Steelrising Bosses Tier List: Best & Worst Ranked

We ranked each Boss in our Steelrising Bosses Tier List to assist you in your Boss Battles!

Bosses in Steelrising are formidable foes that promise difficult gaming experiences. Every player must defeat terrifying or perhaps bizarre-looking bosses to advance through the game’s storyline, regardless of the combat they wind up in. We ranked each Boss in our Steelrising Bosses Tier List while considering who might be challenging and who can be eliminated with a few decent strikes.

Key Highlights

S-Tier Bosses in Steelrising:

  • They are known for their aggressive and sneaky tactics.
  • Players must have a clever plan and powerful methods to defeat them.
  • The Iron Queen Titan is a powerful boss with strong physical damage strikes.
  • The Alchemist of Luxembourg combines multiple elemental effects.
  • The Royal Orpheus is a side boss with subtle moves that can catch players off guard.
  • To defeat these bosses, players need to be well-stocked, use explosive grenades, and employ melee-focused maneuvers if needed.

A-Tier Bosses in Steelrising:

  • Selenite of the Louvre: A shielding warrior with a long pike and alchemical attacks, defeat her using 30 explosives.
  • The Executioner: A big and powerful boss with frigid strikes, vulnerable to kiting and grenades. Use physical weapons like Dueling Pistols, Fire, or Volley and elemental weapons like Charleville musket or firey batons.
  • Unstable Butcher: Avoid direct approach as the boss may launch a cutting ring attack. Eliminate the enemy’s aide first.
  • Bishop of the Cité: A large papist who is preparing for a holy war, boss becomes vulnerable to attack when exhausted. Utilize fire resistance and healing potions.
  • Unstable Lancer: The first boss in Steelrising, practice makes perfect as players don’t have much gear.
  • Unstable Frost Acolyte: Defeat this boss using fire weapons and explosives, sidestep and attack from behind.
  • Treasurer of Les Invalides: The fourth Titan, be prepared for a challenging fight.

B-Tier Steelrising Bosses:

  • Unstable Statuary Ram : Defeat by killing supporting automatons first and avoiding its attacks.
  • Unstable Lumberer : No special challenges, easily defeated.
  • Unstable Ballista Ram : Avoid bullets and attack from behind.
  • Unstable Forger : Can be defeated by using shield-musket and hitting precise shots after freezing.
  • Unstable Falcon : Approach with caution, roundabout attacks.
  • Unstable Scout : Stay back and hide behind, avoid attacks while striking.

Additionally, the Steelrising Bosses ranking offers some advice for surviving more easily for each of the bosses listed below. To handle the Steelrising Boss enemy encounters like an expert, you might also be interested in knowing the finest weapon options with our guide of the 10 Best Steelrising Weapons!

But first, let’s look through the Greatest Steelrising Bosses. Every major boss and every mini-boss from the base game is included in the Steelrising Bosses Tier list. In total, we’re looking at 19 bosses.

Just bear in mind that every gamer will play the game somewhat differently, making the ranking entirely random. It’s likely that the Steelrising bosses you beat after a few attempts are the ones we rank as the hardest.

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Types of Steelrising Bosses

There are two types of Bosses in Steelrising, The Titans and the Unstable Automats. The hardest Bosses you’ll face in the game are Titans. They have their predetermined maneuvers and strategies, health phases, and other things.

You can ultimately encounter a Titan on either a side quest or the main plot; there is a single Titan Boss on every level. For those looking for trophies and extra resources to develop their characters and enhance their gear, eliminating the Titan Bosses is the finest option.

You come to see mini-bosses called Unstable Automats in each stage. These are essentially stronger variants of the common automats you come across throughout the game, and they have health bars that resemble those of titans.

Usually, the peculiar shimmering aura aspect that you see throughout the game serves as a marker for these locations. Furthermore, the Stabilizer trophy can only be obtained by eliminating all of these Unstable Automats in a single playthrough.


Steelrising Bosses S-Tier
S Tier.

The S-Tier of the Steelrising Bosses Tier List contains some of the deadliest Steelrising Bosses. They are extremely aggressive, and as your HP rapidly depletes, one of their sneaky tactics may catch you off guard. To defeat these Steelrising Bosses, you must have a clever plan and potent methods.

