10 BEST Steelrising Weapons & How To Get Them

eXputer's take on Steelrising best weapons entails 10 top-tier armaments you should use in the game & dominate automatons.

Steelrising, the newest action role-playing game (RPG) developed by Spiders, provides its players with an exciting assortment of different armaments to play with, each with their very own delightfully distinctive combos and special skills. After just a handful of hours of gameplay, you’ll be awash in new weaponry to test out since the game doesn’t hold back on giving them to you. That is why our Steelrising best weapons guide lists 10 top-tier armaments you should use. 

Key Highlights
  • Discus Chain: Steelrising weapon with a quick spinning strike, that increases in effectiveness with the user’s Power and Agility. It can only be obtained through DLC, currently priced at £2.49.
  • Nemesis Claws: Steelrising weapon with a focus on Agility and Immobilization. Good for immobilizing foes, have Counterattack ability to redirect enemy’s strike and cause significant damage. Obtained in The Lantern in Saint-Cloud.
  • Fire Chain: An effective and versatile weapon with range and increased fire damage dealt to foes. Ideal for hybrid builds as it grows with Power, Agility, and Alchemy. Has Invocation of Fire special move that lights the chain on fire for added damage and potential to set foes ablaze.
  • Frosted Fans: Steelrising weapon with high critical chance and focus on Dexterity. Good for dealing swift, critical damage. Obtained in a hidden area in the Luxembourg Gardens.
  • Wheel of Vengeance: Steelrising weapon with high base damage and a large area of effect. Ideal for players who prefer a more aggressive playstyle. Obtained from a secret area in the Seine River.
  • Romas Partisan: a late-game weapon that is one of the best in Steelrising. It has a long-range and scales nicely with the Power attribute. Its special ability, “Invocation of Lightning,” deals AOE lightning damage and imbues the weapon with lightning for 40 seconds.
  • Volley Mallet: a large mallet with cannons attached to the head. It does significant physical damage and has a ranged shotgun-like strike. It is a slow and heavy weapon that scales well with Power.
  • Falchion and Sabre: a dual-blade weapon that is excellent for quick and powerful attacks. It scales well with Agility and has additional moves such as Dash and Sprint Attack. Its most powerful move is Blade Tornado.
  • Charleville 1789 Shield Musket: a musket with a shield attached to it. It is a slow and heavy weapon that scales well with Power and has the ability to block.
  • Body of Work: the starting weapon for the Bodyguard class. It has the ability to block but is a slow and heavy weapon.

First and foremost, we insist you review our Steelrising Weapons comparison table to get a better insight into the game.

Discus Chain64.084.025.0
Nemesis Claws44.040.032.0
Fire Chain60.084.024.0
Frosted Fans47.040.036.0
Wheel of Vengeance80.0104.030.0
Romas Partison64.081.024.0
Volley Mallet76.0106.030.0
Falchion and Sabre53.065.031.0
Charleville 1789 Shield Musket60.040.0-
Body of Work74.0103.030.0

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Discus Chain

discuss chain steelrising weapon
PhysicalPower ScaleAgility ScaleImpactImmobilization

Because of its scalability and adaptability, this Steelrising weapon is an excellent addition to your collection of gear and is well suited for use in an Engineer build. It has a highly quick spinning strike that may assist you in dealing with hordes of foes who have surrounded you. It has a respectable Impact statistic, and its effectiveness increases proportionally with the user’s Power and Agility.

However, other than paying for the downloadable content (DLC), there is no other method to obtain the Discus Chain in the game. The price of the Discus Chain is currently set at £2.49. The pay-wall is the primary factor that contributes to this weapon’s position at number 10 on our list.

Nemesis Claws

NEMESIS claws steelrising weapon
PhysicalAgility ScaleImpactImmobilization

The Nemesis Claws are some of the early weapons you can uncover in Steelrising, and they’re also a wonderful alternative for players that want to concentrate on Agility and Immobilisation. 

The immobilization meter of an opponent may be filled up as rapidly as possible with the use of claw weapons, which are excellent for dealing several hits to an opponent in a short amount of time. And the counterattack ability of the Nemesis Claws enables you to redirect an enemy’s strike back on yourself, enabling you to keep up the ferocity you’ve been displaying.

They scale from Agility, which makes them ideal for Dancer starters, and they are one of the best weapons in the Steelrising for immobilizing their target, making them one of the best overall weapons. This is simply a meter that builds up as you fight a particular foe, and once it is full, it will cause that foe to become immobilized, allowing you to deliver a critical hit that does a significant amount of damage.

You will need to go to The Lantern in Saint-Cloud, which is located just past the second Vestal, in order to get the Nemesis Claws. After you have killed the Unstable Lancer, the game’s first miniboss, you must first use the log to pass through the fence and then cross the bridge in order to approach the region containing The Lantern.

