Steelrising Dancer Build: Weapons, Stats, Modules

This Steelrising Dancer Build guide will uncover the best build that players can follow if they intend to play as a Dancer!

Steelrising offers the players the ability to pick and choose their classes from a selection of four, the options being the Alchemist, Soldier, Bodyguard, and Dancer. Our Steelrising Dancer Build guide will uncover the best attributes, weapons, and modules to invest in, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of playing as the Dancer class!

Key Highlights
  • The Dancer class plays as a DPS unit, meaning they are on the frontlines and taking down enemies in combat.
  • Players will focus on attributes such as Agility to increase their damage output and overall performance as a DPS unit.
  • The play style of the Dancer involves being agile and quick in recognizing enemy attack patterns to ensure survivability.
  • The Dancer class has two base attributes: Agility and Vigor.
  • Agility increases immobilization damage and physical damage output. Vigor increases Endurance and crit damage.
  • The Dancer starts with two weapons: Armored Fans and Flame Grenade.
  • Armored Fans are lightweight dual-wielded weapons with fast-paced attacks and a secondary attack as a shield.
  • The Flame Grenade ignites enemies and allows the player to switch back to their main-hand weapon for obliteration.
  • As the player levels up, they will be able to equip various attributes to enhance their performance in combat.

Dancer Class Build Playstyle In Steelrising 

Steelrising Playstyle
Base AttributesStarter WeaponsModulesBest Weapons
- Agility
- Vigor
- Armored Fans
- Flame Granade
- Destruction
- Critical Repair
- Critical Damage
- Longevity
- Armored Fans
- Frost Grenade
- Immbolisation Grenade
- DPS Grenades
- Lady Macbeth Fans

Let’s kick things off by introducing the general playstyle that players will be able to experience whenever they are playing as a Dancer. In general, players who main as the Dancer will yet again be able to play as a DPS unit, meaning that more often than not, they will have to be present on the frontlines and take down enemies that dare face them in combat. 

Just like the Bodyguard and the soldier classes, the DPS class will typically have a higher damage output than the Alchemist. Players will go for attributes that will further boost their overall performance as a DPS main unit, which will be Agility and any other attributes that can buff it up. 

Now, one thing that players will need to remember is that whenever they play as the Dancer, they will face enemies head-on. This means that they will not be at long-range; rather, they will need to be face to face with enemies and beat them while being as close to them as possible. 

With the player being so close to the enemy, it instantly means that they will be sort of a glass cannon, making them extremely vulnerable to any attacks launched against the player. For that reason alone, the general playstyle of the Dancer will include the player being extremely agile and quick in their judgment to recognize and act on enemy attack patterns and will be able to take swift actions to ensure their safety and survivability. 

Base Attributes

Steelrising Base Attributes
Base Attributes

Each class will typically have a total of 2 base attributes that they will start with, granting them the ability to become all the more powerful. The way attributes work in Steelrising is simply that they will offer two types of enhancements: attack and health enhancements or anything else that can increase your rate of survivability in combat. 

These attributes will already be boosted to a certain level, meaning that the player will have a headstart with certain attributes. They can further invest in them and be encouraged to if they want to easily gain victory against their enemies. 


One of the main attributes players will start with is agility. Players in Steelrising will also gain a total of 3 extra points that will be re-invested into the attribute itself, granting the player an instant headstart with the performance of Agility. 

Having Agility in your kit will increase the player’s overall immobilization damage firstly, which will mean that anytime you approach an enemy and they have been immobilized, it will enhance the amount of damage the enemy can intake.


With vigor in your hands, you will be able to experience an increase in your overall Endurance as well as crit damage that is being taken in by opponents in front of you. 

An increase in the amount of Endurance will ensure your survivability in combat. The enhancement to your overall crit damage will instantly make you even more powerful as a DPS class. 

Starting Weapons 

Steelrising Base Weapons
Base Weapons

When it comes to weapons, players will yet again have a total of two main weapons that they will start with. Especially with the Dancer class, there will be two weapons; one will be a main-hand weapon you can attack with. 

On the other hand, a grenade-type weapon will grant the player the ability to launch it at enemies and take them out with little to no difficulties. 

Armored Fans

DamagePower AffinityAgility AffinityWeightImpactImmobilizationCost
52ECMedium49361500 Anima Essence

The first weapon that players in Steelrising maining Dancer will be known as the Armored Fans, which will essentially be a weapon that will be extremely light in weight. The lightweight of the weapon will allow players to easily be agile while wielding their weapon and will make it all the easier to obliterate enemies with the Armored fans. 

