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Splatoon 3 includes a story mode and a co-op mode where players can shoot out with other Splatoon 3 players. Our Wiki includes guides that will help you become a competitive player in both modes by utilizing the best resources the game offers. At the start, players can choose to play as an Inkling or Octoling. Both have ink-shooting guns equipped; effectively utilizing this ink is a key part of the gameplay. The ink in your weapon is not finite, and you would have to manage your ammunition carefully.

Key Takeaways
  • Splatoon 3 is a third-person shooter game that is an exclusive game for Nintendo Devices.
  • The game looks very vibrant and funky due to the game revolving around shooting with Ink.
  • This game offers a story and co-op features to play against other players and your friends.
  • At the start of the game, you are given a character to play with, and you can customize them however you want.
  • Being a shooter game, it obviously has a lot of weapon types to choose from.
  • Some of the best weapons in the game are Splattershot Pro, Splatana Wiper, Aerospray MG, Splat Dualies, and Carbon Roller.
  • There are many more things to do in this game so you can check the rest of our guide.

Players can gather several useful weapons that would allow them to manage ink carefully and make combat efficient. Our Wiki guides would help you gather various weapons, including special and sub-weapons. We have also got you covered if you want to enjoy the new features in the game, making the most out of your Splatoon 3 gameplay.

Game Review

If you have trouble deciding if Splatoon 3 is worth buying, you might consider reading our Splatoon 3 review. The review would provide you with an insightful opinion about various gameplay aspects. You would get to learn more about the gameplay, combat, and mechanics that might help you reach a decision.

Beginners Guide

If you just started this game and need help understanding various game mechanics, our beginner’s guide has covered you. If you are new to the franchise or having trouble with the new features introduced in the game, Our Splatoon 3 Walkthrough will help you get started and provide you with everything you need to know to become efficient in the game.

The Beginner’s guide includes information about what’s new in the game. If you want to know about all the new weapons, modes, and moves. You should definitely check it out. The new game modes, including Turf battles, are explained for newer players to make the most out of them.

If you are confused about the new moves Splatoon 3 has to offer and how to use them efficiently. The guide also covers some of the best tips that would help you take down many of your opponents by using them effectively.

If you want to know how long it takes to complete the game before deciding to start it, we have got you covered. We have also explained various level details in campaign mode.

Weapons Walkthrough

Splatoon 3 weapons wiki

Need to get started with weapons? We have got you covered up on everything you need to know about unlocking weapons and some of the best weapons you can acquire in the game. Our walkthrough includes guides that will help you get to know the best weapons for every situation in the game. You would also learn about how various weapons work during the gameplay.

To unlock and get new weapons in Splatoon 3, you would have to visit Ammo Knights and buy them using Sheldon Licenses. Our guides will help you reach the location of Ammo Knights and will also allow you to obtain Sheldon Licenses efficiently. Other than Ammo Knights, you can also obtain the weapons from the bonus shop. 

We have also listed some of the best weapons in Splatoon 3 that you might want to check for an amazing gameplay experience. Other than main weapons, consider also checking out some of the best secondary weapons. If you want to excel at PvP gameplay, we have also suggested the best weapons that are a must-obtain if you want to take down other players.

Settings Walkthrough

If you are having trouble with various controller settings during Your Splatoon 3 gameplay, Our Splatoon 3 wiki guides will help you pick the best settings for an efficient and less tedious experience. You will need to know the best controller settings for motion controls and stick controls to make sure you are all set to begin the game.

Some players find motion controls easier to use; if you are confused about which one to choose, consider checking out our insightful opinion and comparison of both types of controls. Learning the merits and demerits of both types can certainly help you pick a type that suits your playstyle.

Some players have trouble with their save files and transferring data, so if you are one of those players, You can check out our detailed step-by-step guide on how to transfer and save data so you won’t lose your precious data. 


Splatoon 3 wiki characters walkthrough
Craigh Cuttlefish

Splatoon 3 has tons of exciting characters that you can spot during your gameplay. There are many fantastic playable characters and NPCs. Some notable characters include Craig Cuttlefish, Frye, Shiver, and Big Man, but you would have to read our guide to find out more. With the help of our Splatoon 3 walkthrough guide, you can easily locate certain vendors to buy many useful items.

Players would also be able to customize their character at the start of the game. The game offers detailed customization, and players can choose from a variety of options. They can change their hairstyle, face, skin tone, and much more.

All Bosses

Splatoon 3 bosses walkthrough

Splatoon 3 features various bosses in the campaign mode that pose a great challenge to the players. Many of these bosses would require careful strategizing and preparation beforehand to take them down. It can be difficult and tedious for many players to figure out what would be effective against various bosses. Our walkthrough comes in with some of the best tips that would help you in strategizing and planning to annihilate these bosses.


Splatoon 3, like the previous games in the franchise, features a variety of abilities. Each ability adds something new to the gameplay, and players can utilize a variety of them in combination for efficient performance in combat. The abilities would allow you to manage your ink, increase your damage, increase the charge rate of various mechanics, and much more.

Turf Wars

Players can participate in online PvP gameplay in various four-minute Turf Wars. Players would have to color the area with their ink in Tricolor Turf Wars. The team in possession of a larger area marked by them wins the game. Suppose you have trouble joining Turf wars. Follow our Splatoon 3 wiki guide.

