Gold license, any restrictions of level or the weapon’s cost are overlooked. You can get any of the Best Splatoon 3 Weapons and get in the game.

using gold Licenses.
Using Gold Licenses to buy weapons.

When you get the Gold Sheldon Licenses, be sure to redeem them and not let them gather dust. When you’re redeeming the weapons, you can either get the ones that you already used in Splatoon 2. Or, if you’re uncertain which one to get, you can go for a weapon that is at least five levels above your level.

buying weapon with gold sheldon licenses.
Buying Weapons using the Gold License.

For the time being, you can only earn these 3 Gold Sheldon licenses. There isn’t any indication that the developers will add more to the game. But we’re hopeful that future events will bring in more Gold Licenses to the game.

Importing Splatoon 2 Data Into Splatoon 3

To get these Gold Sheldon Licenses, you’ll have to follow a few steps. Make sure that you’re doing everything right. If you ignore our instructions or start Splatoon 3 right away, chances are Nintendo won’t consider your Splatoon 2 save game. So here’s what you need to do.

At first, you’ll have to play Splatoon 2 for a few hours. This might seem unnecessary as most players would like to get into the new game as soon as they can. But hear us out; it will make this whole process easier. While you’re playing Splatoon 2, make sure that your connection is stable. There isn’t any problem with poor wifi quality or anything.

Once you have played one or two hours, you can go into Splatoon 3 and start the Importing data process. The game will automatically look for the saved data on your device. If it does, it will ask you if you want to import the data. There will be a prompt that will tell you that you’ll get the Gold Sheldon Licenses as a reward. Click on Import and play 1 match. You’ll be good to go.

Importing game data rewards.
The reward for importing data from Splatoon 2 to Splatoon 3.

If you face problems at any level or get stuck and don’t understand what to do? Or you want to know about other rewards that you get for importing data. Here is our complete guide on How to Transfer Data from Splatoon 2 to Splatoon 3.

If you are a returning player from Splatoon 2, then you’d love to learn about the New maps introduced in Splatoon 3.

How To Use Sheldon License

When a player has Sheldon’s License, they can head over to Sheldon’s shop. There, he will be selling you a weapon for 1 Sheldon License. This price will be 1 Sheldon license if the weapon level is equal to or lower than your current level. If it is higher than that, then each higher weapon will cost 3 Sheldon licenses.

1 sheldon license weapon.
Weapons on the same or lower than your level cost 1 Sheldon License.

While buying these weapons, you can test them out. That is a great option as players won’t end up wasting their hard-earned Licenses on weapons that aren’t for them.

3 sheldon licenses.
Higher-level weapons will cost 3 Sheldon Licenses.

Are you having a hard time deciding which weapons to get in Splatoon 3? Then don’t worry, we got it all covered. If you are looking for the overall best weapons, here’s our guide that covers the 10 Best Splatoon 3 Weapons. If you want to get better in competitive gameplay, then how about 14 Best PvP Weapons? Want to try something unique? Then there are the 10 Best Special Weapons in Splatoon 3.

Final Words

The game has well over 50 weapons. If you want to check out each one fare in battle, then you should hurry and get your hands on these Licenses. A weapon on your player level or below will cost 1 Sheldon License. And if the weapon level is higher than yours, it will cost 3 Sheldon licenses.

Although, if you are a returning player from older installations, then you’re in luck. You can always import your old game’s data, and it will give you many benefits. One such benefit is the 3 Gold Sheldon Licenses. These will allow you to get whatever weapon you want for 1 Gold Sheldon License.

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