Steelrising Beginners Guide To Master Gameplay

The beginners guide contains all the trips and tricks you need to know in order to play the game efficiently

Steelrising is a new role-playing game developed by Spiders and published by Nacon, Bigben Interactive. The game is available on PlayStation, Xbox, and Microsoft Windows. It focuses on Louis XVI’s oppression after suppressing the French Revolution. For more details, check out Steelrising Review. If you think that the mechanics of Steelrising are different, then worry not; in our beginner’s guide, we will cover everything you need to know while playing the game.

Key Highlights
  • Steelrising is a game set in unusual places full of machines, darkness, and tyranny.
  • There are 4 classes: Soldier, Bodyguard, Alchemist, and Dancer.
    • Soldier class offers a balanced playstyle with bonuses in Power and Vigour.
    • Bodyguard class is good for close-quarter combat with bonuses in Engineering and Durability.
    • The alchemist class is for players who prefer mage classes with bonuses in Engineering and Elemental Alchemy.
    • The dancer class is for players who prefer mobility with bonuses in Vigor and Agility.
  • Difficulty can be adjusted through the Assist Mode with optional toggles that affect rewards based on difficulty level.
  • Vestals can be used to upgrade equipment, and receive weapons, consumables, and outfits.

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Beginners Guide For Steelrising

Steelrising beginners guide
Beginners Guide for Steelrising

The game will mostly keep you in unusual places full of machines, darkness, and tyranny. The content of the game is quite ranging, and in the beginning, you might not grasp the main plot of it. To be the best in Steelrising, there are some useful tips, life hacks, and builds that will help you move forward easily.

Selection Of Class

First, you will get to know the story from Marie Antoinette’s perspective while watching the first cut scene of the game. Then you will get the option to change the appearance of Aegis in whatever way you like along with the class.

There are a total of four classes in Steelrising, and they are Soldier, Bodyguard, Alchemist, and Dancer.

Soldier Class

The Soldier class is arguably the best for Aegis at the beginning of the game. Although her health is quite average, she possesses great endurance. She can also equip heavy weapons which will deal a high amount of damage to the enemies.

The Soldier will be offering a balanced playstyle while giving you options for ranged attacks. The class stat bonuses will give you +3 Power and +2 Vigour. In this class, the weapons you will be getting are ranged attack, Gribeauval Halberd, and physical base damage of 64. Moreover, in the consumable, you will get an explosive grenade.

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Bodyguard Class

The play style of Bodyguard Class is perfect for the players who prefer playing close-quarter combat. The class successfully deals a high amount of damage while withstanding high damage received from enemies. The defense is good due to better defensive stats and more health.

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If you do not prefer playing tactically and dodging enemies, then it is for you as you will spend time just fighting rather than making tactical moves. The class gives you a bonus of +2 Engineering and +3 Durability. You will be using a weapon called Body of Work with a shield and 74 as the base damage number. In the consumables, you will get a Petrification Grenade.

Alchemist Class

If you are one of the players who always go after mage classes, then the Alchemist class is for you. In the game, you will find it extremely useful with the alchemical weapons that have the ability to ignite, electrocute, and freeze enemies.

You will come to know of those manipulations as Afflictions and Alchemists are the ones that take advantage of these debuffs in the game the most. Apart from that, it can be difficult to use the Alchemist class so if you are new to the genre, give yourself some time.

The bonuses you will get are +2 Engineering and +3 Elemental Alchemy. The weapon you will be using is the Class Core Batons with Invocation of Ice, having 45 as physical base damage. The consumable you will get is Alchemical Resistance Vial.

Dancer Class

If you are the opposite of the Bodyguard class, then we recommend you pick the Dancer class. It is for those players who have patience and dodges the enemies before they get the perfect opportunity to strike.

They have the highest endurance compared to the other classes. Moreover, the Dancer class can parry enemies, dodge, and use chain attacks to deal additional damage. Therefore, if you prefer mobility, then the agile class is for you.

The bonuses you will get from the Dancer class are +2 Vigor and +3 Agility. You will be using the Armored Fan as the weapon along with Block and with a base damage of 52. In the consumable, you will get Flame Grenade.

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Difficulty selection

One of the best things that you will come across in Steelrising is the difficulty mode. Spiders brought a change in the game by adding an Assist Mode. It will allow you to alter the difficulty of the game based on what you prefer.

You have the freedom to change stamina or endurance regeneration, damage reduction, and much more. Moreover, if you want the difficulty to be higher but with lower stakes, then you can even choose to keep the anima after death. For those who do not know, anima are the experience points that you lose after dying.

The toggles that you can enable are optional, and right now, you might be thinking that the game will be too easy. However, Steelrising’s difficulty comes with a catch. Your achievements and trophies will depend on the difficulty level you have chosen. It means that if your difficulty level is higher, you will get more rewards. If it is lower, then obviously you will get lesser rewards.

Activation Of Vestal

If you have played Elden Ring before, then consider the vestals pretty much the same as the places of grace in this beginner’s guide of Steelrising. With the help of Vestals, you can update the state of the world, save new checkpoints, and upgrade equipment like modules, weapons, and an oiler.

Moreover, you can improve the characteristics in return for the souls’ essence. You can also use the essence of the soul to receive equipment such as weapons, consumables, and outfits. Once you pass the close territory of the gardens that are near the palace, on the path of the Aegis, you will come across the first Vestal.