The Iron Queen

The Iron Queen Titan, a powerful evil Boss that guards the monarch in his Versailles castle, is the last Steelrising boss. She is undoubtedly one of the toughest bosses in this Steelrising Bosses Tier List, with a ton of special strikes, lightning-fast assaults, and unexpected blows to be on the lookout for.

She is quick, has some effective gap closers, and has a ton of physical damage strikes that do a ton of physical damage in both distant and melee combat. Her health, armor, and elemental resistance are quite strong, thus this battle will need considerable endurance.

Also, keep in mind that The Iron Queen possesses a very strong elemental resistance and that it often takes 10 upgraded grenades to defeat the monster.

Higher elemental affliction builds won’t experience much difficulty, but other builds will. Make sure you are well-stocked before the battle if you want to employ these grenades to support your playstyle. Be cautious that the boss uses a lot of ranged attacks, which causes her to remain Idle for a long time.

It provides it the perfect opportunity to use explosive grenades, light ranged assaults, or your Selenite Dash to go closer to the monster and strike her. Once the boss has finished, just make sure to get out from under her since more moves might come at you swiftly and unexpectedly.

Alchemist of Luxembourg

One of the first three Steelrsing Titan monsters you’ll encounter in the narrative is The Alchemist, who presents a challenge for those of you playing the Luxembourg Palace level. The Alchemist of Luxembourg is a formidable boss that always keeps you on your toes by combining multiple elemental effects with diverse techniques.

First of all, the boss makes use of each of the three game features. As you have already seen, adversaries that employ an element within their armory tend to be more resistant to that element. The Alchemist is therefore very resistant to any of your three elemental effects.

Elemental abilities will be more challenging to use against this monster if you’re not using a build with a customized Affliction Modifier.

We strongly advise against using your fire, ice, or full bombs on the boss because they deal minimal damage and build up elemental power slowly. Therefore, if you encounter yourself at a distance, we advise employing more melee-focused maneuvers and explosive grenades as needed.

The Royale Orpheus

The Royal Orpheus, a possible side boss provided you complete the side quest that returns you to the Saint-Cloud level, is the sixth Titan boss encounter in Steelrising. The side quest may be obtained by looking at the letters from the queen after completing The Montemartre objective.

You can finally enter the boss chamber if you participate in the quest and follow the side quest direction markings. When compared to previous bosses, this one has a lot of subtle moves that will surprise you.

Throughout the battle, you’ll notice that the monster may occasionally bounce around, not doing anything to harm you, before unleashing one of his or her lightning-quick assaults or a telegraphed, wavering attack.

Either that or Orpheus will make a fairly large move while briefly being vulnerable to assaults. The fight with Orpheus can be finished in one go if you’re good enough at evading and willing to utilize your healing.

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Steelrising Bosses A-Tier
A Tier

A-Tier Bosses are more evenly matched than Steelrising Bosses in the S-Tier. These bosses likewise specialize in doing a lot of damage to the player, yet most people can still defeat them because of their obvious flaws.

Selenite of the Louvre

Throughout the game, players will encounter several formidable Steelrising enemies, including titan and unstable automaton bosses at each level. The Selenite of Louvre, a shielding warrior with a long pike and a few alchemical attacks, is one of the first enemies you come against.

If you’re having trouble defeating this monster, stock up on at least 30 explosives and use them to destroy her. Explosives can miss targets that are moving quickly or that are protected, so try to hurl the bombs toward a stationary target. Be aware that it will cost about 9000 Anima.

The Executioner

The sixth Steelrising Boss you will encounter in the main storyline is The Executioner. The boss is a big, sluggish, but powerful one with frigid strikes to be wary of. The fact that kiting is this boss’s vulnerability makes it the most significant tactic we can recommend to players.

The boss is sluggish because of his weight. It is even incapable of charging. Therefore, grenades and ranged strikes are this boss’s primary vulnerabilities. This is the greatest strategy to use against this monster if you’re trying to find an easy way out.

The Dueling Pistols, Fire, and Volley are great physical weapons, whereas the Charleville musket or firey batons are good for elemental users. The boss is also extremely immune to ice but is vulnerable to fire and other harsh conditions.

You may include these in your setup by using grenades or the weapons you select. We advise switching your module to armor resistance and frost before entering the boss area, as well as bringing consumables for frost resistance and some common oils for long-term healing in case you get hit.