Apart from that, the weapons can be dual-wielded, allowing players to get as close to the enemy as possible easily and hit them with both hands, which will not only make the enemies all the more vulnerable, but it will make your overall damage a lot deadlier. The 52 base damage might not be the highest out of all the DPS classes, but it is enough to still cause devastation upon your deadliest foes and take them down easily. 

The weapon will be able to output fast-paced attacks and will not hinder the player’s overall mobility, but it will also be able to convert to a secondary attack. The secondary attack can come in handy as a shield and can be used to block off an enemy’s attack. 

Flame Granade

DamageAffliction Time
8930 Seconds

As for the grenade, the starting chosen grande for dancer mains will be the Flame Grenade. It will essentially be wielded whenever you put away the Armored Fans weapon and might come in handy for staying a bit away from the enemies and staying safe from their attacks. 

Whenever it is launched against your opponents, it will continue to ignite them, after which they will be set on fire for a certain amount of time, which will grant the player the ability to switch back to their main-hand weapon and obliterate the enemies. 


Steelrising Dancer Stats
Dancer Stats

Moving on, let’s take a little bit about the attributes you will be able to equip whenever you are playing as a Dancer, both the base stats and stats once you have managed to cross level 34 in the game. Considering the fact that there are a total of 4 classes in the game, which are the Alchemist, Soldier, Dancer, and Bodyguard, why not consider reading up on our Steelrising Best Classes guide, which will give you in-depth information about them?

Base Stats 

The first attributes players will get will range from power at 0, durability at 0, Agility at 3, vigor at 2, which will essentially be base added stats, elemental alchemy at 0, and engineering at 0. 

The Aegis stats at the base will be Anima Essence at 0, Level Up at 1000 points, Health at 250, Endurance at 114, Alchemical Capsules at 5, and loot multiplier focused at x1. 

The attack base stats will be physical damage at 54, flame, frost, fulmination, and special move damage will be all set to 0. With that, the impact will be set to 49, immobilization at 41, the critical hit multiplier will be set to x1.16, and the affliction multiplier will be set to x1. 

As for the defense, base stats will be set to balance to 0%, armor at 30, flame resistance at 6%, frost resistance at 0%, and fulmination resistance at 6%. 

Level 30+ Stats 

The attributes at level 30+ will be Agility at level 20, elemental alchemy at 2, power at 2, durability at 4, vigor at 5, and engineering at 1, meaning that each state will have some form of level up to it. 

The aegis stats at level 30+ will be anema essence, being set to a total of 21914, level up at 20970, Health at 370, Endurance at 133, and alchemical capsules will still be set to 5. They will not increase, while the loot multiplier will be increased to a total of x1.07. 

As for the attack stacks, they will be as follows. 

  • Physical damage: 130
  • Flame damage: 0
  • Frost damage: 0
  • Fulmination damage: 0
  • Special move damage: 130
  • Ram: 100
  • Impact: 65
  • Immobilization: 95 
  • Critical hit multiplier: x1.07
  • Affliction multiplier: x1.07
  • Grapple: 100
  • Momentum: 100

The defense stats will be set to balance being 25%, armor being 185, flame resistance at 8%, frost resistance at 34%, fuel resistance at 8% 

Best Modules 

Steelrising Modules

The next thing that we would like to discuss will be the modules for Steelrising Dancer Build. There will be a total of 4 module slots that will be granted to every player, and these will be used to provide further buffs to players in combat! 


The first module that might work best for players who are maining as the Dancer will be known as the Destruction. Whenever players are in tougher combat, it will be crucial that you deal physical damage, especially while playing as the Dancer. 

You will need to benefit from as much physical damage increase as you can, and the Destruction module will provide a boost to your already great physical damage that can be used to cause Destruction to enemies. 

Critical Repair 

The next module you can look into investing in will be the Critical Repair module. The way it will work will entail taking advantage of the player’s overall critical hits that they can launch against opponents. 

Whenever you launch out these critical hits against opponents, you can regain a certain amount of your HP. 

Critical Damage 

The next module that you should look into investing in will be known as Critical Damage. The module itself will be pretty easy to understand, as it will enhance your crit damage, and the main aim of it will be to simply obliterate enemies all the faster. 