To go there, you will first need to kill the enemies that you will come across in the courtyard. Then, after opening the gate, you will see a path leading to a luxurious alley. Follow the path when you see it. You will then see a statue, and around it will be a few forks that will help you in recovering after what you have been through against the opponents in difficult battles.

Farming The Soul Essence

The Soul Essence is basically the main currency of Steelrising. Through the soul essence, you can upgrade the characteristics and buy the resources that can be consumed in order to help you strengthen the equipment.

If you want to get the maximum soul essence, then you will need to kill as many normal opponents as you can. Most importantly, you should never ignore the final boss in any of the fights. To get even more essence, you will need to reload the world state on Vestals.

You will also need to become a scavenger by examining whatever you see, whether they are dead bodies or chests that are scattered across a location. Lastly, while checking everything, you might come across rare equipment and consumables, which will give you other benefits as well.

Use Alchemical Capsules

There are some weapons in Steelrising which use alchemical capsules. You will be using these capsules as ammo in your weapons, and the infusion abilities will use them as well. We recommend you not to stock them up, thinking they are rare. At first, you might come across a few. However, soon enough, you will have enough of them in inventory.

Use them against enemies who are tough and possess more health and shield. Whenever you come across an Automat, make sure you check it properly after killing as it will surely drop an Alchemical capsule for you to use. In case you do not see enough Automats, then visit the Vestal, where you can always buy more.

Pump Characteristics

In Steelrising, the first function of the Vestal you will find is Improvement. Within that function, Characteristics are the most important section. Here you have six options to choose from in order to buff your character as much as you can. We recommend that you upgrade each option based on a strategy and not randomly, as it will help you in the later stages of the game.

The first option is Power, through which you can increase the striking power in order to increase the physical damage. The second option is Agility which increases the paralysis effect as well as physical damage. On third option you will fund under characteristics is Elemental Alchemy which not only increases the resistance but alchemical damage as well.

Strength is the fourth option which will increase your balance indicator and health. The fifth option you will have is Energy which will increase the critical energy inflicted on enemies along with stamina. Lastly, you have the option of Engineering, which will increase the effectiveness of negative alchemy effects, the armor, and more chances of finding rare items.

Keep Yourself Alert

The sound design of the game is just amazing. The game will not be showing you enemies, right in front of you; rather, it will use hide the enemies and give you hints through audio. Moreover, whenever an enemy spots you or plans on attacking you, the eerie sound will increase. Therefore, we recommend you increase the music of the game to stay alert and get a better game sense.

Friendly Fire

Steelrising beginners guide: Friendly Fire
Friendly Fire in Steelrising

One thing you must take advantage of is the friendly fire in Steelrising. Not only will it save you bullets but it will also be a source of entertainment for you. There will be combats in which you will be surrounded by a number of enemies, and if you dodge just perfectly, it is possible that they will hit each other in crossfire. However, if they use normal attacks and hit each other, the damage will not be that effective.

Weapon System

In Steelrising, you will see that you can increase the damage dealt by a weapon increase by upgrading it. In order to upgrade items, you will need specific materials. The higher level you reach, the rarer items you will require. It is quintessential for you to upgrade the weapons; otherwise, with time, the battles will become more difficult.

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Tips and Tricks

There are some things that you will come across almost everywhere. Doing them will reward you in different ways and require minimum effort from your side. In our guide for beginners of Steelrising, we collected the easy tips that will help players get better equipment faster. 

Shoot down Hanging Sacks

Hanging Sacks on a Branch of Tree
Hanging Sacks

From the second location in Steelrising, you will see trees that have a sack hanging with them on branches. You can use an air attack, so they fall to the ground. You will get rewards like a grenade and other sorts of items as well. Shooting down the hanging sacks will also save you effort and soul essences without many consequences.

Look For Closed Gates

As you keep progressing through the main storyline, you will come across various closed doors. The function of the closed door is quite the opposite of what it represents. Going through it will take you to an explored or unexplored area in lesser time. Consider it as a portal that will help you a lot in the later stages of the game.

Sneak Attacks

If you want to play a bit safe in order to save the health points of Aegis, then you should use sneak attacks more often. In case you find yourself standing behind an enemy or out of his field of view, then take advantage of it. Fix the target using the mouse wheel or whatever keybind you have chosen for it.

Then you need to walk slowly toward the enemy so you do not make any sound. When you get in the proper range, your target will automatically turn red. As soon as it happens, use your attack, and if the target is a common enemy, then they will die instantly.

Keep Compass All The Time

The map of the game is vast, and so it is possible that you will lose your way many times. Therefore, in our beginner’s guide of Steelrising, we recommend you keep a compass every time you go to an unknown area. Whenever you are lost, just open the compass and follow the direction it is pointing at.

Keep An Eye On The Green Symbols

You might see some structures having a clear green symbol on them. It is easy to spot them as they look unnatural on the spots. The symbol hides a reward behind it; however, to claim the reward, you need to break the obstacle. Moreover, in order to break the obstacles, you need to use special techniques that you will unlock later in the game.

Tackle Debuffs By Dodging

There are some vehicles that you will see roaming around in the streets of France. They possess abilities that can inflict elemental negative effects on Aegis and can be dangerous. In case you are attacked through the fire element, then dodge a couple of times, so you get rid of the fire enveloping you.


All in all, these are the things that you need to remember, especially in the early stages of the game. The game at the start might seem strange if you are new to this genre. Therefore, do not forget to use the assist mode in Steelrising whenever you feel stranded, as mentioned earlier in our beginners guide.


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