Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Find The Gorge’s Secret [Walkthrough]

Discover valuable insights and rare gear in Star Wars Jedi Survivor Find The Gorge's Secret by mastering abilities and managing resources.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Find The Gorge’s Secret is an engaging side mission that unveils a hidden area in the vast world of Koboh. Throughout this mission, players will encounter various challenges and puzzles while exploring the depths of the Winding Ravine. To successfully complete this mission, players need to unlock specific abilities, tame the Trontoshell, and navigate the intricacies of the Winding Ravine to discover the Hunter Lightsaber treasure ultimately. 

Key Takeaways

  • Star Wars Jedi Survivor Find The Gorge’s Secret offers intriguing puzzles and exploration through the vast Koboh world.
  • Unlock abilities like Fly On Mounts and Confusion On Major Fauna to navigate the Winding Ravine successfully.
  • To start the mission, unlock the rumor at Rambler’s Reach Outpost by speaking to the Prospector and completing a prerequisite side quest.
  • Fast travel to Derelict Dam using unlocked Meditation Points, then use the Focus ability to interact with the Torontoshell creature.
  • Explore the left fork of the Winding Ravine to find Force Essence and hidden chests, enhancing your gameplay experience.
  • The right fork offers exciting wall run challenges and the opportunity to collect Priorite Shards for equipment upgrades.
  • Confront and defeat the Gorocco beast by studying its attack patterns and using your Force abilities strategically.
  • The quest concludes with discovering the Hunter Lightsaber treasure, a unique cosmetic item for your weapon.
  • Ensure to understand game mechanics, be aware of the map, interact with NPCs, save often, and upgrade your abilities for a smooth experience. 

Important: To progress in “Find The Gorge’s Secret,” players must effectively utilize abilities, engage in climbing and wall-running challenges, and explore both forks of the Winding Ravine.

Unlocking Necessary Abilities

Before diving into the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Find The Gorge’s Secret mission, certain abilities must be acquired to ensure success:

  • Fly On Mounts: This ability allows access to previously unreachable areas by flying on creatures called Relters. This skill is crucial for navigating the Winding Ravine and progressing through the mission.
    • To obtain this ability, progress through the main storyline until it becomes available as part of the natural game progression.
  • Confusion On Major Fauna: This skill is essential for interacting with the massive Trontoshell creature, which plays a vital role in accessing the Gorge’s Secret area.
    • Just like the previous ability, keep advancing through the main story, and this ability will eventually unlock as you progress.

Once these necessary abilities are acquired, the journey to discovering the Gorge’s Secret can begin.

Unlocking Find The Gorge’s Secret Rumor

To kickstart your journey to Find the Gorge’s Secret, you’ll first need to unlock the rumor that sets the whole adventure in motion. To help you achieve this, here are step-by-step instructions.

Visit Rambler’s Reach Outpost

  1. Begin by locating Rambler’s Reach Outpost on the map. This outpost serves as the central hub for various rumors and side quests.
  2. Once you’ve reached Rambler’s Reach, explore the area and interact with the NPCs to gather more information.
Star Wars Jedi Survivor Find The Gorge's Secret Rambler's Reach Outpost
Rambler’s Reach Outpost (Credit: WoW Quests)

Speak To The Prospector

  1. At the outpost, you’ll come across a peculiar character named the Prospector. He’s the key to initiating the Find the Gorge’s Secret rumor.
Star Wars Jedi Survivor Find The Gorge's Secret Prospector
  1. Approach the Prospector and engage in a conversation. He will share stories and hints about the mysterious gorge, piquing your curiosity.
  2. During my playthrough, I found it helpful to pay close attention to the Prospector’s dialogue, as it contains crucial information about the quest.

Complete A Prerequisite Side Quest

  1. The Prospector won’t give away the rumor without a little help from you first. He will ask you to complete a side quest for him.
  2. The side quest can vary for each player, but it usually involves locating a rare item or defeating a specific enemy.
  3. I highly recommend completing this side quest as efficiently as possible, as it will unlock the main rumor and propel you forward in your adventure.

Return To The Prospector

  1. Once you’ve successfully completed the side quest, return to the Prospector at Rambler’s Reach Outpost.
  2. He will acknowledge your efforts and finally unveil the Find the Gorge’s Secret rumor.
Star Wars Jedi Survivor Find The Gorge's Secret Rumor Discovered
Rumor Discovered

Begin Your Adventure

With the rumor now unlocked, your journey to Find the Gorge’s Secret officially begins. Prepare for a thrilling and challenging adventure filled with unexpected twists, powerful foes, and hidden treasures.

