Star Wars Jedi Survivor Blaster Stance [Unlock & Upgrade]

Unlock the Star Wars Jedi Survivor's Blaster Stance by completing the main story campaign of chapter 3.

Unlocking the Blaster Stance in Star Wars Jedi Survivor requires completing the main story campaign of Chapter 3. This chapter is divided into 4 parts, each with distinct objectives. The adventure begins when our ship crashes on the planet Koboh, and you embark on a mission to find Greez, who can help repair our ship. Once you find Greez, you will be introduced to Bode, who grants us the Blaster for practice. With the ship ready for repair, you can move forward to Chapter 4.

Key Takeaways
  • To unlock the Blaster Stance, it’s necessary to complete the story campaign of Chapter 3
  • You will meet Bode at the end, and he will provide you with the Blaster. 
  • If I want to shoot someone specifically with Blaster, I need to target them just like you would with a Lightsaber
  • The Perks system in Star Wars Jedi Survivor can also enhance the performance of the Blaster Stance.
  • The Blaster Stance has several upgrades, including Quick Draw, Flying Lunge, Blaster Cooldown, Improved Clip, Energizing Flurry, Efficient Heat Transfer, and Point Blank.
  • The Jedi Survivor Blaster, unlike the traditional Blaster canon, only consumes six ammo at a time and can fire two at once for a charged shot.

Learn more about the Blaster stance by watching the following video:

How to Unlock The Blaster Stance In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Unlocking the Blaster Stance
Unlocking the Blaster Stance [Image by eXputer]
To unlock the Blaster Stance, you will have to complete Jedha Chapter 3 story campaign. When I reached Jedha and visited the Archive for the first time, Blaster Stance would be available for you.

  • This occurs after Coruscant and Koboh, which are the first and second planets you’ll visit.
  • To reach Jedha, I followed the main story path of Koboh until the Mantis was repaired, and I could travel to the new planet.
  • Although it’s a fair distance to the Archive, Jedha is smaller than Koboh, so it won’t take long to arrive.
  • Once I reach the Archive, Bode will come to me.
  • Bode will give Cal Blaster, and after a quick tutorial, he will be able to use the Blaster Stance anytime.
  • With the blaster, you can easily take out unsuspecting B1 droids with devastating ranged attacks.

Blaster Stance Uses And Upgrades In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

The Blaster Stance unlocks the use of a ranged blaster gun instead of a lightsaber, making it essential for defeating difficult bosses like Tague Louesh. Where the recommended stances are the Blaster and Double-Bladed stances, allowing players to attack enemies from a distance, shoot bolts to deal instant damage, and break through enemy shields.

Using The Blaster Stance

Using the Blaster
Using the Blaster [Screenshot Grab: eXputer]
I alternated between melee and ranged combat to use the Blaster Stance in Star Wars Jedi Survivor effectively.

  • By darting in and out of melee range, you can build up charge and finish off enemies from a distance using the blaster.
  • You may find it challenging to master the Blaster Stance in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, but it effectively deals with enemies that need to be kept at a distance, like flamethrower stormtroopers.
  • With its range and speed, the Blaster Stance can efficiently whittle down opponents and help us survive tough battles.
  • Our Primary Attack utilizes the lightsaber and generates a charge for our blaster.
  • You can see the amount of charge available for our blaster displayed on the left-hand side of our screen.
  • To use the blaster, you activate the Special Attack to fire a shot, which will consume one bar of charge.
  • Alternatively, I can hold down the Special Attack to create a Charged Shot, which will consume two bars of charge.

Blaster Stance Skill Tree

Skilltree [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]
  • Quick Draw (3 Skill Points) – Focus and target multiple enemies at once with the blaster
  • Flying Lunge (1 Skill Point) – Gives you more range with your lightsaber. 
  • Blaster Cooldown (1 Skill Point) – Provides you with more ammo for each free strike landed with a lightsaber. 
  • Improved Clip (1 Skill Point) – Increase maximum blaster ammunition by three.
  • Energizing Flurry (3 Skill Points) – Perform a sequence of quick swings that rapidly replenish ammunition if they connect.
  • Efficient Heat Transfer (2 Skill Points) – Reduces how long it takes to do a Charged up shot. (It does take a few seconds).
  • Point Blank (1 Skill Point) – Lets you blast away an enemy when they are about to hit you up close. 

Other Upgrades On Blaster Stance

Upgrades Shop
Upgrades Shop [Screenshot Captured by eXputer]
There is a bounty hunter in Greez’s Cantina by the name of Cage. If you hunt the Haxion Brood members, you will earn Bounty Pucks. These Bounty Pucks can be used to buy new Blaster shots from her. All those are explained below. 

  • Charge Shot Area is activated when you hit an enemy with a charge shot, then the nearby enemies will take damage from it. 
  • Ricochet bounces the Blaster bolts off any surface. So when you fire a Blaster ball, It would have bounced and can hit more enemies next to each other. 
  • Stun Shot fires a stun bolt at a target and that can also stun nearby enemies.

To change shot types, you need to be in the meditation menu, select the Blaster Stance, then select any desired. 

Perks On Blaster Stance

Perks Image Captured by Us

The Perks are a new system in Star Wars Jedi Survivor that can improve the Blaster Stance as well. 

  • Marksmanship (3 slots) – Increases the damage of your Blaster shots when you’re using Blaster Stance.
  • Unflinching (1 slot) – Allows you to take a hit without damage when charging up your blaster. 

Blaster Customization 

Customization [Image by eXputer]
You can also customize your parts of the weapon instead of choosing a whole separate weapon.

  • There are only three sections to choose from to change individual parts: Barrel, Body, and Handle.
  • You can only customize our Blaster at a Work Bench.
  • You are also able to find gun parts by opening crates in Star Wars Jedi Survivor World, just like the Lightsaber parts and clothes. 
  • There are also options to buy parts from Caij. 


Conclusively, the Star Wars Jedi Survivor unlock Blaster Stance is a combat style that allows us to use a ranged blaster gun instead of a lightsaber. To unlock the Blaster Stance, you need to complete the Jedha Chapter 3 story campaign, which becomes available after completing Coruscant and Koboh, the first and second planets visited by us, respectively. 

However, the Jedi Survivor Blaster only holds six rounds at a time, and two rounds can be consumed at once for a charged shot. To effectively use the Blaster Stance, one should alternate between melee and ranged combat, building up charge by darting in and out of melee range and finishing off enemies from a distance using the Blaster. Mastering the Blaster Stance can be challenging, but it is effective in dealing with enemies that require distance, such as flamethrower stormtroopers.


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