Steelrising Alchemy Build: Class, Weapons & Armor

Being one of the most complex builds in the game that requires knowledge about different game mechanics, new players should steer clear of it.

The Alchemy build is one of the most complex builds in the game, and players who are still new to the genre are advised to steer clear of it as it requires knowledge of different ailments and game mechanics. 

But we prepared this guide to explain in detail how to create the Alchemy build so everyone can take advantage of it as it can very easily be considered as one of the best and most overpowered builds in Steelrising.

The Alchemy build lacks physical damage, it depends more on elemental damage and powers, but it is still an enjoyable build to use. Thus players should try out this build during their second playthrough of the game.

Key Highlights
  • The Alchemy build is one of the most complex builds in Steelrising and requires knowledge of different ailments and game mechanics.
  • To create the Alchemy build, players need to choose the Alchemy Class as their starting class, as it contains the most appropriate stats.
  • Players need to prioritize the Engineering and Elemental Alchemy stats over all other stats in the early game.
  • Glass-Core Batons and Charleville 1789 Shield Musket are recommended weapons for this build, with the former having Alchemy Affinity C and the latter having Alchemy Affinity B.
  • Armor that increases defense is recommended, with Muscadin Culottes recommended for trousers as they produce Alchemical Capsules automatically.
  • Modules that increase health or defense are recommended, such as the Grade I Efficient Ventilation Module, Grade I Longevity Module, Grade I Avarice Module, and Grade I Lasting Affliction Module.
How to create the Alchemy Build in the game
Alchemy Build in Steelrising

Class And Stats

Alchemy build in Steelrising
Stats for Alchemy Build

For this build, the starting class players need to choose is the Alchemy Class, as it contains the most appropriate stats to create the best Alchemy build as soon as possible. Once you are done with the character creation, then the two stats players need to prioritize over every other stat in the early game are Engineering and Elemental Alchemy. 

For the alchemy build, you will mainly be using elemental damage and Alchemical Capsules; therefore, it is most important to level up these two stats.

Aside from the Engineering stat increasing armor, it will also increase the loot multiplier, which is paramount for this build. It will allow you to stock up on Alchemical Capsules that allow you to infuse your weapon with elemental damage. It will also help you to stock up on grenades.

One thing to remember is that you will have to use the Alchemical Capsules before every combat section because these capsules will infuse your weapons with elemental damage, and the alchemy build will increase your elemental damage. Therefore it will be extremely important to level up the Engineering skill, so you never run out of Alchemical Capsules.

The Elemental Alchemy stat is just as important as the Engineering stat as it will boost their resistance against elemental damage and enhance elemental attacks, which are one of the backbones of this build.

Players should also level up the Power stat, but they shouldn’t prioritize it like the Engineering and Elemental Alchemy stat. They should only level up the Power stat occasionally as it will increase your weapons DPS, thus allowing you to take down enemies with more ease.


Alchemy Build in Steelrising
Weapons for Alchemy Build

We would consider the Glass-Core Batons to be perfect for this build. It is extremely easy to obtain as it is one of the early game weapons. The weapon has Power Affinity C, Agility Affinity D, and Alchemy Affinity C. The Alchemy Affinity will estimate how much extra damage you will inflict if you level up the Elemental Alchemy stat.

Innovation of Ice is the special move of this weapon. The Glass-Core Batons will be infused with elemental properties and will inflict frost damage whenever the special move is activated.

We would recommend pairing the Glass-Core Batons with the Charleville 1789 Shield Musket. It has Alchemy Affinity B, and its special move deploys a shield. We would consider the combo of these two weapons to be the best combo to use in the early game. 

With the proper set of stats and advantages offered by these weapons, players will be able to able to freeze their weapons with only three hits of batons; thus, we would consider these to be the ideal weapons for the Alchemy build in Steelrising.


How to create the Build
Inventory Screen

Since players are prioritizing Engineering and Elemental Alchechy stats over every other stat in the game, it is recommended to use armor that will compensate for it by increasing the defense. Therefore always be on the lookout for armor that increases your defense.

However, as for trousers, we would recommend using the Muscadin Culottes as these trousers will automatically produce the Alchemical Capsules, which is one of the mainstays of this build. Players will not be forced to rely solely on enemy drops for the capsules.

As stated previously, the Alchemical Capsules will infuse your weapons with elemental damage, and elemental damage will be your greatest weapon against different enemies in Steelrising.


Alchemy build in Steelrising
Steelrising Modules

Modules are like your average perks that can increase certain attributes in the Steelrising. Since you are already using armor to increase your defense, we would recommend using modules that specifically increase health or modules that can increase your defense. We would recommend using these modules, especially in the early game.

  • Grade I Efficient Ventilation Module
  • Grade I Longevity Module
  • Grade I Avarice Module
  • Grade I Lasting Affliction Module

The Grade I Efficient Ventilation Module will slightly reduce the internal damage or frost damage that Rapid Cooling causes.

The Grade I Longevity Module slightly increases your health without any drawbacks. Thus making it perfect for almost any type of build in the early game.

The Grade I Avarice Module will slightly increase the amount of Anima Essence you will obtain after defeating an enemy. Using this module is recommended because, with this, you will level up Engineering and Elemental Alchemy more quickly in the early game.

The Grade I Lasting Affliction Module will slightly increase the duration of Alchemical Afflictions inflicted upon the enemy. Since the entire build revolves around Alchemical Afflictions, it makes this module extremely important for the Alchemy build.

Wrap Up

Conclusion of the guide
The Wrap Up

That wraps up our guide on how to create the Alchemy build in Steelrising. It can very easily be considered one of the best and most overpowered builds in the game due to its ability to freeze most enemies with only three baton hits.

Many players may make the mistake of starting to charge up their heaviest attack when the enemy is frozen, but we would consider that a wasted opportunity; instead, we would recommend the players first hit the frozen enemy with two common hits while the enemy is still frozen, follow up the two baton hits with charging up your heaviest attack for maximum damage output.

Steelrising is a brand new soul-like title that does justice to the genre with its outstanding atmosphere and combat. The game is available now on PS5, Xbox Series S/X, and PC through Steam, GoG, and Epic Games. Do let us know what you think about the game in the comment section below.

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