Unstable Butcher

On your journey to slaying the Titan inside the Palais de Justice, you will unavoidably run into the Unstable Butcher. This Boss resembles other substantial automatons. He attempts to attack Aegis with sweeping punches while employing the same circular methods.

It is preferable to eliminate the enemy’s tiny aide first. Sometimes you may need to withdraw a short distance because it is uncomfortable to dodge in a small area.

Avoid approaching the boss directly from the front because the adversary may launch a potent cutting ring attack. You’ll get the “Armor Enhancement Module I” as well as the key to the module as a reward for winning.

Bishop of the Cité

As soon as the carriage is discovered in Steelrising, players will come upon three Titans strewn across the first three more levels. You may find the Bishop of La Cité in La Cité, a large papist who is preparing to wage a holy war upon Aegis and her supporters.

Keep in mind that the boss will knock its staff to the ground and then follow up with an additional two knocks via the spins it does if you are positioned in front of it. Sometimes, the boss will become fatigued after taking a few blows and lurch over, making it simpler to land a few free hits.

The boss eventually exhausts its energy and enters a cooldown state, which makes it vulnerable to assault. The boss enters phase 3 when it has about three bars of HP remaining. The staff also delivers fire damage, and the boss’s internal organs are now glowing with flames.

Additionally, the boss performs the same actions as before while also administering the fire aspect to you and creating flaming trails in its wake.

Although the boss travels more quickly, its movements don’t vary much, therefore the principle for evading strikes remains the same. To make the phase simpler, you will probably need to utilize common fire resistance and healing potion vials.

Unstable Lancer

The Unstable Lancer, a long metal boss with long-range spear thrusts, is the first boss in Steelrising. This is comparable to the Lancer units found in the game, but with more punch. You won’t have much, save from a few items you’ve picked up and your beginning gear, as this is the game’s first boss you encounter.

Here, your strategy is to make excellent use of the special attack on your beginning weapon. Although this boss doesn’t have many strategies, because players don’t have any stats, weapons, or equipment, it may be a little challenging. Particularly if you’re somewhat new to the game, practice makes perfect.

Unstable Frost Acolyte

in front of the Église Sainte-church Marie’s entrance. When you have the mobility tools for Aegis activated, you may locate the Unstable Frost Acolyte Boss by navigating through the second section of the Les Invalides. Utilizing fire weapons and explosives is preferable in the fight against this foe.

Here, the icing effect is meaningless. The Boss frequently leaps forward and spins far away. You need to make the longest run you can in this situation. It might be challenging to sidestep in a confined space.

We advise utilizing explosives and attacking the boss from behind. You will receive “Stun Module II,” “The Key to the Module,” and “A Bar of Bismuth” as rewards for winning.

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Treasurer of Les Invalides

When all of Aegis’ navigational tools have been acquired, you approach the Treasurer of Les Invalides, the fourth Titan. The boss is located in the Les Invalides tower, which is off-limits to players on the second level of the game and hidden by gates and a river.

One of the games easier Titan encounters is the Treasurer of Les Invalides. Players that play the alchemist class will like this encounter because the boss has extremely little tolerance for elemental effects.

Furthermore, the grenades that you carry will be quite useful. The leap is essentially the primary mechanic to be on the lookout for in this stage. The leap is essentially the primary mechanic to be on the lookout for during this phase.

There are a few moves that, although a little speedier, are occasionally comparable to phase 1. Overall, there isn’t much cause for concern, and you can quickly get rid of the Led Invalides Treasurer.

Unstable Gargoyle

As you traverse the Versaille gardens and take part in the main narrative, you will come to encounter the Unstable Gargoyle in Bosquet de la Colonnade.

If you stay on the top floor, navigate about it, and discover echoes for the primary mission goals, you can accidentally overlook the Unstable Statuary Ram. Two unsuccessful automatons support Statuary Ram. It is preferable to kill them first.

The column is used as a weapon by a strong opponent, who often swings it from left to right and strikes the floor with a broad strike. Almost all techniques can catch Aegis from every angle. Always attempt to get away from the opponent and strike him from the rear.

Additionally, if the attacker is near to you during his assault, you should strive to avoid his attacks to the left. The Unstable Gargoyle is easy to kill. Avoid her sweeping assaults and make fast use of powerful attacks. You will receive the module key, an orichalcum ingot, and a bar of bismuth after defeating The Gargoyle.