After climbing the steps on your right, you will see a construction that resembles a tower that is only partially constructed. There is a chest located at the base of this tower. When you open it, you’ll discover the Nemesis Claws within, along with a Compass that you may use to identify the places where quests are taking place.

Fire Chain

Fire Chain steelrising weapon
PhysicalPower ScaleAgility ScaleImpactImmobilization

The Fire Chain deals a significant amount of base damage and has a respectable range, which can be increased during certain moves. It may take some time to get used to, but once you have fully grasped it, you will be a potential danger at any range you choose to fight at.

Since it grows with Power, Agility, and Alchemy, it is ideal for players that design a more hybrid build due to the fact that it is scalable with all three. 

The Invocation of Fire special move is where the real power of this item lies, as it enables you to light the chain on fire for a limited amount of time. This not only adds additional fire damage to all of your attacks, but it also has the potential to set enemies ablaze, dealing damage over a longer period of time.

Within this souls-like game, the second level is where players may discover the Fire chain weapon. Following a fight in the church cemetery with the Assault Acolyte, players will emerge onto an open courtyard. Here, Aegis will face off against a hostile pack consisting of Light Jaguars and Assault Acolytes.

Frosted Fans

Frosted Fans steelrising weapon
PhysicalPower ScaleAgilityScaleImpactImmobilization

A novel take on the traditional fans, this one is for all of you Alchemists players in Steelrising out there. Frost is one of the elemental effects that may have the most impact in the game. Frosted Fans reduces the user’s Power as well as their Agility and Alchemy.

It does not have the highest damage, but its special ability allows you to freeze your foes for a short period of time. Due to the fact that it scales across three attributes, it is particularly useful late in the game.

Invocation of Ice is the name of the special move that comes along with this Steelrising weapon. It gives you the ability to infuse the fans with ice and cause a significant amount of alchemical damage to your foes.

Wheel of Vengeance

wheels of vengeance steelrising weapon
PhysicalPower ScaleAgility ScaleImpactImmobilization

The Wheel of Vengeance is a late-game weapon that is both very entertaining and strong, making it a good choice for power-based character builds. Wheel weapons, which are quite similar to mallets, are highly sluggish and unwieldy yet excel at causing tremendous damage per hit. The Wheel of Vengeance is not an exemption from this rule in any way.

This specific wheel’s best-known feature is also its most deadly advantage: its Counterattack talent. This skill delivers a tremendous shield slam to all foes in a triangle in front of Aegis, sending them flying backward while also delivering extremely high physical damage and Flame damage.

It does a very high amount of damage and has a significant amount of Impact stat. It scales with Power, Alchemy, and Agility as well, although Power is the primary factor in its scaling.

The Wheel of Vengeance is well concealed, but luckily it is not too difficult to access if you have the proper information. It may be found at Les Invalides, more specifically in the region known as Factory Port, which is situated just past de Vaucanson’s Workshop.

After you have made it to the area where the river is, climb up between the platforms that are suspended above you until you reach the bridge walkway that leads to the tower that is located on the shore. Take down the opponent that is guarding this walkway, then enter inside the tower and take the steps leading down instead of the ones leading up.

When you have made it all the way to the bottom, you will discover a chest in a very small chamber that holds the Wheel of Vengeance.

Romas Partisan

PhysicalPower ScaleAgility ScaleImpactImmobilization

The Romas Partisan is a weapon that is obtained much later in the game and, in my perspective, is one of the best weapons in Steelrising. If you decided on the Soldier as your starting class in the game, then you are already accustomed to the Halberd weapon type and the impactful combos that can be performed with it over a long range.

The Romas Partisan is no different since it scales nicely with your Power attribute and has a longer range than the weapons used by the majority of your combat opponents. The ability of the Romas Partisan known as “Invocation of Lightning” is what gives it its impressive level of strength.

This ability deals area-of-effect (AOE) lightning damage to Aegis and imbues the weapon with lightning for a period of forty seconds. This indicates that it does damage based on the opponent’s Fulmination gauge with each strike, and if you fill an enemy’s Fulmination gauge to its maximum, that adversary will incur more damage from following attacks.

You won’t be able to visit the area containing the Romas Partisan in Saint-Cloud unless you have beaten the Bishop of the Cité in La Cité and got entry to the Grappling Hook tool. The Bishop of the Cité may be found in La Cité.

After you have completed this task, take the Horseless Carriage back to Saint-Cloud, then use the Grappling Hook to across the damaged bridge, and finally continue down the route in front of you. Following a segment that takes place underground, you will need to use your grappling hook to ascend through a gap in the earth in order to access a new region of Saint-Cloud known as Île Monsieur.

There is a chest located at the point where the house and the fence in front of you meet. When you open it, you will find the Romas Partisan within.

Volley Mallet

PhysicalPower ScaleImpactImmobilization

The Volley Mallet is simply a large mallet with cannons fastened to the head of the device. Now tell me, whatever element of that explanation doesn’t seem incredible! This hefty weapon is simply an advanced form of the Body of Work, which is the beginning weapon for the Bodyguard class. However, rather of having the capability to block, this armament instead has a strong shotgun-like strike at a range.

