Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Spawn Of Oggdo [How To Beat]

Unlock Poncho by defeating star wars jedi survivor spawn of oggdo located in Fort Kah'lin on the planet Koboh.

The Oggdo was a strong opponent for Cal Kestis, the game’s protagonist in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and he is back to take revenge on Cal Kestis. I will show you how to find him, battling strategies that are not pretty simple. So, let’s get started with this Star Wars Jedi survivor spawn of Oggdo guide.

Key Takeaways
  • The Spawn of Oggdo is a tough optional boss in the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor game, located in Fort Kah’lin on the planet Koboh.
  • To defeat the Spawn of Oggdo, players must study its attack patterns, evade and parry, use force abilities strategically, and target its weak spots.
  • Deflection is more effective than dodging in this fight, but the charged red snapping attack is the only attack recommended to dodge.
  • When the Spawn of Oggdo’s health drops below half, it will start making a jump attack that can be evaded by double jumping backward or dashing under it and jumping quickly.
  • Players can equip the Star Wars Jedi Survivor poncho by accessing the customized menu after defeating the Spawn of Oggdo and opening the treasure chest in the arena.
  • To get the achievement/trophy “A Presence I Haven’t Felt Since,” players must acquire all of the title’s costumes, including the Star Wars Jedi Survivor pouch.

Who Is Spawn Of Oggdo In Star Wars Jedi Survivor?

The Spawn of Oggdo is a formidable enemy in the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor video game, carrying on the legacy of its parent, Oggdo Boggdo, from the previous installment, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. As a legendary opponent, the Spawn of Oggdo is not to be underestimated and offers a significant challenge to players.

  • As an optional boss on the planet Koboh, the Spawn of Oggdo can be found in Fort Kah’lin.
  • To locate this elusive creature, players must first venture to the meditation point and use the ascension cable to reach the droid-infested area.
  • Once the Spawn of Oggdo is defeated, players can head over to a chest within the arena to claim their reward, a coveted Poncho.
  • Additionally, players will encounter a frog-like creature that they can interact with.

How To Find The Oggdo In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Fort Kah'lin. star wars jedi survivor spawn of oggdo
Fort Kah’lin.

Travel to Planet Koboh: Begin your journey by traveling to the swampy planet of Koboh, home to the fearsome Star Wars Jedi Survivor spawn of oggdo. Locate Fort Kah’lin: Once on Koboh, you’ll need to locate the ancient ruin known as Fort Kah’lin. This is where the Spawn of Oggdo can be found. Reach the Meditation Point: As you progress through Fort Kah’lin, find the meditation point, a place where you can rest, save your progress, and prepare for the upcoming battle.

  1. Travel to Planet Koboh: Begin your journey by traveling to the swampy planet of Koboh, home to the fearsome Spawn of Oggdo.
  2. Locate Fort Kah’lin: Once on Koboh, you’ll need to locate the ancient ruin known as Fort Kah’lin. This is where the Spawn of Oggdo can be found.
  3. Reach the Meditation Point: As you progress through Fort Kah’lin, find the meditation point, a place where you can rest, save your progress, and prepare for the upcoming battle.
  4. Use the Ascension Cable: From the meditation point, locate and use the ascension cable to scale a nearby wall. This will take you to an area infested with battle droids.
  5. Fight the Droids: Engage and defeat the battle droids as you progress through the area. Be prepared for tough fights and use your combat skills wisely.
  6. Find the Suspicious Platform: As you make your way through the droid-infested area, keep an eye out for a suspicious-looking platform. This platform is the key to encountering the Spawn of Oggdo.
  7. Step onto the Platform: Once you have located the platform, step onto it. This will trigger the descent of any remaining battle droids into the arena, followed by the emergence of the Spawn of Oggdo.
  8. Prepare for Battle: With the Spawn of Oggdo now revealed, get ready for a challenging and intense battle. Remember to use your surroundings to your advantage and rely on your combat skills to defeat this formidable foe.

Battle Strategy For Defeating Oggdo

Fighting Oggdo star wars jedi survivor spawn of oggdo.
Fighting Oggdo

In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, the Spawn of Oggdo is a formidable boss that challenges players with its unpredictable attack patterns and high damage output. In this comprehensive guide, I will detail the battle strategies you need to conquer this fearsome beast and emerge victorious.

Study Oggdo’s Attack Patterns

The Spawn of Oggdo has a variety of attacks, including lunges, tail swipes, and powerful tongue grabs. Watch its movements carefully to anticipate and evade its attacks which are:

Non-red bite attack: The non-red bite attack is a basic attack where Oggdo attempts to bite the player once. This attack is not too dangerous, as it can be easily blocked or evaded. However, it is important to be prepared for this attack and use it as an opportunity to counterattack.

Double bite attack: The double bite attack is a two-step attack where Oggdo bites twice in quick succession. After the first bite, the player should watch for a second bite immediately following. If timed correctly, the player can counter this attack by pressing L1, which can potentially deal some damage to Oggdo.

Red attacks (most dangerous): Red attacks are when the Star Wars Jedi Survivor spawn of oggdo glows all red and is the most dangerous and challenging aspect of the battle with Oggdo. These attacks are unblockable, and the player must dodge or jump to avoid taking massive damage.

