Star Wars Skywalker Saga: Best Levels For Studs

The in-game currency is an essential part of every game. You cannot make any effective progress in the game without the use of this currency. In every game, there is a certain level or section of the game that can reward the players handsomely if played correctly. These levels have been designed by the developers to help the players earn quick money. Today, we will take a look at the Lego Star Wars Best Level for Studs to help you determine the best approach for farming studs.

Key Takeaways
  • Studs in the LEGO Star Wars Skywalker Saga are essential for purchasing upgrades, weapons, armor, and unlocking characters.
  • Some levels in the game are more rewarding than others and players should focus on replaying these levels.
  • The x10 Studs Cheat Code can be unlocked and used to significantly increase earnings in the game.
  • A level called “A Skip and a Jump” in Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker is good farming studs.
  • To complete this level, you need to fly a ship through the Lunar Squadron system and destroy pipes for bonus studs while killing your enemies.
  • You can earn 160k studs per run without multipliers and up to 400k studs per run with the x2 multiplier.
  • Players can also go for another mission called “Now This Is Podracing” to earn thousands of Studs.

Also, if you want to learn how to farm studs faster in the game, then watch our video.

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Lego Star Wars Best Level for Studs

Lego Star Wars Best Level for Studs
Best Levels for Farming Studs

Studs are essential in The Skywalker Saga. They allow you to select the best skill upgrades that will help you as you progress in the game. These new upgrades can be extremely beneficial as they not only help you advance the main storyline but will also help you earn more studs. For instance, you can increase your earnings for each level by x3840 by unlocking the x10 cheat codes.

Once you have unlocked this cheat, you can significantly improve the studs you get from every single level. However, some levels are more rewarding than others. Some levels in the game are short and easy to replay but the stud payout is significant. You are also required to locate Datacards to get access to these upgrades.

Level 1: A Skip and a Jump

This is the first Lego Star Wars Best Level for Studs on our list that you can replay to earn an astronomical amount of studs in a short period. This is a simple shooting mission that requires you to fly a ship through the Lunar Squadron system and kill some enemies.

Steps to Complete the Mission

Firstly, you will have to play through Episode VII and VIII to unlock Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker.

episode 9
Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker

After unlocking Episode IX, you will launch the first mission which is called A Skip and a Jump.

Lego Star Wars Best Level for Studs
A Skip and a Jump

Once you have selected this mission, you will be taken to a narrow passageway where you will have to kill enemy ships that are chasing you. While fighting and dodging these ships, you also need to make sure that you destroy as many pipes as you can. These pipes will give you bonus studs that will add to your overall mission total.

mission 1
Destroying Pipes in the Passageway

As you are destroying the pipes, you will also have to dodge the attacks coming from behind and they can kill you instantly if you are not careful.

Dodging Enemy Fire

You also need to be careful to not kill all the enemies right away as it will end the level.

Lego Star Wars Best Level for Studs
Destroying Enemy Ships

Once you have collected enough studs and killed all the enemies, you will have to complete a QTE event to jump to Lightspeed multiple times.

QTE Events – A Skip and a Jump

After completing these events, the game will quickly cut to Rey and the mission will end.

mission end
Completing the Mission

Studs Obtained From A Skip And A Jump Level

You can get different studs based on the multiplier that you have unlocked. For instance, if you are doing the mission without a multiplier you can make 160k studs from a single run.

Lego Star Wars Best Level for Studs
Reward Without Activating Multipliers

If you have the x2 multiplier you will be able to make 400k per run.

reward 2
Reward with x2 Multiplier

For the x4 multiplier, you will get 1.5 million studs.

reward 3
Reward with x4 multiplier

Unlocking the x6 multiplier will get you 8.7 million studs.

Lego Star Wars Best Level for Studs
Reward with x6 Multiplier

Once you have the x8 multiplier, you will be able to obtain 59.9 million studs

reward 4
Reward with x8 Multiplier

And finally, if you have the x10 multiplier, you will get a whopping 760 million studs for playing a 4-minute mission.

The fact that you can get 760 million studs in 4 minutes makes A Skip and a Jump one of the best Lego Star Wars Best Levels for Studs. This is a crazy amount of studs that you can use to unlock a plethora of things including Boba Fett and all Ghost Characters.

Level 2: Now This Is Podracing

The second Star Wars Best Level for Studs on our list is Now This is Podracing. This is a short sub-2-minute that if played properly can earn you more than 250 million studs. Although this mission is not as profitable as the first one, its short runtime means that you can replay it more easily. Once you complete the mission multiple times, you will be able to unlock all characters in the game easily.

Steps For Completing the Mission

To play the mission, you will have to start with the Sequel Trilogy. Once you start the trilogy, you will first have to play Episode I: The Phantom Menace.

mission 2
Episode I: The Phantom Menace

After starting Episode: I, you will play the first four missions to unlock the fifth mission called Now this is Podracing.

mission 2 start
Now This is Podracing

Once you have started the mission, your first objective will be to destroy the Droid Control Ship. While you are destroying the ship, you will have carefully dodge the incoming attacks by doing simple barrel rolls. Speaking of rolls, you can view our guide on How to do an Aileron Roll to learn how you can fly while avoiding enemies.

ship destroy
Destroying the Droid Ship

After you have destroyed the Ship, you will have to make your way inside. When inside, make sure that you destroy all the terminals and objects that are located. Destroying these objects will earn you more studs which will be added to your end total.

mission 2.2
Making your way into the ship
mission 2.3
Destroying all the Core Reactors

Keep traveling in a straight path until you get to the central room of the ship. Here, you will have to destroy all reactor cores that are located in the room. Destroying these cores will destroy the ship and thus ending the mission.

Studs Obtained from Now This Is Podracing Level

If you have managed to unlock the x10 multiplier, you will get 250 million studs for completing the mission.

Lego Star Wars Best Level for Studs
Reward with x10 Multiplier

This is an insane amount of studs because it only takes 2 minutes to complete this mission. These studs can then be used to unlock ships and characters like Force Ghost Yoda.

This concludes our guide on the Star Wars Best Level for Studs. Let us know what you thought about this step-by-step walkthrough in the comments below!

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