By following these steps, you’ll successfully unlock the Find the Gorge’s Secret rumor and embark on an unforgettable journey in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

Fast Travel To Derelict Dam

To progress in your quest to Find the Gorge’s Secret, you’ll need to travel fast to Derelict Dam. This area is the starting point for your exploration and offers several challenges and discoveries. Here are some steps to help you navigate the journey:

Unlock Fast Travel Points

  • Ensure you unlock the necessary fast travel points on the map before attempting to travel to Derelict Dam.
  • Meditation Points are vital for saving progress, restoring health and Force, and unlocking fast travel options. Keep an eye out for these as you play.
  • Personally, I found it beneficial to explore and unlock as many Meditation Points as possible, which can save you time and effort later on.
  • Open your map and locate the Meditation Point closest to Derelict Dam.
  • Select that point, and you’ll be prompted to fast travel to the location.
  • Confirm your choice, and you’ll be instantly transported to the selected Meditation Point.

Using The Focus Ability On The Torontoshell

Upon arriving at Derelict Dam, you’ll encounter a Torontoshell blocking your path. Here’s how to use your Focus ability to overcome this obstacle:

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Find The Gorge's Secret Torontoshell
  1. Slowly approach the Torontoshell and take note of the glowing shell markings, indicating that you can interact with it.
  2. I recommend saving at the nearby Meditation Point before interacting with the Torontoshell in case you need to retry the upcoming challenges.
  3. Position yourself close to the Torontoshell and activate your Focus ability.
  4. This action will cause the creature to retract into its shell, allowing you to proceed further.

By following these steps, you’ll be well-equipped to fast travel to Derelict Dam, use your Focus ability on the Torontoshell, and overcome the challenges that await you.

Exploring Left Fork

As you delve deeper into Star Wars Jedi Survivor Find The Gorge’s Secret, you’ll soon reach a fork in the path. Choosing the left fork will lead you to valuable Force Essence and hidden chests that can significantly enhance your gameplay experience. Here’s my take on how to make the most of this opportunity:

Obtaining Force Essence

Force Essence is crucial for improving your Force abilities, and the left fork offers a chance to acquire this valuable resource. To make sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity, follow these steps:

  • Keep an eye out for a glowing, pulsating orb, indicating the presence of Force Essence.
  • Approach the orb and interact with it to absorb the essence, which will permanently increase your Force capacity.
  • It’s essential to collect as many Force Essences as possible to ensure you’re well-prepared for the challenges ahead.

Discovering Hidden Chests

The left fork is also home to hidden chests that contain various items and customization options. To find these treasures, consider the following tips:

  • Scan your surroundings carefully, as hidden chests can be concealed behind walls or tucked away in corners.
  • Be on the lookout for any markings or signs that might indicate a hidden chest’s location.
  • As you progress through, you’ll unlock new abilities that can help you access previously unreachable areas.
  • I highly recommend revisiting the left fork with these new abilities to uncover additional hidden chests.
  • Use your map to track your progress and ensure you haven’t missed any chests in the area.

By following these suggestions, you’ll successfully navigate the left fork and uncover the valuable Force Essence and hidden chests it holds. This will undoubtedly aid you in your quest to unravel the mysteries of Star Wars Jedi Survivor Find The Gorge’s Secret. So, take your time to explore and reap the rewards that await you on this path.

Venturing Right Fork

The right fork is worth exploring, as it provides exciting wall run challenges and the opportunity to collect valuable Priorite Shards. Let’s dive into the details:

Wall Running Challenges

The right fork is filled with wall run challenges that will put your agility and reflexes to the test. Here are some recommendations to help you succeed:

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Find The Gorge's Secret Wall Running Challenges
Wall Running Challenges
  • Ensure you’re comfortable with the controls and mechanics of climbing and wall running in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.
  • Practice makes perfect, so don’t be discouraged if you fail a few times. Eventually, you’ll master these skills.
  • Take note of any markings, ledges, or other indications that suggest a possible path.
  • I found it useful to plan my route before attempting a challenge, which helped me avoid unnecessary mistakes.
  • As you progress, you’ll unlock new abilities that can aid you in overcoming climbing and wall running challenges.
  • Be sure to make full use of these abilities to conquer even the most demanding obstacles.

