4 BEST Steelrising Classes: Weapons, & Stats

This Steelrising Best Classes guide will uncover the best classes that you can invest in at the start of the game!

Steelrising is an open-world game that has its scene set in Paris, 1789, whereby the French Revolution and players will need to take on all kinds of challenges to progress through the main storyline. With an immersive and enthralling storyline, the game is an action RPG that also features adventure and enticing combat elements. Our Steelrising Best Classes guide will cover all four classes in detail and discuss which class might suit you as a newer player! 

Key Highlights

Bodyguard Class:

  • A tank-based class that focuses on taking control of strength and physical damage.
  • Hones two main attributes: Durability and Engineering.
  • The durability attribute controls balance and health.
  • Engineering attribute enhances armor, alchemical afflictions, and loot.
  • Starting weapon is Body of Work, a heavy weapon with high power affinity.
  • Their Playstyle is tanky, with slower attacks but a higher impact.
  • Advantages include insane damage output, control over elemental afflictions, high knockback and stagger rate, and high survivability.
  • Disadvantages include lower stamina, higher stamina consumption per attack, and slower attack making the player more vulnerable.

Soldier Class:

  • DPS-centric class that focuses on delivering high amounts of damage.
  • Hones two main attributes: Power and Vigor.
  • Power attribute controls physical damage and critical hits.
  • The vigor attribute controls endurance and critical damage output.
  • Starting weapon is Soldier’s Arsenal, a lighter weapon with quick attack speed.
  • Playstyle is fast and focused on delivering quick, heavy damage.
  • Advantages include high physical damage output, critical damage output, and fast attack speed.
  • Disadvantages include lower endurance and a lower health pool.


  • Focuses on movement and agility.
  • The main attributes are Vigor and Agility.
  • Vigor determines endurance and critical damage output.
  • Agility determines movement speed, dodge rate, and jump height.
  • Starting weapon is the Raging Tambourine.
  • Playstyle involves quick and nimble movements with less focus on heavy damage.
  • Advantages include increased movement speed, better dodge rate, and higher critical damage output.
  • Disadvantages include lower damage output and lower endurance.


  • Focuses on alchemical afflictions and item usage.
  • The main attributes are Intelligence and Engineering.
  • Intelligence determines the strength of alchemical afflictions and the efficiency of item usage.
  • Engineering determines armor enhancement and loot encounter.
  • Starting weapon is the Alchemize.
  • Playstyle involves using alchemical afflictions and items to support allies and hinder enemies.
  • Advantages include stronger alchemical afflictions and efficient item usage.
  • Disadvantages include lower damage output and lower armor enhancement.


Steelrising Bodyguard Class
Bodyguard Class

Let’s start things off by introducing the Bodyguard class, which is known to be an excellent tank-based class, and it will mostly focus on taking control of the immense amount of strength they have. Apart from that, players can control hits launched against them from the enemy’s end while also delivering a commendable amount of physical damage to the opponents in front of them. 

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Main Attributes 

The class itself will hone two main attributes, and both of them will be able to provide a solid amount of help to the player whenever you’re in the middle of an intense battle. 


The first attribute that the class will hone will be the durability attribute, which will essentially control how the player can use and take control of their health and balance. 

Suppose you are unfamiliar with the way that the balance attribute works. In that case, it will determine whether you get staggered or knocked off your feet whenever any enemy launches any attack against you. 

Suppose you do not have a higher balance attribute investment. In that case, you can expect to get knocked down extremely easily, while having a higher balance investment allows players to stay on their feet for as long as possible. 

As for the health, it quite literally means that the higher your investment into Durability, the longer you’ll be able to survive in combat. 


The Engineering attribute controls a few things, including enhancing the player’s overall armor, how their alchemical afflictions can affect them, and being able to encounter loot while being out in the wild. 

Starting Weapon 

As for the starting weapon, the class will have the Body of Work as its base starter weapon. The weapon will be on the heavier end and can deal heavier hits to enemies while also being able to hone its high power affinity. 

Apart from that, it also has higher investments into the impact stat, which grants the player the ability to stagger down enemies, making them vulnerable and allowing you to take them out with even more ease. It will also be able to knock back opponents, making them weaker in combat against you. 

For that reason alone, when it comes to leveling up attributes, Bodyguard mains in Steelrising should invest in the power attribute so that their body of work weapon can directly benefit from it. 