  • The most notorious red attack is the instant red attack, which comes out very fast and is difficult to avoid. The key to surviving these attacks is to be prepared for them and react quickly.

Tongue attack: Oggdo’s tongue attack is a long-range attack where he shoots his tongue out toward the player. While this attack is relatively easy to avoid by double-jumping, it can deal significant damage if it connects. It is crucial to be aware of this attack and avoid it as much as possible.

Vomit attack: The vomit attack is a unique attack in which Oggdo spews a pool of toxic liquid on the ground. This attack provides a valuable opportunity for the player to deal damage, as Oggdo is stationary during this attack.

  • To take advantage of this, players should move in and attack Oggdo while being careful not to step into the toxic pool.
  • As with all of Oggdo’s attacks, it is essential to watch for patterns and capitalize on openings when they present themselves.
  • Evade and Parry: Timing is crucial when battling the Spawn of Oggdo. Evade its lunges and tail swipes, and parry its tongue grabs to create openings for counterattacks.
  • Use Your Force Abilities: Make the most of your Force abilities during the battle. Slow the Spawn of Oggdo with your Force Slow ability, or push it back with Force Push. Use your Force abilities strategically to control the fight and create openings for attack.
  • Target Weak Spots: The Spawn of Oggdo has a few weak spots that can be exploited. Focus on targeting its exposed underbelly, mouth, and eyes when it’s vulnerable during its attack animations.
  • Manage Your Stamina: Be mindful of your stamina during the battle. Blocking, dodging, and attacking all consume stamina. Keep an eye on your stamina bar to ensure you have enough energy to evade and counterattack when necessary.

Key Strategies

Follow these tips and tricks to kill Oggdo!

  • Keep sprinting and rotating around Oggdo:

One of the most effective strategies to avoid Oggdo’s attacks is to keep sprinting and rotating around him constantly. This will make it harder for Oggdo to target you with his attacks and give you more opportunities to counter-attack when he misses. 

  • Bait out the less dangerous attacks:

Instead of going all-in with your attacks, try to bait Oggdo into using his less dangerous attacks, such as the non-red bite attack or the double bite attack. This will allow you to counter-attack more safely without exposing yourself to his deadly red attacks. 

Dealing damage to Star Wars Jedi Survivor spawn of oggdo can be challenging, especially when trying to avoid his powerful attacks. Utilize lightsaber throws (L1+Triangle) to deal chip damage from a distance. Aim for double hits by throwing the lightsaber in a way that it goes through Oggdo and comes back, hitting him twice. This will slowly whittle down his health while minimizing the risk of taking damage yourself.

  • Time your jumps and dodges carefully:

Surviving Oggdo’s onslaught of attacks requires precise timing with your jumps and dodges. Pay close attention to his attack patterns and learn the correct timing to avoid each attack.

For example, when Oggdo uses his delayed charge attack, practice holding off on your double jump until the last moment to dodge it successfully. 

  • Conserve stimpacks for the final phase:

Oggdo’s final phase can be particularly challenging as he gains new moves and becomes even more aggressive. Make sure to conserve your stim packs for this phase, as you’ll need them to stay alive and maintain your health.

Be cautious when using stimpacks earlier in the fight, and only use them when absolutely necessary. If possible, make use of the XP pickup in the arena to heal yourself instead of using a stimpack, saving them for later.

  • This boss will make you rage quit if you don’t take it seriously!
  • Playing Defensively is the way to go.
      1. Use a single lightsaber to maintain agility and prevent getting locked into lengthy attack animations.
      2. Keep close to the boss and bait snapping attacks.
      3. Initially, only attack after the boss has snapped twice in a row.
      4. As its health decreases, the boss will change its attack patterns, so adapt accordingly.

Recognizing and Evading Red Attacks: 

  • Jump Slam: Jump over the area-of-effect (AOE) wave and land a couple of attacks on the boss. Charging Attack: Double jump and flip over the boss, avoiding its charge.
  • If timed correctly, land behind it and perform a quick attack.

Dealing with the AOE Tremor Attack:

    • When the boss dives towards you, jump to the side to avoid the AOE tremor.
    • Land close to the boss, inside the shockwave, and attack.

Mastering Deflection and Dodging:

    • Deflection is more effective than dodging in this fight, so always be prepared to deflect after performing any attacks.
    • The only attack recommended to dodge is the charged red snapping attack.

Poncho Reward

Poncho star wars jedi survivor spawn of oggdo

You can access the treasure chest at the back of the room after killing the Spawn of Oggdo. You may get the Star Wars Jedi Survivor poncho in this way. Even though it’s simply a jacket, it does seem stylish. In any case, by accessing the customized menu, this specific item can be equipped.

  • Remember that there are several Cal Kestis cosmetic items in the title in addition to this one. You do have color choices other than pink, so don’t worry.
  • Black, yellow, green, white, and brown are more colors. You can also access the trophy or accomplishment “A presence I haven’t felt since” by doing this.

This is it from my side. I hope you found this Star Wars Jedi Survivor spawn of oggdo guide pretty helpful. Feel free to check out our Increase Maximum Health and Survivor Crashing


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