To win Turf wars, players would often be required to strategize and plan effectively. It is necessary to know the best tips to overcome your opponents to win more games. Splatoon 3 introduces many new maps for the Turf wars and anarchy battles while also including some maps from the previous games.

Other than exciting Turf Wars, players can also take part in Anarchy battles to increase their ranks. Furthermore, they can also participate in The Shaol for private battles among other Splatoon 3 players.

New Stages In Splatoon 3

In each of these new stages, you aim to overcome challenges, control important areas, and achieve victory. Whether navigating treacherous volcanic terrain, outsmarting opponents in narrow alleyways, or dominating the central pool of a luxurious resort, each stage presents unique obstacles to overcome. Adapt your strategies, utilize ink coverage strategically, and work together with your team to emerge as the ruling force.

Remember, communication and coordination are key to success in Splatoon 3. Coordinate your movements, cover the ground with ink, and unleash your weapons to kill enemies. With determination, skill, and teamwork, you can conquer the stages.

Scorch Gorge

In Scorch Gorge, you’ll face the challenge of swimming up the walls of a volcano while avoiding the dangerous lava. Take it step by step, using your ink to create paths on the inkable walls. Be quick and agile to evade the lava’s heat. Along the way, you’ll encounter enemies who will try to hinder your progress. Use your weapons to take them down, clearing your path to victory. The ultimate goal is to reach the summit of the volcano and defeat the tough boss that awaits you.

Haggle Fish Market

As you enter Haggle Fish Market, the lively atmosphere of a bustling fish market surrounds you. Navigate through the narrow alleyways and take advantage of the verticality of the stage. Control key pathways, outmaneuver your opponents, and splat your way to the opposing team’s spawn point. By claiming their base, you secure a decisive victory.

Undertow Spillway

Dive into the water-themed Undertow Spillway, where rushing currents and submerged platforms challenge your skills. Adapt to the shifting water levels and strategically cover as much ground as possible. Your objective is to secure control of the central area by overpowering your opponents. With careful maneuvering and ink coverage, you can emerge triumphant in this stage.

Mincemeat Metalworks

Welcome to the Mincemeat Metalworks, a stage filled with conveyor belts and complex machinery. Navigate through the intricate structures, utilizing ink coverage to your advantage. Control key areas and outsmart your opponents. Push them back and secure victory in this industrial-themed stage.

Eeltail Alley

Step into the neon-lit Eeltail Alley, where tight corners and hidden paths provide tactical opportunities. Strategically cover the ground with your ink, creating advantageous positions. Control the key chokepoints and outmaneuver your opponents to reach their base. Splat anyone who stands in your way and secure a well-deserved victory.


Explore the dynamic MakoMart, a bustling supermarket stage. Strategically ink the aisles, gaining an advantage over your opponents. Control the checkout lanes, the produce section, and the electronics department. Work together with your team to establish dominance and deny the enemy access to crucial areas. Push forward, securing victory in this unique stage.

Mahi-Mahi Resort

Immerse yourself in the luxurious Mahi-Mahi Resort, featuring multiple levels and a central pool. Control the central pool area, defending it against opponents’ advances. Strategically cover ground, dominate the majority of the resort with your ink, and claim victory in this extravagant stage.

Museum D’Alfonsino

Enter the art museum stage, Museum D’Alfonsino, with its wide-open spaces and intricate exhibits. Strategically control platforms, outmaneuver opponents, and maintain dominance. Cover key areas with your ink, limiting enemy movements, and establish your authority in this stage filled with artistic marvels.

Sturgeon Shipyard

In the Sturgeon Shipyard, a shipyard stage with large structures and tight spaces, navigate through the pathways and ink them to claim control. Utilize your ink and weapons strategically to overpower your opponents. Control the flow of the battle, outmaneuver your enemies, and secure a resounding victory.

Hammerhead Bridge

Welcome to Hammerhead Bridge, a stage characterized by a large central bridge. Gain control of the bridge, pushing towards the opposing team’s base. Utilize ink coverage strategically to limit enemy movements and secure key areas. By dominating the bridge, you pave the way for victory.

Inkblot Art Academy

Enter the prestigious Inkblot Art Academy, an art school stage filled with platforms and creative spaces. Utilize ink coverage to your advantage, controlling platforms and outmaneuvering opponents. Strategically cover key areas with your ink, limiting the enemy’s presence and securing victory.

Wahoo World

Step into Wahoo World, a vibrant theme park stage with dynamic elements. Adapt to the changing environment, control key areas, and push forward. Utilize ink coverage strategically to gain an advantage over your opponents. With careful navigation and coordinated teamwork, you can conquer the stage and emerge victorious.

Additional Game Features

The Splatoon series includes a series of games with colorful and funky-looking graphics. These games are third-person shooters released exclusively for Nintendo Devices. Splatoon 3 was released this year on September 9 as a Nintendo Switch exclusive. Our Splatoon 3 Walkthrough will cover all you need to know.

There are many exciting things to do in the world of Splatoon 3. Players can customize their lockers and make them look funky and appealing for a fun experience. Furthermore, you can also try out various emotes and hair colors.

If you want to bring out your artistic side in the game, you can also make art in Splatoon 3. You can scribble anything you like using your Nintendo Switch Touch screen and stylus.

Article Update On 2nd July 2023

Changes: Added information on the new stages in Splatoon 3

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