You also want to invest in heavier weapons that can infuse with elements while also ensuring the player that they can also deliver ample physical damage. 


The play style of the Bodyguard is pretty simple to understand. In essence, it features a tankier playstyle, and players will typically deliver slower attacks that will be able to hit harder against foes and render them useless. 

Apart from that, in exchange for spending a bit of stamina, players will be able to use their weapon as a shield so that they can further protect themselves from enemy attacks and block off heavier hits that are aimed at them. 

The class has a high stagger rate but focuses on slower impact. 


Moving on, let’s take a look at the advantages that will be offered up to players whenever they play as a Bodyguard: 

  • Every hit launched against enemies will be able to deal with insane amounts of damage despite being a tankier class. 
  • Players can take control and output elemental afflictions based on their engineering attribute a lot quicker. 
  • The insane amount of knockback and stagger against foes make them weaker than they start. 
  • They can take in heaps of damage without worrying about dying faster due to their tanky nature. 
  • Stacked HP allows for a higher survivability rate while being in the middle of combat. 


Lastly, if any class has its advantages, there are bound to be disadvantages too, and the same can be said for the Bodyguard class. 

  • Players will, unfortunately, have the stamina that will be on the lower end. 
  • Per attack, a higher amount of stamina will be consumed. 
  • A slower attack makes it more prone for the player to be vulnerable to enemy attacks. 


Steelrising Soldier

Moving on, let’s look at the Soldier class that the game has to offer players. It is a DPS-centric class that will mostly place its focus on delivering extremely high amounts of damage while being able to take down enemies with ease. The damage delivery will be slower, but the heavier end and players can expect to obliterate enemies within a short period while playing as a Soldier. It is hands-down one of the Steelrising best starting class for players for those who want to play as a DPS. 

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Main Attributes

Two main attributes will come in handy for players, and they will be both power and Vigor. 


Starting with the first attribute, we have power, which will simply be responsible for delivering as much physical damage as possible. It will be directly in control of how players can output their physical damage and the number of critical hits they can deliver against enemies who are targetting hits towards them. 

Another ability that the Power attribute will control is the ability to stagger and knock down enemies, whether enemies on the weaker end or stronger boss opponents. 


The next attribute that will be useful to players will be known as Vigor, which will control the amount of endurance that the players have when they are in the middle of a tough battle. 

Apart from that, it will also control how much critical damage players can launch against their opponents. Therefore the higher the investment into Vigor, the better the crit damage stats will be, directly improving the overall damage output. 

Main Starting Weapon 

For the starter weapon, players will be able to make use of the Gribeauval Halberd. The weapon itself is on the medium end of the weight, making it neither way too light to the point where it’s uncomfortable to hold nor too heavy, where it starts to hinder your actual mobility while attempting to take down your opponents. 

The halberd also hones a higher amount of affinity, and it has the power affinity attached to it. If there is one attribute that a player should invest in and level up, it is simply the power attribute. The same attribute was mentioned before in the Bodyguard class, considering it will directly buff up the overall performance of the halberd for the player. 

The weapon itself will be responsible for delivering a high physical damage output, which will be deadly enough, whereby it will not only take out enemies but will take them out in a short amount of time. 


The playstyle of the Soldier class for players in Steelrising heavily relies on being a front-line DPS unit. The main role of the player will be to deliver as much damage as possible in the shortest period so that you can gain victory. With greater physical damage, higher affinity, high power, and great crit damage, it makes you an absolute beast when killing off opponents. 


If you want to know the advantages of playing as the Soldier, then check these out: 

  • Players will have a higher stamina pool, allowing them to unleash higher amounts of a hit, considering they won’t need to worry about running out of stamina despite each hit taking up a solid amount of it. 
  • It is one of the most viable DPS classes out of the 4 total classes, and all the players always want to stay on the frontlines to obliterate enemies continuously. 
  • The soldier class is lucky enough to have an insanely high crit multiplier, meaning that no matter how low the crit might be from your end, it will have a high multiplier and will still be enough to kill off your deadliest foes. 
  • You can deal with close-range shots, but you also have the option to stay at a safe distance and deal with ranged shots. 
  • High stagger and knockback rate against enemies. 


For the disadvantages, they are listed below: 

  • Soldiers will be unfortunate enough to have a lower HP pool. 
  • Attack animations will be a bit on the slower end, making you take a longer time to deliver the same attack against foes. 
  • Each attack you deliver to enemies will take up a lot of stamina, meaning you will consistently need to be mindful of your overall stamina consumption. 