The Centaur

The Centaur, the sixth Titan encounter in Steelrising, has one of the game’s many rapid-fire confrontations. Steelrising’s centaur boss is a rather formidable opponent, especially if you let it go in the quarry. More importantly, it has a response for any position you take, thus limiting its skillset is essential.

One tactic is to lure the monster away from you when it rushes at you and then attempt to keep it pushed against a wall so you can attack it more easily.

Additionally, freezing the boss in place requires about six consecutive standard frost bombs. It’s the best way to defeat the boss because the freeze against him seems to linger for a long time. Heavy weapon users will discover the boss tougher to strike while it is racing about the battlefield, therefore it is very helpful for them.

Additionally, you may employ the upgraded Frost Grenades, which you should begin gathering all across the Quarry level in preparation for the boss battle. Overall, this fight is all on placement and making it simpler to defeat the Centaur by locking it down.

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Unstable Lightning Ram

Another mini-boss, the second Steelrising boss, may be found in Saint-Cloud after the conclusion of the first quest. A new creature spawns alongside the Unstable Lightning Ram Boss as you approach the pier.

Slow-moving yet powerful, Lightning Ram will teach players that timing your dodges is essential, as is knowing which way to turn to avoid an attack.

We advise going slowly, observing the boss’s habits, and then proceeding from there throughout this fight. If you see Lightning Ram launch a second strike, simply back away to avoid getting hit unexpectedly.


B Tier

The B-Tier Steelrising bosses are not particularly careless or dangerous. They still have strong attacking skills, but more skilled players might easily defeat them. B-Tier Steelrising bosses may be defeated relatively immediately by even unskilled players. These bosses are said to be quite simple to defeat and devoid of significant action.

Unstable Statuary Ram

If you stay on the top floor, navigate about it, and discover echoes for the primary mission goals, you can accidentally overlook the Unstable Statuary Ram. Two unsuccessful automatons support Statuary Ram. It is preferable to kill them first.

The column is used as a weapon by a strong opponent, who often swings it from left to right and strikes the floor with a broad strike. Almost all techniques can catch Aegis from every angle.

Always attempt to get away from the opponent and strike him from the rear. Additionally, if the attacker is near to you during his assault, you should strive to avoid his attacks to the left.

Unstable Lumberer

Following the side goal to get to The Queen by taking the compass’s directions will lead you to the Unstable Lumberer in the le Monsieur part of the map.

The conflict with this boss won’t provide any special challenges. He employs enhanced versions of the standard techniques. The boss may be eliminated quickly, and you can continue.

Unstable Ballista Ram

The Unstable Ballista Ram can be found in Royale Place. unimproved Boss who is just average. He employs a ballista, a long-range shooting device, as his weapon.

We advise them to avoid the bullets and go close to him. We recommend attempting to assault the adversary from behind.

He employs the sweeping motions of a typical battering ram up close. You will receive the “Death Fury Module III,” the module’s key, and a bismuth throw for winning.

Unstable Forger

As you move through the workshop on your route to the main tale character’s access point on the workshop’s roof, you will come across The Unstable Forger within a forge/blacksmithing chamber.

Cold can be hazardous to Unstable Forger. We propose using a shield-musket and trying to deal with multiple precise hits after the adversary has been frozen. Iterate till you succeed.

The adversary can move quickly after Aegis and unleash penetrating and sweeping hits with a spear. You will need to evade this situation from left to right.

Unstable Falcon

The Unstable Falcon Boss may be found in the Luxembourg Gardens, which can be explored on your route to the Luxembourg Palace.

The boss attempts to approach closely and strike with a roundabout. Beating him won’t be that difficult. You will get “Module of Dying Rage II,” “The Key to the Module,” and “A Bar of Bismuth” after winning.

Unstable Scout

inside the quarry’s Reserves section. As you search for Monsieur Marat, you will come upon the Unstable Scout. The Scout accurately duplicates the methods used by other automata of the same nature.

We advise you to stay back and hide behind him. Try to land as many strikes as you can while quickly avoiding them.

That was all for our Steelrising Bosses Tier List. How would you rank the Steelrising Bosses? Express your thoughts in the comments.

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