This Steelrising weapon does a significant amount of physical damage, making it a good choice for complementing those that deal status effects. It serves as an adequate substitute for the Body of Work. This cumbersome piece of hardware is simply a giant mallet with cannons connected to the sides of it.

The surprising adaptability of the Volley Mallet is what puts it on our list of the finest weapons, and it is for this reason that it deserves to be here. Because it is a highly slow, heavy, and powerful weapon that scales well with Power, it is ideal for usage in setups that place an emphasis on strength.

To unlock the Volley Mallet, you need to fight the Bishop Of The Cité, situated in La Cité. Begin walking toward the position of this important boss using the Compass as your map. Following that, the Grappling Hook will become available to you, and in the same section of the battlefield where you faced the Bishop, you’ll find a platform that you may instantly grapple onto.

Proceed upwards and continue down the short platform until you reach the end, where a case holding the Volley Mallet will be waiting for you.

Falchion And Sabre

Falchion And Sabre steelrising weapon
PhysicalPower ScaleAgility ScaleImpactImmobilization

The Falchion and Sabre is a dual blade weapon that can be found in Steelrising. It is one of the numerous different types of dual sword weaponry. They scale extremely well with Agility, much as Claw weapons do, and are particularly adept at light strikes that cause a great quantity of immobilization damage in a very short amount of time.

It has fantastic additional moves, such as Dash and Sprint Attack, which work well in conjunction with quick assaults and complement each other. This ability has excellent scaling with both power and agility, and it may be utilized at tremendous speed to deliver a significant amount of immobilization damage.

In addition to this, it has a particularly vicious power move that consists of your character spinning around while simultaneously striking a number of times. If you have good timing, you will be able to take on a number of less powerful foes all at once.

The Blade Tornado is a unique move that both the Falchion and the Sabre have, and it is their most powerful characteristic. It may take some time to charge up, therefore you’ll have to locate space first, but once it is ready, it will release a tremendous strike in which you may spin around while holding both swords out in front of you.

Charleville 1789 Shield Musket

Charleville 1789 Shield Musket steelrising weapon
PhysicalAlchemy ScaleImpactElement Damage

One of the most effective long-ranged weapons in the game is the Charleville 1789 Shield Musket. If you are able to grab the gun fairly early on in the game, it will be quite helpful to you for the rest of it. It inflicts significant frost damage, allowing you to immobilize foes and launch many strikes in quick succession against them while they are immobilized.

The Charleville 1789 Shield Musket is a ranged weapon that does frost damage. It has the ability to freeze enemies if they are damaged by it a sufficient number of times and the frost meter is filled. The musket works on normal foes and bosses equally.

The weapon is effective not just against common foes but also against bosses; nevertheless, those who rely on frost attacks will be immune to its effects. Its damage increases proportionally with the Alchemy attribute, despite the fact that you don’t level it up, you may still make good use of its freezing power.

Its damage increases proportionally with the Alchemy attribute. Nevertheless, it is important to bear in mind that in order to continue utilizing it, you will regularly need more supplies of alchemical capsules.

Body of Work

Body of Work steelrising weapon
PhysicalPower ScaleImpactImmobilization

Body of Work represents one of the weapons that are available to you when you first start the game. If you specialize your build appropriately and improve it often, it has the potential to be your most reliable friend during the whole adventure.

It looks like a warhammer, but it’s really just three scrolls glued together, and one of them has a thorn protruding from the end of it.

There are times when the early weapons in the game are the ones that are the most useful. When it comes to Steelrising, the Warhammer that is often referred to as Body of Work is a fantastic choice. The spiked scroll weapon has the potential to become a player’s closest ally, despite the fact that it is a sluggish Warhammer.

It will be a rewarding weapon for a player to use if they create their character around this weapon and enhance it extensively. Yes, it’s sluggish, but it also produces tremendously high impact and has the capacity to shock or knock down even enormous, fearsome adversaries.

In addition to that, it provides you with the Shield special ability that, as its name suggests, erects a shield to protect you from any assaults that are sent your way. Utilizing this weapon is a pleasant and gratifying experience.


Steelrising, the most recent release from the French developer Spiders, has a wide variety of impressive and thematically relevant weaponry for players to acquire. We might take heart from the fact that some have more potential than others.

In this alternative version of history, the French Revolution was a brutal and violent event; yet, players will have access to a number of instruments that will allow them to change the result in their favor.

You may find our best Steelrising weapons guide useful and start picking armaments that are the most effective in order to face off against the legions of automatons that are spreading havoc over Paris. Steelrising is an action role-playing game that is quite similar to Soulslike genre.

It takes place during the French Revolution and allows you access to nine distinct kinds of weapons, each of which has its own set of powers and characteristics.

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