4 Best Steelrising Builds: Weapons, Modules & Stats

This Steelrising Best Builds guide will uncover all four classes in detail and the best builds that players can use!

Story Highlights
  • Builds in Steelrising are crucial to best optimise and enhance your character's performance
  • Builds can be achieved by equipping the best weapons, modules, armor and more to complete a look!
  • The benefits of having a custom build is that it makes the player optimise the strong points of their class and obliterate enemies.
  • Not using a proper build will lead to lower damage output, and lesser survivability rate in combat.

Steelrising is an ancient history-based game whereby players are enabled to roam the open world, enhance their abilities, equip weapons, and lose themselves in the intense gameplay and gorgeous graphics. With the four classes that range from the Alchemist, Soldier, Dancer, and Bodyguard classes, we’ll discuss the best builds you can use! Our Steelrising Best Builds guide will uncover all that you need to know!

For your ease, we have included summaries of each Steelrising Build:

Dancer Class Build Agility and Vigor-Armored fan and GrenadeCritical Repair, Critical Damage, Longevity, and Destruction
Alchemist Elemental Damage Build -Glass-core Batons, Charleville 1789, and Hephaestus BatonsLongevity, Efficient Ventilation, Lasting Affliction, Avarice, and Long Infusion
Soldier Physical Damage Build Power and VigorGribeauval Halberd, Explosive Grenade, Halberd, La Rouerie Carmagnole, Diane Capeline, and La Rouerrie CulottesDefense, Fight or Flight, and Destruction
Bodyguard Tank Build Durability and EngineeringPetrification Grenade and Body Of WorkVentilation, Destruction, and Resistance

Dancer Class Build 

Steelrising Dancer Build
Dancer Build

First, the Dancer class will allow players to play the role of the main DPS, staying at the front of the battle and murdering enemies on the way. Players can take advantage of the increased resilience while being in the middle of the battle. 

Apart from that, players can also attack one after the other, being extremely quick on their feet and having a fast damage attack output. Apart from that, the ability to immobilize opponents and render them useless is an insanely neat feature of playing as the Dancer class.


The main attribute of the Dancer class will be that of Agility, which will essentially allow players to have their overall immobilization damage output increased. This means that any enemies that have their movement decreased will be able to intake enhanced damage from your end. Apart from that, your overall physical damage will also be increased too. 

As for the second attribute, players in Steelrising will be able to take advantage of vigor, which will already have two points placed into it. The main aim of vigor will be to enhance your endurance against enemies while also increasing your critical damage too. 


As for the weapons, there will be two types of weapons that you can use. One of the weapons will be known as an Armored fan, a lightweight weapon that can allow you to deal with swift and airy attacks while using the same fans as a personal shield against opponents in front of you. 

The second weapon will be a grenade. Whenever it is equipped to the plater, they will be able to launch it at their targetted enemy, and depending on the type of grenade you are using, you can either freeze your enemies in their tracks, or you can even feel free to set them on fire.

If you feel like you do not know how you can upgrade your weapon efficiently, then you might want to read up on our Steelrising Weapon Upgrade Materials guide in detail!


There will be several different modules you can use for the Dancer class. One of the options will be using the critical repair module, which will come in handy in regenerating a part of your base HP in exchange for consistently out-launching crits against enemies. 

Another basic module that will be pretty versatile will be the Critical Damage module, which will essentially allow you to have your overall crit damage enhanced. Another option will be to use the longevity or destruction module that can help boost you up too. 

Dancer Tips For The Build 

For the modules, you should focus on getting the efficient countering module, critical damage, critical repair, and destruction. The build is all about dealing critical damage to your enemies.

For the weapons, we recommend going for the Nemesis Blades and Lady Macbeth fans. You will get a significant amount of special attacks as well as heavy critical damage. 

You can also opt for the fire and ice sword with the same modules. Just keep yourself topped up with your alchemical capsules today the maximum amount of damage to your enemies. However, keep in mind that you will be focusing on the offensive starts the most therefore your defense will be somewhat compromised. 

Alchemist Elemental Damage Build 

Steelrising Alchemy Build
Alchemy Build

Let’s move on to the next build, the Alchemist class build. Players should remember that the alchemist class is one the more difficult end and takes a bit of prior experience and mastering actually to try out the proper build. 

The overall playstyle of the build will focus on increasing the elemental damage as much as possible. With that, if players want to go for a physical build, then this build isn’t really for them since you’ll be disappointed to know that your physical damage output will be on the lower end.

If you like playing in the Alchemist class, then you’ll really enjoy reading our Steelrising Alchemy Build guide, which will discuss the attributes, weapons, and modules in even more detail!


Regarding stats, you want to go for anything that will enhance your elemental damage output. For that to occur, the best way to go about it will be to focus as much as possible on the elemental alchemy stat, which will automatically boost it up for you by quite a lot. 

Another stat that you can increase and level up is the engineering stat. The engineering stat’s main aim is simply to buff up your armor and your loot multiplier. 


For weapon options, while you have several options, one of the best options will be to go with the Glass-core batons. The main reason for that will be simply how players can get their hands on it. 

It is a medium-weight weapon and will provide a certain amount of impact and immobilization. The Charleville 1789 Shield Musket is also a good pair for the Glass batons due to its alchemy affinity B, and it can cast out a shield for you. 

Best Modules 

The different modules that you can use whenever you are maining as an alchemist will be from the longevity module, which will enhance your overall health. Apart from that, you can also use the efficient ventilation module, which will decrease the amount of frost damage you take from rapid cooling. 

With that, the Lasting Affliction module can also work, increasing the overall alchemical affiliations you can launch against your enemies. Another option will be the Avarice module, which will enhance the amount of anima essence you can gain as loot after murdering an enemy. 