Last but not least, because players will have lower overall health when using the Dancer class in combat, it is important also to equip the Longevity module, which will increase your base HP. 

The higher your base HP, the more hits you will be able to intake before succumbing to them, and it will also allow you to stay alive for longer. 

Best Weapons 

Steelrising Best Weapons
Best Weapons

Next up, we will discuss the best weapons for Dancer class that you can use when preparing for battle. 

Armored Fans 

Let’s start with the starter weapon you will get, which will essentially be the Armored Fans. It will essentially scale off of Agility, providing the player ample support whenever they are in combat. It will also have a solid amount of power-ups for the players. 

Frost Grenade

DamageAffliction Time
10512 Seconds

Now, an excellent grenade option that you can go for is known as the Frost Grenade. Considering that the grenades will typically be used to launch them at any kind of opponent, the Frost Grenade can come in handy, and whenever you launch them at your foes, it will instantly freeze them. 

Immbolisation Grenade

Crit TimeThrowing RangeStun TimeTime to Throw
5.91 Seconds15 M7.41 Seconds1.88 Seconds

Another option for grenades will be known as the Immobilisation grenades, which will grant the player the ability to immobilize the enemies in their tracks. While they aren’t able to move at all, you can easily switch back to your main weapon and take them down without needing to put in too much effort. 

DPS Grenades

Impact DamageFlame DamageFrost DamageFulmination DamageStagger Time
233891051132.41 Seconds

If you want DPS-enhancing grenades, then you can go for an option that you can choose between the explosion or fire-based grenades that are actual options. It will generally increase your overall performance whenever you perform as a DPS on the front. If you want to start progressing in the game, then you will surely need to fight bosses and figure out which ones are the toughest, our Steelrising Bosses Tier List guide will tell you all there is to know about them!

Lady Macbeth Fans

Physical Power AffinityAgility AffinityImpact Immobilization

As for your main fan, you can choose to equip the Lady Macbeth Fans, which will essentially replace the Armored Fans. It will have 75 base damage which will be physical, and it will have an A scaling Agility Affinity and E scaling Power Affinity. It will also be a medium-weighted weapon, making it easy to use. 


Moving on, let’s take a look at some of the advantages that players can face whenever they are playing in the Dancer class. The overall playstyle already consists of a versatile playstyle that allows for an easier gameplay experience, whether you are busy fighting enemies on the easier end or any of the toughest enemies available. Below listed are the biggest pros of playing as a Dancer main: 

  • One of the biggest advantages players will face whenever they are fighting enemies while being a Dancer is that they will be extremely quick on their feet. This will instantly grant the ability to move as quickly as possible around the battlefield and take enemies down.
  • While players will be quick on their feet, it will also grant them the opportunity to catch enemies by surprise when they’re in their most vulnerable state and instantly attack them with the weapons that they are wielding.
  • Dodging is insanely easy whenever a player is using the Dancer class, and it will be a menace for opponents to try and capture you, let alone even try to launch any kind of attack against you. 
  • Another advantage that players will be able to experience will be high crit multipliers. These high crit multipliers will instantly result in higher damage output, both for physical as well as crit damage, which will allow players to take down enemies in a faster amount of time and gain victory with a lot more ease. 
  • With the Dancer class, players will also be able to immobilize enemies, instantly stopping them in their tracks, causing them to go weaker, and allowing you to attack them as much as possible. Use your weapon against the deadliest of foes and take advantage of the Dancer class. 


Now, with every class, advantages will come with a few disadvantages as well, and the same can be said for the Dancer class in Steelrising, unfortunately. The good thing is that the advantages will easily outweigh the disadvantages; therefore, the overall class performance will not be lacking. 

  • One of the main cons of being a Dancer main will be that the amount of stagger and knockback will be practically nonexistent at the base level. Unless you equip some form of modules that will boost the stagger rating or damage, players will not be able to cause knockback to enemies in front of them. 
  • Considering the class will be a DPS-based class, one of the downsides will be that players will lack a higher base HP. They will have to make do with a lower amount of max HP, which can inevitably make them susceptible to taking in more damage. 
  • Alongside the lower max HP, players will also have weaker armor, which will help them with a glass cannon, and players will need to dodge as much as possible in order to be stronger in combat. 

With that done, we will wrap up our Steelrising Dancer Build guide! You might find out Steelrising Best Weapons guide interesting!

Guide and Photo Credits: NorZZa on Youtube

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