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Splatoon 3 Turf Wars Explained

The Turf Wars is a multiplayer mode in which two teams gather to compete against each other. Turf Wars are the most played online mode in Splatoon 3, and Tricolor Turf War is the subcategory of this war mode. The match lasts about three minutes, in which you have to paint the arena as much as possible with your team’s color. When the timer runs out, the team with the most splatted color wins!

Key Highlights

  • Splatoon has many game modes for players to play in, but one of the most favored is the Tricolor Turf War game mode.
  • It is almost the same as Turf Wars, where players are against others in a 3-minute battle and has to paint the most area to win.
  • The difference is that instead of a 4v4 (Two Teams) it is now a 4v2v2 battle (Three Teams).
  • One of the three teams will start at center, and they have to guard the Ultra Signal and stop the rivals from using Sprinkle Of Doom.

Tricolor Turf Wars In Splatoon 3
Turf Wars In Splatoon 3

A Splatfest is a special event in the Splatoon series, in which hosts make two teams that compete against each other for a series of matches, and the team with the highest score gets the Victory.

During the events, you can select one of the groups and get points for their faction by competing against the rival team and performing better than them. 

Before Splatoon 3, the previous series used to have two factions, but now the event can be hosted by three parties of Deep Cut, and you can select between three factions. The mode is named Tricolor Turf War.

Tricolor Turf Wars In Splatoon 3

Tricolor Turf War is a recent turf war mode that is a 4v2v2 battle, exclusively available after the first half of the Splatfest event. The mechanics of this mode is just like the normal Splatfest battles, but the only difference is that there are a total of three teams competing against each other. To know about the best characters of the game, check out our Splatoon 3 Best Characters guide. 

Tricolor Turf Wars In Splatoon 3
Tricolor Turf Wars

One of the three groups will start in the center of the map, where they must guard the Ultra Signal against the rival teams and stop them from using the Sprinkle of Doom. The mode gives the team in the center a fair edge.

They just have to focus on defending their ground and paint the area as much as they can in all directions. Currently, there are only three stages to host in the Splatfest of Turf War which are: MakoMart, Hammerhead Bridge, and Sturgeon Shipyard. 

Now that you are aware of the basic mechanism of Tricolor Turf War let’s know how you can play this mode with your team and join the fun. 

How To Play Tricolor Turf War

The Tricolor mode is a Splatfest exclusive war mode that is not directly available in the main menu. Here is how you can participate in Tricolor Turf War in Splatoon 3. 

Participate In A Splatfest

Before getting into the first match of Tricolor Turf War, you need to take part in the Splatfest event first and play the normal turf war during its first half. You can participate in Splatfest by joining the available teams during the Sneak Peek. You can also make your own team with friends or join a random group through Pledge Box available in Splitsville.

Once the Splatfest event officially begins, join the ongoing battles through the lobby and give your nest to secure the qualifying position.

Reach The Second Half 

As mentioned earlier, Tricolor Turf War between the teams is only available during the second half of the event. The Tricolor mode will not be available If enough players or teams are not present. You might also enter into regular Turf War battles if there aren’t enough players on each team. 

If that happens, finish the current Splatfest battle and then try again by queueing for the new game mode. Without further ado, let’s get into Splatoon 3 Tricolor Turf War tips and strategies.

Tips To Win Tricolor Turf War

Once you’ve landed in the Tricolor Turf War Arena, it is time to show your skills and make your team win the match. In order to score the highest in the mode, there are some techniques and strategies that you must follow. So, we present you the best Splatoon 3 tips and tricks that you can implement in the Turf War battles to increase your chances of getting Victory. 

Use Maximum Amount Of Paint

In the Tricolor Turf War, your main focus should be on putting down as much paint as you can to get the maximum amount of points from each match and lead the scoreboard. To perform better than other teams, try to put more paint rather than getting into scraps. 

Paint the Middle Ground
Use maximum paint

The primary way of winning the Turf War is by putting your team pint on the base as much as possible. Although it is also part of the round to take out competitive teams for a security team, if your paint area is still not enough, your might get in trouble. So take out your paint and fill the entire arena with your team color. 

Hold The Middle Ground

If you want to put the maximum paint in the Splatfest arena, the most optimal spot is the middle ground. If you can hold the core area of the base, then you will have the edge over other teams as you can paint in all directions and knock them out if they try to invade your space. SP set up a line-up and get on your jobs. 