Steelrising Dancer

Let’s look at another one of our Steelrising Best Classes for players, which will be the Dancer class. The dancer class itself is known to be able to output DPS level damage while being able to focus solely on making lighter attacks that can help the player achieve victory as fast as possible. 

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Main Attributes 

As for the main attributes, we have two main ones known Agility and Vigor. 


The agility attribute will mostly provide the player with the ability to note how they can immobilize enemies whenever they are out on the battlefield. Whenever enemies are immobilized, the agility attribute will be solely responsible for upping the number of damage that you are able to deliver to these enemies. 

Additionally, agility will also control the amount of physical damage you can output to enemies. The higher your agility points, the better your physical damage will be. 


As we already mentioned before, Vigor controls the player’s overall endurance and the amount of crit damage you deal to your opponents. 

Starting Weapon 

The starter weapons for Dancer class will be known as the armored fans, and they are known to be weapons that are neither too heavy and neither they are too light. They can deal short-range damage unto enemies that can be deadly and render them useless. 

Compared to the other starting weapons, the armored fans will have higher agility while also honing an excellent amount of investment into the immobilization attribute, allowing players to immobilize enemies even further. 


The overall playstyle of the Dancer will be in a way whereby player swill is quick on their fight. With their light, almost air-like movements, they can flex their amazing mobility while still delivering such high damage that enemies have no choice but to die. Their weapon can also become a personal shield, allowing them to stay protected against any kinds of enemy attacks. 


The Dancer class will come with the following advantages: 

  • Players will be able to take advantage of being able to deal with fast-paced attacks from enemies, allowing them even to dodge enemy attacks faster so that they don’t get hit as often. 
  • The crit multiplier is pretty good for the Dancer Class, allowing for even higher damage output. 
  • The ability to immobilize opponents is an advantage in itself. Once immobilized, they lack the ability to move, allowing the player to sweep in and obliterate them. 


Unfortunately, the disadvantages have to also take their place, as can be seen below: 

  • While the ability to immobilize enemies is pretty commendable, players will not be able to cause severe knockback to opponents. 
  • Players will typically have lower max HP, and their armor will also be weaker, making them rely solely on their fast-paced attacks to survive and dodge hits. 


Steelrising Alchemist

The final class we would like to cover will be the Alchemist class in Steelrising. Compared to the other DPS classes, they were mostly focused on outputting as much physical damage as possible. In contrast, the Alchemist will mostly focus on enhancing and delivering as many elemental afflictions and then converting them to elemental damage as possible. 

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Main Attributes 

The Alchemist class will have the following two main attributes as listed. 

Elemental Alchemy 

Kicking things off with the first one, we have Elemental Alchemy, which will solely be responsible for enhancing the amount of alchemical damage the player can launch against opponents. The higher the points you place into Elemental Alchemy, the greater the results that you will be able to see. 

Elemental alchemy will also improve upon the amount of alchemical resistance that you can gain, specifically from the enemy’s end. 


As for Engineering, it will be able to enhance the overall armor of the player, making it easier for them to tank hits that are targeted at them while also being able to make their alchemical afflictions all the more effective. 

Main Starting Weapon 

Players will be able to get their hands on the Glass-Core batons for their main starting weapon, which is a weapon that is yet again not too heavy while being wielded by the player. It will mostly allow players to stay face-to-face with their deadliest enemy while being able to launch close-range attacks. 

It can also freeze opponents with the help of an infusion of the frost element, which makes the enemies absolutely weak and makes it all the easier for you to take them down. 


The advantages will be as follows: 

  • Players will gain increased overall resistance to the amount of elemental damage that the opponents are able to launch against them. 
  • Players will excel in launching out as fast attacks as possible, allowing them to be swift on their feet and rendering any foe that is unfortunate enough to face you useless. 
  • The ability to summon forth elemental afflictions becomes child’s-play for Alchemist main in Steelrising, considering their entire kit is focused on improving their elemental afflictions. 
  • High elemental damage output. 


Last but not least, these are the disadvantages that will be paired with the Alchemist class: 

  • Players will be unfortunately cursed with a smaller amount of stamina bar, making it tough to dodge and launch heavier attacks. 
  • Maximum HP is also on the lower end, making them vulnerable to dying out faster. 

With that, we will wrap up our Steelrising Best Classes guide! 

Guide and Photo Credits: GameDigest on Youtube

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