Star Wars Jedi Survivor Holotactics [Explained]

Learn everything there is to know about Holotactics in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Holotactics is a mini-game you can unlock and play to acquire certain rewards and even a trophy. It requires you to carefully plan your moves and defeat your enemies while ensuring your troops survive. But, due to the many options and different costs, it can be quite confusing. Besides just taking down enemies and exploring ruins and different planets, there are many other things that you can do in Jedi Survivor. The Star Wars Jedi Survivor Holotactics is one of the many activities you can indulge in to kill time.

Important: Not every opponent will be available initially; you’ll need to progress further in the story and recruit them before they join you at the table.
Key Takeaways
  • Holotactics is a strategic auto-battler mini-game in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor at Pyloon’s Saloon on Koboh.
  • Holotactics consists of multiple rounds, where you draft AI-controlled units using Battle Points to fight for you on the battlefield.
  • Unlock Holotactics by completing the “Locate the Odd Pair” side quest on Koboh.
  • Expand unit roster by defeating enemies in the main game and having BD-1 scan them.
  • Success depends on strategic thinking, unit selection, and positioning.
  • Key Units: Droideka, Roller Mine, Magnaguard, Heavy Assault Trooper, Bedlam Smasher.
  • Opponents become tougher, requiring different strategies and units.
  • Adapt unit selection to opponents’ strategies using Battle Points effectively.
  • Save Battle Points for the final round, counter opponents’ strengths, and exploit weaknesses.
  • Rewards after each victory include items like Priorite Shard, Pilot’s Jacket, and Anodized Metal Paints.

What Is Holotactics

Holotactics provides players with a strategic challenge that can be both exciting and rewarding. Located at Pyloon’s Saloon on Koboh, this strategy-based side quest requires you to draft a team of AI-controlled units, each with their own unique abilities and attributes, to defeat an opponent in a series of rounds.

Round System

Holotactics rules explained Star Wars Jedi Survivor
Wave Complete [image by us]
As you embark on your Holotactics journey, you’ll begin each round with an allocated number of Battle Points that can be used to draft AI-controlled units to fight for you on the battlefield.

  • Start each Holotactics round with Battle Points to draft AI units for battle.
  • Goal: Outsmart your opponent and win consecutive rounds in the Star Wars Jedi Survivor auto-battler.
  • Challenge: Multiple rounds (2 to 4), must win all for victory.
  • Strategic play: Choose and position units wisely for maximum impact on the table.
  • Progression: Gain more Battle Points in Jedi Survivor for facing tougher opponents.
  • Unused Battle Points carry over to the next round.
  • Success requires strategic thinking and adapting unit choices to the situation.
  • Note: AI-controlled nature adds an element of chance, making even the best strategies uncertain.

Unlocking More Units

To enhance your gameplay experience and expand your roster of units, you’ll need to defeat enemies in the main storyline and have BD-1 scan them.

  • Complete the campaign and scan all opponents for the best unit options.
  • Don’t just choose the most expensive units; weaker ones may have unique advantages.
  • Explore open-world locations to recruit new NPCs for Pyloon’s Saloon, introducing new Holotactics challengers or familiar faces.

How To Unlock Holotactics

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Holotactics
Holotactics Unlocked [screenshot by us]
In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, unlocking the strategic mini-game Holotactics requires completing a sidequest called “Locate the Odd Pair.” This quest involves rescuing two characters, Tulli Mu and Bhima Ook, at a location known as the Boiling Bluff. Upon successfully completing this sidequest, you’ll gain access to Holotactics by speaking with Tulli and Bhima, who can be found on the second floor of Pyloon Saloon in Ramber’s Reach.

Locate The Odd Pair

  • Recruit Bhima and Tulli in Jedi Survivor for allies.
  • Unlock Holotactics by recruiting them on Koboh.
  • Holotactics board is on the upper floor of Pyloons Saloon on Koboh.
  • Start the “Locate the Odd Pair” quest after hearing a rumor from Moran in Pyloon’s Saloon.
  • Rumor available post-Forest Array main quest.
  • Head to Boiling Bluff beyond Untamed Downs to find Tulli and Bhima.
  • Defeat a Mogu to make Tulli and Bhima feel safe.
  • Once safe, talk to them to relocate to Pyloon’s Saloon.

Best Units In Star Wars Jedi Survivor Holotactics

Best Units in Holotactics Star Wars Jedi Survivor
Different Units Available [image by eXputer]
Victory in a Holotactics match depends greatly on your chosen team and unit. Although you need to be careful of what your opponent is choosing, certain units greatly outshine others. These units are capable of eliminating lower-level opponents with ease, and if you’re slightly careful with the tougher enemies, they can help you win as well.


Droideka is considered the cheesiest unit in Holotactic. You’re almost guaranteed to win if you choose it, as long as your other units aren’t completely random. The Droideka is a ranged unit and can shoot massive bursts of bullets at enemies. Ideally, you want to place it far from your enemies so that it has enough time to eliminate them before they can get too close.

Roller Mine

The Roller Mine is useful against larger targets as it rolls over to them and detonates. Usually, the detonation is enough to bring down one giant enemy but not enough for multiple melee units. Additionally, you should aim to use ranged units alongside the Roller Mine so that they don’t get caught in the blast radius.


Regarding melee, the Magnaguard tends to be the best bang for the buck. For its price point, it provides enough resilience and damage that even if it dies, you’ll likely have at least another unit to finish the job.

Heavy Assault Trooper

In the earlier matches, you won’t have that many points. That’s why the Heavy Assault Troopers will come quite handy, and for just six points, they can be considered the best cheap ranged units. They definitely stand above Stormtroopers.

Bedlam Smasher

It might take a while to unlock the Bedlam Smasher, but it is one of the most useful melee units available. It swings around a heavy mace, and once it begins attacking, it can string together three to four attacks, which is usually enough to take down even the strongest units.

With that, you know everything about holotactics. It is quite a fun mini-game that requires careful planning. Although it is a bit random at times, strategizing and choosing units in accordance with what your opponent has chosen will ensure that you win.

Furthermore, unlocking different units can be done by exploring the world and scanning any enemy you see, allowing you to get even more powerful and useful options while fighting against opponents.

Besides just taking part in Holotactics, there is much more that you can do in Jedi Survivor. You can fight against the Spawn of Oggdo and also reach the forest array. If you’re trying to figure out how to increase max health or unlock the blaster stance

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