Steelrising Soldier Class Build: Weapons, Modules & More

This Steelrising Soldier Class guide will showcase an overall build for players that want to invest in the Soldier class!

Steelrising is finally released and offers players an immersive ARPG open-world experience with an interesting storyline. With a selection of 4 classes to choose from, the Soldier is an excellent pick. Our Steelrising Soldier Class build guide will uncover all there is to know, ranging from the playstyle, weapons, attributes, modules, armor, and more about the class!

Key Highlights
  • Soldier class is a DPS-based class focused on outputting physical damage with a melee weapon and long-range attacks.
  • Players need to focus on critical hits and invest in attributes to increase critical damage output.
  • The soldier class has a lower base HP and lacks damage negation or personal defense; players need to dodge often to stay safe.
  • The class starts with 3 points allocated to the power attribute, 2 points to the Vigor attribute, and 0 points to agility, Durability, elemental alchemy, or engineering.
  • The Aegis stats include Anima Essence Level.UP, Health, Endurance, Alchemical Capsules, Loot Multiplier, Immobilization, Critical Hit Multiplier, and Affliction Multiplier.
  • Attack stats consist of physical damage, flame damage, frost damage, fulmination damage, special move damage, and impact. Physical damage has 71 points, 36 for special move damage, and 87 impact points.
  • Defense stats include 30 base armor, 6% flame resistance, 6% fulmination resistance, 0 frost resistance, and 0% Balance.
  • Players start with two weapons: a Gribeauval Halberd for close-range melee attacks and a grenade for long-range damage. The Halberd has a focus on physical damage and power affinities.
  • Advantages of Soldier class in Steelrising:
    • Larger stamina pool.
    • High DPS.
    • Higher critical damage multiplier.
    • Higher stagger and knockback against enemies.
  • Disadvantages of Soldier class:
    • Lower base max HP.
    • Weak base armor.
    • Slower attack speed due to heavier weapons.
    • Need for careful dodging to survive.

Soldier Class Playstyle

Steelrising Playstyle

Let’s kick things off by introducing the overall playstyle of the soldier class that it has to offer to the players. In essence, the playstyle of the class itself will mostly be focused on being a DPS-based class which allows the players to stay on the frontlines as much as possible while allowing them to dish out insane amounts of damage against their deadliest foes. 

Players will be able to output physical damage with the melee weapon that they can wield mid-battle, and they can get face-to-face with enemies to unleash devastation upon them and render them useless. 

While doing close-range damage, they can output long-range attacks, which grants the ability to stay at a safe distance, and while protecting their HP bar, they can still obliterate their foes. 

Another thing that players maining as Soldiers will need to know is that they need to focus on outputting as many critical hits as possible. Because critting is crucial to deplete any enemy’s HP as quickly as possible, players will need to invest in attributes that will further boost their critical damage output. 

While the crits will be pretty powerful, unfortunately, the class will not have the highest base HP, and neither will the class mains have a lot of damage negation or personal defense to work with. For that reason alone, players will need to dodge a lot to refrain from getting hurt a lot. 

Base Stats 

Steelrising Base Stats
Base Stats

Apart from the overall playstyle, players will also have a few basic stats that they will start with. These stats will range from the class base stats, the Aegis stats, attack attributes, and defense-based stats. As the player can level up their class, these stats will inevitably increase, and the overall performance of the class will only improve.

While we’re on the topic of discussing the Soldier class, the game also offers players three other classes. You can play as Alchemist, Dancer, and Bodyguard, which all offer a different playstyle and experience. Therefore you might like our Steelrising Best Classes guide that entails everyting about them!


Starting with the base attributes, there will be a total of 6 attributes that are typically allocated points for each class. These six attributes can range from Power, agility, Durability, elemental alchemy, engineering, and agility. 

For the soldier class specifically, one of the main points that will be allocated will be the power attribute. There will be 3 points allocated for Soldier mains, while a total of 2 points will be allocated to the Vigor attribute. 

Apart from that, 0 points will be allocated to agility, Durability, elemental alchemy, or engineering simply because the class isn’t focused on it. 


For Aegis’ stats, there will be a total of 9 main stats that will be allocated points. These will range from Anima Essence Level.UP, Health, Endurance, Alchemical Capsules, Loot Multiplier, Immobilization, Critical Hit Multiplier, and Affliction Multiplier. 

While the Aegis will have zero Anima Essence, the Level up will be set to 1000, while the Health of the player will be set to 250 base HP. Apart from that, the Aegis’ base Endurance will be set to 113, while the player will have five alchemical capsules at the start. 

Apart from that, the Aegis will have an x1 loot multiplier and 24 immobilization points, while they will also have an x1.16 critical hit multiplier and x1 affliction multiplier. 

Attack Stats 

There will be a total of 6 attack-based stats, ranging from physical damage, flame damage, frost damage, fulmination damage, special move damage, and impact. As for the actual points, the only points allocated will be to the physical damage, which will be 71 points, 36 for the special move damage, and 87 impact points. 

Defense Stats 

Players will have 30 base armor, 6% flame resistance, and 6% fulmination resistance, while they will have 0 frost resistance and 0% Balance. 