Alchemist Tips For The Build 

For The Alchemist class, we suggest that you focus mainly on the Hephaestus Batons. There are a lot of benefits of the Batons as the weapon is capable of serving as both a Musket and a Baton. But that is not all as you will get an S scaling with Alchemy while using the weapon.

The best part about the weapon is that the rate of impact of the weapon is quite high. Therefore you will be able to destroy enemies faster and in a more efficient way. For the modules, we suggest going for the Long Infusion module along with any three other modules of your choice.  

Soldier Physical Damage Build 

Steelrising Soldier Build
Soldier Build

The next build we would like to discuss in detail will be one that players can use whenever they main as a Soldier. The build will once again include the player playing as a DPS unit. Unlike the Alchemist class, you’ll be able to output tons of physical damage with the soldier class and murder your enemies easily. 

Another emphasis will be placed on the players using long-range attacks against enemies while staying alive, as they don’t have their HP deleted as easily. You do not want to miss out on our Steelrising Soldier Class Build guide!


The weapons you will be able to wield as a Soldier class include that of the Gribeauval Halberd, which will be a heavy-weight weapon. You might want to use it mainly because it will be given to you as a starter weapon, but also because of its heavy weight; it hits extremely hard. 

The explosive grenade can also come in handy as a projectile that can be launched out against enemies, and it will cause knockback. After that, you can instantly use your halberd to murder the opponents easily. 


When it comes to attributes, the two main attributes that players will be able to get will be known as Power and Vigor. The first attribute will allow them to experience an overall increase in the physical damage they can output against enemies. This will be especially helpful, considering physical damage is so important for soldiers. 

Apart from that, the vigor attribute will enhance your overall endurance while also increasing the critical damage launched at enemies. Any amount of critical hits that you are successfully able to launch will be enough to make your dominant enemies. 


As for the modules, the different options you can go for will be that of the defense module, which will enhance your resistance to damage targeted at you from the enemy’s end. With that, it’s a given, but your defense will also increase. 

The fight or flight module can also be used, while the destruction module can come in handy to boost up your physical damage even further simply. The physical damage will most possibly be powerful enough, whereby it can render any kind of enemy useless, regardless of their difficulty. Why not read up on our Steelrising How Long To Beat The Story guide!

Armor Pieces 

Lastly, the different armor you can go for will include one of the headpieces, the Diane Capeline, and will protect your head from any attacks targeted at your head. The legs can be protected with the help of the La Rouerrie Culottes, which shouldn’t be underestimated. 

For your jacket piece, the best option for you will be to go for the La Rouerie Carmagnole, and if you want to pair up the final armor piece and protect your feet, why not go for the Diane Shoes. 

Soldier Tips For The Build 

For the soldier class, we recommend going for the Gribeauval Halberd.  For the build, we will be looking for highly bad starts that focus on offense the most. You won’t have to rely on any special effects or critical hits to get you through. This is because the damage the weapon will do is enough to defeat the enemy. Your points should be prioritized to vigor and power.

You can also stack yourself up with some grenades in case you feel like going for extra damage. For the modules, we recommend Fight Or Flight, Defense, Endurance, And Destruction. These modules will help you get a little bit of defense as well since the build only focuses on physical damage. 

Bodyguard Tank Build 

Steelrising Bodyguard Build
Bodyguard Build

Lastly, let’s discuss how the bodyguard class might have the potential to become a top-tier Steelrising Build. For the overall playstyle that the class adapts, it will have a tankier playstyle, where players will typically place their focus on tanking as many hits from the opponent’s end as possible. 

They have increased max HP and tankier armor which just makes their overall defense insane, allowing them to fearlessly march over into any kind of battle, tough or easy, and be reassured that they will win no matter what. Their damage output is commendable and allows them to still deal with decent numbers while staying protected. Read up on our Steelrising Bodyguard Build guide!


Regarding attributes, players will experience two main attributes: Durability and Engineering stats. 

As for the durability stat, they will have three extra points already added to it, while the main aim of the state will be to enhance your health, which makes you an even tankier unit. With that, your balance will also be increased. 

The next stat will be Engineering, with two levels already placed into it, and it will enhance up a total of 3 things. One will be your armor, the other will be how effective your alchemical afflictions will be against enemies, and it will also increase your loot multiplier. 

Starter Weapons 

The starter weapon players will gain once they start as a bodyguard will be a Body of Work. This heavy-weight weapon can allow players to stay guarded while still being able to unleash devastating attacks against their opponents. 

The petrification Grenade will come in handy to act as a projectile that will cause an enemy to get immobilized instantly. 

Lastly, let’s finish things off by discussing a few advantages and disadvantages that you’ll experience with the bodyguard class: 


The pros will include a high stagger rate that can instantly knock down enemies and cause them to lose their balance. Apart from that, the increased health pool will allow for an even survivability rate, while a tankier outlook will make enemies fear you all the more. The damage output is also pretty commendable. 


The only known disadvantages will include the attack animations being slower and animations taking a long time.

Bodyguard Tips For The Build 

When it comes to the Bodyguard class we will be looking to increase the damage output as much as possible while tanking and looking out for our team. The best build for a bodyguard will be to choose the Body Of Work weapon.

The reason we chose this weapon is because of its ability to absorb maximum damage with its shield. But that is not all, as you will be able to deal a lot of damage with the weapon as well. We will also be looking to use the Petrification Grenade in order to stop the enemies.

This stunning ability of the grenade will allow you to deal damage to the enemies without taking any damage yourself. 

For the modules, Ventilation, Destruction, And Resistance are good options to use for your build. Fight and flight is also a good option to keep you up and running in case you are low on health. 

With that, we will wrap up our Builds guide! Why not check out our Steelrising Weapons Tier List guide!

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