Collecting Priorite Shards

As you progress through the right fork, you’ll also have the chance to collect Priorite Shards, a resource that can be used to upgrade your equipment. To make the most of this opportunity, keep these tips in mind:

  • Keep a keen eye out for glowing shards embedded in the environment.
  • Utilize your Force abilities to access hard-to-reach areas where Priorite Shards might be hidden.
  • I strongly recommend gathering as many Priorite Shards as possible, as upgrading your equipment will be essential for tackling tougher challenges.

The right fork offers a unique and rewarding experience, with its wall run challenges and the chance to gather Priorite Shards. By following the tips and recommendations provided, you’ll be well-equipped to make the most of this path in Star Wars Jedi Survivor Find The Gorge’s Secret. 

Confronting The Gorocco

As you progress through Star Wars Jedi Survivor, you’ll eventually face a fearsome creature known as the Gorocco. This formidable beast is a true test of your skills and determination, and overcoming it can be a highly rewarding experience. The battle against the Gorocco is one of the highlights of the quest, as it pushes you to utilize all the abilities you’ve acquired up to this point. Here are some tips to help you emerge victorious:

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Find The Gorge's Secret Gorocco
  • Study Gorocco’s attack patterns and movements, as recognizing its behavior will help you anticipate and dodge its powerful strikes.
  • Use your Force abilities strategically, as they can play a crucial role in both offense and defense during the battle.
  • Don’t forget to take advantage of your surroundings. Use environmental objects and cover to shield yourself from Gorocco’s devastating blows.
  • Patience and perseverance are key to defeating Gorocco. Don’t get discouraged if you fail at first; instead, learn from your mistakes and refine your strategy.

Confronting the Gorocco is a thrilling and challenging encounter that showcases the depth and complexity of the combat system in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. With the right strategy, determination, and a keen understanding of your abilities, you’ll be well-prepared to tackle this epic battle and emerge victorious.

Utilizing The Relter To Traverse Platforms

In the Winding Ravine, you will encounter a unique creature called the ‘Relter.’ This gliding creature plays a crucial role in traversing platforms and reaching previously inaccessible areas. Here are some key points to remember when using the Relter to navigate the environment:

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Find The Gorge's Secret Relter
  • Locating A Relter: These creatures can be found perched on ledges or platforms throughout the Winding Ravine. Keep an eye out for their distinctive appearance and gliding capabilities.
  • Taming The Relter: To utilize a Relter, it must first be tamed. Approach the creature and use the Focus ability (RB by default) to initiate the taming process. Once tamed, the Relter will be ready to assist in traversing platforms.
  • Gliding With The Relter: With a tamed Relter, approach it and interact to grab onto its legs. The creature will then glide across gaps and chasms, allowing access to previously unreachable areas. In my experience, using the Relter for traversal made some of the more difficult platforming sections much easier to navigate.
  • Navigating With Precision: While gliding with a Relter, one can control the direction of the glide by using the movement controls. This helps in reaching specific platforms or areas with greater accuracy.
  • Timing And Release: To safely land on the desired platform, release the Relter at the right moment. Releasing too early or too late can result in a failed traversal attempt, so practice and precision are key.

Remember to keep an eye out for Relters, as they can be a valuable asset in traversing the Winding Ravine and uncovering hidden secrets within Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Discovering The Hunter Lightsaber Treasure

A major reward for completing the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Find The Gorge’s Secret questline is the acquisition of the coveted Hunter Lightsaber. This unique cosmetic item enhances the appearance of the protagonist’s weapon, giving it a distinct and powerful look. Here are the essential steps to discovering the Hunter Lightsaber Treasure:

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Find The Gorge's Secret Hunter Lightsaber
Hunter Lightsaber
  • Reaching the Cliffside Chest: After successfully traversing the Winding Ravine using the Relter and overcoming various platforming challenges, one will arrive at a cliff with a chest. This chest contains the sought-after Hunter Lightsaber.
  • Opening the Chest: Approach the chest and interact with it to unveil its contents. Once opened, the Hunter Lightsaber will be added to the inventory.
  • Equipping the Hunter Lightsaber: To equip the newly acquired Hunter Lightsaber, visit a Workbench, usually found at save points or various locations. Select the Lightsaber customization option and choose the Hunter Lightsaber from the list of available options.

After acquiring the Hunter Lightsaber, a notification will be displayed, signifying the conclusion of the Find the Gorge’s Secret Rumor mission. 

In conclusion, I hope that my insights and experiences have helped guide you on your journey through Star Wars Jedi Survivor Find The Gorge’s Secret. This game is filled with engaging challenges, rich lore, and memorable moments that I believe you’ll truly enjoy.


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