Starter Weapons 

Steelrising Starter Weapons
Starter Weapons

Players will start off with a total of 2 weapons, and it will range from the main weapon that will grant the player the ability to deal close-range melee attacks against the opponents. Another weapon you will get will be a grenade which will essentially be used for long-ranged damage so that you can stay as far from the enemy as possible and still be able to deal damage. 

Gribeauval Halberd 

Starting, we have the Gribeauval Halberd, a medium-weight weapon, meaning that it will be easier to hold for the players and will be neither too light nor too heavy. The Halberd itself will not excel at dealing tons of elemental damage and will focus on physical damage or “white-number damage.” 

It is essential that players in Steelrising use weapons that have an excellent amount of physical damage since their main mode of taking enemies down will be their close-range physical damage. Apart from that, another element that players need to place their focus on will be Power Affinities. 

The grievous Halberd grants the players the ability to deal with close-range and medium-range attacks, which means that players will not need to be extremely close to enemies, but neither too far. 

With the Halberd in hand, you will be able to output slow attacks, and while the attacks will be on the lower end, they will still be deadly. If you like playing as a Soldier and want to try out a newer class, then you might be interested in checking out our Steelrising Alchemy Build guide, which will cover everything from weapons to stats, modules, armor, and more for the Alchemy class in detail!

Explosive Grenade 

The second base weapon will be a grenade that players will be able to launch out against enemies, and all they will need to do will be to stay at a distance from the difficult foes and kill them off with little to no difficulties. 

Base Attributes 

Steelrising Base Attributes
Base Attributes

As for the base attributes, there will be a total of 2 main attributes that Soldier mains in Steelrising will need to place their focus on, and it will be that Power and Vigor. 


The first attribute that players will need to invest in will be Power. Right from the start, the power stat will already be enhanced by 3 points since it is crucial to how the class operates. For that reason, players should invest in putting more points into it and leveling it even further.

The main aim of the power attribute will be to enhance the amount of physical damage that players can output. The physical damage will be used by the starting weapons and will be needed to take out enemies swiftly and with ease. 

Other than that, investing in the power attribute will also increase the overall impact of the players. The impact will come in handy to stagger and knockdown enemies, and while it won’t be extremely strong, it will still be adequate to deplete a certain amount of HP of any kind of enemies that dare face you during combat. 


The other attribute you will need to focus on is the Vigor attribute. Its main aim will be to increase the overall Endurance of the players, which will increase the overall survivability whenever they are busy taking down enemies on the battlefield. 

With that, the critical damage of the players will also be increased, allowing players to destroy with any weapon they equip. Players should invest resources into the Vigor, and Power attributes to get the most out of these attributes and inevitably level them up and get even stronger. 

Best Modules 

As for the next options, our Steelrising Soldier Class guide for modules will further discuss the best modules players can use! Bosses are typically one of the most anticipated enemies that players will fight in any game, and it is not different for Steelrising either. Therefore you might find out Steelrising Bosses Tier List guide worthwhile since it ranks all the bosses based on the level of their difficulties!


The first module we would like to introduce will be the Destruction module. Because players will typically have a pretty high physical damage output while not boosting it further by equipping the Destruction module, its main aim will increase the player’s overall physical damage. 

Fight or Flight 

The next module that we will discuss will be the Flight of Fight module, which will not only further enhance the overall physical damage but also increase the impact on players. The module will work best once your HP starts depleting and you are defeated in combat. 


This one is self-explanatory; it will increase the overall Endurance of the player. Endurance depicts how well the player can take in hits launched against them from the enemy’s end and how well they will be able to survive in combat. The module ensures that your survivability is guaranteed. 


The next module that can work pretty well will be the defense module, which can increase the player’s overall damage negation and defense. The damage negation will be both physical and elemental damage negation, based on the type of enemies you’re fighting. 

Best Weapons 

Steelrising Weapon Options
Weapon Options

As for the weapon options for the Soldier class, players can go for four different weapons and swap between them in order to see which one might end up fitting them the best. 

Gribeauval Halberd 

The first weapon option will actually be the starter weapon that players will start out with whenever they are playing as a soldier for the first time. The Gribeauval Halberd will mostly contain slower attacks that will be able to output heavier damage output as compared to other classes.

It will mostly be used for physical output damage, and it can deal melee damage that can render most enemies useless and kill them off easily. 

Volley Mallet 

The next weapon option that will work out pretty well if you do not feel like using the original Halberd will be known as the Volley Mallet. It will be a weapon that players can equip on both of their hands, and it can come in handy to fire out shots, and it will be able to immobilize enemies. 

Fire Chain

The next weapon option that players can go for will be Fire Chain, which will excel at physical damage. Players can deal with basic attacks, and by holding down on the buttons, you can also deal a certain amount of charged attacks which will output more serious damage. 

Leda Halberd 

Lastly, we have the Leda Halberd, which will come hand to hand in its overall stats with the Gribeauval Halberd, and can aid the player in taking down all kinds of enemies. 

Best Armor 

Moving on, let’s look at the armor pieces players can invest in for the Soldier class. These armor pieces will come in handy for protecting the players whenever they are present on the frontline and are obliterating enemies with their wielded weapons. 