Stick Together

When it comes to Wars between squads, teamwork is the key point to winning the battles. Remember to stick together and work as a team by assisting each other. If your squad has synergy and coordination with each other, your performance in the arena will automatically get better.

Tricolor Turf War Tips
Teamwork Makes Dreamwork

To get the most optimal results, you can assign different roles to the team members, such as one member should get on putting as much paint as possible while another can use tactics to attack and take out the opponent team members. 

Use Higher Ground When Using Ranged Weapons

When you’ve got a ranged weapon, securing a high ground is really beneficial as it helps you to scatter ink easily by covering more surface area. Another advantage of getting to high ground is that you can spot the rival team members more easily and splat them quickly. Also, you’ll be a difficult target to splat if you’re on the high grounds. 

If you want in-depth knowledge of each weapon in the game, along with its capabilities and rankings, make sure to check out our Splatoon 3 Weapons Tier List.

Outflank The Rivals

The Victory in Turf War is more dependent on using better strategies and tactics than the opponents to tackle them. One of the ways to confuse the rival teams is by outflanking them and catching them off-guard. To make sneaky attacks on your opponents, use the sideways of the arena and attack them from behind with a surprise.

When the rival team is scattered, you can use the opportunity to quietly hunt them down without grabbing much attention. The scattered members are easier to target, so make sure to divide and rule!

Avoid Getting Splatted

In Turf War, getting splatted is just like giving free points to the opponents. While you’re painting the arena with your team color, make sure to be aware of other sneaky players. To avoid the risk of getting splatted, keep off the hot areas as it is better to secure your points by targeting the safe areas rather than staying in hot locations all the time.

Splat the opponents
Dont get splatted!

In Turf War, holding your position and fighting your ground wins you more matches than trying to invade other teams’ areas. So, make a strategy to secure a place, fill the entire area with your color and try to hold it to avoid getting splatted by other teams.

Choose Strategic Location For Landing

When you or any of your teammates return back to the base after getting splatted, you have the choice to fly back to your desired location on the map, so it is crucial to select your landing spot strategically. Your respawn spot can greatly affect your team’s performance as you can assist them by getting back into the battle and catching the opponent team by surprise.

Whenever you’re landing, try to choose a safe spot rather than blindly rushing into the bust spot, as there are high chances of getting hit again. So, land safely and gather with your teammates to fight together!

Swim From The Base When Necessary

Performing better in the war is all about using the right strategies. Sometimes, it is preferable to swim down from your base and secure a secure spot rather than directly getting into the all-action area. The strategy is useful, especially if the rival team has a hold over the middle ground. 

By swimming up, you can get the chance to re-paint the areas that they have captured close to your base. In this way, you can also make your way to the middle ground sensibly whenever you find the perfect opportunity. Swimming down the base makes you stealthier and sneakier, which helps you do the unexpected.

Don’t Stay Too Close To The Enemy Base

While you’re roaming around in the arena, trying to fill it up with your paint, make sure to be cautious while being closer to the enemy base, as their hold will be strongest there. If you are trying to cover more are, then be quick! Do your job and get back to your held area. Staying too close to the enemy base for a long time might catch their attention, which you do not want. 

If you are too close to the rival team base, isolated and outnumbered, the chances are pretty thick that you’ll end up getting splatted. 

Aim High

Tricolor Turf War Tips
Aim High!

If you want to cover more surface area, then Aim High! Aiming high while inking will give you an edge as you’ll be able to spread more paint and splat your opponent more easily. So, always keep your cursor high while inking the arena.

Use Weapon Abilities Wisely

The last Splatoon 3 Tricolor Turf War tip is to use your weapons wisely. The game features different kinds of weapons to use in Tricolor Rturf war, and each weapon has its own abilities. For example, if you have equipped a roller, you can use its special ability to splat the enemies by pressing ZR.

You can also perform a splat jump, which enables you to cover more range. Also, don’t forget to use the Squid Surge and Squid Roll when facing an opponent. These special moves can assist you in scaling walls faster and repelling ink from the opponents.

Wrapping Up

That concludes our Splatoon 3 Tricolor Turf War Tips guide. Players are really excited to play the newly introduced mode in Splatoon 3. As you play advanced battles, you’ll encounter better and more competitive rivals.

In order to outperform them, make sure to use your brain and play strategically with a game plan rather than trying to win recklessly, hoping on luck. If you use correct tactics and work together with team efficiency, no one can stop you from dominating the battlefield and conquering the arena.

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