Steelrising: How Long To Beat The Story [Explained]

Steelrising is included on the list of games that are similar to Soulslike because of its action role-playing game combat, soul-collecting mechanics, and other elements. The real issue that gamers ask on the web then is how long to beat Steelrising, and what is the minimum amount of time required to complete the campaign with or without optional quests? Is it on par with previous games involving souls, or does it break the paradigm completely?

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We are all familiar that games with gameplay elements similar to the Souls genre may be challenging and time-consuming because of their extensive campaigns, challenging bosses, and steep learning curves. The action game Steelrising is reminiscent of the Souls series and has a world that is divided into many levels.

Although there is just one fast travel spot on each level, this limitation is somewhat compensated for by the fact that Aegis is always opening up shortcuts across the various stages of the game.

Steelrising also has elements of the Metroidvania genre, thanks to the fact that Aegis is able to unlock new traversal upgrades over the course of the game. These upgrades come in the form of a grappling hook, an air dash, and a battering ram, and they make it much simpler to move around the levels.

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How Long Does It Take To Beat Steelrising?

steelrising story length
Steelrising game length

Our staff at eXputer have experienced the game, and we are able to tell that the total amount of time we have spent playing it is around 22 hours. This involves finishing, not just the main plot but also the vast majority of the game’s side content, with the exception of a few items here and there.

It is realistic to anticipate that a total story length of Steelrising that is centered on the main campaign will last somewhere in the range of 14 to 17 hours, although the exact amount of time it will take a player to beat the game will subsequently be determined by how proficient they are with its combat system. 

This categorization of the game firmly puts it into the group of shorter games that are similar to Souls, and the fact that this will appeal to those searching for a more condensed experience is a certain way to win them over. However, if they so want, gamers may easily prolong the amount of time they spend with the title. This option is available to them.

Optional Quests Length

The major approach to make Steelrising more enjoyable for a longer period of time is to participate in the game’s extra content. It may take up to thirty hours to finish all of the game’s side missions and locate the few collectibles that are included in the experience. 

There are also a number of awards that revolve around Steelrising’s battle system. A player may achieve these trophies quite fast if they take a methodical approach, but they do allow chances to spend a little bit more time with the game.

On the other hand, the game’s Assist Mode allows players who would rather have a shorter experience to accomplish so with their support. In point of fact, this mode enables players to modify the difficulty of the game in a number of different ways, and those who utilize it have the ability to finish Steelrising’s tale without coming up against any significant obstacles. 

However, after Assist Mode has been used, players will no longer be able to win trophies for their accomplishments in the game; thus, players need to choose whether or not they care about achievements before using the function.

100% Completionists Length

It would seem that in order to get certain trophies in the game, you would need to complete it on more than one occasion if you are a completist who strives for 100% achievement or trophy unlocks. As a result, you may need to spend an additional 8 hours playing the game in order to get the remaining side-content trophies that you did not obtain the first time around.

There are also a few awards in the game that are very reliant on the player’s level of ability. Therefore, gamers that are opting should anticipate spending an additional 12-17 hours on the endeavor, based on their aims.


Spiders developer is responsible for the development of the action role-playing game Steelrising, which was released by Nacon. Despite the fact that Steelrising takes a lot of influence from games like Souls, it is still able to stand itself distinctively from the other releases of this genre. 

It is a fast-paced and hard combat game with large and spectacular levels, but players who suffer through Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Elden Ring, and Bloodborne will discover that it is an easier game to finish. The game also has excellent visuals.

That is everything you need to know about the length of the Steelrising game. As we listed above, if you have experience with souls-like games, then the beating campaign mode of this video game should not strike as a challenge. 

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