Kicking things off with the first piece, players will require a piece that will be a hat or a piece that will adorn their heads. It will come in handy to protect them from any and all kinds of headshots launched against them and save them from attacks. The headpiece option that you can go for will be the Diane Capeline. 


The next piece players will want to invest in will be the jacket or the chest armor. Both of them can be used for the same purpose: to protect yourself from attacks that will be targeted against the player from the opponent’s end. The best option that you can go for will be known as the La Rouerie Carmagnole. 

Leg Armor 

As for the leg armor, players can look to invest in pieces that will be adorned on their legs and will be useful whenever they are busy in tough combat against weaker or deadlier enemies, and they are launching attacks that are aimed at their legs. An excellent option for the leg armor will be from the La Rouerie collection, and it will be the Culottes. Do not miss out on our Steelrising Weapons Tier List guide!


Lastly, the footwear you can use will be the Diane Shoes, which will simply protect your feet and allow you to stay on your feet for as long as possible. When all these pieces are combined, the player becomes all the stronger. 

Additional Stats 

Apart from the original stats such as Power and vigor, while those are immensely crucial considering they will increase your overall performance whenever you are in the middle of the battlefield, there will also be additional stats that you shouldn’t ignore. 

One of the additional stats you can invest in will be known as Durability. The way that Durability will work will be that it will essentially increase your max HP. not only is this crucial whenever you are trying to fight tougher enemies, but it is also important since the Soldier class is typically on the weaker end and doesn’t have the highest amount of max HP or armor to protect themselves. 

For that reason alone, players will want to invest a bit into enhancing their Durability since it will account for their survivability and help them stay alive for longer periods, whether you are taking down basic enemies or deadlier bosses. 

Durability will also increase your overall balance, which is pretty self-explanatory. It operates simply because it will prevent you from being knocked off your feet and allow you to keep your foot on the ground and kill off enemies without needing to be knocked off. 

Another stat that you can consider investing in if you don’t feel like putting points into Balance will be Elemental Alchemy. Elemental alchemy is typically used to improve the player’s resistance to elements that will otherwise weaken them during the heat of the battle. 

While the attributes have been leveled up and increased, it will continue to provide a certain amount of personal negation for the player to help them intake these elemental attacks from the enemy’s end without being killed easily. 

Soldier Class Build Advantages 

Steelrising Pros and Cons
Pros and Cons

Moving on, now that we have covered most aspects of the Soldier class in Steelrising, players should know the possible advantages and disadvantages of choosing the Soldier class and how it may affect their overall gameplay. 

Let’s start things off by discussing the potential advantages that you will have whenever you are maining as a soldier: 

  • Perhaps one of the biggest advantages will be having a larger stamina pool. Not only does a higher stamina pool mean that you can survive for longer, but because launching heavy hits requires a bit of stamina, you can easily heavy and charge attack your enemies with ease. 
  • Another perk of having a larger stamina pool will be dodging. Dodging and sprinting typically require spending a certain amount of stamina no matter what; therefore, you must have ample stamina so you don’t end up being caught by enemies. 
  • Another perk will be that the Soldier class is a DPS class, which already means that you will automatically be blessed with higher physical damage and overall higher damage output. You will be able to stay on the frontlines taking out enemies, and will not need to worry about having low damage. 
  • Another perk that players will get to enjoy while playing as a Soldier will be the higher crit multiplier, which just allows them to land higher critical hits that will continue to obliterate enemies as they go forward in the battle. 
  • Lastly, players will also experience higher stagger and knockback that can be dealt to foes. The stagger will come in handy to stop enemies in their tracks, while the knockback will be used to make them more vulnerable and take in more hits. 

Soldier Class Disadvantages 

Last but not least, let’s discuss some disadvantages you will have to face if you do end up playing as a soldier class. Please keep in mind that every class will have its pros and cons, and each class will be to fit the preferences of the player, allowing for a personalized experience, and these disadvantages might not affect some players. 

  • One of the biggest disadvantages that you will face will be that they will not have an adequate amount of Health to start with. From the start, Soldier mains will need to face a lower base max HP, which can already be annoying, and it means that you will need to be very careful if you want to ensure your survivability whenever you are in combat. 
  • Next up, apart from the lower health pool, players will also need to take note of their armor. Soldiers won’t have a stronger base armor, to begin with. Therefore, it’s absolutely crucial that you invest in stronger armor that can help you tank hits that are aimed at you and not die out instantly. 
  • Another con of playing as a soldier will be that since you will be wielding heavier or medium-weighted weapons, it will hinder the speed of your attacks. Since you wield a heavier weapon, it will instantly mean that your overall attack animations will be on the lower end.
  • Dodging will be a crucial element for ensured survivability whenever you are maining as a Soldier, as you already have a lower base HP and lower armor; therefore, you need to study enemy attack patterns and dodge their attacks if you want to stay alive. 

With that, we will wrap up our Steelrising Soldier Class guide! You might find our Steelrising Best Weapons and How To Get Them Guide interesting!

Guide and Photo Guide: N7Kate on Youtube

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